cries. and his arms ;~~~;

So today started off so terribly. I got so overwhelmed I cried and I got an angry text from my mom to come home right away.

While I was walking to my car I saw him. He stopped to talk to me. Seeing him made me burst into tears again. He asked me what was wrong and I basically dropped my stuff and ran into his arms. He stood there and held me in his arms while I cried on his shoulder and told him what happened. He told me he had to get to class but before he walked away he gave me a kiss.

Its moments like these that make me really thankful that I get to date my best friend.

don’t imagine what happened after the scene faded. don’t imagine sherlock pressing a barely-there kiss into john’s hair. don’t imagine john finally just managing “christ” and wrapping his arms around sherlock’s waist, cries buried into sherlock’s chest. don’t imagine sherlock biting back tears and wrapping his arms tighter around john’s shoulders, gently rocking them both side to side. don’t imagine john’s hands gripping the fabric of sherlock’s shirt as if it was the only thing grounding him. don’t imagine sherlock closing his eyes helplessly and repeating “it is what it is” with his voice breaking. don’t



Day 1
I cried so hard my mother was scared to leave me alone. She called me from work every hour to hear me breathing.
Day 2
I only left my bed to go to class. Your best friend said you love me more than I’ll ever know.
Day 3
I was finally able to eat a meal without heaving it (and thoughts of us) up ten minutes later.
Day 4
Another girl said you asked her to hang out. I lost it right there in the middle of class.
Day 5
I laughed without you today.
Day 6
I cuddled with another boy but I couldn’t fall asleep in his arms. I went to the bathroom and cried my eyes dry at 5 am. I miss your arms.
Day 7
I posted a picture with the boy. You liked it and it made my stomach feel like knives.
Day 8
I typed a text to send you saying we’re not pregnant but I deleted it. It’s stupid but I wish I still had you to celebrate with.
Day 9
I didn’t think about you today and I swore I was cured. I think my mind was just playing a cruel trick on me.
Day 10
I wore a dress to school and you paused in the hallway to turn and look at me. I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest.
Day 11
My brother asked me how many times I’m going to listen to the same song. He doesn’t know it’s your favorite.
Day 12
I wore your t-shirt to bed. It still smells like you. God I would bathe in that smell if I could.
Day 13
I opened up to my friends finally. No one can make sense of it. No one saw it coming. I wish I saw it coming.
Day 14
I went out of my way to drive past your house tonight. It gave me a feeling of safety, like the way I used to feel with my head on your chest.
Day 15
What shade of green are your eyes? I promised myself I would never forget them and god here I am. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.
Day 16
Picked up the phone to call you before class. I forgot I couldn’t do that anymore. Who’s supposed to calm me down in the mornings?
Day 17
I wonder who you call now to calm you down on nights when you can’t sleep.
Day 18
Somedays the doubt overcomes me and hangs in the air like a dark cloud. I think maybe you never really loved me, but then that makes the least sense of all.
Day 19
I brought your things back. You told me I looked like I was doing well and I know it upset you I didn’t turn to look back. Little did you know I left and went to our spot where I cried until there wasn’t a dry spot on the front of my shirt.
Day 20
I heard you replaced me and it scratched at my scars but I didn’t bleed.
Day 21
This was a stupid poem about a troublesome boy who held my heart in his palm and who loved me and who destroyed me. But I don’t need you to be happy anymore.
—  they say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit - @needumost
Okay (Tom x FemReader) Fluff

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(( Gif not mine - dang he cute tho ))

(A/n): So so so so I changed the request a bit so that the reader and Tom aren’t actually dating yet but it’s okay because I think it turned out fine

Request: Greetings my dear, I’m wondering if you have time that is if I could send in a request? Tom Holland x reader, where reader and Tom are dating but reader is younger like 18 or 19. And Tom sometimes feeling that he’s too old for her and just some reassuring fluff please :)

Warnings: Swearing ??? Fluff dude


“So but like, are you gunna’ do anything about it, kid?” Robert pondered.

I don’t know!” Tom cried, throwing his arms up. He was now second guessing harbouring his secret in the Robert Downey, for all the wrong reasons.

The young brunette sighed in frustration and collapsed his gaze to the floor. “I kinda’ don’t want to do anything about it..” he mumbled.

