crime spotting

True crime ask game: send me a name!
  • Ted Bundy: Do you prefer to wear socks or to not wear socks?
  • Jeffrey Dahmer: What's the last thing you ate?
  • Richard Ramirez: Do you believe in God/Satan?
  • Eric Harris: Do you lose your temper a lot?
  • Dylan Klebold: Would you say you're a lonely person?
  • Charles Manson: Are you musical?
  • Edmund Kemper: How tall are you?
  • Ed Gein: Do you have a good relationship with your mother?
  • Aileen Wuornos: What's your opinion on society?
  • David Berkowitz: Ever fired a gun? Do you want to?
  • Bonnie & Clyde: Do you believe in "true love"?
  • TJ Lane: Do you think you've ever got to a point where you've hit "rock bottom"?

finished version of tuxedo Joker, zootopia!verse.

and because I can’t see J without his Harley, a classic jester-suit Harley Kitty will follow right away!

Okay, Right to Left.

King Tut, a villain from the 1960s Batman show who was an Egyptology professor who became a supervillain after getting a concussion. Is basically an Egypt-themed bad guy in the vein of Maxie Zeus.

Kiteman, a villain from the 1960s Batman comics with an obsession with kites. Commits crimes with the aid of a jer-powered hang glider. Recently appeared in Detective Comics.

Polka-Dot Man, another 1960s villain, this one with a fixation with polka-dots and commits spotty crimes. Can turn the spots on his costume into weapons, as you do.

The Joker, some pale dude in a suit.

The Eraser, a former college room-mate of Bruce Wayne’s, turned to crime after a girl he liked decided to date Bruce instead of him. His gimmick is erasing evidence of other people’s crimes, for a 10% cut of their loot.

Man-Bat, probably the highest profile villain here besides the Joker, Man-Bat is a man who accidentally or deliberately turns himself into a bat. Usually with the intention of using bat DNA to cure his deafness, though sometimes for more overtly villainous reasons (like in the Batman cartoon).

Crazy Quilt, an artist and criminal who left paintings behind with clues in them, ended up going mad after getting blinded by a henchman and the resulting surgery leaving him only capable of seeing blindingly bright colours. Considers himself to be Robin’s arch-enemy, as Dick Grayson once accidentally blinded him permanently after Quilt kidnapped a surgeon to fix his side.

And finally… not sure who the rabbit woman is. There is a Bat villain called White Rabbit, but her costume seems to be brown there, so I dunno.

EDIT: Thanks to coronaking for the tip off for the woman.

She is in fact the newest creation here, being a supervillain by the name of March Harriet, created by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen for their preboot run on Detective Comics. She is affiliated with the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum’s Wonderland Gang, a gang set up around the Mad Hatter, when the Dums were in fact mindcontrolling the more famous villain to be their figurehead to cash in on his street cred.

New favorite game: Spot The Crime Team

Next time y’all are in a crowded space (like a subway car or a food court), you should play my new favorite game. It’s called Spot The Crime Team. The objective is to put together a group of international criminals using only the people within your line of sight. Pick out a handful of individuals around the space, people who look like they would never, ever cross paths with each other. Then figure out who does what.

That chubby businessman with the tree trunk legs and partially unzipped Jack Spade laptop bag? He’s the connections guy. He knows anyone and everyone, and if you need something, he can get it for you. He says everyone loves him his body, and hey, he might be right.

And maybe the businessman can throw some muscle in a jam, but the real muscle is that blonde girl over in the corner. Yeah, sure, she looks like a normal teen with her pug nose and Portuguese guide book, but trust me. You don’t want to look in her cello case. Don’t EVER look in her cello case. And if she opens her cello case for any reason, well, may God have mercy on your soul.

See the kid and his grandpa? No, grandpa’s not part of the team. He’s mostly deaf and can only see out of one eye. Poor Grandpa Zeppers. But it makes him the perfect cover for the kid, the lookout, the scrawny, pimply one with the hee-haw laugh and saggy pants. That’s not a smartphone in his hands. Well, it is, but it’s modified. It’s a message center, and he’s feeding intel into his friends’s earpieces.

And the white-haired Haitian gramma over there against the wall? The one taking a quick cat nap with her pink kerchief tied around her neck just so and her big bag resting comfortably on her bosom? She’s tech support. Lady’s been making systems bow to her since before your parents learned how to wipe their own noses. Respect your elders.

Finally, that twenty-something woman in the green hijabi and the black-rim glasses? She’s the mastermind. She’s only been running jobs as the boss for the last three years or so, but she’s an up-and-comer, the best of the best. Her jobs are clean, precise, and spectacular. If you want to be part of a job that succeeds, you get on her crew.

I love this game so much. Not only is it a great way to people watch, but it forces me to “cast” characters outside of stereotypes. Also, rampant paranoia FTW!

The Blacklist RP group has an opening for Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington!

The Consigner of Crime’s RP spot has come available. We need someone that can channel Red’s devotion to his allies and friends, is ability to take control of any situation, and can tell one hell of a story. 

This RP would need to be quite active and would have interaction with most every other RP account, but, of course, would likely have the most interaction with @askelizabethscottkeen

If you are interested in applying for the position of Red, let us know!

Submissions open upon posting (31 October 2015) and will close on 6 November 2015 at 7PM EST. Any late submissions will be viewed at the discretion of the moderators. We will get through the submissions as quickly as possible while giving each one careful consideration. Please make sure your ask box is open so that we may contact you! If it is not open we may move to the next qualified submission.