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criminal minds should do an episode where the unsub is killing in some kind of meme inspired way and Garcia has to come along on the case and explain all the memes and the rest of the team are all utterly lost and Rossi is in a corner taking shots of Scotch in utter despair 


It’s the blue hour again
In the world there is a horror of plagues
Do you still love me?

Lost in the time, in the way
Gone but not forgotten
New secret crimes to repay
Now the walls have fallen

“A wall was built which separates
the beloved from his lover.
The park was closed and in its place
flew flags across the border.

Steel, mortar, brick, and stone,
fortified the wall.
Sensors, lighting, radars, cameras,
spied upon us all.

And stony men with steeled hearts
lined each border crossing,
above each place where the wall was low,
they stood there proudly watching.”
- Howie Abel, AMERICA: The Anthem of Eugene V - Canto II: Crime

Transcript of Adam Lanza’s Call to AnarchyRadio

On 20 December 2011, Adam Lanza called in to a talk radio program, AnarchyRadio, broadcasted on KWVA 88.1 FM out of the University of Oregon. The show is hosted by John Zerzan, a writer described by The Atlantic as “an intellectual leader of the anarcho-primitivist movement, an ideology that regards technology as a destroyer of human communities.” The reason for Lanza’s interest in Zerzan’s writings is plainly evident in the call itself; Lanza calls to share a story about “Travis the Chimp,” a domesticated chimpanzee that in 2009 “snapped,” and viciously attacked 55-year-old Charla Nash, a friend of the chimp’s owner. The attack was seemingly random, nearly cost the victim her life, and ended when the chimp was shot by police. Lanza outlines
how the chimp’s violent episode can be explained by his upbringing “as if he were a [human]
child,” and argues that Travis’s “civilized” upbringing was what led to his attack.

JOHN ZERZAN: Here we go … hello. We got the collapsible headphones here but, uh,we’re back.
SHOW RUNNER: [Unintelligible] … we’ve got Greg on the phone.
ZERZAN: Oh, Greg, okay, how’s it going?
ADAM LANZA: Hi, good. Um. I’m a fan of your writing. Um.
ZERZAN: Thank you.
LANZA: I’m sorry to [bring up?] such an old news story but I couldn’t find anything that you said about the topic, and it seems relevant to your interests, so I thought I would bring up Travis the Chimp, do you remember him?
ZERZAN: I don’t!
LANZA: Well, he was the highly domesticated chimpanzee who lived in a suburban home in Stamford, Connecticut.
SHOW RUNNER: Oh, yeah.
LANZA: And he was raised just like a human child, starting from the week he was born. By the time that he was fourteen years old, which would be somewhere around age twenty in human years —
ZERZAN: Uh-huh.
LANZA: — um, he slept in a bed, he took his own baths, he dressed himself, he brushed his teeth with an electric toothbrush.
ZERZAN: [laughs] Really? When was this?
LANZA: Um. Well, this happened in early 2009.



ZERZAN: Uh-huh?
LANZA: He ate his meals at a table and enjoyed human foods like ice cream and he used a remote control to watch television and liked baseball games. And he even used a computer to look at pictures on the internet.
LANZA: And, [chuckles] it goes without saying that Travis was very overweight. He was two hundred pounds when he should have been around the low hundreds.
LANZA: And he was actually taking Xanax.
SHOW RUNNER: [laughs]
ZERZAN: Amazing.
LANZA: I couldn’t find any information about why he was taking it, but it just seems to say a lot that he was given it at all. And, basically, I think Travis wasn’t really any different than a mentally handicapped human child.
LANZA: But anyway, one day in February 2009, he was acting very agitated, and at some point grabbed the car — his owner’s car keys, went outside and started beeping from car to car, apparently wanting to go for a car ride, and he was acting very aggressively, so his owner called her friend over to get her to help him to calm down and go back inside, and once she arrived he immediately attacked her and his owner tried to stop him but couldn’t and she
even resorted to stabbing him with a knife, but nothing worked. And she said that after she stabbed him he looked at her as if to say, “Why’d you do that to me, Mom?” Because apparently that was what the relationship was like, no different than between a human mother and a human child.
LANZA: So after the stabbing, she called the police, who arrived twelve minutes after the attack, at which point her friend was pretty close to dead. And once the cruiser came up,Travis went over to it, tried to open the locked passenger door. He smashed off the side-view mirror, went over to the driver’s door, opened it, and the cop shot him. He fled back into the house, where he went to his playroom and bled to death.
ZERZAN: Hmm .. .
LANZA: And um, [chuckles] this might not seem very relevant, but I’m bringing it up because afterward, everyone was condemning his owner for saying how irresponsible she was for raising a chimp like it was a child. And that she should have known something like this would happen, because chimps aren’t supposed to be living in civilization, they’re supposed to be living in the wild,among each other.
LANZA: But, their criticism stops there and the implication is that there’s no way anything could have gone wrong in his life if he had been living in this civilization as a human rather than a chimp

ZERZAN: Ah, indeed.

