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A/N: This is so raunchy like raunchy to the point that it should have more warnings…

Warning: Contains Sexual Content. View At Your Own Risk!!!

     The smell that emitted off of Luke had your senses on high. You loved the smell Luke came home with after a full day of work. It was the same smell that followed Luke home when he had just finished working out. It made you want to climb on him and possibly suck the soul out his body. The minute he came home you had jumped on him. Initiating an intense makeout and marking his skin to your liking. This had gone on for weeks and each time Luke came close to actually getting your clothes off and fucking you until your mind went numb you’d pull away. The constant teasing had angered Luke to a point where he decided to play you at your own game. Luke’s version of teasing was of course tortuous. He was already dominate in bed but when it came to punishing you Luke became a whole different person.

You were stark naked, hands tied behind your back, and nipple clamps clung to your breasts. Your chest heaved up and down in exhilaration and your eyes were watered with tears as the pain subsided. Luke’s hand ran over your ass trying to smooth away the pain. His hand cold against your now hot skin. You swallowed hard and your eyes squeezed shut in pain went Luke sent another harsh slap to your ass. Another yelp left your lips and you let out a small moan “Fifty,” the number left your lips in a staggered breath and you were beginning to see stars. Luke licked at his bottom lip and his hand slipped between your legs. A grin made its way onto his face at how soaked you were. Your juices slipped down your thigh and coated Luke’s fingers. Your clit throbbed when his fingertips brushed over it and your body shook.

“I don’t think you’ve had enough,” Luke said, grasping one of your still burning ass cheeks and squeezing it. You winced in pain and whimpered as Luke continued to squeeze at the cheeks. “Get up,” he said in a deep voice, yanking at your tied hands to lift you up. Luke let out a sigh of relief when you sat up, relieving the pressure you had placed on his cock. You stood up and legs wobbling beneath you as you turned to face Luke. Luke unzipped his pants and began to pull them down until he was just in his boxers. You quietly stood in your spot, teeth sinking into your bottom lip as you stared at Luke innocently. “Oh no that’s not going to work now,” Luke said, beckoning you over. “You’re the one that did this. You do the crime you pay the time now get on your knees,” he demanded. You did as you were told and carefully sunk down to your knees. Luke walked up to you and his hand reached out to rub at your hair. “Do you know what I want?” Luke questioned, you nodded your head and Luke smirked. “You can talk,” he said.

“Yes, Mister,” you answered, slowly catching your breath. Your mouth watered at the thought and having his cock in your mouth was something you had been longing for. 

“I want to hear you say it,” Luke mumbled, running his thumb over your bottom lip. Your mouth parted and he slipped his thumb between your lips. Luke gaze was dark and a smirk was on his lips as you sucked on his thumb. Tongue sliding along the side like you’d do as if you were sucking him off. You moaned against his thumb and Luke pulled his finger from your mouth. “What do I want you to do?” Luke asked.

“You want me suck your cock, Mister,” you replied. Luke tsked at your words and shook his head. 

“I don’t just want you to suck,” he said, grabbing at your cheeks and making your lips pucker. Luke stared at your darkly a fire burning in his eyes. “I want you to deep throat me…to choke on my cock until your crying and about ready to pass out.” You swallowed hard at his words and his hold on your face loosened. “Do you think you can do that for me?” he softly asked though you knew you didn’t have a choice. You had angered Luke to a point where his thoughts of having you his way couldn’t be changed. Whether he asked you or not you were going to do exactly as he said.

“Yes, Mister I can do that,” you whispered. Luke grinned as stood up straight. You moved closer to Luke and leaned forward your lips kissing at his clothed cock. Luke closed his eyes at the action and you smiled to yourself. You kissed at his skin and then took the hem of his boxer briefs into your mouth. Slowly you pulled them down until his cock was visible and in your face. Luke stepped out of his underwear and then sat down at the edge of the bed. 

