crime fighting duo

the ml!cups saga

so yesterday @metawohoo​ shared her new cup with the group

i shared this with @littleblackchat​ who then…

best crime fighting duo!

then today:

soooo  //taps cups with lbc// ….bien joué????

(it was a short saga)

Why Iris got Barry a wallet...

I think after ep. 3X02, Barry told Iris how they reconnected in Flashpoint. Maybe he told her during one of their dates or when he was hanging out in her small apartment… Anyway we know that he told the Wests about Kid Flash and the Bro-Sis crime fighting duo so there isn’t much reason not to tell the rest. So he probably told her about this:

She thought the story was cute and bought him a wallet for Christmas (based on past gifts, probably the best leather wallet she could find). The note she put inside said:

 “You never have to come up with a reason or an excuse to talk to me.”

anonymous asked:

supercorp college au sort of : unable to resist her heroic urges, kara begins her superhero career while in college. with no fancy government agency to back her, she’s in desperate need of some tech support and who better to recruit than the smartest (and most intimidating) girl on campus- lena luthor.

  • English/Communications major Kara Danvers registering for an advanced mechanical engineering class as an excuse to talk to/assess TA!Lena.
  • Kara never having time to talk to TA!Lena because oops, the class is actually really hard and she’s too busy stress eating/studying to work up the confidence to do so.
  • Kara joining Lena’s study group and lowkey asking (blurting) ‘theoretical’ questions about ‘practical superhero suit designs’ and Winn being the one to enthusiastically answer.
  • Kara eventually dropping the class because Winn and her have evolved into an argyle wearing crime fighting duo/best friends and there’s no need to stay and suffer through the course now that she has help.
  • Kara really missing the class because she sort of, kind of, maybe fell a little bit in love with Lena Luthor. 
  • All the while elusive/lonely teaching assistant Lena has been making heart eyes at personified sunshine Kara Danvers this entire time.
  •  Literally everyone has noticed this. Except for Kara, ofc.
  • BONUS: J’onn and novice DEO agent Alex finding out about Supergirl and going undercover to keep an eye on things. Introducing grumpy groundskeeper John Jones and vengeful barista Alex Danvers. 
  • SECOND BONUS: Maggie Sawyer having the most obnxious and complicated coffee order because a flustered Alex is the best kind of Alex.
A Super Couple

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Request: (By anon)  If you watch Supergirl and The Flash, would you mind doing an imagine where the reader is Supergirl and she and The Flash are a crime-fighting duo and are dating (and know about each others’ secret identities) and they use their powers to stop a robbery?

A/N: Okay so I haven’t gotten the chance to start watching Supergirl yet, so this is mainly based off things I researched, tell me if I’m missing or need to correct anything! Also I was debating using Y/N or Kara, but decided on Y/N. Still from my old blog.

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Okay hear me out on this weird theory that is likely to not happen

We all know Lena Luthor was adopted but we don’t know anything about her birth parents. Not even what her last name was before she was adopted into the Luthor legacy (Yes I know it’s only been 8 episodes so bear with me).

What if her birth parents’ last name was Bertinelli? And she was born as Helena Bertinelli? As in the superhero Huntress?

And Lillian and Lionel just shortened her first name to Lena to match the whole LL thing they got going on.

I only thought of this crack theory because Huntress and Power Girl (who is Supergirl on another Earth) are good friends/crime fighting duo and I was like

holy shit

Newbie police officer and the detective (新人警察官と刑事さん)

Another AU idea that amuses me to no end!

Eren is a new police officer assigned to a small koban in some remote part of Shinjuku. He has a strong sense of justice but possesses neither the skills nor intelligence to support his need to fix the wrong-doings of society. What he does have is a knack of landing himself into serious trouble, often charging head first in the wrong places at the wrong time, always getting caught up in the middle of dangerous investigations, and unknowingly ventures into extremely compromising situations. And of course all cases of this nature are under the jurisdiction of none other than Levi, the senpai Eren admires the most; the best but also the unfriendliest detective in town. 

Together they make Tokyo’s most unlikely crime-fighting duo!

NB This silly idea sprung from seeing that police uniform and thinking Eren would fit the part of a clumsy police officer perfectly - bless his cotton socks he is just too cute! Please do not take any of this seriously - it’s all just a bit of fun because if you haven’t noticed already, I like random x

Mismatched protagonist duos, anime edition - go!

She’s a bubbly, pink-haired schoolgirl who’s secretly a magical princess from space! He’s a broodingly mysterious white-haired pretty-boy whose cursed blood carries a terrible power! Together… they fight crime!

(I like to imagine that every time he goes off on one of his grandly nihilistic rants, she interrupts him with a well-placed whack upside the head with her sparkly princess wand.)

A comedy where Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are a crime fighting duo who kind of suck at their jobs and solve most of their cases by accident. Kristen Wiig as their exasperated supervisor who just wants them to do as they’re told for once. Melissa McCarthy and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as criminal masterminds trying to take over the city.