crimes against muslims

Report: Election rage made hate crimes rise by 20% in major US cities last year

  • Nine major U.S. cities reported increases in hate crimes by more than 20% in 2016, according to one researcher who spoke to NBC News on Tuesday. 
  • The reason for the spike? Flaring tensions in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.
  • California-based researcher Brian Levin culled data from police departments as director of the nonpartisan Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino, where he teaches criminal justice.
  • The new numbers show that bias crimes increased in the nine major metropolitan areas he studied — New York; Washington; Chicago; Philadelphia; Montgomery County, Maryland; Columbus, Ohio; Seattle; Long Beach, California; and Cincinnati — in the wake of the election.
  • “We might very well be at the start of a trend where anti-Semitic incidents are going up each year,” Levin told NBC. “We were seeing an over-decade decline in anti-Semitic incidents.
  • According to NBC, hate crimes against Muslims and the LGBTQ community accounted for most of the growth reported in the rate of bias crimes in America. Read more (3/14/17 5:21 PM)

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Fuck you, Christianity is a bigger threat to gays than Islam will ever be. Have you heard of the witch burnings and the Crusades?

What has this got to do with gays lmao? If we want to talk about the Crusades let’s talk about Muhammad calling for Muslims to cut the hands and feet off Christians and Jews, to behead them and to melt their skin from their bodies and throw them in fires, are you sure you want to keep talking about the Crusades? Back to the point, when was the last time Christianity did any of your examples, 1291? 1663? When was the last time a gay guy was thrown from a building, hung, imprisoned or sentenced to lashings by a Muslim? Yesterday, today, tomorrow. 

What was the last crime a Christian committed against gays? Didn’t bake a gay wedding cake. What was the last crime a Muslim committed against gays? Apart from the massacre of 49 at Pusle? Hm, the more recent of the thousand examples would probably be a few weeks ago, two trans Pakistanis were forced into sacks and beaten to death with sticks, not by ISIS but the police in Saudi Arabia. Yes, the fucking police. Could you imagine if a Christian did that or if it happened here!? 

There are 12 Muslim countries where it’s legal to kill a gay person and more where it’s legal to arrest, imprison or whip a gay person for being gay, how many Christian countries is this legal in? This is what I mean by Islam hasn’t moved on from its primitive stages. Stonings, lashings, hangings, honor killings, female genital mutilation, sacrifices, raping and oppressing your wife/wives, it’s all legal and common practice with Islam and if it gets judged then you are Islamophobic. It makes no sense. Do you want to try again, sunshine? Should we keep exposing Islam for what it really is? This is fun, please message me again. 

If you voted for the deportation of immigrants, unfollow me.

If you voted for the monitoring of mosques, unfollow me.

If you voted for hate crimes against LGBT+, muslims, latinos, african americans, immigrants and anyone that isn’t Caucasian male, unfollow me.

If you voted for air strikes on Syria, Mosul and Iran, unfollow me.

If you voted for the man that condoned Assad’s attacks on his own country because he was ‘stopping ISIS’, unfollow me.

If you voted for the misogynist who bragged about sexually abusing women, unfollow me.

If you voted for the man who immitated a disabled reporter during a rally, unfollow me.

If you voted for the man who mocked the mother of a US muslim war hero, unfollow me.

If you voted for the man whose campaign was endorsed by the leader of the KKK, unfollow me.

If you voted for the man who blamed gun crime solely on the uneducated and the unemployed, unfollow me.

If you voted for the man with inappropriate views regarding his daughter, unfollow me.

If you voted for the man who demanded to see Obama’s birth certificate because he didn’t believe that Obama was even american, unfollow me.

If you voted for the man whose father was arrested at a KKK rally and refused to rent flats to african americans, unfollow me.

If you voted for Donald Trump, unfollow me.