LANZA: [And?] I’m so interested in Travis, um, because he brings up questions about this whole process of child-raising. Um.
LANZA: Civilization isn’t something which just happens to gently exist without us having to do anything, because every newborn child — human child — is born in a chimp-like state,and civilization is only sustained by conditioning them for years on end so that they’ll accept it for what it is. And since we’ve gone through this conditioning, we can observe a human family raising a human child, and I’m sure that even you have trouble intuitively seeing it
as something unnatural, but when we see a chimp in that position, we [visually?] know that there’s something profoundly wrong with the situation. And it’s easy to say there’s something wrong with it simply because it’s a chimp, but what’s the real difference between us and our closest relatives? Travis wasn’t an untamed monster at all. Um, he wasn’t just feigning domestication,
he was civilized. Um, he was able to integrate into society, he was a chimp actor when he was younger, and his owner drove him around the city frequently in association with
her towing business, where he met many different people, and got along with everyone. If Travis had been some nasty monster all his life, it would have been widely reported, but to the contrary, it seems like everyone who knew him said how shocked they were that Travis had been so savage, because they knew him as a sweet child. And — there were two isolated incidents early in his life when he acted aggressively, but summarizing them would take too long, so basically I’ll just say that he didn’t act really any differently than a human child
would, and the people who would use that as an indictment against having chimps live as humans do wouldn’t apply the same thing to humans, so it’s just kind of irrelevant.
LANZA: But anyway, look what civilization did to him: it had the same exact effect on him as it has on humans. He was profoundly sick, in every sense of the term, and he had to resort to these surrogate activities like watching baseball, and looking at pictures on a computer screen, and taking Xanax. He was a complete mess.
LANZA: And his attack wasn’t simply because he was a senselessly violent, impulsive chimp.Um, which was how his behavior was universally portrayed. Um, immediately before his attack, he had desperately been wanting his owner to drive him somewhere, and the best reason I can think of for why he would want that, looking at his entire life, would be that some little thing he experienced was the last straw, and he was overwhelmed by the life that
he had, and he wanted to get out of it by changing his environment, and the best way that he knew how to deal with that was by getting his owner to drive him somewhere else.
LANZA: And when his owner’s — owner’s friend arrived, he knew that she was trying to coax him back into his life of domestication, and he couldn’t handle that, so — he attacked her, and anyone else who approached them. And dismissing his attack as simply being the senseless
violence and impulsiveness of a chimp, instead of a human, is wishful thinking at best.
ZERZAN: Mmm-hmm.
LANZA: His attack can be seen entirely parallel to the attacks and random acts of violence
that you bring up on your show every week —

LANZA: — committed by humans, which the mainstream also has no explanation for, and —


LANZA: — and actual humans — I just don’t think it would be such a stretch to say that he very well could have been a teenage mall shooter or something like that.

ZERZAN: Yeah, yeah.

LANZA: And —
ZERZAN: Wow. Thank you, Greg.
LANZA: Yeah, I —
ZERZAN: That’s quite a story. Yeah, that’s, uh, really apropos, isn’t it.
LANZA: Yeah.
ZERZAN: Travis the Chimp.
LANZA: It’s just that I’m a little surprised that I never heard you bring it up at all because [chuckles] maybe I’m just seeing connections where there aren’t any, but —
ZERZAN: Not — I think not, no, I just, I didn’t catch that one, I didn’t, uh — maybe I was out of the country or something, I don’t know but I missed it. Thanks very much, man.
LANZA: Thank you. Bye.
ZERZAN: Take care. Wow. Very well articulated, I think. Okay, well, uh, uh, I guess we
better move on .. .

leopoldsjemmas  asked:

Hey, Verby! I had a small fan fic related question: how do you come up with your titles? I always get stumped when I try and figure out what to title my fics, lol. And since yours are always so good, I figured I'd ask! Thanks! <3

aw cheers, thank you!

boy, I… guess I don’t even know, haha. it really varies. 

since I do a lot of movie AUs, some fics just keep those titles or they’re a play on the original title - like, Dirty Designing (Dirty Dancing), Fantastic Beasts, Leopold Fitz’s Diary (Bridget Jones’s Diary), and Drive Me Crazy.

