Pai Hsiao-yen was the 16-year-old daughter of local celebrity Pai Ping-ping.  On 14 April 1997, she was kidnapped by a gang led by Chen Chin-hsing, Lin Chun-sheng, and Kao Tien-min, when she was walking to school. The gang requested an extortionate ransom of $5 million for her return. Ping-ping agreed to meet them multiple times but each time they never showed up due to extensive media coverage.On one occasion, the gang sent Ping-ping her daughter’s severed finger and an image of the naked young girl, tied up. Hsiao-yen’s mutilated body was soon discovered dumped inside a drainage ditch. It was determined that she had died week ago, indicating that the image the gang had sent to her family was after she had already been murdered. Two of the ringleaders of the gang committed suicide before being apprehended while the other was executed in 1999.


Silk (2015) liveaction movie fancast: Arden Cho as Cindy Moon

“Crime really doesn’t pay. But punching crime sure does. Surveillance footage bought me another week on the job. Edited to exclude that D-lister’s escape, of course. Memo to self: tie up bad guys. Also: learn own strength. Also: find new place to live.”

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Pretty much forgotten today, Chip Gardner Private Eye was the only series character to appear in most issue of Crime Does Not Pay, and as that was for a time the most popular comic in America, selling something like two million issues a month, that means that for a time he and his fateful secretary Wendy were being read by more people than Superman or Captain Marvel.

Anyway, you can tell he was smart because in 90 percent of the panels he was in he was shown smoking a pipe.

And while it’s not really known for sure, he may have been created and written by Walter Gibson, the creator of the pulp version of The Shadow.

Bus Driver Joke

So on the bus a few days ago, my bus driver pulled up next to a Coca-Cola truck and rolled down his window. He said to the truck driver: “Well, crime does pay! You deal in coke and I’m into human trafficking!” 😂😂😂😂

“ s-so that’s what happened! i tore off yuri’s ear– and– and– ” an elongated sigh, filled with anguishing revelations, escaped his lips.

“i lost 37 hours and 27 minutes worth of game time because of that mess up… ” he’s too tired to be actually angry with you, Seulbi, but you can rest assured he certainly won’t be stopping by your room to grant you any good night wishes &, or, kisses tonight. mostly because he’d torn off Yuri’s ear believing you.

Isn’t it ironic that everyone was rooting for Shizuo or Celty to go berserk on the stalker, but in the end it was Mikado’s gang & Izaya’s gang that put him out of commission?

 So much for being on the side of those monsters Shinra’s so fond of.

The reparations to the victims of Japanese Internment is similar to when victims of police brutality are awarded damages

the people who actually committed the crimes don’t pay shit, and in fact the victims themselves are victimized again, as their payment comes out of their own tax money, even as the pool of victims widens to include all the tax payers

The Dark City magazine Needs Crime & Mystery Stories - Pays $25/story

The Dark City, a new quarterly crime and mystery magazine launching this fall, has opened a reading period to curate stories for the first issue. The editor is inviting writers to submit crime and mystery stories set in the Western United States with preference to stories based in reality. 

Stories should explore the immoral side of human nature as manifested by its criminal tendencies and make readers ponder about the characters and their dilemma.

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Off Limits|| Ella & James


James’s nimble fingers worked against the slide of the pistol he had been commissioned after being given his position.  The fading light of the evening sun peeked through the open curtain at the rich dinning room table where he worked meticulously to polish and restore the 1911. In truth James was slightly skeptical of the position he had been given; he had never even fired a gun until his new boss required him to train with one. If that wasn’t enough cause for concern in his expendability, the fact that his medical training was rendered almost entirely useless thanks to the natural healing factor of most vampires made him uneasy. Still, surely the vampire in question must have seen something in him to allow him to look after his only daughter. 

With a small sigh he loaded the clip into the hand gun silver tipped wooden bullets sliding into place with a satisfying ‘click’. Just as the sound of the bullet loading the chamber sounded, the echoing of footsteps followed. It was astonishing to the man, how just as the last few rays of the dawn dipped bellow the horizon it  would signal the  vampires to wake. “Evening Miss.” He called holstering the pistol as he turned to face the woman he would be protecting for the foreseeable future. “My name is James Roberts, I’ll be watching after you.” 

I mean I talk a good progressive game but when it comes to fiction I am such a Javert, like, I will not support or empathize with fictional law breaking. I refuse.
Indonesia sinks 34 foreign boats to curb illegal fishing
The vessels, which came from Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, were sunk as part of the commemoration of Indonesia's 70th Independence Day.


Indonesia takes a stand against illegal fishing in their waters by sinking the vessels caught red-handed, including 4 of their own.

so many songs on badlands remind me of someone fictional

castle: cersei lannister
i’m heading straight for the castle/they wanna make me their queen/and there’s an old man sitting on the throne and he’s saying/that i probably shouldn’t be so mean

hold me down: vanessa ives
i sold my soul to a three piece/and he told me i was holy/he’s got me down on both knees/but it’s the devil that’s tryna hold me down

coming down: vanessa/ethan
honestly the whole fucking song but especially I found a savior/i don’t think he remembers/cause he’s off to pay his crimes/and he’s got no time for mine

control: vanessa ives or regina mills
the house was awake/with shadows and monsters/the hallways they echoed and groaned/i sat alone in bed til the morning/i’m crying/they’re coming for me/and i tried to hold/these secrets inside me/my mind’s like a deadly disease

young god: henry/anne
he says oh baby girl you know we’re gonna be legends/I’m the king and you’re the queen and we will stumble through heaven/if there’s a light at the end it’s just the sun in your eyes/i know you wanna go to heaven but you’re human tonight/he says oh baby girl don’t get caught on my edges/i’m the king of everything and oh my tongue is a weapon/there’s a light in the crack that’s separating your thighs/and if you wanna go to heaven you should fuck me tonight

gasoline: harry potter
the lyrics come and go but the lines do the people whisper bout you on the train like me? and are you deranged like me? are you strange like me? sound like harry