crimes as forgiven by against me!

Dear Ultima Almighty

You know, I really don’t like drama. I hate petty fights and arguing over things that don’t matter. I hate not forgiving people over simple MISTAKES.
Because mistakes do happen, they really do. You might forget to do that thing your friend asked you to, or you might cheat on a test because you were so stressed out you couldn’t study. Those are mistakes. Those are things that can be forgiven easily.
Let me make this clear: Sexual assault is not a MISTAKE. Sexual assault is a crime. Sexual assault is abuse. Sexual assault is something that cannot be forgiven simply or easily, if ever.
Telling people you made a “mistake” is bad enough. Telling people that you’ll learn from it is even worse. Because clearly you haven’t learned, considering you COMMITTED THE SAME CRIME AGAINST 8 WOMEN. The only thing you’ve learned is what happens when you get caught.

Did you really think you were above consequences?

I suppose you did. But know this.

Every single one of those women are better off without you. You say you needed Stephanie. You say she made you feel complete. You say it was the perfect relationship. A perfect relationship doesn’t rely on manipulation, force, and abuse.

You say you needed her, but you don’t deserve her. Or anyone, if you decide to treat them like that.

And to every single person he’s ever harassed, abused, stolen, or copyrighted: you deserve much much much more than his lies and abuse.

And to the people who helped and supported the victims of his, thank you so much. Thank you for being there when we, the fans, couldn’t.

In response to this video: and the text post written by @starbotdubs

  • Elphaba: I've gone against the Wizard, the highest act of treason. But I had good intentions, I did it for a reason. They'll kill me if I'm lucky, they'll torture me if I'm not. What made me think that I could get away with such a plot? It's not too late to go back right now, perhaps I'd be forgiven. But if my crime can help improve the world we all must live in...