sometimes, I’m referencing/quoting something -
Rosehill Cottage (that’s just from The Holiday, the AU source material itself - it’s what the cottage is called in the movie, and I didn’t really like “the holiday” as a title bc it felt too vague. but I thought I might be able to make a good title gif from it, so… ;-) )
Like Magic (which is Fitz’s line in 1x01 about “it’s like magic - but it’s science” - and all the titles in the fic are AoS quotes, too)
Palm to Palm (which is a cheeky reference to Shakespeare - “palm to palm is holy palmer’s kiss” - that makes me laugh like hell considering the story of that fic)
Turn and Speak, Memory (this is a combo of the title of the article - already a Nabokov reference itself - that inspired the AU as well as the Doctor Who episode Turn Left, which provided the back half of the plot)
I’m Mechanics, He’s Medical (which is a Firefly play on “I’m engineering, she’s biochem”)
The Scientific Properties of Pie-Making and Dead-Waking (a play on a line from Pushing Daisies, the AU source
Dinner at the End of the Universe (a Douglas Adams reference, natch)
While We Were Sleeping (although it’s unrelated to the movie I love, that’s where it’s from)
Well Formed and Symmetrical (which is referring to Jemma’s line about Mike in 1x10)
Forever is an Ambiguous Concept / A Quantification of Forever (both plays on the AU TV show’s title, Forever)
The Event Horizon (that reference is self-explanatory, no?)

a lot of my titles are song lyrics. some of them came to me easily, as I was writing or right after I finished -
Bright (the title of a song I discovered while I was writing and was blown away by how much it related to Stardust - even including the word itself!)
The Storm Inside (actually a play on two different songs - Don’t Look Down, which I also use for the chapter titles, has the lyric “can you feel the lightning inside of you?” and then Stay With You, which is a big OTP song for FitzSimmons in my head for that fic, and has a lyric that goes “I can feel the storm inside you.” so I mashed em together to create the title!)
Light Up the Sky (an old fave song that I happened to listen to while I was knee-deep in writing it, and thought it was just perfect for the story)
Wide Awake (after Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin, bc I was feeling emo abt these two and listening to it a lot at the time)
Out There (If I Reach Out) (which is a combo of two songs that are important in the fic itself
Every Little Thing (which is from the song I was listening to a lot while I wrote it
All That I’ll Ever Need / So In Love (both written for Tenerife Sea specifically)

other times, titles take a lot of brainstorming - Matchmaking Misadventures: Skye’s the Limit involved a lot of ridiculous title bantering between myself and my beta, and Dirty Designing actually took forever to name, with lots of input from two close friends. (ironically, the title I ended up going with wasn’t even on our brainstorm list - I came up with it myself at the eleventh hour, lmao. and this was after days of debate. go figure. the one from the brainstorm that I liked the best was Dirty Dynamics, which I still think is nice, haha.)

sometimes, a title that I thought was settled changes due to outside influence. Wait Out the Sun was originally “At the Sound of a Gun,” but I was listening to Heroes (We Could Be) on repeat during a mini road trip up the coast while I was writing, and got the phrase “we go undercover, wait out the sun” stuck in my head. when I brought WOtS up as an alternate title to my beta/friends, they all liked it better, and ta-da - it was changed. that song became so indelibly connected in my head with the Crime AU overall that I then named all of its subsequent sequels with lyrics from the same song - “all we’re looking for is love and a little light” and “we could hideaway in daylight,” respectively. :-)

Side By Side also had a title change - originally it was going to be “Of Doctorates and Daemons,” which I actually still really love and am sort of sad I never got to use at all, haha. but then at some point during last spring, before I’d even really started to write it yet and was still only tinkering with the 5k+ word outline while finishing up other fics, I was struck again by Fitz’s line from 3x08: “We had years side by side, and it never occurred to us.” and my brain went, well, in this universe, thanks to the daemons, it does. so I changed it to the final title!

I guess the lesson from these last two are that you should always be willing to change the title if a better one comes along! don’t get locked in. 

and then all the rest of my fics… oy. um. they just… sounded nice? I rarely have a lot of trouble with titles, actually, unless I’m trying to do something specific (like for Dirty Designing, where I needed the D-alliteration AND a sciencey sounding word, all of which is harder to come up with than you might think). I just… try to find something that has to do with the fic itself? like The Routine as a phrase is repeated throughout the fic, so it fit naturally as a title. 

personally, I prefer shorter titles, as concrete as possible, and I tend to like nouns. but we all have to figure out what works best for our own stories and preferences, y’know?

I have no idea if any of this is at all helpful, lol, and I’m sorry it got so long. hopefully you’ll find it useful to jumpstart your own title-writing! good luck!

Fake Diamonds Are An Interrogator’s Best Friend

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Request: For @angelsdeadromance who requested prompt #26 “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake” where the reader is trying to get a female serial killer to confess so she says that to the unsub to get her angry. Reid is in the interrogation room with her and he has a hard time not laughing. 

