Mobsters trapped me, my boyfriend who I don’t have in real life and his dad (who was represented by my celebrity crush) in my grandpa’s old house because I’d accidentally destroyed their ghost. They wanted me and boyfriend to find new souls for them or they were going to kill his dad. However, they also wanted me to wear a sexy bikini while doing so and I was flipping out about my boyfriend’s dad seeing how I looked in it. The mobsters comforted me.

Apathetic Superhero Prompts
  • Villain: Aha!  You will all die!
  • MC: Oh nooooo…  I am feeling so many emotions.  Sidekick, express emotions.
  • Sidekick: *having a breakdown* WHAT??? NO!!! I DON’T WANT TO DIE!
  • MC: Thank you, Sidekick.

  • Villain: Now that I’ve got you completely trapped, MC, I will kill you.  
  • MC: *heavily wounded*: Before you kill me…  I want to ask you one last thing…
  • Villain: *preparing for a long monologue* Yes?
  • MC: Could you tighten my shackles a bit?  They’re rubbing against my wrists, it’s uncomfortable.  
  • Villain: *visibly dissapointed* Aren’t you…  Aren’t you interested in how I was able to capture you?
  • MC: No, not really.

  • Sidekick: You are a heartless sociopath!
  • Hero: *sipping a latte* lol, mood

  • Hero’s girlfriend:  The traitor… has been me all along!  Ha!  I bet you never saw that coming!
  • Hero: Yeah, actually I kind of figured that out the first time you moaned the dark lord’s name while we were having sex.

  • Sidekick: She has betrayed us!!!  How did we succumb to her devilish charms?  What will we do without such a valued member of our team?
  • Hero: *Over-dramatically, but with little effort* Oh no!  How will we do?  She’s the love of my life, I can’t live without her- *flatly* Ah, what the hell.  I can’t even pretend that I miss her.  She was kind of a bitch anyway.

  • Minor villain who has a gun pointed at their face: I know you think you want to kill me, but if you look deep in your heart, you’ll realize that you don’t want to do this?
  • Hero: Now which of the dead bodies strewn around the floor gave you that impression?

  • Villain: Oh, how the tables have turned!  YOU come begging for ME for help?
  • Hero: yeah
  • Villain: …then beg
  • Hero, getting on their knees: M’kay

  • Villain: Foolish hero!  Why do you come into my layer without backup?  It’s almost like you want to die!
  • Hero: …
  • Villain: …
  • Hero:…
  • Villain: Do you… want to talk about it?
  • Hero: Nah

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A couple nights ago I was robbed at gun point…

I was on my way home from work and I was robbed and he took $450 from me (I know I’m fucking stupid for carrying that on me but I had just cashed my check that day) and this really fucking sucks because I was going to use that money to get medication and treatment for my dog that has been having seizures.

I already have ptsd from being fucking homeless and now this. I’m genuinely scared to go outside. If anyone can send me anything please I would appreciate or at least share this.

My dad is not in my life and I haven’t spoken to my mom in a year, I definitely do not have a financial safety net.

My paypal is:

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Just Imagine. Hanging out in your home. Minding your own business.

Then a violent drunken and confused nutcase tries to bash in the door.

 You would be too scared and confused to listen to what they were saying.

Because they are a violent drunken and confused nutcase and you are shitting yourself.