crime solving comes first

I am quite surprised the no one is GIF-ing the scene where Molly arrives at 221B and Sherlock asks her to solve crimes.

I MEAN COME ON. He was confident as heck when he first asked John to come solve crimes with him back in S1, he’s never hesitant with Lestrade…

But what he did in 221B at that moment was textbook shy-boy-trying-to-ask-pretty-girl-in-the-playground-if-she-wanted-a-bite-of-his-popsicle.

[[THAT IS NOT A PUN. I am a good, clean, conservative girl and I don’t do sexual innuendos. That is is totally not a pun.]]

He was doing everything, including the initial anticipation as she walks into the room, the hesitation in his voice, the shifting of his eyes, the awkwardness, the slight swaying, the nervous fidgeting on his leg, the bashful expression on his face…

Not to mention he does ask her to go out for fish and chips later on. Which can be “dinner”.