crime fighting duo

Imagine your OTP

Person A and Person B (your superhero otp) together resting when they’re off duty.

Person B: “You know it’s nice, the peace and quiet, no robbers, no criminals just a chance to relax-”

Then all of a sudden an alarm goes of and their signal calls for them to go.

Person B: “Well it was nice while it lasted.”

Person A then chuckles and says “We can rest when we get back.” then kiss Person B’s cheek then get to work.


More redraws because I’m obsessed with my old drawings and you guys need to see how bad I was omg. These were from 6 years ago.


❛ I mean, call me crazy but I think we’re in Freddy vs. Jason territory here. ❜ 
❛ It’s like the killer is combining these two legends into one brand new murder spree. ❜ 
❛ I was expecting crazy Ralph from Friday the 13th so nope. ❜
❛ I’m barely responsible for myself.  ❜
❛ I thought you said this was going to be a mansion.  ❜
❛ I know my mansions, this is really more of a bungalow. ❜
❛ We’re trying to lure the killer and you show up.  ❜
❛ I’m sorry, this is a pretty classic “don’t let him in” situation, right? ❜
❛ I guess I didn’t think of you as the hospital visit type. ❜
❛ You know the whole, horrible, embarrassing story. ❜
❛ You broke my heart! I loved you, okay, and you broke my heart. ❜  
❛ That’s a pretty outdated way of thinking. ❜
❛ Virgin? Seriously? Where did you learn to do that? ❜
❛ It’s a terrible movie, but one hell of a sex scene. ❜
❛ See this is why people think you’re creepy. ❜
❛ Do you think I’m creepy? ❜
❛ I’m sorry, this isn’t the right place. ❜  
❛ This is the stupidest, most insane thing ever. ❜
❛ The only thing scary here is this dress. ❜
❛ I’m not a stranger, okay, I’m just strange. ❜
❛ That’s never gone bad for anyone in a movie ever. ❜
❛ First shut up, second, it’s just a study session.  ❜
❛ I get that you’re scared, but I understood. ❜  
❛ We all have our ways of coping.  ❜
❛ The kid screwed me over and skipped town. ❜
❛ This is my life. Not some stupid campaign. ❜
❛ You mean looking out for my boobs? ❜
❛ Are you flirting with me? ❜
❛ Thank God because this drink is undrinkable. ❜
❛ If one of us gets hurt, we all get hurt.  ❜
❛ Second chances are rare. Don’t waste them. ❜
❛ I’m making a knife stick. ❜
❛ I need, like, a Men in Black brain wipe. ❜
❛ Is that a pig? God, I’m never eating bacon again. ❜
❛ I’m the only one who knows how to reset the router. ❜
❛ Well we don’t want you getting arrested.  ❜
❛ If I can’t trust you, I can’t be with you. ❜
❛ Aww, you wanna come in the hot tub with me? ❜
❛ The weak are outed and then eaten. ❜
❛ It’s the time honored enforcement of the food chain. ❜
❛ Considering my ex-beau might be a mass murderer, who am I to criticize? ❜
❛ Love the colors, but the spots? Too much. ❜
❛ I can’t believe you two came here without me.  ❜
❛ Hey, we could team up: Bi-curious and the Virgin.  ❜
❛ I was gonna be the Babadook, but then my mom made this cape. ❜
❛ What? No, you love taco Tuesday. ❜
❛ So, pretty much everybody’s a suspect, including us.  ❜
❛ I think this is the beginning of a beautiful mutual tolerance.  ❜
❛ Cue creepy murder music. I knew I was missing something. ❜  
❛ You’re not going to die! Tonight, we change the ending.  ❜
❛ Oh, crap. I’m gonna die. ❜
❛ Actually, we could all use a minute. ❜
❛ Hey, um, thanks for saving my life. ❜
❛ Boom, but then what? Take a victory lap around the pool? ❜
❛ We know what you’re going through, and we’re here if you need us.  ❜
❛ I’ve never seen him/her with his/her mouth shut before. ❜
❛ Maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper. ❜
❛ Pick one, slay one, console one, then repeat.  ❜
❛ What made him/her start killing people? ❜
❛ Okay, not a lesbian, not discussing it. ❜
❛ You root for them, you love them, so when they are brutally murdered, it hurts. ❜  
❛ You have to care if the team wins the big game. ❜
❛ You have to care if the smart, pretty girl forgives the dumb jock. ❜
❛ You can’t do slasher moves as a TV series. ❜
❛ You wanna feel the sting of this sexually-confused Atheist’s foot up your butt? ❜  
❛ Hey, hey! I made you microwave popcorn, remember?  ❜
❛ I know you want the truth. So, let’s find it. ❜
❛ A yearbook? That’s not so weird. ❜
❛ That’s the world’s saddest crime fighting duo. ❜
❛ No, I’d rather channel my anguish into something productive. ❜  
❛ Did you just try to tase my man parts? ❜
❛ There are not enough happy face emojis in the world to express how much I needed that. ❜ 
When the Stork Flew Over the Moon | Tonky Stork x his son Spooney Moon


