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I love that song do much! I’m learning it on piano at the moment, it’s so beautiful…HTTYD is my favourite film 5eva. Best of luck to your brother :)

yep it’s my number 1 favorite movie. I’ve watched it at least 14 times. I know it’s more than 14 but I lost count at some point lol. I got him into playing this song and he’s hooked too. It’s a fun song! Thanks :]

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this happened to me yesterday i am still hella confused. right, to listen to sebastian the crab, ‘KISS DE BOYEE’ because kissing is nice and there is a 3578492% chance he will want to kiss you back and it will be lovely, FACT

he lives in another city like an hour away but maybe i’ll have the guts to kiss him the next time i see him!!! which should be soon hehe

crimescenegiggling asked a question: your blog is amazing okay like it’s part great text posts and half httyd! THANK YOU. (you informed me of the official older hiccup and astrid photo, so thanks for that as well) you are amazing ok :)

(sorry for posting like this apparently tumblr thinks you are a spam-bot?)

Anyway, thank you so much, It really means a ton to me that you like my blog! Gah you are so nice! (seriously my followers are perf 10/10 would recommend all of them) Im glad that you got to see the httyd 2 pics (they are so awesome! Anyone who likes httyd is A+ in my books) Stay amazing!

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It doesn't take a Sherlock to deduce that I'm stalking your blog! Apologies for all of the 'crimescenegiggling reblogged your__' ! YOUR BLOG IS JUST WONDERFUL <3

Hey! We should be friends or something because you seem fab:3 and hey, it’s cool, I like being reblogged:’) 

My blog isn’t that good but thanks:L xxx

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Favourite smiles: Astrid in GotNF when she is biting her lip planting the gronckle eggs and also before she turns Hiccup around to see Toothless! I also love Hiccup's smile when he makes dragon noises at 'Mr. Bossy' :3

I started to do this but it ended with a gifset of Astrid’s smiles in gotnf.. well ugh

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'No light, no light' by Florence + the Machine

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