“Get to work, Peaches,” he said. Your hands were still tied behind your back and with how tight the strip tie was you knew it was going to leave marks. You bent down, tongue coming out to lick at his cock. It stood erect and a low grunt left Luke’s lips as you continued to lick his cock as if it was a popcicle. You sucked at the head of his cock tongue poking out to lick at his slit and tasting his precum. You pulled away from him and blew cool air onto the head of his cock. “Fuck what did I say about teasing do you want more spanks?” Luke moaned, raising his hips up so push his cock in your face. You shook your head fast, your ass still burning from the fifty slaps Luke had given you before. You hollowed your mouth and took him down your throat. Luke wanted you to deep throat him, so that was exactly what you were about to do. Your head began to bob up and down at a steady pace and a series of moans left Luke’s lips. Your tongue stuck out to rest under his cock as you sucked some more. You came up for air and dipped your head low to fondle with Luke’s balls. Luke sat up on his elbows to watch you. Your head came back up and you took him in your mouth once again keeping eye contact the whole time. “I thought I told you to choke on my cock,” Luke hissed, bucking his hips up and making your gag at the action. You quickly pulled up and coughed for a second before sucking in some air. He looked down at you with raised eyebrows and you quickly nodded. 

“M’sorry, Mister I’ll do as you say,” you whimpered once he roughly grabbed at your hair. Luke nodded for you to continue and you began to take him down your throat once again. This time Luke took control bucking his hips up so that he was fucking your mouth. You moaned around his cock and breathed through your nose to steady your breath. Luke pushed your head far down and you gagged a bit. 

“Take it all the way,” he growled, repeating the action until the tip of your nose hit against Luke’s pubic bones. He held your head down and was muttering dirty nothings in your ear. Luke’s grip on your head loosened to allow you to pull up for a bit of air. Once you had gotten just a smidge of breath he had his cock down your throat again. Luke kept repeating the action and when your head lifted again he moaned at the sight; your lips were swollen in a pout, saliva mixing in with his precum and a string of it following along as you lifted up. “Fuck that’s it, Peaches you’re taking my cock so well,” Luke praised as you took him down your throat again. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes and Luke kept on fucking your mouth until you were crying. It was getting harder for you to breath and your eyelids fluttered and just as you were about to lose your breath Luke came. Loud moans left his lips and you began to suck him dry and swallowed up his load. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” Luke breathlessly said, resting back into the mattress. His arm came up to rest over face and Luke sucked in a few deep breaths until he had wind down from the high. You were still on your knees going quiet and watching Luke intently. You knew not to move especially since you weren’t sure if Luke was still in a punishing mood or not. “Get up here,” Luke demanded.

You stood up as best as you could with your hands still being tied up and climbed onto the bed. Luke looked over to you with hooded eyes and his hand reached out to rest on your thigh. His fingers trailed up your body to take the nipple clamps off and you let out a sigh of relief as the pain went away. You were soaked and your body ached at the thought of having him fill you up. Luke’s hand slid back down your body then went between your legs and his thumb pressed against your clit. You sucked in a deep breath and your teeth sunk into your bottom lip as Luke softly rubbed at your clit. “Mister please,” you whined, feeling Luke slide a finger into your heat. He added in another finger and began to thrust them into you. 

“Come sit on my face,” Luke said in a low voice, curling his fingers up and making a loud moan leave your lips. He pulled away from your core and reached behind you to take off the strip ties. You began to rub at your wrists and Luke let out a low chuckle. “Don’t be so smug,” Luke said, grabbing at your hands to tie them in front of you this time. “I don’t need you falling without being able to catch yourself,” he said, putting them on tighter this time. You let out a huff and began to move until you were hovering over Luke’s face. Luke licked at his lips and you held onto the headboard as best as you could with tied hands. His hands immediately circled around your thighs and pulled you down closer to his face. Luke moaned at the aroma of your juices and lifted his head to take a long lick between your folds. You gasped at the feeling and your eyes closed in pleasure as Luke took another lick. After teasing you for a while Luke got to work and began to suck at your clit. The sounds of him slurping at your juices echoed in your ears and you began to rock your hips starting to ride Luke’s tongue. You wanted more than just his tongue and with your hands tied up you couldn’t touch him the way you wanted to. 