a/n: is this for shits and giggles or for real


All Spooney ever wanted in life was to be noticed by the infamous Tonky Stork. He built up his grades and put in the hard work to be worthy of such attention. He was a professional Stork Stalker™ (that’s what his fans were called). Spooney’s official job was to sell pictures of the illusive man to the press.

He was just so majestic. Spooney Moon walked the halls of his above average high school with the weight of a giant secret on his broad shoulders: he knew the Tonky Stork, but he was sworn to secrecy. He and Tonky were the ultimate crime fighting duo, he even had a picture of the two of them together. Tonky soaring over the city with Spooney in tow:

Spooney shook his head trying to dismiss the images of their epic battles so that he could focus on his studies.

“Hey Spooney!!” His best friend Noodles Lean called from across the hallway. Spooney felt a smile replace his upset frown and turned to face the grinning boy.

“Hey Noodles, what’s up?” Spooney asked. Noodles proceeded to fill him in on how he was building the Life Moon from Sun Peace and Spooney politely nodded along.

When the school day ended Spooney raced out of the oppressive building toward Stork Tower. All he wanted was to fly above the city again, safely tucked into Tonky’s blanket.

He glanced to the sky to find Tonky gliding above him with his arms wide open, “Come to me my son.” Tonky bellowed from his position high above him. Spooney took a running leap off of the side of a school fence and was caught snuggly in the safe, protective arms of his mentor. Home at last.

On Betty’s relationship with Jughead, Reinhart says they work because they “balance each other very well. Betty has such a soft exterior, and he has such a harsh one. They’re kind of opposites in that sense. But I think internally, they’re both very emotionally complex characters and they’re both really passionate. Jughead is such a passionate writer and Betty is such a passionate journalist, and they’re kind of like this little crime-fighting duo taking on this mystery together and I think that helps bring them closer.”
—  lili reinhart on bughead 
Imagine #17 Peter Maximoff (Request)

Requested by @fragcc: Could you do a Peter x human reader? Like, they’d meet at library and become good friends bc they like the same stuff and then after some time they’d start dating and he’d confess to her that he’s a mutant but she doesn’t care bc it’s her love… =]

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Not my gif

Words: 2263

Warnings: typos, fem!reader (though not necessarily, I think, I’m just not sure), SWEARS

A/N: So, I was in a really no-cheesy mood when I wrote this, I hope, y’all like it anyway! xoxo

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”, you muttered under your breath as your eyes fell on the empty space in the shelf, where your favourite book was supposed to be. Some idiot had been hogging it for the past two months and you had been counting the days until you would finally be able to read it again – for about the 56th time. And now here you were, on the day it was supposed to be back, in front of the shelf where it was supposed to be, and yet… Right at that moment, your glare could have killed a man.

And yes, you could have just bought a copy of your own, but that wasn’t, what this was about, you insisted. This was about order, structure. You wanted this copy and you wanted it now.

