crimea invasion


Russia has escalated the riots-turning-revolution in Ukraine with armed forces taking control of the Crimean peninsula. The 76th Chernihov (Pskov) storm troops division, an airborne element of the Russian military, have taken control of Simferopol and the airports. This further chokes the peninsula by Russian forces, with the Black Sea Fleet’s dominance of the seas bordering offshore. 

These highly skilled paratroopers were the same division supposedly involved (or prepared to be involved) in Syria in 2012. This direct invasion of Crimea is a contradiction to Putin’s very words assuring to the west that Russia would not begin any military action in Ukraine.

At the root of all this pandemonium was a corrupt president too loyal to the Kremlin instead of the betterment of his country. Now, with thousands injured, more than a hundred dead, and hundreds imprisoned or arrested, the people of Ukraine are still fighting for change in a state unable to thaw itself from the Cold War and its Soviet past. Russia too, cannot comprehend limits on its action and its brazen force. This invasion, after Syria, after Georgia, all this quasi-tyrannical influence.

Perhaps it was after what happened in Beslan, when hundreds of hostages were killed (more than half were children) in a school in North Ossetia. After that horrific massacre, the Russian government consolidated the Russian president’s direct power and strengthened the Kremlin’s control on direct military action.