“Mhm that feels so good, Mister,” you hummed, your grip on the headboard tightening as Luke inched his fingers back into your heat. Luke mumble something against your core the vibrations of his words being sent to your clit. Luke’s other hand reached up to slap at your ass and you whined in pleasure beginning to ride his fingers. Luke smiled at the action and he nibbled at your clit twice before sending two kitty licks up your folds. Luke was teasing you. giving you a taste of your own medicine for the long week of teasing him. It was torture and each time Luke’s tongue lapped at your folds teasingly your knees went weak. He began to thrust his fingers up into you. The digits twisting and turning as his fingertips brushed at your g-spot. Already you could feel your release approaching. Combined with the adrenaline of Luke spanking you and now him fingering and eating you out, it made you in bliss. You began to clench around Luke’s fingers and he pulled away before your orgasm could come. “LUKE!” you whined in frustrations being harshly pulled down from above him. You let out a small yelp and Luke slapped the inside of your thigh close to your clit. 

“What did you call me?” Luke questioned through gritted teeth. He slowly rubbed at your clit and dipped his head down to mark the skin between your earlobe. 

“L-Luke,” you hesitantly repeated, feeling heat flush at your chest as he continued to pleasure you.

“That’s what I thought. What did I tell you to call me?” he asked, hands pulling away from your core. You frowned at the action and gripped at Luke’s wrists. He stopped in action and stared at you darkly. “Let go or you’ll be punished even more,” the words came out in a low voice. So low that it sent a chill down your spine and made a flood of wetness rush towards your core. When your hand didn’t remove Luke tsked and then tore away from your grip. “I don’t want you cumming until I say so got it? And since you decided to disobey me-” Luke climbed off the bed then left out the room. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you patiently waited for his return. Your tied hands slid between your legs as best as it could and you began to pleasure yourself as Luke did whatever it was that he was doing. Your head fell back into the pillows as you rubbed at your clit small hums leaving your lips at the pleasure. You knew if Luke had caught you you’d been in trouble, but he had been denying you so you were taking matters into your own hands. Unbeknownst to you Luke had gotten back. He watched with a fire in his eyes as you were playing with yourself. His hands clenching in frustration at the sight. It two long strides Luke had made his way to you. His large hand circled around your ankle and he dragged you to the edge of the bed. “Who said you could touch yourself?” Luke growled, sending a hard pinch to one of your nipples. You whined in both pain and pleasure eyes shooting open to stare at Luke. He pulled you up by the hand ties and to your dismay Luke took them off to tie your hands behind your back once more. Even tighter to the point where they couldn’t move this time. 

“No one, Mister. I’m sorry,” you replied voice wavering. Luke nodded at your words the expression on his face unreadable. Your eyes trailed down his body and landed on his once again hard cock. You knew Luke wanted you just as much as you wanted him. “Do you want me to suck your cock again, Mister?” you innocently asked. A moan slipped passed his lips and Luke’s eyes closed as he tried to focus on not blowing a load right there, He was going to punish you again, but seeing you pleasure yourself made Luke wanted to be balls deep inside of you.

“Face down ass up, Peaches,” he demanded, the tight grip on your ankle releasing as he went to grab the lube from the closet. Luke knew he really didn’t need the lube. You were soaking wet and your juices were already coating your thighs and staining the sheets. The lube was going to add something extra and he knew the feeling would burn once he spanked you again. You slowly turned over onto your side then onto your stomach. It took a lot of strength to lift you hips up with your hands being tied behind your back. You were rested at the edge of the bed and soon felt the coolness of the lube being poured onto your ass. The liquid spilled down between your folds and you wiggled your ass in anticipation. Luke ran the head of his cock between your folds to tease you both. Instead of feeling him enter you like you had expected Luke sent a hard slap to your ass. You gasped in surprise and while you were distracted he swiftly entered you without warning. 

“Oh f-fuck,” you sputtered out a cry of pain leaving your lips as he slid deeper inside of you. Your eyes squeezed shut as you tried to focus on him being inside of you. The pain soon subsided and Luke began with a fast pace. It was almost like he was chasing for his orgasm the sounds of both your slick skins hitting against one one another echoing about the room. Luke was grunting like crazy his moans motivating you. You began to move back into him and felt Luke pour on more lube. Your moans were loud as Luke pounded hard into you his hand reached out to grab at your tied wrists and he pulled you up. Your back arched as you came up Luke’s cock beginning to reach a different angle at the action. 

