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Being a badass vigilante and dating Alex Danvers would include...

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  • you guys absolutely kick ass in the field and in your daily relationship
  • but it wasn’t always that smooth
  • she was apprehensive of you becoming a vigilante but saw that you had the heart of a hero so she convinced j’onn to let you on the team 
  • got winn to make you a super cool costume
  • you two look after each other in the field 
  • patching each other up after getting wounded
  • laughing as you’re both laying down on the couch covered in bruises 
  • alex kisses all the bruises to make the pain go away and you hit her with a pillow for being so cheesy even though you love it
  • everyone has different opinions on your superhero name but alex is the only one who makes jokes about how silly/lame/cheesy it is
  • lots of sparring sessions 
  • you love to spar with her but it always ends with you two on the ground making out 
  • self care after a brutal fight is drinking wine, eating pizza and binge watching netflix
  • if you have different viewpoints about what justice is you guys have a lot of arguments about it, to the point that you guys promise to not talk about it because it only leads to you not sleeping at alex’s apartment for weeks and she misses you too much
  • if you have the same viewpoints about what justice is there are a lot of conversations on how to better the community and what can be done to help the alien refugees and how to rehabilitate the alien prisoners 
  • kara loves to go out into the field with you because hello another superhero and she starts coming up with cool team names
  • the deo isn’t sure you’re up to it at first but you prove them wrong and make alex proud 
  • after you get seriously hurt alex doesn’t want you back in the field because she almost lost you and she’s not risking that again
  • you make her realize that she knows danger is a part of the job and that this is something that you live for, you can’t just give it up
  • it’s hard but she understands and slowly you join the team again
  • she’s extra careful and more watchful of you which leads her to get hurt and after that you both see why the other was so worried
  • overall you love fighting crime with your girlfriend, even if she can be a bit overprotective sometimes, because at the end of the day you’re making the city safer and you get to have weird competitions with alex over who gets the bigger bruise 

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Okay but consider this: Oliver Queen dies in the earthquake saving Tommy. His best friend, feeling guilty for calling him an assassin, decides to honor Oliver’s memory and becomes the next Arrow. Obviously he doesn’t kill, besides when he confronts his father, the Dark Archer responsible for the earthquake that killed 503 people including Oliver. And he fights crime with his girlfriend, Dinah Laurel Lance aka Black Canary.

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I don't think it's because of the playboy status. I think it's because of how the character is portrayed. Because of his commitment to crime fighting but the not girlfriend, the relationships wouldn't work out. But out of ALL the women he has dated & loved, Cat is the only one that has stayed around in his orbit and the only one he has grown closer to, grown in his trust and in his love for her over the years. But because they are on opposite sides, so to speak, DC likes to tease them more.

Well, I mean, the playboy status does have a lot to do with it, comic wise, but I agree. I’m so tired of the back and forth, which is one of the reasons I love King’s run. He’s doing what other writers were scared to do, and he’s finally made a run that’s refreshing. It’s not just the BatCat though, it’s what he’s doing with Bruce’s character and the relationship with his family, too, that’s made me love this run so much. Hopefully, DC doesn’t fuck this up for all of us.

Mild Gamophobia (Steve)

this came to be when i thought of (??? i can’t remember) and then i decided to write this. So here it is, a semi long/short fic that reminds me of how much i hate marriage proposals nowadays. 

“I want to marry you.” Steve opens suddenly and you freeze, eyes glued to the TV, your body going tense under his arm. “I know, I know. That’s why I’m telling you now.”

You look up at him, letting your naked fear show and he smiles, pressing a soft kiss to your lips and drawing a small smile from you, even in this moment. “I know you’ve never wanted to get married to anyone and all the arguments you have to back yourself up. I understand and I just- Well, I want to marry you and I love you. Your answer is up to you, and you don’t have to tell me now, or in a week. When you’re ready.”