Fuck off. Get your sorry ass off my blog and contemplate the fact that you have fucked over your entire country.
You have voted for a complete and utter cunt whose decisions will implicate the entire western world.
No, I am not american but I empathise with the millions of people who fought against the impending hatred and bigotry. The fact that you are in for a rough few years due to an apparent morality sabbatical, is daunting. Stay strong America.


the shooter was confirmed to be a pro-trump white male….. this “morrocan man” that trump supporters smeared the name of all over the internet before facts were confirmed was just a witness….. the “allahu akbar” thing isnt true and even if it was anyone could say it and it wouldnt prove anything about the person…… this is exactly how people get away with derailing hate crimes against muslims im so mad lmao
Not just 'bad hombres': Trump is targeting up to 8 million people for deportation
When President Trump ordered a vast overhaul of immigration law enforcement during his first week in office, he stripped away most restrictions on who should be deported, opening the door for roundups and detentions on a scale not seen in nearly a decade.
By Brian Bennett

Unlike Trump’s exec order on Muslim and refugee bans, this latest exec order targets immigrants already in the US and are simply downright inhumane.

If deportation and indefinite detention under obama was already bad, it will get ten times worse under Trump and will be done with least consideration for human rights and rule of law.

To make it clear, undocumented immigrants do not have access to most of public services, including food stamps, unemployment, disability benefits, obamacare, CHIP, Medicaid and Medicare, even though undocumented immigrants pay taxes into these programs, including social security.

In some states, undocumented immigrants can get driver’s licenses and municipal ids but are marked with restrictions, such as their driver’s license cannot accepted as a form of government-issued ID and is marked as such.

The US constitution guarantees access to public education and all services provided by public education to children, regardless of citizenship. Trump want to criminalize children who might have gotten a free meal in school.

Documented immigrants on the other hand also don’t avail the same rights and privileges as citizens. For Medicaid and Medicare and unemployment/disability benefits, documented immigrants have to be green card holders for at least five years and must have contributed to social security and Medicare for at least ten years before qualifying for these programs.

This exec order, if it was executed by the letter, won’t find 8 million immigrants to deport, so they will create criminal charges for them and even criminalize those they have perceived or anticipated to maybe commit these “crimes”.

The backlash against Muslim and refugee bans is great, but I hope the American public also pay attention to this too. Coz if we are worried about the repeat of Japanese interment camps, this is where it starts.

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If you'd look into half the hate crimes committed by white people that you call "hoaxes" you'd see they were true. You didn't even provide a source to refute any of the 9 in that post. Just accept the fact that people from the same race as you-minority or not- can be evil and move on.

Remember the 18-year-old Muslim girl who was assaulted and called a terrorist on the subway by Trump supporters and they tried to rip her hijab off and all of the social justice warriors had a complete meltdown? It was a lie that she made up to cover her parents finding out she was out fucking a Christian dude and getting drunk. It gets funnier, her Muslim father has forced her to shave her head completely for bringing shame on the family and she was arrested for making false accusations. Could you imagine the reaction from the left if a white dad forced his daughter to shave her hair off for having sex with someone from another religion? 

Remember the Muslim student who was robbed, beaten and had her hijab ripped off and stolen by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She is now being charged for filing a false report.

Remember when racist white guys beat a Muslim woman to death in California and left a note behind saying “go back to your own country, you terrorist.” Yeah it was a lie, really her Muslim husband beat her to death in an honor killing because she wanted a divorce. Leftists went mental over this “hate crime” but again, silence when the truth came out.

Remember when those white supremacist, anti-Muslim Trump supporters burned down the mosque in Houston? It was a lie. While the mosque did get burned down, it was done by a black Muslim who had attended the mosque for years.

Remember when a group of white men killed a Muslim woman and called her a terrorist while she was walking with her husband and child? It was a lie. The husband planned for his mistress to murder his wife after “black magic spells” didn’t make her disappear…

Remember the Ohio student who was racially abused and assaulted by Trump supporters? It was a lie. She made it up the day after the election and after she made a post that she wants all Trump supporters to die of AIDS.

Remember when that racist horrible teacher choked, assaulted and bullied a 5 year old Muslim kid? Of course it was a fucking lie

Remember the Michigan Muslim student who was harassed and threatened to be burned alive by the Trump supporter if she didn’t remove her hijab? It was a lie. Surveillance cameras show that she wasn’t even in the location where she claimed the attack took place.

Remember the Muslim woman who had her hijab ripped and forced off by police when they took her in for questioning? It was another lie.

Remember when that Muslim guy had Islamophobic messages graffitied over his locker, telling him to go back to where he came from. It was a lie, he graffitied it himself and filed a hate crime. He’s been charged for lying.