“You like that?” Luke questioned earning a moan from you. “Mhm? Can anyone else fuck you like this?” he spanked you once again and you let out a tiny scream.

“Yes-no one fucks me like you do Mister,” you purred, head turning to the side to capture Luke’s lips with yours. You missed the taste of his lips and throughout this whole time he hasn’t kissed you once. Luke’s pace slowed to allow you to feel every inch of his cock as he kissed you. Teeth clashing together in a heated kiss, tongues massaging one another. The kiss broke and Luke softly pushed you back down into the pillows. His hips snapped against yours and your thighs quivered as you felt your release approaching. You still hadn’t come from before and from what it seemed Luke wasn’t going to allow you to orgasm just yet. His cock pulling out of you and slipping up and down your folds in a teasing manner. “Mister please,” you whined feeling your walls clench. You felt empty without Luke filling you up and you knew he was stalling. 

“Please what?” Luke said, hand going down to rub at your clit. Your torso fell onto the bed at the pleasure and you shook your head violently. You knew what Luke was doing and you despised him for it. You knew you couldn’t hold out much longer and if he kept playing with you the way that he was you were going to explode. You felt the strip ties come off and you moaned at the relief of no longer feeling pain. Your hands rested on the side of you near your head and your chest rose at a fast pace. “Please what?” Luke repeated, grabbing your ass cheeks and beginning to play with them. 

“Please let me come,” you whispered, lifting up on wobbly arms and pushing back into Luke’s cock. His hands flew to your hips and he gripped it tightly. Luke smirked in response and you turned over to look at him. Eyes wide and a pout on your lips. He climbed onto the bed and lined his cock up with your entrance before slowly sinking in. This time Luke’s strokes were longer this time more agile as he went in deep. Your legs circled around his waist to draw him in closer his pubic bone hitting against your clit in time with his thrusts. Your nails scratched down his back and Luke moaned into the crook of your neck as he rolled his hips into you. You were so close clenching uncontrollably around his cock and seeing stars. One of your hands reached down to rub at your clit. “Let for me baby. Scream my name until your lose your voice,” Luke whispered in your ear, sucking love bites into your skin. Luke gave you a sharp thrust and you came undone beneath him shouting his name at the top of your lungs like he had asked. 

“Fuck it’s yours, Luke!” you screamed, body tensing as waves of pleasure crashed over you.

“That’s right, Peaches this pussy belongs to me.” Luke kept muttering dirty words in your ear riding out your high. A few strokes later Luke let out a low moan and hunched over spilling his seed into you. You moaned at the feeling head drifting from side to side as you began to wind down from the orgasm. Luke pulled out and you moaned at the loss of not having him fill you up. Your orgasm was mind blowing and you felt your body mold into the mattress as the weight of your limbs turned into jelly. The bed shifted and you soon heard the sound of water running. Seconds later Luke came back with a wash cloth. His actions were delicate and careful this time as he touched you. Pulling your legs apart with care and cleaning you up. Even when Luke was being dominant in bed to the point where he was almost animal like he never failed to make sure you were okay. His sweet side coming through once more and taking care of you until you were as comfortable as possible. You loved to be submissive for Luke. Being in charge all day everyday at work was tiring and being dominated for once was pleasurable. You loved the fear it provided but at the same time you knew Luke wasn’t going to hurt you. Even through it all he would protect you.  