Your lips part to speak but he covers your mouth with his quickly. “Sorry. I need you to know, and really listen to this part. I love you and I don’t want to break up just because you don’t want to get married. It isn’t necessary, I know you’re mine and I love you. I just want this. With you, and no one else. I swear I won’t let this break us if you say no.”

Your cheeks flame and your eyes close when you feel them well up. Jesus.

“I love you too, Steve.” You whisper and he sighs happily, shifting somehow closer and returning his gaze to the TV. For a moment, another wave of fear crashes over you at the thought of marriage, at the thought of possibly losing him, but it fades the longer you sit with him.

“Steve offered me a huge speech.” You start, Natasha on her back beside you and she snorts.

“Steve can’t speak unless it’s a speech.” She teases and you growl unhappily. That’s your boyfriend.

“He asked me to marry him-” You’re poised to continue but her gasp cuts off your words. You watch her jerk upright and onto her side, looming over you, jaw dropped and worry in her eyes. “Shut up. Technically he didn’t ask. He sort of… Man, I guess he sort of made his intentions known?”

“That he intends to marry you?” She whispers and you can tell she’s taking it the wrong way. She has to be.

“I said that wrong too. Shut up. He said he wanted to and then said he knows I don’t want to and then said something like I love you, probably, my ears were pretty well ringing by then. Then he said he didn’t care if I said no- No, shut up. He said it like, like it was okay, that he would be okay with it if I said I didn’t want it. He’s being- He brought it up strangely. I wish I had a transcript of what he said. F*ck.” You sigh, rubbing your temples. The worst part of it all, the most perfectly worst part was he was giving you a solution to everything you’d been terrified with about marriage. He wasn’t pressuring you in the moment to answer, he wasn’t running off angrily that you hadn’t said yes instantly, he’d even said he could live with not marrying you, just being your boyfriend forever. He was easing you into it and hell if it wasn’t exactly the thing you’d hated about modern day proposals.

“So…” Natasha prompted and you returned to the moment, her clear eyes staring at you.

“He wants to marry me but understands if I’m not interested. He’s got his table and he’s laying it all out on there, all the while leaving room for whatever I want to throw down.” You sum up and she stares at you a moment longer before flopping back down onto her back.

“What’re you going to say?” She asks softly, her fingers brushing your gently and you clutch them.

“I don’t know. He’s- He hasn’t mentioned it since, like he said it and then just went back to normal. And I’m not stressed.” You pause, knowing she’s picked up on the lie and wants honesty. “Fine. I’m really stressed. But I don’t know how I can say no? it’s all so perfect and I love him, more than I ever expected myself to love someone. My stupid feelings are making me doubt my convictions. Never get married, never have kids, never bother with partners beyond a quick f*ck, all I ever told myself I needed was my best friends and a cozy job.”

“Except when one of your best friends is suddenly kissing on you and asking you to marry him to eventually have all his babies because you know he’s a baby guy.” She completes and you groan softly.

“Exactly.” You croak and she rolls toward you, laying across your body. “Yeah, baby, comfort me.”

Natasha laughs at your lecherous tone, her head pillowed on your breasts as she stares at you, waiting for you to talk it out with her, like you always do.

“I need to make a list of questions. Or a pros/cons list.” You answer excitedly and Natasha rolls her eyes.

“Lets start with things he needs to clarify before you start your pros and cons. Because that’s what this whole waiting game is about, isn’t it? Him offering you time to settle into the idea and get the facts before you commit.”

“Yeah.” You whine grumpily, scowling at her to which she responds with a princess’s smile.

“Number one. Does he want kids?”

“Number two, when?”

“Number three, are you going to move out together, move in together, where will you live and how?”

“Smart. My one is what kind of dog he wants.”

“Also smart, choices like that can put a strain on any relationship.” She grins and you blush happily.

“And if he has baby names. Like does he want a little girl? Do I have to quit my job if we have a kid? Where will we keep it? Can we afford to school it?” You start rushing out, your voice getting higher until Natasha smushes a hand over your mouth.