A/N: I did take some liberties with this one and put Reid and the reader in an established relationship because it fit better. Also if you want to request a fic just drop a character and a scenario in my inbox or a character and the number for a prompt off of this list. You can make the request as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. Side note: If I used your name for a vic’s name or the name of our killer I do apologize.

Rating: T

Word Count: 2.3K

Warnings: Some mild descriptions of the crime and murder but nothing too graphic, and some mild foul language

“Hotch please tell me we have something other than that she was in possession of the wedding rings and that she ran?” you asked as you stared through the two-way mirror watching the female unsub sit in the interrogation room quietly humming with her legs crossed at the ankle and hands resting on the table. The BAU had been called in to work a case in Baltimore Maryland. Three women and a man had been murdered over the course of the last month, one a week. All had received quite the beating before receiving a fatal gunshot wound to the back of the head execution style. All of them had been found in alleyways, stripped down to their underwear and all of their wedding rings had been taken. The only thing that the victims appeared to have had in common was that they were married. Well, that was until Garcia did a little digging. 


“Tell me something good Baby Girl.”

“More of a question than a statement, but how do you feel about polygamy chocolate thunder?”

“Mh really not into sharing sweetness,” he shot back smiling. 

“You and Kevin looking into trying some new things, Garcia?” JJ asked. 

“Nothing icky like that my sunshine. Now back to the reason I brought it up. All four of your vics are actually married. Well let me rephrase that, Ian is married to Jessica, Rose, Theresa and here’s the kicker he’s got a fourth wife. Here name is Miranda Kent and she lives well within the desired hunting zone,” Garcia explained and you could hear the keyboard clacking as she typed. 

“I’m sorry you’re telling my this man was married four times and not one of these women had a clue?” Emily asked. 

“Sometimes love can make us blind to the truth,” Rossi replied.

“But only for so long. This is starting to sound like a tale of murders committed by a jilted lover,” you muttered. “Tell me this jerk doesn’t have any more wives.”

“No my sweet, the pig’s last wife and the only one to outlive him is Mrs. Miranda Kent and I have just sent the work and home addresses to your phone,” Garcia replied. 

“Good work Garcia. Morgan, Reid, and Prentis take the work address. JJ, Rossi, (Y/N), and I will go to the house. Kent’s either our killer or she’s our next victim,” Hotch delegated and everyone grabbed their kevlar.

“Spence, wait one sec,” you said jogging over to him. 

“Hm? What’s up?” he asked spinning around to face him. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. You felt him start smiling against your lips as he moved his hand to your neck and tangled a hand in your hair. After years of being together you’d both warmed up to the idea of public displays of affection, always doing so before arrests or dangerous field work just in case something bad happened.

“I love you and please be careful,” you muttered as you pulled back and rested your forehead against his. 

“I love you too, and same goes to you about being careful,” he replied, reaching around to smooth down the velcro on your vest. 

“Hey, lovebirds! You can make out later, we’ve got a suspect to bring in,” Morgan teased, holstering his gun and headed out for one of the SUV’s. The two of you laughed. Even after dating for two years and being engaged for about six months, Morgan never got tired of teasing you and Spencer about how caught up in each other you both were. Spencer pressed one last kiss to your forehead before you both jogged over to separate SUVs. Miranda Kent had been at her house that she shared with Ian, polishing four different wedding rings. 

(Back to the present)

“Unfortunately no. All we can prove is that she was in possession of rings and because they are wiped clean of prints and blood there isn’t any way to prove she was the one who murdered them,” Hotch said as he came up and stood beside you. “We need a confession.”

“And you’re planning on getting one how?” 

“Not me, you and Reid are.”

“Excuse me?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him. 

“We profiled that these were crimes both premeditated and crimes of passion. You and Spencer are one of the happiest engaged couples I’ve ever seen. If Miranda is our killer she probably realized that her husband was finding happiness somewhere else. Seeing a happy couple might just put her on edge,” Hotch explained. 

“Makes sense, just give me a minute to grab Spence,” you said and walked off toward the break room. You found your lovely fiance enjoying a cup of coffee and talking to Morgan. 

“How’s interrogation going?” Derek asked.

“Hasn’t started yet. I need to borrow you,” you said turning your attention back to Spencer. 

“Sure what’s up?”

“Well, Hotch seems to think that seeing a happy couple would somehow trigger an agitated response which might get us the confession we need to convict, but I’m thinking we need to come at this from a different angel,” you explained. 

“Whatcha thinking mama?” Derek asked taking an interest in your plan. 

“Well think about it, Miranda killed the three women and her husband because they weren’t being faithful. Ian wasn’t being faithful to their marriage and each of those women she saw as one of the reasons for him being unfaithful.”

“Not following how this is going to help us in interrogation. What are you going to do convince her that you and Reid are having an affair of some kind?” Morgan asked, laughing at the ridiculous idea. 

