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Until this morning (Friday, December 16, 2016), approximately 8 buses carrying about 7500 civilians from Eastern Aleppo to either government backed Western Aleppo or also besieged Idlib. Now the the, the ceasefire, peace deal, AND evacuations HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY SUSPENDED by Russia and the Syrian regime. This was after a deal reached on all sides that in exchange for evacuating Eastern Aleppo, militants (known as Fateh al-Sham) would allow 29 buses into two villages they’ve seized to transport the wounded.

However, Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah militants OPENED FIRE on the ninth convoy of Aleppo evacuees and has taken 800 HOSTAGES. The Syrian regime then demanded that the evacuation processes be halted, demanded the Int’l Red Cross to leave Eastern Aleppo, and shelling and bombardment HAVE BEGAN AGAIN in Eastern Aleppo. There are approximately 65,000 residents still held in that part of the city.

All communication has been cut and now we face a media blackout from Eastern Aleppo. Last communications were distress calls that confirmed Assad, Russia, and Iranian backed militias have resumed their assault on Aleppo.

We have been unable to communicate properly with anyone under siege from Eastern Aleppo. Seized convoy buses and hostages have reported horrors from Hezbollah militias. They are purposely rounding up men and male children, in front of their wives and mothers, and killing them in mass executions. Women are being kidnapped, raped, tortured, threatened with their husbands or children, and being sent back to besieged Eastern Aleppo. Some of these women have committed suicide (in some cases along with their children) in order to avoid the war crimes against them after their husbands are killed or taken away.

The peace deal has collapsed. We are back to square one. Aleppo residents and evacuees are either facing heavy bombardment and attacks in a blockaded city with no escape or facing amongst the worst crimes against humanity by militias and the regime as hostages seized in these convoys. The Red Crescent has expressed absolute shock at the deterioration of the ceasefire and evacuation deal. As of now, Eastern Aleppo and their evacuees are back to facing the horrors equivalent of the ones they faced earlier this week.

Once again, humanity and the international community has failed us. We are being butchered by our own government and its allies. The worst war crimes and violations of human rights are being committed against the most powerless people in the world. Please help. Continue to spread the word.

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Obama, it's utterly embarrassing and belittling to our intelligence that you delivered your Thanksgiving jokes in the same stream of consciousness as your assertion that we should be looking out for those in need, the poor, and the vulnerable; all while peaceful protestors supporting the indigenous peoples of the Sioux are terrorized and dehumanized by militarized police at Standing Rock, blindly protecting the interests of a doomed industry. Humanism isn't a punchline. It's a responsibility. #StandWithStandingRock #NoDAPL

After 3000 years of caste apartheid, oppression, subjugation, servitude, subhuman treatment, genocide, colonization, invasion, white washing, gentrification, rapes, acid attacks, stoning, slavery and every other horrible crime against humanity – do you think it’s right to teach these people color blindness? Do you think it’s right to teach their children forgiveness over justice? Do you think its right to parade black people that look like them but who are in relationships with white people in front of them like they are success stories? After three thousand years of being disenfranchised and almost being genocided and erased out of history and having received no justice, would you tell these black people – we’re all humans?

SYRIA. Rojava. Al-Hasakah governorate. Near Derik/Al-Malikilyah. Newroz Refugee Camp. March 2015. A young Yazidi refugee sporting a YPG necklace.

Account of Joey L., war photographer:

After bearing witness to the scenes in Shingal (Sinjar), I thought it was important to include portraits of Yezidi Kurds whom had been displaced by the Islamic State. We headed far north of Shingal, across the former Syrian border into Rojava to Newroz, a guerrilla-protected refugee camp. Many of the Yezidi people at the camp were saved by a narrow, treacherous, zigzagging corridor created by guerrilla forces, who beat back the Islamic State on both sides, using the rugged terrain to their advantage.

It was in Newroz where I met a young Yezidi boy of about 11 or 12 years old who shared a poem he wrote. It wasn’t until I got home that I had a friend translate his spoken word. As I read the words one night from the comfort of my home, I couldn’t help but choke up over the stark reality this boy had witnessed, and the strength of spirit that he had to share:

“Rise up, rise up and open your eyes from your slumber…

It is true that we are all injured, half dead and half burning…

Who but this mountain, YPG and God have freed us?

