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For as long as I can remember myself, it has rained in Armenia for April 24th. This year isn’t an exception. 

Rest in Peace 1.5 million innocent men, women, kids, elders, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, friends, lovers. You did not deserve to die in anguish, and for your sacrifice you will be forever remembered. 

It’s the 102th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. 

For my younger followers, and those who have not had the chance to be as socially educated and may be on the fence about communism, an ideology that never should have left Karl Marx’s basement (where he wrote it while ignoring his starving children)

The perfect illustration of capitalism vs communism is Korea. 

In South Korea, you have this thing called K-pop

It’s cute bubbly pop music made by cute highschool girls and young women. 

Now in North Korea, you have these things called “Death Camps.”

It’s where girls just like this, toddlers​, elderly and inform, and political dissidents (real or percieves) are worked to death, starved, women subject to rape (usually followed by then watching product of said rape murdered in front of her.), entire families imprisoned in these circumstances for generations, all of them subject to medical experimentation and just any crime against humanity imaginable (the history of communism is parrallel to that of all major large scale human rights abuses for the past hundred years.

Depictions below made by North Korean escapee

Now choose.

Teaching the Holocaust

Why we should require students to learn about genocide.

Think about this: There are only five states in the U.S. which require curriculum dedicated to teaching the Holocaust. That’s right, only 1 out of 10 states requires teachers to teach their students about the systematic killing of a race of people that happened less than a century ago. It goes without saying that the Holocaust was one of the greatest crimes against humanity in recent history, so it amazes me how quickly the collective forgets.

Why then, when we forget so easily, do so few states choose to require teaching students about genocide?

We cannot allow for things like this to fall by the wayside. It is the lack of education on these topics that leads to the steadily increasing number of Holocaust deniers and white supremacist groups. The purpose of teaching history is to prevent it from repeating itself, and given the recent upsurge in nationalist sentiment, we could be teetering on a dangerous precipice.

The importance of teaching the Holocaust is becoming more apparent. We owe it to the millions who suffered and died to never let something like that happen again. This is not a political issue, this is a human rights issue.

Teach students about the horrors of genocide.
Teach students to look for the signs.
Teach students to be allies and activists for equality.
Teach the Holocaust.


In black and white it presents photos of 40 people who were eyewitnesses to the horrors that befell Armenians during the scourge by Ottoman Turkey in 1915-18.

Armenakyan, staff photographer at ArmeniaNow, says the experience of capturing the faces that represent the family histories of so many millions of Armenians worldwide was “another attempt to remind of the innocent victims of 1915.”

“I have photographed people holding their old photographs in their hands – one end of the thread connecting them with the past,” says Armenakyan.

“Some of these people never had a photograph taken of them during their whole life. Perhaps this is their last photograph. Only this could have become a good reason for a separate project.”

The photographer says the project is not over and will continue as long as genocide survivors are alive and “can testify to what they eye-witnessed.”

Park Dae-im was drafted by the Japanese Imperial Army in 1934 and forced into prostitution in the service of the Japanese troops invading China. She was sent to a euphemistically-named comfort station in Mukden, now Shenyang, China, where she received a residence permit for foreigners, which she has kept with care as proof of her past.
Sterilization of Native American women - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Reports of forced sterilization of Native American women began to surface in the 1970s. Of the 100,000 to 150,000 Native American women of childbearing age, 3,400 to 70,000 of these women were involuntarily sterilized through tubal ligation or hysterectomy. They were not given a choice to refuse or accept to undergo the sterilization procedure. Many were manipulated into thinking that should they refuse to undergo sterilization, they would risk losing their welfare aid.

In the 1970s, the average birth rate of Native American women was 3.79 children. By 1980 the birth rate had fallen to 1.8 children.

Types of sterilization

Most Native Americans at the time faced poverty and were heavily dependent on federal aid. The Indian Health Service (IHS) provided most healthcare to them. Their heavy dependence on the IHS for healthcare made them vulnerable as their hyperfertility subjected them to sterilization. The most popular sterilization procedure was the hysterectomy. Hysterectomies were often performed by residents without the patient’s knowledge. Hysterectomy is a form of permanent sterilization in which the uterus is removed through the patient’s abdomen or vagina. Tubal ligation is a sterilization procedure in which a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked.

