What the Signs Get Arrested For
  • Aries:rioting at a protest and accidentally hitting a police officer.
  • Taurus:public disturbance at a restaurant bc they drank too much of the house wine.
  • Gemini:accidentally threatening an officer when a joke they said gotten taken the wrong way.
  • Cancer:poisoning their family by accidentally cooking a bad steak.
  • Leo:straight up stealing jewelry. But think "Bling Ring" proportions.
  • Virgo:credit card fraud. and they're not even sorry.
  • Libra:leading a protest through civil disobedience and tying themselves to a tree.
  • Scorpio:scorpios never get caught. They probably committed murder. But they'll never get caught
  • Sagittarius:arson. They like the shiny lights.
  • Capricorn:embezzling or owning an international drug cartel. They may have gotten caught, but at least they rich af.
  • Aquarius:drug possession, dealing, and smuggling. They like watching people trip out.
  • Pisces:obstruction of justice. They accidentally said a small white lie on the stand, and now they're serving 10 years.

Cannabis ‘warriors’ arrested during protest at Vancouver Art Gallery

(GlobalNews) July 1 is not just Canada Day, it’s also Cannabis Day in downtown Vancouver and it started off with a confrontation between police, city workers and marijuana protesters.

Police say they made two arrests at the annual smoke-in at the Vancouver Art Gallery, which went ahead despite the efforts by the City of Vancouver to shut down the event. Due to ongoing construction around the VAG, this year’s event is being held at a smaller space on the south side of the building.

Cannabis Day organizers handed out marijuana to participants as they started a day-long smoke-in complete with speeches and vendors, amid a large police presence. Global News witnessed two attendees being arrested by police following a heated confrontation between the protesters and VPD.

“We’re here as the Marijuana Party of Canada, this is an election year,” said one Cannabis Day attendee.

“We have every right to set up a table and a tent to inform the public of what our beliefs are…. they don’t want us to set up tables and tents for some arbitrary reason done by City Hall… [there’s] no reason other than to attack our community.”

VPD Cst. Brian Montague said in a statement that officers observed a man “overtly selling marijuana, including to young people.” Montague says officers asked him to stop, but the man said he intended to openly sell to anyone despite police requests and warnings.‎

The man was arrested and police say they “were required to pepper spray at least one person to complete the arrest.”

In March 1991, 16-year-old Shawn Novak was target practicing on a tree with a hunting knife when he spotted two young boys, 9-year-old Daniel Geier and 7-year-old Scot Weave, riding their bikes. Shawn approached the boys and lured them into the woods. For a while, Shawn spoke to him about his hunting knife. Suddenly, he attacked them both with the blade and slit their throats. Since Shawn was noticed by eyewitnesses talking to the boys prior to their disappearances, he was interrogated by police. Shawn eventually confessed to the grisly murders without revealing his motive, and he was sentenced to life in prison, which, at the age of 40, he continues to serve out to this day.

Crime In A Madhouse: ‘Eye-gouging with surgical scissors by two insane women, jealous of a beautiful fellow patient who is about to be released… - A high point in a theatrical performance by the actors of the legendary Théâtre du Grand Guignol in Paris, 1947. ‘…the Grand Guignol featured staged killings, mutilations and scenes of torture so realistic that audience members often fled the theater in terror—when they weren’t transfixed by the grisly scenarios enacted mere feet from their seats.’  Photographer: Hans Wild (via TIME & LIFE Pictures/Getty Images)


15-year-old Colt Lundy and his younger friend, 12-year-old Paul Gingerich, planned on running away to Arizona with another mutual friend of theirs. However, Colt knew that his father would catch them in the act, so the older boy conspired to kill him and convinced Paul to follow through with the plan. On April 21, 2010, the pair waited inside Colt’s home for his father to return home from work. As soon as he entered the living room, he was shot four times in the chest. Paul was sentenced to 30 years in prison with the possibility of parole once he reaches the age of 18, which sparked much outrage in the public, as it is believed Colt was the dominant force who manipulated the innocent Paul to fit his agenda.

A heartbreaking tale of two lives: “This was the nicest kid in middle school. He was the best kid in middle school.“

What are the factors that led to such disparate life outcomes?

A Miami-Dade judge and one of her old middle school classmates had an emotional reunion in court after he was arrested for an alleged burglary and police pursuit. Arthur, 49, was arrested Monday by Hialeah, Florida Police on several charges including burglary, grand theft, fleeing, and resisting arrest. On Thursday, he went before Judge Mindy Glazer in bond court.