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Rikurt sneaking around on the Glee tour and making out in weird places and almost getting caught! :P

It was a sunny day so the Warblers were out side in one of the big carparks that was on the arena grounds for the Glee tour, they were playing football like they did at most of the places on the Glee Tour so far. The fangirls were stood at the side of the of the parking lot watching them, Curt didnt mind them being there since they werent getting in their way or constantly trying to get there attention. He was stood on the same side of the parking lot Riker was, the ball was on the other side.

“NIFF” Curt heard one of the girls shout, Riker glanced at him and they both started laughing and shook their heads. He and Riker had been dating for a little while but no one knew except their familys and the other Warblers. The ball was thrown and Curt ran down the parking lot to catch it, which he did and the girls cheered, he then threw the ball to Riker. He watched Riker run to catch it and he also caught the ball but then dropped, a few of the girls made awww sounds. But Riker didnt try to pick up the ball he just tightly held the fingers together on his left hand,

“Dude, are you okay?” Curt shouted as he then ran up to Riker, when he reached him he swiped Rikers hand off of his injured fingers, “Crap, i didnt mean to throw it that hard” Curt said apologetically looking down at one of Rikers fingures which looked dilocated,

“Whats wrong?” Jon shouted from were he was stood with Jaymz and Titus,

“His fingure looks dislocated” Curt shouted back, and all of the girls made awww sounds,

“Should i go to the medic?” Riker asked,

“Yeah, i will come with you” Curt said, and they walked out of the parking lot, with the girls telling Riker to feel better. The medic simply put Rikers fingure back in place and then wrapped a bandage around it and the fingure next to it to easy the pain a bit.

“You need to stop exercising so much” Riker said, poking the muscel in Curts arm, as the walked up the Warblers tour bus,

“I dont, you just dont have any muscels” Curt said teasingly,

“Yes i do” Riker said, pushing Curt onto the outside of the tour bus, Curt rolled his eyes as Riker pinned him to the wall and then suddenly pushing them around so Riker was against the tour bus.

“See no muscels” Curt said, as Riker struggled against Curts grip, after a few more minutes of struggling Riker just huffed and stoped trying to struggle out of Curts grip.

“Its not fair” Riker said, “Its not like i dont exercise”

“Well you just dont do it as reguarly as me” Curt said, but he saw the pout that was still on Rikers face. So Curt let go of one of Rikers arms and pulled Rikers face down to meet his and he crashed their lips together. They kissed for a minute and then Curt pulled back to see a wide grin on Rikers lips, Curt smirked and kissed him again,

“Uhh dudes” Titus said, causeing Riker and Curt to quickly jump apart making Jon and Jamyz laugh and Titus rolled his eyes,

“We think the girls followed us so you might want to do that in the tour bus were they wont see” Jon said, Riker and Curt who now both pretty red since they had tried to avoid kissing infront of the Warblers but some how they always saw them,

“Yeah, thanks” Riker muttered, he and Curt walked back into the tour bus, once they got in they started to giggle.

“Can you imagine if the girls had seen us” Curt said, still laughing,

“They would of gone crazy” Riker said, “I think good crazy but some of them might of gone bad crazy”

“All the ones that ship Niff would think it was awesome” Curt pointed out,

“Yeah and then we could of told the truth and say that we do ship Niff too” Riker said, “Although that would probably be obvious”

“I love you, six” Curt said, pulling Riker into a hug,

“I love you too, three”.