Ong Seongwoo Mafia AU

warnings: blood, guns, violence, cars, street racing-ish 

  • you’re a freelance hacker/coder 
  • having heard about you and your amazing abilities, someone sends you a a letter asking for you to “affiliate” yourself with the 101, the reigning mafia in your town, 
  • while you’re in no way eager to get involved in organized crime once again, the pay attached to it is very good, so you agree
  • the one condition is that you get to work from your own office space instead of moving to their hq, as you have a lot of equipment and stuff that would take a long time to rewire
  • the first “day” on the job, three guys show up at your house, one of them carrying a large briefcase
  • they ring your doorbell, and you watch in slight amusement through the security camera as one of them pulls out a cushion foundation and starts touching up his makeup
  • you allow to come in, sitting in your special rolling chair, surrounded by various screens
  • they file into your room, and introduce themselves one after another
  • the guy with the makeup was ong seongwoo, and he leans over to hand you the briefcase
  • as you pop it open, they explain that it’s the laptop of someone within the 101 who’s trying to betray them, so they need to surreptitiously hack into the laptop without the owner knowing 
  • there really isn’t any kind of special encryption or anything, so you apply an access key and you’re in
  • when you hand the computer back to seongwoo a minute after he gave it to you, the three guys just kind of stare at you in disbelief
  • “what, you want me to do a handstand too?”
  • as they go to leave, seongwoo turns to you
  • “you know, i knew you were good, but i didn’t know you were that good”
  • you kind of smirk at him from the door, waving as they walked off
  • “i’m not just good, sweetie, i’m the best”
  • (naeGA JEIL JAL NAGA) 
  • every couple weeks, they’ll either bring you a phone or computer to get into, or ask you to hack into someone’s email or social media account, all very low level stuff
  • seongwoo always insists on bringing you the task for some reason, and he starts hanging around even after you’re done
  • you don’t really mind, though, he’s funny and entertaining to the max
  • he then discovers that while you may be practically a genuis, you’re terrible at taking care of yourself
  • you start getting texts from him “did you eat?”
  • if you tell him you didn’t, he’ll show up at your house with takeout food
  • checks to makes sure you’re sleeping properly
  • when you get sick and he brings you soup and cold medicine, you realize that maybe, just maybe, you like him
  • then one night, you’re asleep and rudely awoken by the sound of your doorbell being rung about a million times
  • seongwoo is standing there looking extremely stressed
  • “no time to explain, grab your laptop and let’s go” he yelled loudly
  • you grabbed the laptop and a backup battery, following him outside to where a black bmw was waiting, purring loudly
  • seongwoo opened the back door for you before getting into the passenger’s seat quickly
  • the driver had been to your house a couple times before with seongwoo, and his name was sungwoon
  • “can you tell me what exactly i’m supposed to be doing?” you asked loudly, firing up your laptop
  • “one of our guys, kang daniel, got kidnapped” seongwoo explained “we need you to track his phone
  • you nodded, pulling your hair up into a ponytail before opening up the proper program, asking seongwoo for the phone model and number
  • once the program found daniel’s location, you handed the laptop up to seongwoo in the front seat so that sungwoon could follow him
  • his location was moving quickly, and sungwoon pressed down on the gas pedal, going dangerously fast
  • “(y/n), if anything happens, i want you to stay down and don’t make a sound” seongwoo commanded, looking back at you
  • you sent him a look
  • “like hell i will”
  • sungwoon snorted at that, reaching over to the glove box and taking out a pistol, handing it to you
  • “hope you remember how to fire a gun”
  • “hyung, no” seongwoo snapped, glaring at sungwoon
  • you grinned, clicking the safety off of the gun
  • “let’s do this”
  • it had been a while since you’d held a gun, and the feeling of power that rushed through your body was exhilirating
  • “we’re getting close to the car that has daniel” sungwoon said “get ready”
  • you watched as you got closer to the little dot’s location, heart pounding in your chest
  • seongwoo rolled down his window, aiming his pistol
  • once your car was in range, he started firing at the tires, making their car sharply swerve to the right, weaving in between cars
  • the speed picked up, and sungwoon cackled, revving the engine even more