“Exactly,” you answered. “Now let’s see,” you commented pulling Spencer so that he was standing up straighter. “Morgan go find me something that looks like a wedding ring.” Derek rolled his eyes and muttered something about having to do all the work. After he’d left, you tugged Spencer’s tie over his head and undid the top two buttons on his shirt. 

“What are you doing?” Spencer asked, going slightly rigid as you pressed your lips against his throat. 

“Because we are amping up the sexy cheater aspect,” you clarified as you pulled away satisfied with the hickey that was now visible on the high right side of his neck. 

“By making it look like we had a quicky in the break room?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at you. 

 “Well something like that,” you replied smiling goofily and slipped your engagement ring into your pocket. “Having an affair with a married man might just get under her skin.” You ruffled your hair so that it fell in a more alluring way around your face and ditched your blazer. 

“Alright here’s your- woah, am I interrupting something,” Derek asked walking back in and taking note of both of your changes in appearance. 

“Just some last minute additional touches to sell this thing as much as possible,” you replied fixing the collar on your shirt. 

“Whatever you say Baby Girl and here is your ring. Borrowed it from Officer Jackson and promised to return it within the hour,” Morgan told you and handed the ring to Reid who slipped it on. You looked yourself over and Spencer, deciding that it was quite convincing. You slipped your hand in his and dragged him off toward interrogation. 

“(Y/N) what did you do?” Hotch asked, clearly confused as the two of you came around the corner. 

“Trust me Hotch, I’ll get our confession,” you assured him and picked up the case file, straightening your pile. Hotch gave you a look but chose not say anything as you and Reid walked into interrogation. “Miranda Kent my name is Special Agent (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and this is Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid,” you said taking a seat in front of her and Spencer sitting down beside you. 

“Pleasure to meet you Dr. Reid and to formally meet you Agent (Y/L/N). You look much nicer when you’re not handcuffing me against a wall for crimes I did not commit,” she said smiling sweetly at you.

“Well you know when you try to run from law enforcement, it tends to cast a guilty shadow on you,” you shot back resting your hands on the table.

“I’m behind on my rent,” she defended, crossing her arms. 

“And the landlord usually sends the FBI to collect rent?” 

“Look I don’t know what you think you have on me, but I didn’t kill my husband or those women. I don’t even know them,” she snapped. 

“You were in possession of the women’s wedding rings as well as your husband’s,” Spencer said. 

“Sometimes my husband takes his ring off and forgets to put it back on when he’s home,” Miranda explained. 

“Now see I don’t think a happily married man would just forget to put his ring back on or for some reason be in possession of three other sets of women’s wedding rings. I mean, Spence would you?”

“No, I shower with mine,” he replied. 

“I know you do,” you chuckled running your fingers up his arm. Miranda’s eyes flicked between the two of you. “Oh sorry, sometimes I forget that our relationship shouldn’t be brought up during work.”

“Relationship? You two married or something?” Miranda asked.

“Well, I guess we would technically call it an affair because he’s married but I am about to become a sister wife,” you squealed feigning excitement. Spence looked like he was about to bust out laughing and you pinched his thigh. “See people like you are what ruin our kind of relationships,” you said getting up and draping yourself over Spencer’s shoulders. “A wife like you is bound to get jealous.”

“For the hundredth time, I do not know those women. Look I just lost my husband and I’ve got no idea where the other wedding rings came from,” she said frustratedly. 

“So the rings of three dead women as well as your husband just happen to be in your possession?” Spencer asked.

“Yes. Have you ever considered it might all be one giant coincidence?”

“You’re lying Miranda.”

“And I’m going to let you in on a little secret,” you said leaning forward, “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.” You watched as she narrowed her eyes at you and visibly paled. You saw Spencer raise an eyebrow at you and smirk like he was about to start laughing so you stepped on his foot. You had no clue whether or not it was fake, but you were baiting her and it was working. 

“What are you talking about?” she demanded. 

“You see the way that the light is glinting off that stone, it doesn’t sparkle like a real diamond would. That is nothing more than some cheap glass. Ian probably bought it for you at a costume jewelry shop,” you clarified, sitting back down in your chair. 

“No, no that’s not possible,” she muttered trying to keep from shaking. 

“Oh but I’m afraid it is, and its funny the diamonds in Jessica, Rose, and Theresa’s rings were all authentic. He must’ve cared about them more than he cared about you. It’s a good thing that my future hubby loves me as much as he loves his wife. I’ve been promised a 1.5 carat diamond ring with two rubies surrounding it,” you explained wrapping your arm around Spencer’s and leaning your head on his shoulder. That was the final straw. Something in Miranda broke and she lunged across the table for you. Both you and Spencer quickly recoiled back as Morgan and Hotch charged the room, pinning Miranda back in her chair. 