Robert laughed and formed an ‘O’ with his mouth. He strut over to Tom so he could pat his back. “Well son, you came to the right place.” he grinned “Uncle Rob has got you covered.”

The brit’s face twisted in misunderstanding, lifting his head to show it to Robert.

“I don’t know, boy, I don’t know.” Rob sighed and stood straight “So, um, why aren’t you just telling her straight forward again?” he asked and began to pace around Tom.

Tom couldn’t help but let a sound of anguish slip his lips. Even he didn’t know what he was thinking, but he was stubborn.

“I’m like twenty and she’s what? Just turned eighteen?”

Rob choked on a laugh “So?” he turned towards Tommy and snickered quaintly “That’s like, what? Two years?”

“Exactly! It’s weirdddd. Why do I have to like her?”

Robert’s eyes looked intently at Tom’s form sitting on a prop box.

The cast was on break, most of the cast, because you were filming a scene with Anthony right now. Tommy found this to be a perfect time to ask Robert about his little (big) crush on you and how he should act on it.

“Well that’s simple,” Rob said and smiled; beginning to pace circles around the young brit “because she’s very smart. Her brains are unmatchable. She has really, almost glowing eyes. A beautifully perfect fit for her face, if I say so. (Y/n) is also really fucking funny and honestl–”

“Alright, I got it!” Tom sneered, glaring at Robert. Jealousy. “So what?”

“Once she gets done, in twenty two seconds, tell her.” Robert smirked, stopping in place. He was quite sure of himself.

Hell no–” 

“Hey Tom! Rob~” you waved.

“Holy shit…” Tom muttered.

“More like,” Robert snickered “Ah shit!” he exclaimed as he stumbled a bit toward Tom, knocked him off his box and into a standing position “Sorrryyy Tommy! Didn’t actually see you there, ha ha. I’ll have to go now, I hear, like, god calling; I need to pray. Adios!!”

And then Rob left the room.

“Idiot.” you laughed and walked a bit toward Tom. “What’s up with him?”

“O-Oh like he said. Needs to pray.” Tommy laughed quietly “Pray that I don’t kill him and everything he loves.”

“Hm?” you hummed and tilted your head up to look into his chocolate eyes.

“Oh nothing~” the brunette said.

“You kinda’ look like you have something to say…” you laughed.

Tom took one deep breath and you prepared yourself to listen; smiling to yourself kindly.

“That you are really really fucking pretty and nice and kind and I like your acting style and the way you do your hair and that you are almost sassy but also considerate and that you can help people without even saying anything and really just that–”

You couldn’t help you eyes widening in internal shock as the brit ranted on; smile faltering. Apparently Tom saw that as a sigh you thought he was insanely stupid for feeling the way he was.

“Oh my– I’m really sorry. I know I’m like twenty and you just turned eighteen but… but like, I have this like…. I’m sorry..” his look fell to the floor, eyes misty.

A hearty laugh bellowed from your throat before you noticed he was going to cry.

“Oh my god, Tom!” your hands flew to his cheeks, panicky. You drew his head to look at your face. “No, no don’t cry! You’re okay, this is fine, you aren’t weird for this.” you explained softly.

Tom sniffed a bit. “Really…?”

“Yes, it isn’t weird that you are twenty and I’m eighteen. Two years could mean jack shit to me.” you went to pepper his face with small kisses, landing one softly on his lips.

“This is okay.”


(A/N): This seems short to me lmao I think this is okay

REQUEST: Middlemarch [Noctis/Reader] Angst

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If you want angst, I’ll give you angst! Oh God, I don’t think I angsted properly with this, because it’s so weird writing for Noctis. But I won’t say too much and give it away! I’m so sorry for the wait, Anon!

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Eren being as important as he is needs protection at all times, so Levi gets him a guard “dog”, in all actuality it`s a German Shepard pup but Eren loves it to bits, adopts him as his and Levi`s son and lovingly names him Scout. They keep him for months, and he`s become part of their little family. Everything is perfect until the Military Police forcefully take Eren into custody, and Scout, at Levi`s aggressive shouts and Eren`s screams, takes down the guard restraining Eren, only to get shot without remorse by another.

The MPs are chased off, but Scout isn`t moving and Eren cries for hours as Levi hold him in his arms, refusing to leave the body.


