Commission Time!

Now normally i’m not the type to do this thing but its actually important, my grandmother recently quit her job due to personal reasons, meaning our budget will be very tight, and might not have enough for food. And i do not have a bank account because my personal information is being withheld from me by my mother so i am unable to get a job and make my own bank account. And since everyone around me would throw me out if i tried to report her for it. I don’t have paypal or patreon but i do have an amazon account where i can purchase the necessities my grandmother and i need, such as food and toiletries. And the woman we live with is selfish as hell and won’t try to sympathize for our situation.

For payment i am only able to accept amazon E-Gift cards, if you are not sure how to send one here is a link. And you can send the payment to  please specify who you are. I will not start the commission until after i have received my payment.

What i will not draw: Furries, extreme kinks, any minor or child like figure engaging in explicit activity. Heavily masculine characters. Nsfw of IRL people

What i will draw: Gore, Nsfw, mythical beings having a human upper half, OC’S 

What i consider nsfw: Gore, sex, and drug use

If you are unable to commission me then please reblog this so someone who can will be unable to see it. 

please contact my email in you wish to commission me