“You’re wrong stupid bitch! Ian loved me most, those other whores were just distractions that kept him away from me!” she growled.

“That’s why you killed them? To get your husband back?” you asked, “if so why would you kill Ian?”

“Because he found out what I was doing and tried to stop me. If I couldn’t have him to myself, no one could,” she growled. Miranda looked you and Spencer up and down. Until this point, you hadn’t realized that he was holding you. “That’s all you whores are, homewreckers.” 

“Do you know how I know that diamond is a fake?” you asked quietly reaching in your pocket as you leaned toward her. 

“No, but I’m sure you are going to tell me,” she sneered. 

“Because mine is the real deal,” you replied sliding your ring on your finger. “He’s not married and we aren’t having an affair. He’s my fiance. Your first mistake was not leaving your asshole of a husband when you found out he was cheating on you and got married to the other woman,” you said in the same sweet tone that she had used with you earlier. You smiled and grabbed Spencer’s hand, starting to leave interrogation and headed for coffee. 

“You were awesome in there,” Spencer said as he poured two cups, one for you and one for him. 

“Eh, all in a day’s work. Just had to find the right angle to get under her skin. Although, you did almost ruin it when you started laughing,” you replied bumping his shoulder. 

“Sorry, it was hard to keep it together. The idea of sharing your significant other with another person is ridiculous to me,” he explained stirring his sugar. 

“Not into sharing, Dr. Reid?” you asked teasing him by quoting Derek from earlier that day. 

“Not at all,” he said lowly, almost growling as he wrapped his arms around you, lacing his fingers together behind your back. You giggled draping your arms over his shoulders and brushed your lips against his. 

“When we get back, I’m thinking we go out tonight. Dinner, drinks, and then head back to my apartment for some more private entertainment,” you suggested, pulling his bottom lip between your teeth. 

“Sounds like a plan,” he muttered in reply. 

“Alright you two, let’s pack up and go home,” Hotch said sticking his head in the room. “And don’t even think about joining the mile high club on the jet ride home.” You and Spencer both burst out laughing at his comment. You pulled away after giving him one last kiss and walked off in search of your bag. 

 “Told you I’d get the confession,” you muttered as you passed Hotch. He gave you on of his rare smiles and shook his head. 

john: [smacks sherlocks butt with his tiny but powerful hand while sherlock’s organizing his crime wall]
sherlock: [gropes john’s butt with his massive yaoi hand while john’s brushing his teeth]

aestheticsteverogers  asked:

hey girl! just read your "breaking the 4th wall" post (super interesting) but i am a bit confused, lol. like....why did that happen? i mean, that had to have been intentional because it was more than once and to my knowledge it's never been done before 👀 so, thoughts? Unless you've already shared them, in which case, please link me if you don't mind! thanks 🌹

(referencing this post here)

Hi Lovely!

The only time in the past episodes that I can recall is whenever Sherlock is “deducing”: like the Van Buuren supernova in TGG, the crime wall in TGG and TEH, the Skype chat back-and-forth in ASiB, and the conversation with Train Guy and the monitor deduction in TEH, the cameras in TBB and HLV, and Irene’s safe in ASiB (there are a tonne more, but just examples on non-4th-wall-4th wall breaking)

Those other examples on the other post are clearly the actors breaking character and for some reason acknowledging the audience. This, to me, is a HUGE clue that none of S4 is what it seems to be, that it’s all probably fake / dream / hallucination / what have you. What’s getting to me is that it’s THE ACTORS. Like you actually physically see the character drop from their faces for a split second and then it’s the actor in the 4th wall snippets. It’s definitely fucky to me, and I think it’s the actors trying to clue us in. 

There are a few interesting meta in my “breaking the fourth wall” blog tag, so you can see what I have reblogged about previously!

The Daily Star letter page: where you can go to complain that prisons today aren’t dungeony enough.

The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It’s people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages.
—  Banksy, Wall and Piece

How’d the boy react if their s/o is killed in the killing game? 

Hehehe, get ready for some beautiful angst. Hope this is okay!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • When the body announcement went off, he didn’t think much of it–in fact he was rather curious to see who had bitten the dust this time.
  • However, as he approached the crime scene, everyone started to look at him funny–fearfully, anxiously, pitifully? Why? He felt a sense of dread rise within his chest. Kaede even tried to stop him from visiting the crime scene. 
  • The last thing he expected was to see your hollow, lifeless body slumped over, blood dripping from your chest. 
  • Suffice to say he didn’t take it particularly well. 
  • He tried to maintain his composure while investigating, but he was colder and more detached than usual. He didn’t bother to look at anyone in the eye. You could see him trying to control his trembling. For the rest of the investigation, he stayed dead silent…alone, in his mind, mourning you and swearing to avenge you. He’d get your killer for you both, one way or another.
  • He will do everything in his power to unmask your killer during the trial. Literally won’t stop til they have a breakdown and confess to your murder.
  • He watches your killer’s execution without a shred of compassion in his eyes. He hopes you are happy in the heavens that your killer has been caught. Justice has been served…it’s the least he can do for you.
  • He retreats to his room afterwards, and acts like nothing happened. But he breaks down every night by himself, and you can tell that a big part of him has died with you.
  • Expect your favorite flowers on your memorial every day.