Remember the Muslim kid who was beaten up on the school bus by five white kids and it forced the family to leave the country? Yes, another fucking lie.

Remember the student who had her face slashed and was called a terrorist in Lower Manhattan? Yet another lie.

Remember when that student in Arlington was followed by a group of white men and held her at gunpoint because she’s Muslim? It was a lie

Remember when the Muslim taxi driver was shot by a racist white guy and the left were demanding the arrest of a white guy for this hate crime against a Muslim? Well it stopped being called a hate crime the moment they found out the shooter was a black Muslim and he was let go.

Remember when that Islamophobic white guy threatened to kill a whole pile of Muslims and said there’s no place in America for Muslims? Yeah, it was another black Muslim

Remember when the viral video of a Muslim student defending herself against a white guy who was trying to pull her hijab off? It was a hoax

Remember when recently some white racist Trump supporters in Canada threatened to blow up Muslim university students? It was a Muslim

These anti-Islamic hate-crimes even reached the UK with an 18-year-old Muslim student from Birmingham being punched in the face for wearing a hijab. It was a lie. She’s been charged for lying to the police. I’d be here all day if I even brushed the surface of hate crime hoaxes across the rest of the UK and Europe.

These are just some of the false claims made mostly within the past year and they have all received nation-wide coverage and left-wing outrage and hysteria, all pushing the agenda that America is a racist hellhole and nobody except white people are safe. Then it came out they lied and what did we get? Silence but of course the anti-America and anti-white delusion from the left remained.

All of these were hoaxes created by Muslims or crimes committed not by racist white guys but by other Muslims. They create these hoaxes mostly so they can justify protesting against counter-terror efforts and to stop police investigating crimes committed by refugees. The sad part is it actually works and the authorities fall for this virtually every time. Police have become afraid to do their jobs properly and the media are afraid to report the truth in the fear of sounding “Islamophobic”.

You think I’m talking bullshit? Let’s look at the police who are scared to investigate Muslim human trafficking and child abuse rings in the UK, being afraid to make public the mass sexual and violent attacks committed by Muslim refugees across Europe, being afraid to report their fellow officers who expressed radical Muslim beliefs or the teachers being afraid to alert authorities when their Muslim students show warning signs of becoming radicalized. This is the direct result of hoaxes like these enforcing the fear of being called Islamophobic for being honest. 

It’s about time we start calling out the lies and false claims made by leftist Muslims, feminists and black lives matter supporters, they all do it on a daily basis in an attempt to demonize the West and white people while they’re the ones doing the attacking against innocent white people, Trump supporters of any race or gender and just about anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example, example.

I know what you’re thinking anon, “oh shit, I wasn’t expecting to be made to look like a total fucking idiot today”. Come back when you have something useful to say. 


Over 1,000 Palestinian Prisoners On Hunger Strike in Protest Against Inhumane Conditions

No one cares for me.

- I know when you reach such age, somewhere between teenage and adulthood, you will utter such words.

How many of our daughters or friends have uttered and ranted about this to us? When they feel like no one wants to talk to them or cares about them? Especially those days when their hearts become attached to someone who shows interest in marrying them. 

It was a practice of the Sahabiyyat RA to remind their sons/daughters about Allah, about Islam and even about death every now and then. Some would write notes, some would narrate it in stories, and some spark it through their speeches urging their sons to fight for the cause of Allah. 

We have to be like that. So today, I would like to write something for my future daughter, and I encourage all of you to do so, write something for them to read when they grow up, write by now when work has not occupied much of your time yet. Let us revive a beautiful practice of the Sahabiyyat RA. in sha Allah.

My princess, I am writing this at a time when hate crime and discrimination against Muslims are on its height. But fear not, as Mommy is okay, as Mommy is in Allah’s Care. 

My beautiful one, know that there will come a time when people around you will stare at you in a way that is quite disturbing but I ask you to reciprocate such glares and stares with a beautiful smile of yours, never look back at them with an angry or fierce look for this might enflame such intense emotions within them.

Indeed, there will be moments when you will be asking things about why you wear the hijab and why you need to cover up and I pray that our actions, our worship that you see for Allah would be enough to answer your queries.

Befriend the Qur’an, make it your companion. It was the strength of Mommy and I’m sure it will be yours as well, as long as you open your heart for it. It is something that would never leave you and come to you at the time when you need it the most.

