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Another crossover no one asked for.

I’m trying to add to the list of crossover/AUs that still involve comedy.

So we were thinking it might be fun for us as Admins to match up members with each other and assign each pair a certain plot rather it’s a mission, angsty thread or something different all together. This isn’t considered a formal event but more something for fun and to get everyone involved with each other and make sure no one feels left out. 

This isn’t mandatory and you don’t have to cease any other threads you have going on! But if you’d like to be involved, please like this post and we will begin matching people up sometime tomorrow afternoon. The threads were range but we can promise everyone will receive something interesting and plot developing. 

xxx, Bloody London Admins

John Gotti was the Gambino crime family boss in new York City. Once known as the number one gangster in America, he was a fastidious dresser and often referred to as ‘Dapper Don’. As the ‘Teflon Don’ he often evaded criminal convictions and fancied himself as a modern day Al Capone. In 2002 he died in prison of complications of head and neck cancer. 

TMI TUESDAY 003 : favorites

A little later than usual, but here’s this week’s TMI Tuesday! Let’s play a round of ‘favorites’. We’d like to encourage our members to question each other about their characters favorite things. It can be anything ranging from the character’s favorite places to foods, past-times, sleeping positions, ways to eat, etc. Nothing is off limits! Get detailed and nosy, this could really help people find their muses and created headcanons for their characters! As always, get creative and leave no stone unturned, and have fun with it!

If you’d to be a part of this week’s TMI Tuesday, simply like this post to be included! After liking this post, why not go right ahead and start sending other members of the group some asks as well.
This week we’re featuring a closed topic so get as creative as you’d like with your ideas, but please stick with the general topic! Remember though, if you see someone without many asks to help them out by sending in a few! This isn’t mandatory so if you don’t wish to participate, you don’t have too! Members choice!

Good morning everyone! We hope all of you who are studying hard for exams are keeping hydrated and motivated! After mulling over the little individual plot ideas brought forth by our wonderful members in each of the mob’s chats, we’d like to bring them into play to further facilitate some intermob conflict and threads! So, members, please like this post if you’d like to receive text missions from the main! We really hope to see these play out on the dash, and stay tuned for some new characters teasers and our upcoming event, coming soon!