crimes against the poor

Rant. Rant. Rant.

As much as I complain about consistency in this show the one area where A&E have truly stuck to their guns is insisting that a lifetime of struggle is the only way a female can be strong or that her main function is as a catalyst for the poor behavior of a man, sweeping crimes against the female characters under the rug, and retconning heroism for the undeserving.

The Wish Realm really served as a microcosm of all of these issues, all of them reflecting other more spread out examples in two hours of some of the most disgusting television I’ve ever seen.

First we have Emma, whose main lesson in this AU was apparently that her life experience of being repeatedly abandoned, left to her own devices, a life time of pain and hurt was the only thing that made her truly her. Without her Saviorness she was a vapid “singing princess” who sacrificed her entire kingdom to save the lives of her parents and it was only through the intense pain of their deaths that she “woke up” and found the strong woman within.

This is in contrast to Deckhand!Hook who via extremely similar circumstances was robbed of his major character traits, the bravery and determination that made him him, and was able to overcome that entirely on his own, without any terrible pain or sacrifice on his part, protecting a strange woman he was drawn to and her child was enough. But Emma had to actually witness the brutal murder of those she loved before she could undergo a similar transformation.

That’s just so…gross, to me? Firstly because there is nothing inherently wrong with being a “singing princess” yet there was nothing to indicate that she would have been strong and resilient regardless, only her experiences made her that way. So people who don’t know struggle can’t be strong? Girl’s who are more or less the real life version of the “singing princess” can’t rise to the occasion on their own merit when the situation calls for it? A man can be motivated by love to change and find his inner courage but a woman must always be motivated by pain? Sorry, I call foul.

Then there’s Belle, poor Pile of Bones!Belle who actually served more of a narrative function in the whole two hours than Killian did. Her entire purpose in that Wish Realm was to act as a reason for why Rumple would refuse to help Regina. Another in an unending line of women pointlessly killed to give a man motivation.

They could have kept her alive, could have made HER speak for herself, a wizened, tortured, hardened older version of Belle who asked Rumple not to help because of HER suffering, perhaps allowing Belle to finally have a spine and drop some truth bombs about Regina’s unrepentant treatment of her, but no way A&E would allow Rumple to be ordered around by a woman and unmanned in such a way and we certainly can’t talk about Regina’s crimes unless she’s having a crisis of confidence.

One the MOST consistent things about this show is the blatant disregard for crimes against female characters. Excepting Killian apologizing to Belle, and indicating he was trying to make it up to her, I can’t think of another time a man was held accountable for his actions against a female.

It’s not new, this has been going on for awhile. Arthur? Got a new kingdom, finally fulfilled his destiny for rifling through a few books and being a liability, but we never even HEARD from Guinevere again after her ENSLAVEMENT. She said goodbye and peaced out. Who knows what her mental condition is and she certainly never got to confront her husband for ENSLAVING HER.

Milah? Chucked into the River of Souls for daring to stand in Rumple’s way. Next episode Belle is saving his life and clutching at him. Everything cool here ya’ll. Never mentioned again. Will never BE mentioned again most like. Do the characters even know he did that? I can’t remember BECAUSE NO ONE CARED IF HE DID.

Neal and August send a pregnant Emma to jail?

Heroes! The biggest heroes there ever was.

August steals the money that might have prevented her from apparently continuing a life of crime, and he was just doing it for her own good!

Neal impregnated an underage girl and then has the audacity to be angry at her for not telling him, when it was HIM who made the decision to leave her. Well of course, that’s his right as a father!

Dude gets killed because of his own stupidity, but he’s celebrated and praised as a hero, a baby is even named for him! He contributed to what might be one of the darker periods of Emma’s life, the reason for her trust issues, but he’s just such a NORMAL guy you know? He gets a big ole portrait in the WishRealm and a heroes veneration because A&E just love their ordinary joe who is not at all a self insert and they are in no way threatened by the handsome, dashing, feminist pirate captain. No way. “Please ignore us making him look like a complete fool and doing what we can to marr his handsomeness (unsuccessfully), it has nothing to do with our own insecurities, we promise, we just thought it would be funny!”

And August, he might have been the brains behind the “Send Emma to Jail When Really Leaving Her Behind Would Be Enough” plan and he steals the money Neal left her, but hey he told her a story once and he believed in her a couple times so it’s cool, let’s never mention it again! Best friends forever!

SHE ACTUALLY THANKED HIM. That happened. The woman who was betrayed and sent to jail, who had to live with her pregnancy behind bars, who had to give up her baby because she had no way to support him because August STOLE HER MONEY, actually told that motherfucker Thank You.

That happened. But these struggles made her so STRONG you guys.

And let’s talk about Rumple who all of sudden is Team Hero again, trying to help his son. Not once does Belle turn to him and say “You know, if you hadn’t chased my pregnant ass around with scissors threatening to like, de-soul our baby, none of this would have happened?? He would have been fine? Maybe going on baby play dates with the other rapidly aged baby Robyn instead of rocking a terrible haircut and trying to kill the Savior.”