Be resourceful and always inquire/ask something you do not understand or you are having some misunderstanding about, especially when it comes to Islam. Know that Mommy prepared activities for you to get to know the greatest of people that came before us (the Sahabah). 

Always protect your hayaa’ my little one, no matter how the society would lure you to buy all these new trends, gadgets and clothes. I ask you to stick upon the teachings of the Qur’an and following the sunnah.

When things become hard for you, I ask you to ask Allah always for ease, for Allah is the only one who can bring ease in whatever trial or tribulation you are or will be facing.

My little hijabi, maintain and always be constant with your salah, I ask you not to give me a frowning face when Mommy reminds you of salah rather Mommy would be so happy to see you preparing yourself for salah even before she can tell you.

Be appreciative, when an aunty comes, welcome her always with a warm hug, be charitable my little one, for Allah spends for those who spend for Him. Always choose and prefer to give rather than to receive.  

My little star, one day, when you will be engrossed with the cyberworld, refrain from talking with the opposite sex. If someone would approach you, advice them to fear Allah and I ask you to open it up with me, if not with your daddy then know that mommy is all ears for you. This is not because I want to reprimand you but Mommy just wants to be aware and give you guidance as Mommy doesn’t want you to indulge into something haraam and might hurt you at the end.

When someone would ask for your hand, fear not from telling us and telling him to contact your wali, for I have pledge not to make you go through what others may have gone through, making your mahr too expensive is a big no from us, as long as the brother has deen then we would gladly give you to him in accordance to the rules that are needed to be abided within Islam.

And when the time comes that Mommy won’t be with you anymore, know that You are in Allah’s Care just like how Mommy was in Allah’s Care. Remember that whatever happens in your life is accordingly upon the Will of Allah, and nothing happens in the life of a Believer except that it is for his/her own good. So accept and face every struggle with patience and strong trust in Allah.

I promise with a hopeful heart that we will see each other in Jannah again, I will run to you my baby girl, Mommy will hug you there.

But for now, Mommy is still in the process of asking Allah’s guidance on making herself grow better so that as soon as Allah decrees that you and Mommy meets here, she is in the best of state in all aspects, ready to fulfill such responsibility of raising you upon the Qur’an and Sunnah.

My baby, I can’t wait to hear you call me, Mommy <3 in sha Allah. 

And we pray that we be amongst those parents who would be able to raise such lions and lionesses of this Ummah, and make them the coolness of our eyes. Amin



Mixed Messages by Monica Talbot
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Full Disclosure: This is another political message, but one less vitriolic and more contemplative than my recent ones. But if this bothers you, feel free to skip the text below. 

Trump’s election brings a tremendous amount of uncertainty to all Americans since no one’s sure how much of what he said in his campaign will translate to what he does in office. I don’t think he gave it much thought either, because he probably thought he’d lose. Transgender rights and the way transgender people are treated in society is near and dear to my heart. Admittedly a minor issue to most people, but a biggie for me.  

On the one hand, Trump has said supportive things, like transgender people should be able to use whatever bathroom they wish. On the other hand, VP Mike Pence recently said both Trump and he agree that bathroom/gender issues should be a local concern, not a federal one. 

 Well, that’s very similar to school segregation. Back in the 1950s, northern schools were largely desegregated and southern ones were largely segregated. President Eisenhower changed that in 1957 by ordering federal marshals to Little Rock, Arkansas to ensure black students could go to desegregated schools after the ‘Brown v Board of Education’ decision in the Supreme Court. Eisenhower knew he had to make desegregation a federal concern, not just a local issue. (I’m not so partisan that I don’t acknowledge Republicans doing the right thing). 

 Can you imagine what our nation would be like if civil rights was just a local or state issue, not a federal one? It would be 'Jim Crow’ throughout many places in America. 

 Meanwhile, the latest FBI hate crime data shows a spike in assaults against transgender people, along with a big spike in hate crimes against Muslims. It’s likely the anti-Muslim sentiment is motivated by Trump supporters, but less obvious they are responsible for transgender assaults. This is because many assaults against transgenders are committed by Blacks against Blacks or Latinos against Latinas, and neither group supported Trump at significant levels. But it is troubling, possibly an indication of less overall compassion for others in our nation. And the anti-Muslim hate crime spike is horrific – this has no place in America. 