Mountain of Shingal, my mother, blood is dripping from your plums…

We have not yet escaped our last massacre, today we are victims of a white massacre…

Again we are fighting like wolves…

Go to Shingal’s mountain, go to the roofs, shout to God “Rise up, Rise up”

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA. Kalesija. June 1, 2016. A Bosnian Muslim woman walks among gravestones during a mass funeral for 27 identified victims from the area of the Bosnian town of Zvornik. The 27 victims were killed at the beginning of Bosnia’s 1992-1995 war. 

Photograph: Amel Emric/AP

Are you aware of the Congolese atrocities committed on behalf of King Leopold II of Belgium? It is believed that up to 10 million people were killed and mutilated (half of the population) whilst covering it up. He (King Leopold) and his people were monsters…they had childrens’ hands hacked off.

In general, Colonialism (such a euphemism) fucked up and exploited Africa, as well as a number of countries in Asia, Oceania and the Americas. A significant portion of the wealth of a lot of first-world countries today was built on the stripped resources and immense suffering of the people they conquered. 

Almost everyone knows about the Holocaust and Nazi Germany, countless films and books have been written on it but what about this King Leopold asswipe? 

It is important to know about this!! This guy is one of the evilest, horrendous villains in world history. There are still statues of him in Belgium. (If any of you go to Belgian and see the statues, please spit on them or give them the finger at least)

Documentary-White King, Red Rubber, Black Death
Sterilization of Native American women - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Reports of forced sterilization of Native American women began to surface in the 1970s. Of the 100,000 to 150,000 Native American women of childbearing age, 3,400 to 70,000 of these women were involuntarily sterilized through tubal ligation or hysterectomy. They were not given a choice to refuse or accept to undergo the sterilization procedure. Many were manipulated into thinking that should they refuse to undergo sterilization, they would risk losing their welfare aid.

In the 1970s, the average birth rate of Native American women was 3.79 children. By 1980 the birth rate had fallen to 1.8 children.

Types of sterilization

Most Native Americans at the time faced poverty and were heavily dependent on federal aid. The Indian Health Service (IHS) provided most healthcare to them. Their heavy dependence on the IHS for healthcare made them vulnerable as their hyperfertility subjected them to sterilization. The most popular sterilization procedure was the hysterectomy. Hysterectomies were often performed by residents without the patient’s knowledge. Hysterectomy is a form of permanent sterilization in which the uterus is removed through the patient’s abdomen or vagina. Tubal ligation is a sterilization procedure in which a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked.

Quinacrine was also used to sterilize Native American women. Quinacrine is commonly used to treat malaria. However it can also be used for non-surgical sterilization. Capsules inserted into the uterus will spread and destroy the lining of the fallopian tubes.

Non-permanent forms of sterilization were also used including Depo-Provera and Norplant. Depo-Provera was used mainly on intellectually disabled Native American women before it gained clearance from the FDA in 1992. Norplant was developed by the Population Council and was also promoted by the IHS. Side effects of these two types of sterilization include the cessation of the menstrual cycle and excessive bleeding.

Reasons for sterilization

Factors that made Native American women targets of sterilization included belief of racial inferiority and negative stereotypes of the Native American population. They were often represented by the media negatively as a Squaw who was “dirty, subservient, abused, alcoholic and ugly woman who loves to torture white men.”. Native American women were seen as unfit to raise or have children in comparison to white women. Native American women in the 1970s were under the impression that sterilization was mandatory and were coerced into giving consent. They were afraid of having their welfare benefits withdrawn if they did not agree to the sterilization procedure. Consent forms presented to them failed to indicate that the decision would not affect their benefits. This abuse was driven by social and economic factors, as demonstrated studies done by the Health Research Group in 1973 and Doctor Bernard Rosenfeld’s interviews in 1974 and 1975.

The majority of the physicians performing the sterilizations decided that sterilization was the best alternative for these women. They claimed it would improve their financial situation and improve the quality of life for the children that they already had. Also with fewer people applying for Medicaid and welfare, the federal government could decrease spending on welfare programs. The physicians also were paid more for performing hysterectomies and tubal ligations than for prescribing other forms of birth control. It would also aide in training new physicians. When a student in 1971 asked why hysterectomy was favored over tubal ligations, Dr. James Ryan responded that “it’s more of a challenge…and it’s good experience for the junior resident”.

Due to negative stereotypes of Native American women and beliefs of racial superiority, many physicians believed these women did not possess the intelligence to limit the number of children or use birth control effectively, which led to the sterilization abuse in the 1970s.