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Ever get the feeling that someone is following you? You’re usually wrong. Angela is not. “In elementary, my siblings and I were followed home from school periodically,” she says. “We were not aware of it, but the stalker would send taunting texts to my mom.”

The family also regularly received death threats, which she was blissfully unaware of until she was older. “A lot of these death threats came from people saying that God told them to kill our family and that we needed to die,” she says – all matter-of-factly, like it’s a normal part of childhood and not the most terrifying goddamn thing we’ve ever heard.

Her parents’ divorce complicated things even further. Before then, it was always the authorities following them around. Afterward, they could never be sure if it was the FBI, some goon her father hired, or an enemy of their family. This caused some tense moments, to say the least. “There was an instance where my mom was driving home one night and about had a heart attack. A red laser point held steady on her from an unknown source. Was it the FBI? An enemy? Some kid with a damn laser pointer? We’ll never know, but she booked it.”

5 Surreal Realities Growing Up As The Daughter Of A Mob Boss

John Gotti was the Gambino crime family boss in new York City. Once known as the number one gangster in America, he was a fastidious dresser and often referred to as ‘Dapper Don’. As the ‘Teflon Don’ he often evaded criminal convictions and fancied himself as a modern day Al Capone. In 2002 he died in prison of complications of head and neck cancer. 

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For the fight task of the event, would it be possible for the admins to randomly pair or assign characters to each other, or open a request for that kind of thing?

We can pair characters if the player is willing, yes! 

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“Assassin sounds so exotic.. hah, I was just a murderer.”

Known as ‘The Iceman’ Richard Kuklinski killed more than 100 people as a Mafia hit man, all while his wife and children were completely oblivious. He was known for the many ways in which he killed his victims, including shooting, stabbing with ice picks; hand grenades; crossbows; chain saws; and a bomb attached to a remote-control toy car. His favorite weapon, he said, was cyanide, which he sprayed into a victim’s face using a nasal-spray bottle. He is perhaps one of the most remorseless criminals, killing for fun as well as profit. Once, he told an interviewer that he used to walk down busy streets and blow a cocktail of lethal, powdered chemicals into strangers’ faces to kill them. Standing at an intimidating 6 ft. 5 and weighing over 300 lbs, it was no surprise that he was the mafia’s favourite hit man. A full interview with the killer can be viewed below:

Whispers: Chapter 2 - Burnt Offerings

Chapter 2 in the Mob Psycho 100 crime drama AU ‘Whispers,’ credit to myself and @stickydoona!

Synopsis here and Chapter 1 can be read on Tumblr or AO3! You can also read this chapter on AO3 as well.

Art for this chapter is over on Doona’s post!

Warnings: graphic violence, language.

“Okay, so let’s go over it one more time,” Reigen said as they walked down the street, heading for the house that was surrounded by several cop cars, a fire truck and an ambulance. A slight haze of smoke seemed to hang in the air, giving the entire neighborhood an acrid odor.

When Mob replied, it sounded like he had memorized the lines for a test. “I’m supposed to…let you do all the talking. And look like I’m supposed to be there. And if anyone asks me what I’m doing, I should tell them that they can check my papers with you.”

“Right.” Reigen patted his inside pocket that was literally stuffed with forms and somewhat legal documentation. At least, it was supposed to look legal… “Are you ready?”

Mob nodded, even though he wanted to say ‘no.’ Frankly, he wanted to beg Reigen to take him back to the office, that there was no way he was ever going to be ready to go to an actual crime scene. It had always been hard enough seeing the visions secondhand, in his head, when he could find somewhere else to be after they were over and collect himself. This time, when he opened his eyes, there would be a body there. And a lot of people. And who knows what else…

“You’re going to be great, kid. Don’t worry too much. It’s just like we practiced. Just…a bit messier.”

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