Alphabetical List of Favourite Characters: B for Bigby Wolf

I don’t know… It seems like no matter what I do, it’s just not enough for her. Or anyone. I just- I go out there and I do my job. I put my life on the line, I get shot at! I do what has to be done, for them! But at the end of the day I’m still the bad guy.

Snippet of my current Lance/Lotor (Lancelot) two-shot that I’m hopefully going to post soon.


“Lance, no!”

“I can do it!” Lance cried and held up his shooter. Prince Lotor stood no more than one arm’s length away from him, smirking. All of Lance’s senses prickled inside him, the adrenaline heating him up as seemingly reckless courage consumed his sane thinking. He was pushing out his breath heavily as his eyes fixated on his enemy in a scrutinizing way. The other four Paladins – and Allura – stood around him, but didn’t move an inch as to not edge Lance to do something silly. Although, at the moment, it looked like that even without any of them interfering. “Just because I’m not half Galra like Keith or have a weapon arm like Shiro or am not a genius like Pidge or have bonded with my Lion like Hunk and basically everybody else or can’t do magic like Allura—it doesn’t mean that I am less of a useful and effective fighter!” As the tension ascended rapidly, whirring noises indicated Lance’s shooter to be loading, power accumulating to get fired off. Driven in blind and mad irritation, Lance had his concentration pointed at Lotor, and Lotor only. The other watched him patiently, grin not faltering at all. At last, Lance cried out, “I am worth a Paladin!”

The distance between the two opponents remained the same - the most was for Lance to step forward than to step back - when he pulled the trigger and released the highly electrically charged and awfully hot beam.

In that moment a curious flicker glittered in Lotor’s eyes and he raised a brow in addition to his sudden interest in Lance. These few words that were spilled from that light-headed brunet guy with the toned skin and longish face, these words were enough for the Prince to come up with thoughts he didn’t know he would ever engage himself in.

Using the insecurities of this particular boy – whose name was apparently Lance – to his advantage.

But that wasn’t all.

It didn’t take more than milliseconds for the glowing light-blue laser to reach Lotor’s positional sphere, but that was enough for him to form these delicate thoughts and the last thing his mind recalled was a soon to be real fact. A final statement. Lotor’s goal. His desire.

I want him.

here for you

wow i forgot how intense malfoys character got in thbp so heres an emotional take on the reader being forced into a situation similar to his

The sound of the door opening caused you to jump a foot in the air, turning around with your wand poised. Though, when you saw an alarmed Draco, you instantly felt at ease. At least, relatively, that was.

“____?” His voice was cautious, and you weren’t exactly sure how it came over you. Whether it was what was about to happen, the fact that he was here, or all of it, but something strange happened that second. You didn’t feel strong and powerful, but low, and rather weak. Scared. In that moment, you realized, you cried. “____!”

His arms instantly enveloped you, sitting next to you on the windowsill while ugly sobs escaped your throat. For weeks, you had felt the world closing in on you, the inescapable fear that one day, they would ask too much. And they had.

Rain steadily poured down against a large window, producing a chilling contrast to the typical warmth Draco provided.


He seemed to be the only one you could turn to. In a world full of variables, he was the only constant. His smell, so distinctly rich cologne and an odd aroma of smoke, comforted you in a way that nothing else could. You wanted nothing more than him, and him only. But you weren’t stupid.

“Love, will you tell me whats wrong?” His voice was nothing more than a soft whisper lost amongst your moans. If you hadn’t already cast a silencing spell, you would be embarrassed beyond repair. “Please.”

“They’re making me do it.” You screamed weakly, clutching onto his forearm with a faint grip. “Don’t you see, Draco? They’re making me get it.” My sobs turned into a silent, violent shaking in his arms, wanting nothing more than an alternate reality.

His hands reached out to grab my chin, almost forcing me to face him. When I finally met his eyes, I could see the pain in them, for he could see the fear in mine. His hands began a soothing path through my messy hair, trying their best to smooth the knots. Suddenly, he understood what was wrong, he understood what you were afraid of.

“The Dark Mark.” He breathed, feeling you jump when he said the words. You began to spiral once more, though felt Draco pull your body closer to his. “When is your ceremony?”

Feeling that you exhausted yourself, it seemed that your body had calmed some, though tears still seemed to glide down your cheeks. “Tonight.” You muttered, finding the strength to take a deep, but shaky, breath.