 So what’s my prognosis? 

 - Don’t expect any meaningful progress on transgender rights from Trump. Anticipate some 'back sliding’ by de-emphasizing or not funding anything Obama did for the cause. 

 - Expect more local & state initiatives against transgender people along the lines that North Carolina did. Don’t expect anything else than 'leave it to local government’ rhetoric from Trump. 

 - Expect an arch conservative Supreme Court nominee which will virtually guarantee any meaningful transgender rights cases will be decided against us, or not even heard. 

 - Anticipate that more transgender people will have to move to friendlier places in order to live safely and with peace of mind. Easier to do as an adult with means. Tough as hell for many young and/or poor people. 

 Ultimately, I think things will get better, just as they have for all minorities. But there will be eras of progress and regress, and this will probably be a four-year setback. Try to draw some comfort from Martin Luther King’s famous quote: 'The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.’

Let every free Turkish Muslim who is eagerly passionate about Islam and Muslims know that his country’s forces would be leading the Crusade in Afghanistan that burns villages, destroys homes, and kills women and children, and occupies the lands of Islam and fights against the Sharia and spreads obscenity, lewdness and shamelesness. The Turkish forces will carry out in Afghanistan (and now ash-Shaam) the same operations that are being carried out by the Jews in Palestine. So how can the free and passionate Turkish Muslim people accept this crime against Islam and the Muslims? What makes this Turkish government to take part in shedding the Muslims’ blood in Afghanistan, and lead the campaign against them? What crime has the Afghans done towards Turkey for it to lead the aggression and the crime against them? It is indeed the filthy secularism and the dirty opportunism, which makes them climb over the body parts of women and the blood of the children and the sanctities of the noble ones.
—  Sh. Dr Ayman adh-Dhawāhirī حفظه الله

We can stop pretending racism against white people doesn’t exist now. And I mean real racism, not the cracker white people jokes we know are stupid.

The Chicago kidnapping is a hate crime. No, it does not have anything to do with Black Lives Matter, and I’m not gonna demonized all black people or compare this to the actions of the KKK so alt-righters can move along and not reblog this post. But this was black teens targeting a mentally ill white man because of his skin color and possibly his political stances. THIS IS NOT OKAY. The kids who did this need to be punished accordingly, just like anyone who has committed a hate crime against black people, Muslims, and Jews should be punished.

since the san bernardino shooting, i have been scared to leave my home. in the past week, i’ve gone out only when necessary, i’ve even avoided grocery shopping.

hate crimes are rising against muslims, especially those in scarves, people like me.

last night, i had an interview, i parked my car and as i was walking up to the building, a white car sped up to me, parked, and angry looking white man got out of his car–with a bat.

he was 10 feet away, getting closer. and i had to think. in a split second i stood tall and unafraid hoping that would discourage him, and quickly pulled out my pepper spray.

he walked right passed me.

i ran into the building–where my interview was. i was visibly shaken and they could tell. i told them an angry man was about to beat someone up with a bat 40 feet from their building, they took the necessary precautions and i headed to the bathroom. i was still shaking but after a few minutes i was able to calm myself down and head into a panel interview of ten people.

this is my reality. i was infinitely lucky last night, but i can tell you in that 3 second span of seeing that man with a bat, i had already imagined myself beaten to death. but i was lucky. 

and this is just an example, a small example of the fear that is instilled deep in me, as a woman, as a visible muslim, that people want me dead. that people do not see me as a human, but rather as a target. last night, i was lucky, but i sense this fear constantly throughout my day, i never feel safe, i always feel vulnerable, because at any moment, what i’ve heard happen to my other muslim sisters–getting harassed and beaten, having someone stop their car in a busy traffic street and pull a gun out–i see these things happening to my friends, and im just waiting–because im living with the certainty that im next.

The tragedy in this event is that the sexuality of those killed will be undermined, and that the race, religion, and the ethnicity of the shooter will take precedence in all American media outlets. This will not be an American terrorist shooting gay people, this will be a “Muslim terrorist who killed people.” No one in the media will acknowledge this event as what it is, it will go down as “yet another Islamic terrorist” when the man’s race or religion have nothing to do with it. He was a coldblooded murder who only vouched for his own beliefs, he is not a representation of Islam, Muslims, Afghanistan, or any other country or culture. He’s just a plain old coldblooded murderer. 