Quinacrine was also used to sterilize Native American women. Quinacrine is commonly used to treat malaria. However it can also be used for non-surgical sterilization. Capsules inserted into the uterus will spread and destroy the lining of the fallopian tubes.

Non-permanent forms of sterilization were also used including Depo-Provera and Norplant. Depo-Provera was used mainly on intellectually disabled Native American women before it gained clearance from the FDA in 1992. Norplant was developed by the Population Council and was also promoted by the IHS. Side effects of these two types of sterilization include the cessation of the menstrual cycle and excessive bleeding.

Reasons for sterilization

Factors that made Native American women targets of sterilization included belief of racial inferiority and negative stereotypes of the Native American population. They were often represented by the media negatively as a Squaw who was “dirty, subservient, abused, alcoholic and ugly woman who loves to torture white men.”. Native American women were seen as unfit to raise or have children in comparison to white women. Native American women in the 1970s were under the impression that sterilization was mandatory and were coerced into giving consent. They were afraid of having their welfare benefits withdrawn if they did not agree to the sterilization procedure. Consent forms presented to them failed to indicate that the decision would not affect their benefits. This abuse was driven by social and economic factors, as demonstrated studies done by the Health Research Group in 1973 and Doctor Bernard Rosenfeld’s interviews in 1974 and 1975.

The majority of the physicians performing the sterilizations decided that sterilization was the best alternative for these women. They claimed it would improve their financial situation and improve the quality of life for the children that they already had. Also with fewer people applying for Medicaid and welfare, the federal government could decrease spending on welfare programs. The physicians also were paid more for performing hysterectomies and tubal ligations than for prescribing other forms of birth control. It would also aide in training new physicians. When a student in 1971 asked why hysterectomy was favored over tubal ligations, Dr. James Ryan responded that “it’s more of a challenge…and it’s good experience for the junior resident”.

Due to negative stereotypes of Native American women and beliefs of racial superiority, many physicians believed these women did not possess the intelligence to limit the number of children or use birth control effectively, which led to the sterilization abuse in the 1970s.

People "accuse" us of "dividing" our selves

Like on a post I made about how Trump has divided America because of how many of my friends have blocked one another or stopped talking to each other, people commented:

“You’re the ones dividing each other not Trump!”

Like first off all, nice departure from logic, saying that someone who’s causing all these fucking arguments in the first place isn’t responsible even though you should be able to figure out that if he wasn’t around, we wouldn’t have to have them.

Second, are you serious?

Trump has literally brought the worst people out of the woods.

He’s made racists feel safe and validated.

He’s made Anti-Semites and Islamophobes feel comfortable walking around the streets spewing their bullshit and calling themselves true patriots AGAIN.

He’s forced good people to stand up against these people and show them who THEY are.

I mean seriously.

You think we can take Nazis lying down?

You think we can accept the coming of our New Fuhrer with good conscience?

Trump did this.

He’s brought us to this, and you think liberals are overreacting, no.

Trump is an extremist and the people he’s inciting are also extremists.

Extreme measures have to be taken.

He’s hyper charged politics to the breaking point.

Don’t blame liberals for “dividing” America.

Did you really think we were going to let you have your way and be perfectly “reintegrated” with Trump’s minions?

Fuck that and fuck him.

He’s divisive because not all Americans are UTTER GARBAGE.

If I’m ever proud of my country, it’s when Americans stand up to protest the ban on Syrian refugees.

It’s when Americans stand up and tear down that ridiculous wall Trump wants to build.

It’s when Americans protest in record numbers for feminism and women’s rights.

It’s when…

A man punches a fucking Nazi in the face.

Your perfect little system is broken.

Your politics are no longer political but moral.

How could you expect any human being with a shred of decency to ignore them and “make peace?”