“Firstly, stop calling your baby “it”.” She advises and you muffle something against her hand, her eyes rolling as she remonves it to let you speak.

“I don’t have a baby.”

“Shut the f*ck up.” Natasha snaps succinctly and you grin internally. “And these are all questions you should write down. From most important to least. And when you’re asking them, you can write down his answers to look back over later. And you’re not allowed to panic like you just did.”

“I told her I wanted to marry her.” Steve pipes up, eating another bite of his eggs benedict. Sam stares at him, Bucky silent between them.

“Seriously dude? She run yet?” Sam scoffs, forking some more of his salmon scrambled eggs into his mouth and watching his friend. It’s a poorly kept secret how much you despise the very idea of matrimony. Even oblivious Bruce knows and never mentions the subject in your presence.

Half the reason everyone was so amazed you and Mr Committed were still together.

“No, actually. She’s thinking it over.” Steve shrugs, looking glumly at his almost empty plate.

“What did you say exactly?” Bucky asks quietly, poking his crepes while he waits, but not eating them.

“Just that I wanted to marry her, that it was okay if she said no and that I’m not going to break up with her.” Steve shrugs and Sam chokes, coughing into a napkin and taking a swallow of his papaya juice.

“You’re brave as hell.” Sam finally gets out, wheezing, and Bucky smirks, shoving crepe into his mouth. “The fact that you even addressed that there was a future for the two of you, let alone touching the marriage subject. Wow.”

“Shut up.” Steve whines, rolling his eyes. A trait he’d picked up from Natasha as of late.

“Do you want kids?” Bucky asks, interjecting perfectly again and Steve coughs into his napkin, eyes avoiding the two of them. “What?”

“He does.” Sam answers, pointing at his friend and about to start up when Steve shakes his head.

“I can’t.” He admits, cheeks beet red and Bucky wheezes. Sam stares at the two of them, blinking in confusion when it hits him. Holy hell.

“Stone aged idiots.” He murmurs to himself before meeting Steves eyes steadily. “Welcome to twenty sixteen, where our baby menu is vast and full of choices. For the classical family, sex. For our more community inclined families, adoption or artificial insemination from a donor. Or those picky families, surrogates. Oh, hey! Did I mention fostering, or even forgoing babies and keeping pets instead?”

Bucky and Steve stare at Sam, their expressions wiped of everything but confused embarrassment and Sam sighs loudly.

“There are millions of men who can’t have kids. For millions of reasons. They make do.” Sam tries and Steve shakes his head weakly. “Look, idiot, Y/N doesn’t even want kids, but what she doesn’t want less than them? Not having you. Consider adoption. Seriously. Not everything is about having fruitful loins, you cavemen.”

With that, Sam stands, stretching before heading for another table. Steve watches him, not even having noticed the way the girls had been ogling them.

“Do you want kids?”

“A barn full.” He answers honestly and your heart clenches. “But I can’t- I can’t give you them.”

And your heart clenches all over again for the expression on his face. “I don’t want to quit my job. But we can adopt. Adopt a bunch of kids and toddlers and babies.”

“You’ll marry me?” He jerks and you hiss a breath.


“Sorry, right. No pressure. We can adopt without marrying. I’m sure they’ll give us children.” He smirks and you can’t help laughing. Yeah right, an adoption agency giving kids to a 90-year-old veteran who still fights crime? And his girlfriend who won’t give up her job or commit?

“I want a cocker spaniel.” You burst out and Steve frowns at you, your cheeks flushing. “I’m saying- Uh- If you choose to get a dog, I’d want a cocker spaniel. If that’s okay with you.”

“Of course.” He answers smoothly, a grin twitching at his lips.

“Where would we live?” You ask nervously and he nods thoughtfully.

“Wherever you want.” He answers and you sigh. This is too hard.

“Be honest. Jerk.” You grumble and he levels you with a stare.

All I want is you. And if I still get to keep you at the end of all this, I’m open to anything.” He shrugs and you scowl at him. “Fine. Brooklyn. A nice place that isn’t too big and when we’re ready, we’ll move somewhere where we can keep our small army.”