Sympathies to the families of those lost or harmed, sympathies to those of us in the LGBTQIA+, and sympathies to all the hate crimes against Muslims that this incident will instigate.

Canadian parliament passes anti-Islamophobia motion

The Canadian parliament has passed a landmark anti-Islamophobia and religious discrimination motion that calls on politicians to condemn anti-Islamic behaviour and rhetoric.

The vote follows months of fierce debate in Canada, including protests from both the motion’s supporters and detractors.

Opponents argued the private members’ motion, which calls on the government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination”, will limit free speech in the country and single out Islam for special treatment.

Liberal MPs and Conservatives accused one another of using rising levels of prejudice and hate crimes against Muslims in Canada as a political football.

The motion explicitly called on the government to “quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear”.

It also said there should be put into action a “government-wide approach for reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination”.

This would require the government to collect date on hate crimes, conduct official assessments of affected communities and present findings to parliament within eight months.

The non-binding motion, known as M-103 was passed by 201 votes to 91.

Liberal MP Irqa Khalid, who tabled the motion, was cheered loudly by her party as the vote passed.

The majority of Canada’s Conservative MPs voted against the motion.

Speaking after the vote, Ms Khalid told reporters: “I’m really happy that the vote today has shown positive support for this motion and I’m really looking forward to the committee taking on this study.”

Conservative MP David Anderson put forward an amendment to the motion to try and change the wording to include other religions. He argued the motion should be to “condemn all forms of systemic racism, religious intolerance and discrimination of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and other religious communities”.

But the amendment was rejected by Liberals. Ms Khalid said: “Really, changing the wording of the motion would have watered it down and I think the committee can really look into this if it is an issue.”

Mr Anderson later said: “I think that many of us have wanted to have a mature discussion about this for a long time, and I think actually Ms Khalid and I would be on the exact same wavelength on that issue.”

The motion caused some confusion in Canada, with many believing it to be a “bill”, or a “law”.

On this issue the Canadian parliament’s guide to private members’ motions reads: “The first difference to keep in mind is in their effect. Since in agreeing to a motion expressing a resolution, the House is only stating an opinion, the government will not be bound to adopt a specific policy or course of action.

“By contrast, because it becomes law when passed by Parliament, a bill may have far reaching implications for both the government and the public.”


Anti-Muslim hate crimes are on the rise. Here’s what Donald Trump can do about it.

On Monday, the FBI’s annual reporton national hate crimes said that hate crimes targeting Muslims increased by 67% in 2015. There were 154 crimes in 2014, compared to 257 in 2015. Anti-Muslim violence in the United States is at its worst since 9/11, the report stated.  

Enter Trump, whose anti-Muslim rhetoric ramped up throughout the course of his campaign. As he talked of “extreme vetting” of Muslim immigrants and criticized the father of a fallen Muslim soldier, Mic chronicled acts of violence in Bayonne, New JerseyBoynton Beach, Florida ; Minneapolis, MinnesotaQueens, New York , and several other places. 

It doesn’t seem like Trump will soon address rising hate crimes against Muslims. But Dalia Mogahed, director of research at the Institute of Social Policy and Understanding, said in order to stop the rising tide, three things must happen.

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“There were 257 reports of assaults, attacks on mosques and other hate crimes against Muslims last year, a jump of about 67 percent over 2014. It was the highest total since 2001, when more than 480 attacks occurred in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks. Attacks against transgender people also sharply increased. Blacks were the most frequent victims of hate crimes based on race, while Jews were the most frequent victims based on religion.”

Source: U.S. Hate Crimes Surge 6%, Fueled by Attacks on Muslims, from the New York Times, based on a report from the FBI


Tell me again how racism in America is over.

Tell me again how people pointing to the surge in bigotry and hatred are making it all up.

Tell me again how the real problem is the hurt feelings of white folks accused of racism.

Tell me again how you haven’t personally seen any instances of hatred, so it must not be real.

Tell me again how hateful rhetoric is just words, how it doesn’t have an impact in the so-called real world.

Tell me again how protesters are overreacting.

Tell me again whether you intend to keep turning your back and covering your ears and pretending it’s not happening here.