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Rick FlagHe thought it would go un-noticed.

I closed my eyes but all I could think about was ‘how the hell did I get here?!’ You were being wheeled into a large area with people running around in uniforms. You saw some of the most infamous criminals, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc and a couple others. ‘What do they have planned for me now?’

You could hear some of the officers scolding your handlers for being late. “Oh look who we have here.” You know that voice, you haven’t heard it in such a long time though, Rick Flag.

“She’s your last teammate.” He spat. “Now all of you, go, gear up for a fight.” He shooed everyone away, you slowly walked to him standing in front of him.

“Hello Rick.”

“Didn’t you hear me I said gear up, witch.” He snarled before whisking away.

Walking over to your box that’s next to Harley’s she had no shame trying to get in your business.

“Trying to flirt your way out of this?” She teased, “I already tried, but go ahead if you want. Doubt it’ll work hun.”

Shaking your head you went to put on your box, opening it and you saw your black jumpsuit, this brings back memories.

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Right now it was just you and Rick walking together, everyone else was a good few feet away.

“So…you must have a weird fetish for witches huh?”

“Y/N, please I’ve moved on, you should to.”

“Pretty hard to move on if you’re in solitary confinement.”

“Not the time or place Y/N.”

“Like how when I got framed for your murders?”

“Y/N.” He hissed, his voice going very low.

“Looking through your memories, you have a new witch bitch.”

“Shut up, don’t you dare say that.”

“Are you going to frame her too?”

“Are you really going to let what happened to us all those years ago out now?”

“You thought it would go un-noticed.”

“There isn’t an us anymore, keep moving…criminal.”

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To Love a Jester // Spencer Reid

Prompt: In which the reader quite literally is Harley Quinn, and Spencer attempts to get her to move on from the Joker.

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: This was interesting to write! I hope you enjoy it!

“What the hell?” Spencer muttered as he reached the door of his apartment. He could hear the television playing loudly on the other side, and his guard immediately went up. It was late. Late enough that he knew whoever was in his home wasn’t someone he should trust. He threw his door open, unsure of what to expect as he pulled his gun up into the air.

He released a deep sigh as he caught sight of you. You sat on his couch with your legs stretched out onto the coffee table, your comfort enough to convince anyone else that you owned the place. He watched the bright pink bubblegum pop in your mouth as you turned to him, your hands playing with the pink and blue dyed tips of your blonde hair.

“Hey puddin’. I was starting to wonder when you’d get home,” you greeted with a mischievous smile. Spencer shook his head at your nonchalance and shut the door behind him.

“How’d you get in?” Spencer asked as he set his things down on the single recliner. With the things that had happened to those in his line of work, he’d taken extra precaution to add more locks to both his door and windows. He raised an eyebrow at you as he waited for an answer, but you merely frowned at his lack of excitement.

“What? No ‘hey Harley’ or ‘how have you been sweet cheeks’?” you asked with a childish pout. Spencer couldn’t help the small grin that broke onto his face at your words.

“You know I don’t call you that. And I know how you’ve been. I’ve seen the reports from Gotham. I should be turning you in and instead you’re sitting here…watching cartoons?” he ended with a tilt of his head as he looked at the television. You shrugged, turning to look at the old cartoons you had stumbled upon.

“What? A cat and mouse are a classic. Leave Tom and Jerry alone,” you replied with a grin. You flipped backwards off of his couch with incredible ease, your flexibility yet another trait you were known for. You hopped up, sitting on the top of his furniture as Spencer merely rolled his eyes at your theatrics. “How have you been Dr. Reid? I’ve missed ya.”

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QUINN NORTON is 31 and is portrayed by GAL GADOT. She is currently OPEN.

  • Designation: criminal
  • Occupation: reconnaissance


  • While she does have some self-defense knowledge, Quinn typically does not get into physical fights.
  • Rather, she is sent in to wile, to charm, to infiltrate corporations or groups and bring back whatever she finds to the Organisation or whoever hired her.
  • Her silence can be bought… for a price. Similarly, so can her full cooperation.
  • While she goes by the philosophy that secrets she finds are privy only to the people who hired her for them, she makes a single exception. Whoever that is has to be willing to pay a very high price, whoever.


  • Felix Stidolph— she gets the information, he pays for it. As an information broker, it was Felix’s job to always be in the know, and he often would pay Quinn to tell him whatever nice secrets she’d picked up that week for other clients.
  • Giovanni Carosi— not unsurprisingly, Giovanni has approached Quinn multiple times offering to buy off whatever information she has to add to his ever growing inventory of goods to sell off. Quinn has consistently refused each time, however; if she starts giving away secrets to whoever will pay, her credibility will go down — and Felix asked first.