You grin at him, kissing his cheek and he grins back at you, pleased with himself.

“I want your opinions, I want to know what you want. Because I want you too but it’s hard to choose things if you’re just going to wax poetic.” You offer and he nods, resting his chin on his fist.

“Okay, definitely. Hit me.”

Hours later, you throw yourself back onto the mattress, panting. Glancing over at him, you can see Steve’s still recovering and you can’t help the giddiness in your stomach. Leaning close, your lips brush against his ear and his breath catches, as if he’s ready all over again, even though you know he isn’t.

“I’ll marry you, Mr Rogers.” You whisper and his whole body tenses and you lean back some. His face turns to you slowly, his eyes wide and bright and hopeful.

“Are you sure?”

“Well, that orgasm really sealed the deal, but yes. You are the only thing I’m sure of, and for you, I’ll do this.” You answer and his eyes darken some but you kiss his lips sweetly. “I love you, don’t think you coerced me or forced my hand. I know you, Steven.”

His eyes close slowly and suddenly he launches himself at you, a growl leaving his lips and you can’t help yelping and giggling. His lips print themselves to your skin, leaving marks and soft touches wherever they go, his laughter low and happy, a backing track he can’t seem to stop.

“We’ll have three kids. I’ll stop taking so many missions, you can keep your job. We’ll get two dogs and I love you. We’ll live in Brooklyn and have pancakes every Sunday and sex every Saturday night and only on Saturday night, like real adults. And I’ll teach them how to fight people and you’ll teach them how to not fight people and Bucky will adore them and Sam is going to hate them. And you’re going to be the best mom, I love you. And every Halloween we’ll have a party, just like you like and…” He trails off, his eyes brightening as they refocus on your giggling form. “What?”

“You’ve got it all planned out.” You smirk and Steve shrugs modestly. “Where are they going to school?”

“Tony is going to put a private tutor on his payroll, all our future kids are going to be taught at the tower. For safety and because Tony demands they all get the best.” Steve answers instantly, eyes lit up. “We discussed it once, I know he remembers.”

“Wow.” You breathe, staring up at your fiancée and realizing that this is the opposite of what you imagined your life would end up like. But somewhere along the line, you fell in love with Steve and accepted that what you wanted changed. Not because of his cute butt or chiselled abs, as incentivising as they are. For you, for the way he makes you feel and the way you feel without him.

this honestly is super mush like. and it makes me uncomfortable. but if you love it, i stg, you’re a golden gift human. thanks. and goodnight.

I cannot even tell you guys how relieved I am that Alex and Maggie didn’t do the slow burn. So many shows draw out their relationships over two or three seasons and that shit is honestly so unnecessary. I freaking love seeing my girls together and happy, especially after Alex spent two weeks in a row breaking all our hearts.

I also feel like, just because Alex and Maggie are getting together doesn’t mean we won’t get a ton of angst. I mean, they still lead complicated lives and their jobs are dangerous and Maggie’s insecurities about being in a relationship aren’t just going to disappear. I wanna see them deal with all those hurdles as a couple.

And there are just so many potential conflicts to explore. There are the basics, like: Will Alex tell Maggie about Supergirl’s identity? Will keeping her sister’s secret create any problems for them in their relationship? Will we ever get to see Jealous!Maggie make an appearance??

And then there’s the deeper stuff, like: What happens if Alex tells Maggie she loves her and Maggie has trouble saying it back? How will they both deal with always having to see each other hurt on the job? Will Alex help Maggie love herself more, since her last breakup seemed to really hurt her confidence? Will we get to meet Maggie’s family, and are they really as accepting as she said?

And when we’re not dealing with all that stuff, we get to see Alex and Maggie being all cute and domestic together, or better yet, kicking ass as gay crime fighting girlfriends. And if that isn’t the best fucking thing you’ve ever heard then I don’t know what to tell you.