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[Closed] Witches and Wardrobes

It was Tuesday, 3pm when Victor made his way over to Kurt’s place. While technically he hadn’t been issued any training sessions today, the feral had a hard time sitting still when he was nervous and had worked off some excitement during some simulated fights. Since the other mutant had humbly asked for him to bring some tea, and he had no idea which one Nightcrawler liked best, Creed had brought a whole assortment of fine teas from one of the many stores he had bonded with in his former criminal career.

Since this was both a personal meeting and a counseling session in one, Victor was dressed in his civil garb, consisting almost entirely of leather. After taking a deep breath he knocked on the door and patiently waited for Kurt to answer. In his enthusiasm Creed had also brought a small gift for Wagner, hoping the other man would enjoy the little gesture of goodwill.