  • seongwoo went through the rounds in the gun before reloading quickly, leaning out of the window to aim again
  • “seongwoo, no!” sungwoon yelled loudly, reaching over to yank seongwoo back into the speeding vehicle
  • he was too late, though– someone from the car ahead of you had rolled down his own video and was sporting his own gun, shooting several rounds at seongwoo
  • most of them missed or hit the car frame, but one clipped him in the shoulder
  • sungwoon looked into the rearview mirror, trading a look with you
  • “get in the backseat” you snapped at seongwoo 
  • “no, i can do this” he said stubbornly, pushing through the obvious pain 
  • sungwoon rolled his eyes and rolled up the window, forcing seongwoo in
  • he reluctantly crawled into the back and you took his place in the front seat, checking your location and daniel’s
  • “they’re heading for the pier” you said to sungwoon “head down that alley”
  • sungwoon yanked the steering wheel to the left, heading down the small alley that you’d directed him
  • “you’re back” sungwoon laughed, sending you a slighly crazed look “i wonder if you still got it?”
  • “whaddya mean, back?” seongwoo slurred, still in extreme pain
  • as you leaned out of the window, aiming at a garbage can a good 50 meters in front of you, sungwoon chuckled at seongwoo’s obliviousness
  • “you didn’t know? (y/n)’s daniel’s half sister, the one who left the 101 to attend school”
  • “the one who erased herself from existence?” seongwoo gaped at you as you fired, one bullet burying itself into the thick plastic where the ‘b’ of garbage was printed on the plastic 
  • “i still got it” you smirked, leaning back into the car
  • “okay, we’re approaching target” sungwoon said loudly, and you rifled through the glove compartment quickly, finding the extra magazines of ammo so that you would be able to reload quickly
  • “do it like in the movies, bud” you grinned, riding the adrenaline as sungwoon nodded, the car shooting out of the small alley onto the large, empty pier
  • just like you predicted, about five seconds later, the car you’d been tailing squealed out of the main road onto the pier
  • sungwoon yanked the wheel violently, sending the car into a chaotic drift
  • as the car barreled forward, your own car squealed, tires snapping so that the car drifted around the curve of the pier
  • right before your car was exactly perpendicular to the one daniel was in, you stuck your body out of the window, aiming and firing, unloading one full magazine into the front window and hood
  • once that magazine was through, you got back inside the car and sungwoon shifted gears, pulling the car out of the drift so that you were parallel to their car
  • one of their windows was unrolled and the guy was aiming his gun at you
  • “wow, what a dumbass” you grinned, popping back up to aim at him
  • your shot hit and he fell back into the driver with a scream, making the car swerve
  • after blowing out one of the tires of their car, sungwoon stopped the car, grabbing his own gun before you two approached the car, seongwoo joining as well despite his shoulder injury
  • only one of the three guys was still concious, the one in the backseat with daniel, as you’d managed to land shots on the other two
  • he didn’t put up much of a fight as sungwoon tied him up before calling in for backup
  • when daniel saw you, he just smiled in thanks, understanding immediately what had happened
  • “welcome back to the family, sis”
  • seongwoo is still in shock about who you are 
  • this whole time he’d been thinking that you were just an innocent gamer
  • lmao sike
  • you visit him in the hospital with food because you feel bad
  • “why wouldn’t you tell me?” he complained, pouting up at you
  • “you never asked” you laughed, flicking him on the forehead
  • “you know how you could make it up to me?”
  • “how?”
  • “feed me~”
  • you roll your eyes at his cheesiness, but you end up feeding him
  • then out of nowhere
  • “hey, (y/N)
  • “yes?”
  • “are you mcdonalds? cuz i’m loving it” 
  • seongwoo winks
  • “yah… did you hurt your head too?”
  • “is your name wifi? cuz i’m feeling a CONNECTION”
  • “seongwoo, if you keep talking, there’s no way in hell i’ll ever go on a date with you”
  • “so you admit that i have a chance?”
  • it takes a lot of pestering on seongwoo’s part, but you finally agree to date him
  • daniel is suspicious of letting his best friend date his half-sister but he can get over it
  • seongwoo’s the type to think he’s protecting you when in reality you’re stronger than him lol
  • still texts you to make sure you’re eating/sleeping and brings you food for at-home dates watching netflix and cuddling
  • super sweet and just does his best to be the best boyfriend he can be

