crimes & misdemeanors

The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.
—  Article II, Section 4, US Constitution
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Why do some people go to prison?

A prison is a place where people are detained who were judged guilty by the court. They lose the freedom of movement, but not all of their freedoms.

Depriving someone of their liberty to go where they like is a grave decision. The prison is a way of punishing people who have committed a grave offense: a crime (a murder) or misdemeanor (a theft).

In prison, a person loses a lot of their rights, but not all. They keep the right to be defended, to be taken care of, to have contact with their family, to pursue studies or to learn a trade.

It’s the court who decides how long a person is imprisoned. The more serious the offense, the longer the prison term, from a few weeks to many years.

What punishments are there outside of prison?

Prison isn’t avoidable for dangerous people like criminals. For the others, there are solutions that don’t take away liberty: an electronic band to wear at home and obligatory work to repair their mistakes.


un endroit [n] - a place
circuler [v] - to circulate, to move about
un délit [n] - an offense, a [minor] crime
soigner [v] - to take care of [someone], to treat [someone]
la justice [n] - Justice, in the abstract but also the justice system, or the court

(This is the page I feel is most off the mark, as a person who hates the prison system and would like to see it abolished. Prison can’t be avoided for “dangerous people like criminals”? The implication that a tracking anklet or obligatory work doesn’t take away a person’s liberty?)

Richard Ayoade´s  Favorite Movies:

Persona (1966, dir. Ingmar Bergman)
Le Mépris (1963, dir. Jean-Luc Godard)
Raging Bull (1980, dir. Martin Scorsese)
Ordet (1955, dir. Carl Theodor Dreyer)
Barry Lyndon (1975, dir. Stanley Kubrick)
Crimes And Misdemeanors (1989, dir. Woody Allen)
The Apartment (1960, dir. Billy Wilder)
Tokyo Story (1953, dir. Yasujiro Ozu)
Make Way For Tomorrow (1937, dir. Leo McCarey)
Badlands (1973, dir. Terrence Malick)


July 8: Anjelica Huston is 65 today.

She is perhaps best known for starring as Morticia Addams in the film version of The Addams Family and its sequel, Addams Family Values.

Her other credits include The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Prizzi’s Honor, Enemies: A Love Story, The Grifters, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Manhattan Murder Mystery, 50/50, and The Witches.

“سأعلمكِ درساً عن الحياة، لا تستمعي لما يقوله لكِ المدرسين في الفصل، لا تعيري لذلك أي انتباه. فقط انظري إليهم وإلى حالهم وستعرفين ما هي الحياة.”

Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)


The Smashing Pumpkins

You can hear the baby bones
Crack beneath her wheels
Tears of Avalon
Streak silent down her shield
High crimes and misdemeanors
Unfortunate attacks
Will leave you standing nameless
While she’s turning black

Eleanor, you’ve lost me
In a haze of wine and cocaine
Gone out and cost me
Everything I blame
Broadcast in TV detail
To call their own stories
As I try to recapture
Our best and former glories


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