crime of fashion


Addition Elle Butterfly Maxi

Dress: Addition Elle Size: 22 (Runs Large) L&L Dolman Sleeve Printed Maxi Dress

Description Printed maxi dress with chiffon overlay combines a whimsical butterfly print with trendy dolman sleeves for a vintage chic vibe. Plus size, V neck with a tie front empire waist. Soft knit cami dress lining. 54 inch length. Free spirited meets high fashion.
Glasses: Forever 21 Color: Dusty Pink/Gold
DescriptionElevate your look with this sleek pair of round sunglasses. Their semi-transparent frames act as a beautiful contrast against their high-polished temples. Keep these handy in case your outfit ever needs a little something extra.    Scarf: ThriftedSimilar I found on ebay: Orange Chiffon Scarf
Lipstick: Lime CrimeShades: Suedeberry and Bleached mixed together    I am super in love with everything about this outfit. I was pleasantly surprised when I went into Addition Elle and found this dress, I have not shopped in their store in quite some time and they have really stepped up their game!!! This alternative Canadian girl will be falling in love with Addition Elle all over again. P.S. Since I bought this dress I have been back three times and picked up three more items. Can’t wait to show them to you.  


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“I know that
I’ll go anywhere
For your smile, anywhere –
For your smile, everywhere –
I’d see.

I’d risk everything
For one kiss – everything –
Yes, I’d do anything
Anything for you!”

- Oliver!

DAY TWO: favorite episode of season two:

-Black and Tan, a Crime of Fashion. It’s just so asdfgghjkl. I love how everyone suddenly turns fashion conscious, like Gus going over the top with impressing Belinda, Lassie buying a new tie after being harassed about his suit, and Juliet… “I am a woman, chief. And I’m choosing to dress like one.”
And when she walks down the hallway and the guys just stare at her in awe. It is absolute PERFECTION. There’s not much more to say.