Rantarou Amami

  • Handles it the best out of all the boys, or at least that’s what it looks like. 
  • Is shocked and heartbroken when he discovers your body, and needs a couple of minutes to compose himself. Tears begin to form in the corners of his eyes and for the first time in his life, he’s unsure on what to do. Pushes everyone who tries to help him away. 
  • His survivor instincts kick in and he begins investigating the crime scene, dead silent. He puts a jacket over your corpse after he’s done searching. 
  • Before the trial begins, he asks everyone if he can have a moment by himself. No one really questions him and complies with his request. 
  • He breaks down like never before, holding your body close to his heart. He lets out loud, tearjerking sobs of anger and despair. Why?! Why would anyone kill someone as innocent and beautiful as you? Why did they have to take you from him…You were his everything. What is he going to do without you?
  • He stays like that for a couple of hours, trying to desperately cling to the little warmth left in you. Once your body becomes stone cold, he decides that it’s time to let go of you. Before he leaves, he kisses your lips one last time and whispers a very heartfelt “I love you” into your ears.
  • He comes out of the room as if nothing had happened, but anyone could see how absolutely emotionally exhausted and broken he was. He offers his classmates a weak smile before heading towards the trial.
  • He isn’t himself during the trial–he is a bit more rash and emotional than usual, which doesn’t surprise anyone. But he still successfully manages to catch your killer, and he doesn’t hesitate in taunting them and belittling them, malice evident in his harsh words. He’d never forgive them for what they did to you.
  • He watches the execution, but doesn’t feel anything. He can’t even feel happy that he brought your killer to justice. He just wants you there with him. 
  • Tries his damn hardest to repress his emotions, but can’t help but break down every night before going to sleep. Has recurring nightmares about you. On the surface though, it seems like nothing had even happened. Everything was fine, yep. Don’t worry about him! 

Kokichi Ouma

  • Breaks down the second he sees your body. Becomes a shivering, panicking mess. No one can calm him down. He is yelling at everyone, threatening that he will get everyone killed in the worst possible way for letting this happen to you.
  • But at the end of the day, he only blames himself for your death. He should have been able to protect you. But no, he failed, like usual.
  • Can’t even bring himself to investigate the crime scene. Looking at your body is enough to set him off. Just thinking about it makes him physically sick.
  • Can’t even crack a joke or a prank. Instead, all of his words are laced with genuine malice and danger. His hatred and distrust for his classmates is stronger than ever. 
  • He swears he will get his revenge for you.
  • Doesn’t say much the entire trial. When he does open his mouth, it’s either to insult everyone or talk about how much better of a person you were in comparison to them. 
  • When the culprit is revealed, he goes absolutely insane. He has to be forcefully removed from the trial or else they’d have another murder on their hands.
  • Doesn’t even react to the news that your killer has been executed. Wishes he had been the one to murder them, but knows that won’t bring you back.
  • Locks himself in his room for the rest of the game. Forgets to eat and has almost no energy whatsoever to take care of himself. Only really shows up at the class trials and doesn’t say much, if anything at all. The dark circles under his eyes are enough to say that he hasn’t been sleeping at all either.
  • Builds a little yet heartfelt shrine in his room for you, in a dire attempt to keep you close to him. It doesn’t work.

Shuichi Saihara

  • Has no reaction initially to the sight of your corpse. Believes this is just an unpleasant nightmare, or that you somehow followed Ouma’s advice and pulled a terrible, heartbreaking prank on him. 
  • His heart begins to race and he nearly throws up when he realizes that, no, it wasn’t a prank…
  • You were dead. The love of his life was murdered in cold blood.
  • He screams–he is shaking, the color from his face has vanished, and he is in absolute panic. 
  • He has to be removed from the crime scene by Kaito and Maki.
  • The two of them stay close to him and attempt to calm him down. After his screaming has subsided, he simply slumps over and buries his face in his knees, unsure on what to do or how to feel. 
  • He keeps asking himself, who’d do something like this to someone as beautiful, innocent and kind as you? Who?
  • How ironic that the “Ultimate Detective” had to investigate the murder of the love of his life. 
  • He tried to pick himself up and investigate for your sake, but he couldn’t. His self esteem was crushed, and for a split second he considered in “joining you”, wherever you were now.
  • But he couldn’t…he had to live on, for your sake. He was adamant on abandoning his dreams to fulfill yours. He wanted to keep you alive in his heart.
  • Stays dead silent in the trial. Can’t even open his mouth to say anything, the words are stuck in his throat. 
  • Gives up on his title as the ultimate detective and goes back to hiding himself under his hat. 