“Hey, it’s going to be alright.” As he whispered you were able to feel the warmth from his breath dance across the top of your head, providing a small but powerful feeling of comfort to you. “I can come, if you want.”

Nodding silently, you allowed yourself to suppress the emotions once more. You never succumbed to emotional outbursts. You couldn’t. Turning to face him fully, you lazily wiped your face with your sleeve, earning a small smile from your boyfriend.

You laughed a bit, realizing how animated you had made such a small situation. “I know, Im being dramatic.”

“No,” he said quickly, taking your hand in his own, “you’re not. Not at all.”

Though you began to feel yourself choke up again at his small action, and wanted desperately for this night to be over with. Your fingers began to trace up his arm, up his sleeve, your curiosity unspoken, but blatantly obvious. “Did,” you took in another breath, not wanting to meet his eyes again. Not quite yet. “Did it hurt?”

Such a silly question, but simplicity seemed to sooth you. Both of you. “Only for a bit.” You knew that he hadn’t a choice either, the pressure from a long line of dark wizards and an overwhelming majority of death eaters in his own family was too great of a force to overcome. He had always wanted to be like his father in an attempt to gain his love, though I feel, he doesn’t yearn after it anymore. Not after what became of Lucius. What he made Draco do.

Draco took you over to your bed, laying next to you silently. His hands continued their soothing motions through your hair, and you listened closely to the small sounds he made as he breathed, the steady rise and fall of his chest. You weren’t able to fall asleep, though the lump in your throat seemed to subdue enough to allow a healthy amount of air back into your lungs.

There was no way to tell how long you two laid there like that, but when you heard a knock on your door, time seemed to slip through your fingers. Before you sat up, you placed a hard grip onto his hand, averting your eyes away from his own. Your actions were uncharacteristic at the least, and your pride had already suffered enough. But you had to ask, if you didn’t, you felt as though you wouldn’t be able to carry on.

“Will you, will you stay with me after?” The second the whisper left your lips, you were returned with a kiss. It was tender, and full of an emotion that seemed to instantly warm your heart. He  instilled a shred of confidence in you, large enough, for you to carry on.

“Of course.”


“Shh.” His hand covers your mouth, smothering the moans and cries as your nails press into his arm, eyebrows knitted as you look at him with worry clear in your eyes. As people pass by the door, you hear their loud, boisterous voices as they filter through. He suppresses another whimper that wrenches up your throat, eyes dark on your face as your hands cling to the makeup table, knuckles white in their tension. His mouth attaches to your throat, making marks which will be visible to everyone for a couple days as your hipbones press hard into the counter and his meet your backside, somehow still managing to keep his own noises under control. Your heartbeat is pounding in your ears, trying to keep from alerting anyone outside that you’re in here while he’s supposed to be getting ready to go back onstage.

- Admin J

I Will Always Follow You

Sequel to Imagine Kylo Ren seeing you in Poe’s mind

Thanks to @bkwrm523 for beta-ing 

Footsteps stirred you from the dream you were having. You sighed unhappily, because you were with him in your dream. The two of you were children again and you were chasing after him, as you always did. As you always have done. Those dark brown eyes smiled at you as he called for you to follow him. And you laughed and promised to him, “I will always follow you, Poe.

“Y/N, wake up.”

Your eyes opened to those dark brown eyes, your heart pounding out of your chest. If it was not for your ever protruding stomach, you would have leaped out of bed.

“Poe!” you cried out as he smiled, moving down to you. His arms pulled you up by the waist and into his chest. Tears dampened your eyes and it’s when you pull away that you noticed the dried blood on his face, the weary look in his eyes. The handsome pilot was silent as his hand rubbed against your belly, a kick welcomed him home. Poe let a small smile pull from his mouth, but his throat clenched with worry.

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The Bite (Scott McCall & Liam Dunbar) (One Shot)

Third Person’s POV

“Sshh, don’t cry Scott.” (Y/N) whispered, and put her hand on Scott’s cheek, as he held her in his arms.

“No, no, no.” Scott cried, as he held her closer. “You can’t die, I need you.” “Bite her, Scott!” Peter yelled in the distance. “But what if she dies!” Scott said.

“She will die either way!” Derek yelled. “If you don’t try, she will die of the wound, or she will die because the bite didn’t work, but than you know you tried!”

