for some reason I keep thinking about what the batkids are like when they have to attend those fancy social functions with Bruce. so here goes.

Dick is the one who enjoys himself the most. he talks to a lot of people, flirts here and there, and just basically owns the room. on top of that, the camera absolutely loves him. you can bet that magazines and tabloids that come out the next day are all littered with pictures of him looking like a celebrity. some would even say that he eclipses Bruce when it comes to these things. he kind of enjoys the attention, too, except when he is once again snapped pulling a certain 10-year-old away by the suspenders because the latter keeps arguing with guests holding public office positions about how they are not doing remotely close to enough with regard to animal shelters and wildlife conservations.

Jason, of course, doesn’t get invited anymore because he’s dead. but occasionally, when he feels like getting on Bruce’s nerves, he likes to sneak himself into these parties and pops up randomly when Bruce is talking with someone and just starts making snide comments that only the two of them understand. “as soon as our R&D is ready, I think we can immediately replace the old model wi-” “oh you’re all about replacements, aren’t you?” whenever someone asks him who he is, he gives them a rather unsettling smile and tells them not to mind him, he’s just a “ghost”, he’s only there to “relive” old memories, making sure that whoever it is can hear the quotation marks. he won’t leave Bruce alone until he hears an audible groan.

Tim would prefer not to attend these things if he could. he hates that he has to try to cover up his dark circles with tons of make up and fails, and he hates that he actually has to stay awake throughout all the chattering he’s subjected to. his pictures are like the polar opposite of Dick’s; he doesn’t necessarily look unhappy, just like he hasn’t slept in 72 hours, which is about as close to the truth as it gets. businesspeople tend to strike conversations with him since he’s basically running WE, but he can barely stand them without spacing out. the only time that he’s even half committed to the conversation is when Damian is involved in it and is actively trying to steal his job as acting CEO.

Cassandra doesn’t love the parties, but she doesn’t hate them either. she keeps to herself most of the time and is even quieter than usual, but because she likes observing people, you can find her shadowing one of her brothers from time to time as they move around the room. her favourite part of these functions is without a doubt the entertainment of the evening. whether it’s music or dances or poetry recitation or any other form of performing arts, she always manages to position herself at the best, most forefront spot by the time the show begins, ready to lose herself in it. considering the shenanigans that her brothers always get into, she’s probably the most well-behaved of them all.

Damian just… doesn’t care. he says and does whatever he wants, regardless of who is listening or watching. is that the mayor he sees? time to tell her what she’s doing wrong with her job. who is that woman Grayson is talking to? is he actually asking her opinion about Nightwing? well, maybe she’ll enjoy this video titled ‘Nightwing Epic Fails’ that he found on youtube. is that the infamous republican presidential candidate over there? somebody needs to tell him that his immigration policy sounds like a 5-year-old raised in a racist family came up with it. he will. he’ll tell him. one time the whole family had to leave a party not even 15 minutes after they arrived because Damian somehow managed to sneak Titus into the building and told him to chase down a councilman known to be vocal about his anti-vigilante opinions.
This mom spent 96 days in jail for no reason — and no one is being held accountable for it
By Bonnie Kristian

In 2012, a Mississippi mom named Jessica Jauch was pulled over by a cop for alleged traffic violations. What started as a routine situation quickly escalated, and soon Jauch found herself locked in jail for more than three months—96 days!—without a hearing.

She wasn’t allowed to see a judge, talk to a lawyer, or pay bail to get out and be with her family in advance of her trial.

Police said they had a secret video that showed her committing a felony drug crime—purchase of eight Xanax pills from a friend—but she wasn’t allowed to watch it.

When Jauch finally did get a lawyer and a hearing, her attorney convinced the prosecutors to watch the tape in question. Charges against her were promptly dropped, because the video actually showed her asking to borrow $40, but no one had bothered to view it before hauling Jauch in front of a grand jury and indicting her.

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Why DCEU Bruceman be playing with our homeboy Arthur? Do you know what he can do to him? For all his wealth, he can make his shower run ONLY cold water. That's true torture AND passive aggressiveness at its finest in Gotham's winter months. Bet he's regretting those fish comments now.

no. this is batman. he probably showers in sub-zero/icicle or whatever temperatures to always keep on his toes and have his muscles at the ready or some other far east secret sayan technique a monk with five nipples taught him. so arthur? arthur willl make the water run lukewarm. just the right temperature. the kind of shower that makes you wanna melt into a puddle of warm cocoa and marshmallows. that makes you not wanna get out until it’s absolutely necessary. what’s bruce Batman wayne gonna do then? when all his hard training will slowly, day by day, be stripped away because aquaman’s forcing him to have humane showers?

that, my friend, is true passive-aggressiveness

 requested: More baby Damian??? He’s adorable!!!!

-Damian has a lifelong ban from the zoo for stealing not just one penguin, but a whole flock of them, a lynx and several birds

-Damian steals Dick’s cereal and blames it on Tim because “do you think I would befoul my body with that sugar loaded garbage?” He has yet to be discovered (or so he thinks)

-Damian was once subjected to a “family bonding night” in which Dick had them all watch every. single. Disney movie. Damian wouldn’t admit it but his favorite was Lion King

-Sometimes if Jason annoys Damian, Damian will take Jason’s helmet and draw on the back. It’s usually silly faces, things like “kick me” or occasionally “shoot me”

-Damian is a super heavy sleeper and has the tendency to gather all of the sheets around him like a little egg roll and will sleep through all of his alarms (all six of them) until he is awoken by Alfred or Dick. He can be awake pretty fast though.

-After Dick came back from Spyral Damian would insist that Dick took him to the arcade and for ice cream afterwards for “repentance” but Dick wasn’t fooled (not that he minded) 

-Damian will mock Bruce from behind when he gives him lectures after patrol

-If Damian ever goes to the Watchtower he lurks in the control room and will watch the earth spin and the stars. Sometimes he’ll sketch, but he never lets anyone see it.

-Damian will take anyone’s clothes to “borrow” and they will only be seen a year or two later. Even if it’s Cass or Steph’s, he’ll take it. Bruce has lost many a comfortable sweater to Damian.

-Dick got Damian into the habit of settling minor disputes with rock paper scissors, leading to many ‘battles’ over the last of Alfred’s fresh baked cookies, the controller for the tv, first rights to the best bathroom in the house.

-If Damian is feeling particularly nice, he’ll write little notes and stick them in spots people will find them. Like on the chandelier and the roof. They usually read something like “You don’t entirely suck” or “You’re tolerable, even if you are weak”. That’s how they know Damian cares.

I hope that was good enough for you! Please keep sending in requests!!!

Then I think about how scared you must be, how you’re in some dark place all alone, but you’re not alone, okay? You are not alone. We are in that dark place with you. We are waving flashlights and calling your name. So if you can see us, come home. But if you can’t, then, then you stay alive, because we’re coming.
—  Penelope Garcia to Emily Prentiss, Lauren, Criminal Minds