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Matt Murdock x Asexual!Reader

- he’s a big goofball about it
- from the moment you come out
- he knew you’re ace. He just wanted you to come out on your own terms, when you’re ready.
- “I’m asexual.”
“Cool. Does that make us Ace Attorney?”
- respecting you and your identity 100%
- ace puns
- pride parades!
- he totally has a shirt that says “I LOVE MY ACE S/O”
- you probably fight crime with him too
- how cool would it be to have a crime fighting duo consisting of an asexual person and a blind person
- “Wow, we really aced that one.”
- obviously he relies on touch a lot
- he really likes cuddling
- and memorizing your face
- “I’m gonna trace your ace face.”

A Super Couple

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Request: (By anon)  If you watch Supergirl and The Flash, would you mind doing an imagine where the reader is Supergirl and she and The Flash are a crime-fighting duo and are dating (and know about each others’ secret identities) and they use their powers to stop a robbery?

A/N: Okay so I haven’t gotten the chance to start watching Supergirl yet, so this is mainly based off things I researched, tell me if I’m missing or need to correct anything! Also I was debating using Y/N or Kara, but decided on Y/N. Still from my old blog.

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anonymous asked:

hey have u read any good peraltiago fics that u could recommend? I'm just getting into it so reccing the popular ones would be gr8 too

hey! it took me a while to find some of my faves fics, but my dude, i’ve got u 

so here are some of my top picks for u, 10/10 would recommend: 

  1.  for you are my fate by Lymans (Rated T): Amy has had a lot of great ideas in her lifetime. Telling her cousin she’s dating Jake Peralta and he’ll definitely be attending her destination wedding is not one of them.Aka the one where Amy and Jake pretend to date while pretending they’re not really madly in love with each other. If you are a fan of fake dating fics then this one is for you. I absolutely love this fic; I’ve read it at least five times already. The characterisation of Jake and Amy are so on point and I am completely obsessed with all of Amy’s brothers in this fic (spoiler: there is a lot of Santiago fam in this) 
  2. I Think Girls Like Being Deceived by queenamyrulez (Rated T): A different version of the ‘Boyle-Linetti Wedding’ episode inspired by the dialogue ‘Jenny’s going to think I’m married’ in which Terry is unable to remove the ring and events unfold slightly differently. Another of my ultimate fave fics. This is exactly how I wished Boyle-Linetti Wedding was because it just so god damn good. 
  3. just another girl who took my breath away by jakepurralta (Rated T):  Rey Santiago-Peralta was a wonder to behold, and Jake Peralta was having the best day of his life. This fic is just straight up adorable. I just have so many feels about Jake and Amy having babies okay. 
  4. just a little bit fearless by @phil-the-stone (Rated T): okay so i had mention the dreaded Single Dad AU that completely destroyed my soul and made me cry for a thousand years, but holy shit, this fic is amazing. (also special s/o to phil bc everything she writes truly amazing and she is just a wonderful human being) 
  5. Broken Toys Make No Noise by Talking_Bird (Rated M): Three months have passed since Amy Santiago put her heart on the line, three months since Jake Peralta asked for a new partner, Three months since they last looked each other in the eyes.But the 99 needs its best crime-fighting duo back because a new killer has hit the streets of Brooklyn and he doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon. Imagine that you were watching CIS with the characters from B99 and you get this fic. Its so dark and mysterious and nothing like the show but it is still amazing. 
  6.  i’ve been sleepwalking too close to the fire by @elsaclack (Rated T):   Amy goes undercover immediately following the events of Johnny and Dora. Jake and the others try to deal. Once again another angst fulled fic that makes me cry for a thousand years but equally an amazing fic (another s/o to em bc oh my god her fics legit are 100% and i am just overwhelmed by how amazing they are.) 

okay so they are some of my faves that i suggest you reading, but there are so many other amazing fic writers out n i feel bad for not mentioning them all, but i love them all just as much as the rest. hope this helps!