“Scott…” (Y/N) whispered,making Scott look back at her. “Yes?” He asked. “Do it.” She whispered, trying to stay conscious.

“But what if the bite kills you?” Scott asked, tears streaming down his face, making (Y/N) cry too.

“Like Derek said, than I die knowing you tried.” (Y/N) let out a groan, as Kira put more pressure on her wound.

“Scott, you need to hurry.” Kira said, as she pushed harder on the wound. “Or she will bleed to death.” Scott looked at (Y/N), who weakly nodded.

“But if you don’t make it.” Scott said, (Y/N) looked at him. “I want you to know that I love you.” “I love you too.” (Y/N) smiled, and Scott leaned down to kiss her.

(Y/N) broke the kiss, and nodded, letting Scott know she was okay with what was going to happen.

Scott let his fangs grow out, and got ready to bite her. “Are you sure about this?” “Yes, Scott.” (Y/N) whispered, feeling her strength slowly fading.

Scott bit (Y/N)’s shoulder, and she cried out in pain. But slowly after, her surroundings faded, and got replaced by a pitch black.

The pack hold their breath, waiting for (Y/N) to open her eyes, but she didn’t. Her breathing became heavier, as if she had trouble breathing. 

“We need to get her out of here.” Isaac said, as he noticed the monsters getint closer. “Scott, we need to go.” Kira shook Scott.

“Now!” Scott quickly picked (Y/N) up, bridal style, and followed the others. 

Scott carefully climed into Stiles jeep, making sure not to hurt (Y/N).

“We need to take her to the hospital.” Kira said, as pressed on the wound. “Let’s go!” Malia slapped Stiles arm, who quickly drove off, the others following in the cars behind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“She needs help! Quick!” Scott yelled, as his mother came running towards them. “What happened?” She asked, as they laid (Y/N) on one of the empty beds.

“We fighting monsters… (Y/N) stabbed… Scott bite… safe her… won’t wake up.” Stiles spoke quickly main half ass sentences, Melissa having trouble understanding the boy.

“What!?” Melissa asked confused. “She got stabbed, and Scott bit her trying to safe her, but she won’t wake up.” Lydia said. “That makes alot more sense.” Melissa said, as she grabbed an injection, and injecting (Y/N).

“Call another doctor, she needs to be operated ASAP!” Melissa yelled to a passing nurse, who nodded and quickly ran to get another doctor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The pack was in the waiting room, waiting for (Y/N) to get out the operation room.

Liam was looking at his thumbs, blaming himself for what happened to his sister.

Scott sat next to the young beta, or baby beta, as (Y/N) liked to call him.

“It’s not your fault Liam.” Scott said, patting Liam’s back, making the young beta look at his alpha.

“Yes, it is.” Liam cried. “If I was just a bit faster, if I just paid a little more attention, than (Y/N) would still be okay.”

Yes, it was true, Liam seemed a little distracted during the fight, but nobody blamed him for what happened.

(Y/N) pushed Liam out of the way, so he wouldn’t get hurt. She risked her own life to protect her little brother, even though she knew Liam would have survive the wound and healed.

“It’s not your fault Liam.” Kira said, taking the chair on the other side of Liam. “She protected you, as a big sister would.” Liam looked at the Kitsune.

But before Liam could react, Melissa walked out of the operation room. The pack jumped up, and walked towards her.

“She’s stable.” Melissa sighed, happy that she finally could leave the operation room, after two hours.

“She waking up, you’re allowed to visit her, but only one at a time.” Melissa warned, mostly towards Stiles.

“Why are you always looking at me?” Stiles asked. “Because I remember what happened last time you visited (Y/N) in the hospital.” Melissa reminded Stiles, making him gulp.

“Liam should go first.” Lydia said, as they stood infront of (Y/N)’s room. “I think so too.” Isaac nodded.

Liam slowly opened the door, walked in, and closed the door behind him. He took a deal breath and turned around.

He looked at his sister, who was laying in bed, multiple wires and tubed attached to her, making his guilt grow bigger.

(Y/N) stirred a little, and then her eyes opened, which flashed a bright yellow.

Liam quickly sat in the chair, which was standing next to her bed. (Y/N) looked at him, her eyes back to their normal (E/C).