this was super messy i’m sorry lol

Every time I talk about my research into sexual assault laws and my advocacy work for victims of sexual assault, I have to listen to some man ask me the same question 

“Well what about the men who get falsely accused?” 



There is an entire system set up for you. There are barriers in place and safeguards and double checks and a whole system designed to try and make sure only guilty people pay for crimes. 

Would you ever ask me 

“Well what about the men who get falsely accused of stabbings?” 


Because you’re a law student and not a fucking moron 

So why

why why why 

Do you think that’s the appropriate question when I’m telling you about the overwhelming number of women who don’t report instances of sexual violence, or the fact that sexual assault trials effectively force women to relieve their assault as a public spectacle multiple times, or the gross underfunding of sexual assault crisis centres 

News flash 

‘Playing Devil’s Advocate’ is just a fun way of saying ‘but what about the men’ 

No matter how you dress it up, you still tell me you’re a dickbag 

❝ ※ *. :。 → verse/otp tags pt. 1

i know there’s a lot of these floating around and already made, but i wanted to have my own list with my personal favorite lyrics that i can refer to for my own tags. i thought it might be helpful to others, so here we are !! under the cut, you’ll find 1,000 different lyrics that are organized into various categoriesgeneral/misc, slow burn, betrayal, unrequited, & more ) based on my interpretation on them. this list has everything from smokey robinson to dear evan hansen to eminem, so it should also be very diverse. trigger warnings will be placed in the categories they have them in. also, some words have been changed so they make more sense. let me know about any spelling mistakes or triggers i may have missed, as well as any lyrics i may have put in the wrong section. please like/reblog if you use or found this helpful, and most importantly, enjoy !!

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these moments | john shelby

@ateliefloresdaprimavera wanted, and I quote: “happy,married to the love of his life John and [reader] who’s like a daughter to Polly”

hope you like it, hun!

You marched down the street, half angry, half exhausted. Groups of kids were running up and down and you cast an eye out to check whether any of yours were there. Men tipped their caps to you as you passed and you barged your shoulder into Polly’s front door, slamming it behind you.

“I got fucking fired, didn’t I?”

“Lovely to see you too, sweetheart. Sit yourself down. Kettle’s just boiled, you can explain yourself”

You huffed, yanking your scarf off and chucking it over the back of a chair.

“Thanks Pol. Where’s the kids?”

“John’s got them”

“John’s got them?”

Polly cast a look up to you as she brewed the pot and smirked when she saw your confused look.

“He was showing Katie her numbers and the rest wouldn’t let them be, you know what they’re like”

“Sorry, no, go back – John’s got the kids? By himself?”

She chuckled to herself and slid a cup over to you.

“Sit yourself down. And explain”

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So guess who saw Columbine High School and the memorial today with his own fucking eyes.
It was so surreal.
Like–I remember thinking “This is really happening.”
The big blue letters on the side of the building as we drove up.
There was a home baseball game going on today.
Someone was playing music box music in the distance.
It was really windy and sprinkling. I remember exactly what the flowers looked like as they swayed in the wind. I remember walking up the path and exactly how the grass moved around my feet. I think it was the slowest I’ve ever walked and it was like my legs couldn’t go any faster. Time seemed to nearly come to a halt.
I remember each and every last one of their crosses.
It almost felt like every last one of them WERE really there with me.

And I have no fucking clue why it meant so much to me.
{July 2, 2017}

anonymous asked:

I saw you posted something about Slam Bradley, who is such an odd case by basically being an older model hero who still exists in the DC Universe. Can you think of other characters who existed PreSuperhero who found a place in the Superhero universes and actually fit well?

You know, I’ve heard a few comics histories call the pre-superhero era of comics the “Platinum Age.”

Here’s something interesting: for a decade after Zero Hour, the DC Universe status quo was that the first ever superhero, the guy who kicked off the whole shebang and started the whole concept…wasn’t Superman, but was actually the pre-Superman DC hero, the Crimson Avenger. It was the Crimson Avenger who was chronologically the first superhero ever for a while, along with the pre-Superman Jerry Siegel creation, Dr. Occult. That strikes me as bonkers, since any DC Universe where Superman isn’t the first superhero always “feels wrong.”

There’s a great book that I recommend if you want to read about the early days of comics, “The Comic Book Heroes” by Jules Pfeiffer, and it’s amazing because it actually explains why a character like Superman was such a big deal and so tremendously popular when he came out.

