You asked for it, so I give you my (NEW!!!) original miraculous holder, Cammy Camarón, the Miraculous crew’s half French, half Spaniard new classmate, with the mysterious mantis shrimp miraculous!  Her kwami is the cantankerous Crill, whose favorite sustenance is roasted seaweed.

Her transformation phrase is “Arthropo-a-gogo!” (probably funnier for a pun-loving science nerd like me)

Her special ability (like Lucky Charm or Cataclysm) is the Pistol Punch, where she gets one chance to use her superheated ray, which can heat or boil whatever it hits.  It’s great for making gumbo!

Here are some neat facts about mantis shrimp, in case you’ve never heard of them (but you’re on the internet, so I’m guessing most of you already have XD).

(Please notice how her hair looks like cooked shrimp)

(This is a joke. Did people get that this was a joke?) (Camarón means shrimp, guys XD)

Okay this is how I personally feel, I don’t know about anyone else but, if Ichabod and Abbie are your brotp, you are not allowed to use Ichabbie. Find your own name, ship it Crills or Abbod or something other than Ichabbie.  Ichabbie is not for you, you’re alone in this tag here because they are not BrOTP they are OTP, and there is a difference. But for the brotp people, get your own tag. And I’m asking nicely.