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Reading your blog I think I may have really botched my crime scene. It's a very small town, any large forensic team would be a while -- would 2-3 cops and an ME try to do the best they can (especially as it is raining and the body is outdoors)? Or toss a tarp over it and wait for the folks in the fancy van from the city an hour away?

Hey @scix-in-the-back-row,

It doesn’t sound like you really botched your scene at all. In a small enough town, they probably won’t have to resources to have their own dedicated team for scene investigation. It actually would make sense for the cops to be sent to bigger cities to get training on how to preserve scene so that they can, in your words “wait for the folks in the fancy van” (Watson loves that btw). As long as they are trained in the proper procedures, they shouldn’t botch it up too badly.

Here is another possible option, it is a little Canadian specific, but it might apply to your location as well. In Canada we have 3 government level: federal, provincial, and municipal/city. In terms of law enforcement, federal has the Royal Canadian Mounted Police/RCMP (those red uniformed Mounties :3), provincial has Ontario Provincial Police/OPP for example, and for municipal think Toronto Metropolitan Police. Sometimes, the municipal level is too small to have their own law enforcement, and they instead have a contract with the provincial level enforcement (or even federal, in it is in a province without the provincial level). In this case, they will have to wait for a response, but will get people who are trained for the job.


The Los Feliz Murder Mansion - This beautiful Los Feliz mansion was the scene of a brutal murder-suicide which occurred on 6 December, 1959. Dr. Harold Perelson bludgeoned his wife and 18-year-old daughter to death with a hammer before ending his own life by drinking a glass of acid. After the murders, the house was sold but the new owners never moved in  nor did they change any of the furniture which was left inside the house. Many curious explorers have peeked through the windows to see the eerie 1950′s decor and even more creepily, the wrapped Christmas presents that were never delivered by the Perelson family.

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Serial killer crime scene photos

Trigger warning GRAPHIC CONTENT!!! These are not the most graphic i found, but i’m not going to scare you guy’s away from this amazing serial killer heaven blog.

Ted bundy.

Richard Ramirez.

Ed gein.

Edmund Kemper.

Jeffrey Dahmer.


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