In short, he argued that pre-Superman comics basically were the same things over and over:

  • A square jawed, generic cop or detective who matched wits with an Oriental supergenius;
  • A jungle man Tarzan ripoff;

  • A magician in a coat and toptails.

 According to Pfeiffer, who grew up in the Great Depression, “if you really take stock of things, you have to be Super in order to get along in the world.” (Anyone who has ever had to endure a job search probably agrees with this.) It’s a fact of life that villains, by the fact of being villains, outshine the heroes in competence, in resources, in personality…that’s how it is in life, and how it is in fiction, too. 

Crime doesn’t pay? What a lie. You know what doesn’t pay? Working for an honest living. Being a butcher or a carpenter. So, when Superman first came out, the reaction wasn’t ‘oh, that’s creative,’ but ‘of course! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?’

The most famous of the Platinum Age DC heroes probably has to be Zatara the Magician, and not because of anything he’s ever done, but because of his daughter, Zatanna, who at one point, was big enough of a deal that she was even chairman of the Justice League. Zatanna is in the category of “merchandiseable” characters that get action figures, as opposed to weirdies that only superfans know about.

The “magicians came before superheroes” rule is common enough that, thanks to Roger Stern’s stories and the Lost Generation, the earliest adventures of Dr. Strange and Dr. Druid, which were hidden from the public, are now believed to have taken place just before Fantastic Four #1 kicked off the “Age of Marvels.”

I’m Not Letting You Go (Snart X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Leonard Snart X Fem!Reader

Universe: DC, Flash

Warnings: Mention of violence, murder, mild swearing, guns

Request: A Snart reader where he has to physically stop her going after a crime boss who killed her parents because he knows she won’t survive it? Happens at star labs and they’re all shocked by his concern? Xx

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You had lost your parents when you were little. But not little enough to not remember the whole traumatic experience of seeing their bodies. It was no secret that your parents were low on cash, so your dad took a loan out, unfortunately with loan sharks, who raise the price dramatically every week they can’t pay, and after a certain point, they go after the people who owe them money.

Your parents had reached that point. They broke into your house, while you played outside. You heard the gunshots and ran into the house as they drove away to see their bodies, and screamed.

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Peter: Culmination

Summary: The story of Peter and Y/N boil down to unsettled feelings and could’ve/should’ve/would’ve’s, until now. 

Word Count: 5,165

Warnings: cursing

It was supposed to be another Saturday in Queens.

Those were nothing new. Peter Parker usually spent his Saturdays being thrown towards buildings at breakneck speed, some villain high above cackling at his misfortune.

“Is that all you’ve got itsy bitsy spider?” Doctor Octopus sneered, his mechanical arms digging into the skyscraper adjacent to him. Peter swung on his web, landing feet first onto a balcony and perching there, rolling his eyes under his mask.

“If I had a dollar for every time one of you losers called me “itsy bitsy,” I’d be rich enough to retire from this—oh!” He ended with a shout as a panel of glass was flung his way. Kicking it away with ease, Doc Ock laughed. He was making his way back down to street level, where hordes of citizens screamed in panic and terror. The ground was littered with glass and rubble, most awnings ripped with heavy cement bricks falling through them. Peter grunted, wishing that Kinesis was here to help shield them from shrapnel, but the alien girl was nowhere to be found.

“You’re under the assumption that justice pays, Spider-ling,” the villain cackled, crushing cars beneath his mechanical legs. Peter watched him for a moment, calculating how best to take him down when he noticed the familiar purple sparkle of light.

“Lucky for us, crime does not pay either!”

The mech arms lifted from the ground, steadily at first and then WHAM! He was smashed, body first into the Oscorp building sign, sparks shooting from his enhancements. The arms went limp, taking the rest of him down, cracking the pavement as he fell into a smoking heap of rubble.

Peter balked, turning to face where he’d heard the shout. His mouth fixed into a grin, seeing Kinesis standing on a taxi for leverage. Cupping his hands, Peter yelled, “Glad you could make it!”

She shouted back, mirth in her tone. “The subway was late!”

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