Kaito Momota

  • Much like Ouma, he breaks down the instant he sees your body.
  • He’s in severe denial for a while, laughing frantically to himself and begging everyone to stop with this “terrible prank”.
  • But the expression in everyone’s faces makes him realize that unfortunately, it isn’t a prank.
  • He is hit with a wave of anger, desperation and uncontrollable sadness. He begins shouting mercilessly at everyone, accusing them of killing you as part of some sick twisted plan to make him miserable. He starts threatening everyone and nearly punches Ouma (again).
  • His paranoia is off the shorts, and he needs Kiibo to forcibly remove him from the crime scene.
  • He punches walls, breaks glasses, throws objects. What is he going to do without you?!
  • Why…Why you, of all people! He doesn’t get it! Anyone but you!
  • He swears he’ll get the culprit for you….even if it’s the last thing he does, for your sake.
  • Appears late to the trial because he was off doing his own investigation. He’s beyond heartbroken, but he won’t let that stop him from trying to avenge you. His investigation proves crucial to bring down the killer. Hopes the killer rots in hell, and watches their execution without a shred of guilty or compassion.
  • But avenging you isn’t enough for him.
  • It won’t bring you back.
  • Spends most of his time stargazing. He often forgets that you’re no longer there with him. 
  • But he decides to name your favorite star after you, so every time he looks at the sky you’ll be there, looking down on him and cheering him on for all eternity. 


  • Freezes up at the sight of your body.
  • His first emotion is confusion. Desperate confusion.
  • He doesn’t get it. Why you? You’ve never hurt anyone. Heck, you’d never hurt a little fly, let alone someone else. Is that why they decided to target you? But why…why would they take you away from him?
  • His faith in humanity is destroyed, and he becomes significantly less trusting and more reserved. 
  • He screams nonstop. No one has the courage to talk to him when he is in this state. They doubt he’d listen to them at all. 
  • He doesn’t investigate. It’s too much for him. 
  • When all the others have finished with their investigations, he visits the crime scene to spend one last moment with you. He thanks you for everything you’ve done for him, for making him feel special despite him not being human. He hopes that you’re listening to him, somehow. 
  • Your trial is so incredibly difficult for him–he has never looked this depressed in his whole life. But he makes an effort for you. He tries to contribute as much as possible, to make you proud one last time. 
  • Makes sure no one forgets you or your death. Will spend most of his time in front of your memorial, reminiscing about all the good times you two spent together as one.
  • But it isn’t enough to fill the void in his heart, and he doubts it will ever be filled. 

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Is absolutely devastated about your death. In fact, devastated doesn’t even begin to describe the grief he feels in his heart. 
  • Looking at this gentle giant crying is enough to make almost anyone cry as well…
  • He clutches your body almost desperately, begging you to come back for him.
  • Please, don’t abandon him… Please. 
  • But he knows you won’t come back…no matter how many time he begs.
  • This is the cruel reality of the game.
  • Everyone tries to help him, but their efforts are in vain. He doesn’t want to be helped. He just wants you to come back to his arms.
  • Hardly contributes to the trial…Stays silent and loses himself in his thoughts. 
  • Doesn’t even feel fulfilled after watching your killer getting executed. In fact, he’s even more depressed now. 
  • Names a beautiful butterfly resembling your appearance after you, which never leaves his side. He likes to believe that somehow your spirit is living through that delicate butterfly, and it eases his mourning. 
  • Becomes more reserved, but his kindness doesn’t falter. He still wants to bring happiness to anyone, because he knows that’s what you’d want.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • His first reaction after discovering your body is to punch a wall.
  • He might be short, but his temper is fearsome. He blames himself for your death.
  • It should have been him, not you.
  • You were so pure, so sweet, so loving.
  • He’d never forgive the person who killed you. Hell, he even contemplated murdering the entire class out of pure blind rage. But then he wouldn’t be any better than your own killer, would he?
  • The guilt he feels is so overwhelming, he breaks down in public. No one has ever seen Ryouma like this before. 
  • His gaze is menacing, even managing to scare people like Ouma.
  • Is incredibly persistent during the trial. He will not stop til he sees your killer dead.
  • Makes sure to savor the moment of their execution.
  • Doesn’t fall in love ever again. His heart belongs to you, and you only, for all eternity.