He’s disrupted the peace in politics and the disconnect between political matters and personal matters.

He’s made politics deeply personal and I’m astounded that you would think we would let people bearing the name and spirit of Nazi, the worst people in the world, responsible for some of the absolute worst crimes against humanity in history, walk around uncontested simply because “that’s how it’s always been! free speech!”

We will not.

Not as long as we are alive.

Not as long as we’re good people.

You understand, I hope.


Pictured above is the Norwegian prime minister during world war 2, Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling. In 1940, after the German invasion he wished to be the prime minister, and hence he is the first in history to have tried a coupe d’etat over radio. This didn’t go very well, as the Germans didn’t support him at the time. He came back in 1942, supported by the Germans and got the title of minister-president, a title he shared with the german administrator of the occupied Norway. 

After the war, in 1945, Quisling, along with two other Nazi-sympathizers that were vital to the german regime were sentenced to death by firing squad. He was found guilty of treason.

The documents pictured above are the documents from his trial, these include witness-statements, the state prosecutor’s lecture etc. These were only printed in a small circulation of 30-40 prints.

Missing shipwrecks from the Battle of the Java Sea

Royal Netherlands Navy

HNLMS De Ruyter

HNLMS Kortenaer


Royal Navy 

HMS Exeter

HMS Encounter 

HMS Electra 

This is a crime against history, the families of the deceased still on board these underwater war graves, and humanity in general, the people responsible for such atrocity deserve to rot in hell!


Tokyo: 1945 - 2015

On March 10, 1945, Operation Meetinghouse went into effect, and U.S. B-29 bombers flew over Tokyo in the dead of night, dumping massive payloads of E- 46 cluster bombs, each of which released 38 M-69 napalm bomblets, as well as 100lb gasoline and white phosphorus M-47 incendiary bombs. 

The raids left a fifth of Tokyo smouldering under an expanse of charred bodies and rubble.

Around 104,500 people were estimated to have died in the attack, mostly as a result of the giant fires that engulfed the city, as well as over 40,000 wounded, and nearly 280,000 homes and businesses destroyed, making it the deadliest conventional air raid ever, worse than Nagasaki and on par with Hiroshima.

But the attack, and similar ones that followed in more than 60 other Japanese cities, have received little attention and were eclipsed by the atomic bombings and Japan’s postwar rush to rebuild.

Where earlier raids targeted aircraft factories and military facilities, the Tokyo firebombing was aimed at civilians, in places including Tokyo’s downtown Shitamachi area, where people lived in traditional wood and paper homes at densities sometimes exceeding 100,000 people per square mile.

In the above photos, we look at the results of Operation Meetinghouse, as well as the same areas of Tokyo in 2015. Little would one know that the city they stand in today was once a scorched wasteland, brought to it’s knees. 

anonymous asked:

I didn't say Nazi/Jew romance would be necessarily romantic, I said it would be interesting and compelling, because of the contradictions in the characters. It would be interesting to see how both of the characters would deal with it. It would force the Nazi character to examine their believes and why they hold them. And the Jew would have to deal with loving someone that can't love them back. Besides, it is something that almost certainly did happen at least a few times...

But we can write about contradictions and forcing lovers to examine their on prejudices and everything else without using Nazis and Jews. 

Like, I don’t think y’all understand just how brutal and disgusting and wretched the Holocaust was. 

The Holocaust wasn’t just a random war, and this isn’t just one individual bigot being forced to confront his worldview. 

The Nazis were a political party that gained power and then legally enacted one of the most disgusting crimes against humanity in history, building an entire bureaucratic system whose entire purpose was to methodically slaughter an entire group of people - which was so devastating to the Jewish community that entire family lines were ended, entire communities were massacred, and the Jewish people still haven’t recovered after 60 years.

Pick, I dunno, literally ANYTHING ELSE where you would be able to speak about or have an idea about what is offensive vs. not. 

This is the last question I’m gonna answer on this. If the other mods wanna go ahead, go ahead, but I’m tired of trying to explain why this is bad.

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