crimea invasion

You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. This is an act of aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretext. It’s really 19th century behavior in the 21st century.

John Kerry, U.S. Secretary of State, about Russia’s response to the fascist coup in Ukraine, on NBC’s Meet the Press, March 2, 2014

JOKE OF THE WEEK from the mouthpiece of the the U.S. administration that invaded Libya, threatens to bomb Syria, regularly massacres civilians with drones, proclaims its right to assassinate anyone anywhere anytime, is re-colonizing Africa, continues to occupy Afghanistan, etc.

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I wonder if Kerry’s speechwriters realize that they just wrote his epitaph…
While You Were Sleeping, Things Escalated Fast in Ukraine

In a major turn of events, Russia’s Upper House of Parliament approved the use of armed forces in Crimea. After Russian lawmakers urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to take measures to stabilize the situation in Crimea to protect the Russian-majority population, Putin asked the Federation Council to approve the use of armed forces in the Crimea “until the normalisation of the socio-political situation in that country.”

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Let me get this straight for everyone

As everyone knows, Ukraine hasn’t been very stable lately. It started with protests in Kiev which later escalated into riots and overthrowing the government. The reasoning behind the protests was not the fact that Ukraine was supposed to go into the European Uniom (because that would have never happened) it was because people are tired of living like shit, on minimal wage, when all the corrupt government officials are bathing in gold. THEEN the problem became Yulia Timoshenko, another gold digging cunt who basically got this country into a deeper shithole, she was freed from jail by the opposition and became the motherfucking “messiah”. But no one cares. NOW the problem is that Mr. Putin has illegally invaded Crimea territories under an excuse that “Russian citizens are under a threat by Ukrainians”. EXCUSE ME MR. PUTIN, I was born and raised in Ukraine into a Russian family, and no one has EVER EVER offended me or threatened me and any other Russian speaking resident of Ukraine. Why? Because Ukrainians are extremely peaceful people and all of us believe(d) that Ukraine and Russia are always supposed to stick to eachother, because we are basically the same nation, we share religion, history and ideas. NEVERMIND the simple humanity, let’s move on. Ukraine gave up its nuclear power in exchange for an agreement, which states that no one will ever doubt Ukraine as a wholesome country and will not try to take our land. THIS DOCUMENT was signed by RUSSIA, AMERICA, FRANCE and many different countries. BUT WITH THE INVASION OF CRIMEA, Russia broke the protocol. Not only Putin has behaved like a dictator, now the Russian media are filled with propaganda, which LITERALLY brainwashes Russian citizens (my Russian side of the family called us and accused all Ukrainians of being ruthless and discriminative towards Russians).
You can believe what you want to believe, but this is how I see it. Ukrainians feel betrayed. And we will never forgive Putin for the hell he is putting my people in. Please think about it and spread awareness.

We’ve got Crimea, but that’s not fucking all folks. In the future we’ll damn well take your Catalonia and Venice, and also Scotland and Alaska.

Igor Chubarov, the Russian ambassador to Eritrea in alleged leaked audio clip

A new recording has surfaced online, purportedly capturing a secret phone conversation between two Russian diplomats: Igor Chubarov — the ambassador to Eritrea — and Sergei Bakharev, the ambassador to Zimbabwe and Malawi. The two men curse (pretty explicitly) the UN’s condemnation of the Russian annexation of Crimea, and trade jokes about where Russia can invade next.

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Russia has escalated the riots-turning-revolution in Ukraine with armed forces taking control of the Crimean peninsula. The 76th Chernihov (Pskov) storm troops division, an airborne element of the Russian military, have taken control of Simferopol and the airports. This further chokes the peninsula by Russian forces, with the Black Sea Fleet’s dominance of the seas bordering offshore. 

These highly skilled paratroopers were the same division supposedly involved (or prepared to be involved) in Syria in 2012. This direct invasion of Crimea is a contradiction to Putin’s very words assuring to the west that Russia would not begin any military action in Ukraine.

At the root of all this pandemonium was a corrupt president too loyal to the Kremlin instead of the betterment of his country. Now, with thousands injured, more than a hundred dead, and hundreds imprisoned or arrested, the people of Ukraine are still fighting for change in a state unable to thaw itself from the Cold War and its Soviet past. Russia too, cannot comprehend limits on its action and its brazen force. This invasion, after Syria, after Georgia, all this quasi-tyrannical influence.

Perhaps it was after what happened in Beslan, when hundreds of hostages were killed (more than half were children) in a school in North Ossetia. After that horrific massacre, the Russian government consolidated the Russian president’s direct power and strengthened the Kremlin’s control on direct military action.