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a little introduction :)

hey! i am lauren and i am an aspiring paediatrician who is currently in year 10. i live in london and am preparing for my gcses in 2018. i have created this studyblr to keep myself motivated and to join a supportive community who i can exchange tips and ideas with. the subjects i am taking at gcse are:

  • English Language (AQA)
  • English Literature (AQA - A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls, Love and Relationships Anthology, Macbeth)
  • French (AQA)
  • History (Edexcel - Superpower relations and the Cold War, Henry VIII and his ministers, Crime and Punishment in Britain, The USA: Conflict at home and abroad)
  • Religious Studies (OCR - Focusing on Christianity and Judaism)
  • Triple Science (AQA)
  • Maths (Edexcel)
  • Computer Science (OCR)

for a-level, i plan to take biology, chemistry, physics and maths.

if you are taking the same/similar subjects or we have common interests, don’t hesitate to start a conversation! if we aren’t doing the same subjects or exams, feel free to chat to me anyway :)

i am super excited to start this blog! i will post any of my original content with the tag #studyingwithlauren

thanks for reading this! Xx


I feel the serious need to share this with the world.

I live in Guatemala. A country known by its violence and corruption. Today history was made.
It was april 25 2015 when the first pacific protest started, people got tired of living in a country when nothing worked, where hospitals dont have any food ir medicines or medical suplies. Where dozens of poeple die everyday because they have nothing to give, where the olny thing doctors have is the will to help. Nothing more. People got tired to see starving children who are malnourished have to work to get Q1 (around $ 0.12) daily to survive. People got sick of watching everything they hope for, dies. To see how our future, our children, have no education and those who have is a sucky quality, with no desk, no proper floor, no food, no textbooks, no pencils, no notebooks, no educational material, no bathrooms, no adequate enviroment for learning.
People were tired of it, and the protest started for this on reason. We did not hace any of all that wee need, because TAXES, that money that the government gets to improve all of that and more i mentioned…taxes, ever single one of them…were stolen by OUR OWN CONGRESSMAN. The ex vicepresident (now on jail) Roxana Baldetti. She could have been the first woman to be vicepresident to represent women and make history for good, instead she was the leader of the gang that stole our taxes. Ever since that 25 of april, EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY, none missed, people, including myself, have protested for her dismission. Around 3 weeks ago, she dismissed her charge and was taken to court. She is currently on trial for fraude to an entire Country. People saw they have power…oh i forgot to mention NO GUATEMALAN was injured or dead during those protestings…every protest was pacific, because in the past they were violent and more tha 10000 people died. So we tried something new, and it worked. Ever since the ex vicepresident was found associated with that fraude..people started thinking she being the second hand of the president…he must have known. People ever since have been protesting DAILY for the president dismission. He, multiple times said he wasnt going to quit. People were mad,yet still pacific because we want justice, not revenge, and it took us 36 years of war and 18 years of extreme violence to undestand that. But today…today history was made.
With nothing but pacific protest and the hard hard work of (God bless them) CICIG, an UN organization against corruption and the national minister aginst crimes (MP). We achieved our goal…today around 8.55am Guatemala was left without a President (of couse we now have one until january 14 where the president to be elected this sunday will assume charge) . He quited and went to trial. He is now on preventive jail and his trial will continue tomorrow, maybe will extend for years, but justice arrrived. Its here. People finally understand that they have power and that in order to achive something, violence isnt needed.
Today, Guatemalans show everyone in our future leadership that NO ONE not even the presindet is above the law.
This is the beginning to a better future. To hospitals with medice and food.
To schools with teachers and materials.
To peace and progress.

And like our national anthem says “ y ¡ay de aquel que con ciega locura sus colores pretenda manchar!… Y lograron sin choque sangriento, colocarte en un trono de amor..”

“And poor of those who try to ruin its colors (refering to our means that whoever tries to cheat out their country will be sorry)…and they achiever with no blood shed to put you in a loving throne ( meaning tahat people achieve peacefully to pu Guatemala in a better place.)

Out anthem says it and we make it true.

Im ashamed to say i used to be embarassed to be Guatemalan when i was a kid. How wrong i was. I am nothing but honored and thankful to be guatemalan. Because we are change and we are love and hard work.
We are one and we will never be cheated again. We woke up and saw the reality. We will no longer be scared.

the entire history of ancient and modern states is merely a series of revolting crimes … kings and ministers, past and present, of all times and all countries – statesmen, diplomats, bureaucrats, and warriors – if judged from the standpoint of simple morality and human justice, have a hundred, a thousand times over earned their sentence to hard labour or to the gallows. There is no horror, no cruelty, sacrilege, or perjury, no imposture, no infamous transaction, no cynical robbery, no bold plunder or shabby betrayal that has not been or is not daily being perpetrated by the representatives of the states, under no other pretext than those elastic words, so convenient and yet so terrible: “for reasons of state.”
—  Bakunin