Nope, Rumple gets a clean slate. All is forgiven! A reconciliation is imminent, they are working together for their son. Babies forgive all manner of abuse apparently. Let’s stay together for the children. Hand holding and the desperate bond of parenthood apparently trump endangering the child’s life in the first place.


Hey bud let’s be real here for a minute there is absolutely no reason why the rich/ bourgoise as a class should exist, they are parasitic, cannabilistic, and sucking the life out of the poor to maintain their lifestyles at our expense, if you think for one minute people should feel bad about their completely vacant uncared for property’s are gonna get seized to house victims of a horrific crime against the poor then the problem is with you.


Jonas Brothers: S.O.S

(I did not write this post in all caps, but when reading it I would like you all to picture me yelling every word. Thank you.)

Is there anything more 2007 than this song (and music video)? No, the answer is no. “S.O.S” was the second single the Brothers released from their self-titled sophomore album (the first single was “Hold On” an odd choice in my opinion). This was their first big hit, and their first song to reach the top 20. Nick Jonas wrote this song in ten minutes, TEN MINUTES. Nick wrote a damn near perfect pop rock song at age 14, IN ONLY TEN MINUTES. Now, who knows if that’s actually true? I feel like there are a lot of artists who like to say that a song came to them in a dream, and it only took them minutes to write. But that’s the story he told, and I choose to believe it.

First I’d like to talk about the chorus, which contains a great example of the element I love the most about the Jonas Brothers music—they feel everything SO much. I touched on this in my post about “Mandy”, but it’s worth mentioning again. They’re teenage boys experiencing dating, love and heartbreak for the first time. Every breakup feels like the end of the world. Nick wrote this song when he was 14, of course he would describe a breakup this way. His hearts in two, he can’t find the other half, it’s like he’s walking on broken glass and you better believe he bled. It would seem melodramatic if it weren’t so real, and so authentic. That’s what makes this song great and that’s what makes the Jonas Brothers great.

Second, and most importantly, we need to discuss possibly the greatest lyric of the 2000’s:

Next time I see you

I’m givin’ you a high five

‘cause hugs are overrated, just FYI.

Alright, lets break that down, shall we? The next time Nick runs into this girl, who broke his heart in two (and hid the other half somewhere? Perhaps she hid it across a room with broken glass on the floor, and also snatched his shoes?) Anyway, Nicks been through it. So what does he plan on doing next time he sees her? Give her a high five. A HIGH FIVE. This is the most wonderfully passive aggressive move to pull when you run into an ex, and we all wish we were cool enough, like Nick is, to pull it off. Imagine, no really imagine!! You run into your ex at let’s say, a mutual friend’s birthday party. It’s the first time you’ve seen each other since everything fell apart. (Oh and they broke up with you, out of nowhere, and how dare they? You’re great!) You walk across the room to where they are, you just want to get this over with, acknowledge their presence and then ignore them for the rest of the evening. AND THEN YOU GIVE THEM A HIGH FIVE. Incredible, truly fucking incredible. They will never forget this and neither will their friends. Oh my god, and we haven’t even gotten to the second and best part of the lyric yet. Why the hug? Oh, cause HUGS ARE OVERRATED, JUST FYI. Ughhh!! And the way he sings it!! His throat is coated in pettiness. He had a Hall’s lozenge before recording and the flavor was contempt.

And just when you thought It couldn’t get any better than this—there’s the music video. It’s great, it’s fun, they’re on a boat, they’re wearing cool hats and scarves, and the purity rings get close-up shots! (The only unfortunate thing about this music video is whoever uploaded it to their Vevo page really fucked up the aspect ratio. It’s so stretched out! It’s truly a crime against humanity.) The BEST part of the music video when Kevin (poor, Kevin) check his Blackberry (his BLACKBERRY) to see a text message from the girl he’s seeing that reads “I like u but…I dont like u :-(“ I would need 10,000 more words to unpack all my feelings about that text message, but I’m not going to get into it. Instead I would like to end this post by giving you a fun tip: send that exact message to everyone you match with on a dating app. If they know what you’re referencing, you’ll know you’ve found a good one.


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I know Americans have serious problems, but this doesn't stop me to wanting to punch every whiny little shit I see here. Do you want sexism?? Come down here in Mexico in wich some states have to give the "gender alert" bcs of how many women have been killed in their homes, or kidnapped. Do you want to complain about money? Please come here, in almost half of the ENTIRE population is poor. Come here and see the REAL crimes against LGBTA+ people (1/2)

Come down here please, come down here and try to tell my somewhat rich neighboor she is oppresed bcs she is black, even if she have had a lot more chances in life bcs of her economy status than i had. I ain’t saying your problems aren’t valid, that the Americans don’t struggle, but your energy is so focused in the WRONG PROBLEMS. Why are u segregating yourselfs again? You have a shitty president, focus in the bad decisions he is making, not that he is white or that he ate icecream (2/2)


It’s always refreshing to see an outsider’s point of view. You are absolutely correct that Americans of all political persuasions are too focused on first world problems.