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Faberry Week 2015 Day 4 Criminal (Arrow Crossover)
Quinn Fabray (Starling City vigilante, also known as the Arrow) underestimated the infamous criminal that goes by the false name of Lea Sarfati. Once Quinn is rescued by Sebastian, she asks for Frannie’s help to track down the girl. Despite her best intentions though, Quinn must admit that bringing Rachel Berry down is more complicated than she thought, cursed be the weird weight in her chest.

“this character being gay makes no sense” UGH JUST FUCK OFF

i was just seeing this post about nygmobblepot on facebook  and i made the big mistake to read the coments (honestly why do i do that to myself) anyway there were many homphobes there just yelling shit about how it didn’t make any sense to have oswald be gay and honestly that pisses me off so much like we never hear that shit about straight characters “like it makes no sense this character is straight” like does it change anything the guy had no love old female love interest in the tv show so it doesn’t really change a lot about him does it? like does a straight character need a reason to be straight? No, then neither does a gay/bi/pan/ace character.

Like that is the biggest bullshit ever so straight people get to exist freely on tv but we don’t, you want a reason to have an LGTBIAP character, okay here is your reason WE EXIST IN REAL LIFE AND REPRESENTATION MATTERS, if you think it doesn’t please delete yourself i live my life for a very long time wishing i didn’t like girls you know why? because the moment i discover that about myself i also stopped believing in happy endings, because i see myself die in every movie and tv show because when i finally got a character that i felt represented with she dies or lives an unhappy life so i was depressed and angry and i thought that i should kill myself for about a year.

My dad is a really suportive and i have like 3 gay uncles, when i come out to my dad, he told me about them about how they are all happy and living healthy lives and one of them has been with someone for about 6 years and he is happy you know and it give me hope, that i could be happy with a girl someday the thing is i don’t want anyone to think about killing himself or herself because ot this because they might not have supportive relatives or someone to tell them that it gets better and maybe they are just holding onto this fictional character because they think hey if bette potter or laura hollis or santana lopez got a happy why can’t i? because the other day i was watching steven universe and i saw pearl giving a pretty girl her number and it was the most mindblowing thing ever because if i had seen this so many years back when i was 11 years old and already questioning myself maybe i wouldn’t have actually consider sucide for about a year.

I seen people complain about how we don’t need the coming out story plot and get different storys and i do believe that we need more stories but let’s not delete this type of story because young queer people growing up need people as much as we did in the past, kurt in glee helped me to come out to my dad and maybe people are going to feel that way about a different character in the future, i do agree in that we need different stories but we don’t have to quit this one, we should be allowed to have all of the stories.

We need more superhero movies with gay characters and people complain because OH your precious spiderman or steve rogers or kara danvers or Jessica Hones won’t be so straight anymore, you know what? fuck you i don’t care, they are not even that straight to begin with, both of them have a lot of potential with queer story lines and we are losing the chance because OH MY GOD THE GAYS ARE TAKING OVER EVERYTHING JUST FUCK OFF, you know what’s the worse part you won’t even let us have the actual LGTBIAP superheroes, deadpool is pansexual you won’t let us have that, i hear this podcast about supergirl and it was so damn heteronormative that for them alex and any other guy in the cast would make more sense than her and the person she pretty much spent the whole epise with and give heart eyes.

America Chavez is a bulletproff lesbian marvel you want to know something that would be enough to full teathers everywhere, a sequel of wonderwoman where she gets girlfriend, Batwoman a movie about a lesbian who gets fired during don’t ask don’t tell and becomes a superhero after years of training, a movie with poison ivy (played by Aja Naomi King) and Harley quinn being criminal and girlfriends because you know what we should be able to play every part the heroes and the villians, that’s why i’m so happy about oswald because the most complex character in the show is gay, the fan favorite is gay, the crack ship that should have been like destiel always treated with jokes and no homo and never become cannon, guess what it actually has a chance it might be unrequired love it might not we’ll see.

I want a rom com with jesse eisenberg and Andrew Garfield falling in love and getting a happy ending, no deaths and no cheating, i want spy style move with sarah shahi and amy acker because they couldn’t get their happy ending in POI even if they were so close, i want  katherine mcnamara and arden cho to play a couple in a movie without it being a big deal, i want to see kate moennig and kate mckinnon adopting a kid and comedy movie all about parenting, i want to see an animated movie with two lesbians queens or two gay princes or kids of the same sex falling in love, more movies or tv shows doing more stories i’m just tired of looking for a movie or a tv show with a same sex couple that has a happy ending and never finding so i just have to go look it in fanfiction also can we stop erasing bisexuality in those movies and tv shows as well, i’m tired of that too, yes i’m looking at you asshole who comented about how gotham turns characters gay when barbara was into dudes and nygma is into girls, BISEXUALITY IS A THING FOR GOD’S SAKE, barbara is bisexual and so could be nygma so can we just remenber that for the future, shit this why i never read facebook coments, i’m going to rewatch carmilla and wait for the movie.