Blood loss is a given when fighting crime, but no one ever warned these poor sods against nosebleeds from sexy overload!

(Did you think I was done with this terrible au? You should’ve thought otherwise)

@copyninken I made you a present!

Hashirama’s hair is a cape unto itself and he has mastered the art of the hair flip. Obito approves of that almost as much as he approves of the tiny leafy romper.

Yamato has such an innocent vibe about him and it just kills Kakashi nearly every time he smiles that shiny bright smile of his. 

Literally every time Tobirama so much as moves Madara has to fight not to trip over his own feet. Stupid sexy Butlerman. He’s not in love okay!?

THE FRIENDS OF THE ABC: an upcoming webseries


Inspired by the Heathers-update webseries “The Veronica Exclusive”, “The Friends of the ABC” is a modern-day update of Les Amis de l’ABC, everyone’s favorite side characters from Les Miserables.

What’s the story?

The Friends of the ABC are a modern-day social justice group who have a meeting once a week in an online video chat, as the crimes against the homeless and the poor in their own city grow more and more heinous, often committed by their own police force. Led by the hotheaded and charismatic Enjolras, the Friends of the ABC prepare to do what they can to change things, and are forced to question, how far are they willing to go for what they believe in?


If you want to get involved as a video editor, writer, producer, designer, or other tech personnel, please contact me at I need all the help I can get.

If you want to be part of the cast, please film an audition and submit it to 


The cast of characters is as follows:

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Gaius Julius and the Fall of the Roman Republic

After the death of Marcus Crassus in 53 B.C., Pompey and Caesar were in open conflict. While Caesar, as proconsul in Gaul, was adding to his political stature with military success, Pompey was consolidating power in Rome. In 49 B.C. Pompey the Great made a decisive move: he persuaded the Senate to order Caesar to disband his army. Instead Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the southern limit of his military command.  

They still loved Pompey in Egypt

With his Army and most of the Senate, Pompey withdrew to Greece. From there he planned to mount a campaign against Caesar, using control of his fleet to envelop Italy, But Caesar moved first. He attacked Pompey’s adherents in Spain, and then in Greece, routing Pompey at Pharsalus in 48 B.C. Again Pompey fled, but this time to a place where he would be safe. For he was still Pompey the Great in Egypt.   

The First Man in Rome

So Caesar returned to Rome more secure in his power than any Roman every had been before. In defeating Pompey, whose support came from the Senate,  Caesar had surpassed the Senate’s authority and became sole ruler of Rome. On the whole he used his powers well. He pardoned many of his enemies, including Cicero, and reinstated them in the government. He worked out the mechanics for a stronger more efficient administrative system, undertook extensive colonization projects, provided work for the poor, and tightened the laws against crime and usury. He planned a vast highway across Italy and gave Rome and Western Civilization, the Julian calendar. 

The Ides have come, but they have not passed

Despite these good works and acts of clemency, many Romans were filled with foreboding. It was clear Caesar meant to make his rule absolute, and a conspiracy formed. On the Ides of March, 44 B.C., Caesar was murdered in the Senate by the conspirators. 

From Republic to Empire

After Caesar’s death, Rome lived through the turmoil of another struggle for power. This time the combatants were the Senate and two of Caesar’s heirs: Mark Antony and this mysterious boy, Octavian. 

If we want a safer country for ourselves, we have to realize that crimes against black people, latino people, lgbt people, poor people, non-Christians and women are crimes against us all as a whole. Just because a specific group is currently being attacked doesn’t mean we should leave it up to that group to defend themselves.

If a black man is shot down by the police, the lgbt community should be rising up. Women should be protesting. Muslims should be marching. Wealthy white men should be exercising their privileged status in order to help. A crime against any human is a crime against us all. We can’t frame these issues as just sexism or racism or classism or antisemitism or homophobia.

All human violations affect us all, these issues are not separate and can’t be treated as such.

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Was life soviet era as bad as westerners say it is? I always wonder, they have brainwash and propaganda in west countries

Life is more complex than just “good” or “bad”. There were horrible things in the Soviet Union, and there were good things. Were there repressions and terror? Yes, there were. Three generations of my family suffered from repressions. It is yet to be discovered what was the real scale of the crimes of the Soviets against its own people.  

Were we poor in the Soviet Union? Yes, we were, but I’d never seen beggars or homeless people in the streets. Everybody had full access to education and health care. I got my MA in linguistics for free. Was my childhood unhappy? Of course not. I was a happy child.

On my blog (in English) and podcast (in Russian) I often tell about life in the Soviet Union. I hope you can satisfy your curiosity with their help.