“Hey…” (Y/N) croaked out, a small smile on her face.

Her hand went up to Liam’s face, caressing his right cheek, looking at the skin, we’re previous a big cut was made.

Liam grabbed her hand, and hold it thight. Afraid if he let go of it, she would dissapear, that she would leave him.

“Are you okay?” She asked concerned as Liam didn’t say anything. “Are you okay!?” Liam asked, slightly angry, (Y/N)’s eyes slightly wided at his sudden outburst.

“I should be the one asking that!” Liam cried, making (Y/N) sit up, ignoring the pain in her left side, and hugged her little brother.

“It’s okay.” (Y/N) kissed him on the top of his head. “I’m okay, you’re okay, the pack is okay.” She whispered, calming the young beta, as he hugged her tighter.

“But what if you weren’t?” Liam sniffed. “What if you died?” “But that didn’t happen.” (Y/N) smiled at the young boy.

“I’m okay, I’m alive.” (Y/N) said. “You can hear my heartbeat, right?” She asked, Liam nodded. “That proves I’m alive.” Liam hugged her again.

“And besides this is not my first time laying in the hospital.” She joked, making Liam smile.

“Everyone is worried.” Liam mumbled in the crook of (Y/N)’s neck. “Mostly Scott, even though he doesn’t show it. But the most of us can smell it.” He mumbled the last part, but (Y/N) heard him and laughed.

“Can you get Scott for me, baby beta?” She asked, as Liam broke their hug. “Sure.” Liam got up, and walked out of the room. Not long after, Scott walked in, and took place in the chair Liam had previous been sitting in.

“Hey, you okay?” Scott asked, as he grabbed (Y/N)’s hand. “Yeah, never felt better actually.” (Y/N) smiled. “And you?” “Better, now that I know you’re fine.” Scott kissed her knuckles.

“You know your my alpha now, right?” She said, making Scott smirk. “Oh, I know.” Scott smirked, and winked at her.

Both of them jumped when someone loudly knocked on the window, Liam.

“You may be my alpha, but she’s still my sister!” Liam said. “I will kill you if you do anything to her!” Scott rolled his eyes, at Liam’s behaviour, and (Y/N) laughed.

But Scott ignored Liam’s threats, and gave (Y/N) a passionate kiss, making Liam yell and knock louder.

But both Scott and (Y/N) ignoring the protests of the young beta, and enjoying each other’s company, as long as they had the time.

Since you never know when your everything might be taken away from you, for good.


I hope you enjoyed this one shot

Feel free to leave a comment about the story, a question or a request

Stay amazing!


The man in front of you seemed familiar, as if you’d known him a lifetime, but you just couldn’t remember, for whatever reason that may have been. You thought hard as you tried to think of where you saw him. Why he looked so familiar, you just didn’t understand.

“Y/N,” he whispered gently, his mouth slightly open as he took in the sight of you. You furrowed your eyebrows, thinking harder, where was he from? And as if it were a hurricane swirling with disaster through a city, all the memories flooded back into your mind, almost instantly.

You remembered. “Theo,” you whispered his name in reply. You walked slowly into his open arms as you cried, all happy tears. You smiled as he hugged you to his chest, promising to never let you go again. Never again, he promised himself. He’d been to careless to let you go without a goodbye, and from now on, you’d be lucky to go to the bathroom without him.

“I’ve missed you, so much,” he whispered, meaning nothing more than that he missed the feeling of your warmth, your kindness, enveloping him. He missed this. But most of all, he missed you.

Imagine Sam comforting you after a nightmare.

Word count: 452

Requested by: @this-is-sammy-from-spn

A/N: sorry its short <3

You stumbled into bunker, you had just returned from a hunt which went terribly wrong. Sam quickly ran behind you putting his arm around you in a comforting way and to ensure that you didn’t fall.

Tears freely flowed from your eyes as Sam lead you towards the bed.

“I-I killed them,” you stuttered crawling underneath the covers crying into the pillow.

“Baby, that wasn’t your fault, don’t you dare blame yourself for what happened back there.” Sam got into the bed behind you. Spinning yourself around, you cried into his chest as he wrapped one arm around your waist and the other was comfortingly stroking through your hair.

“Shhh,” Sam whispered placing a kiss on top of your head, “get some sleep, I’ll be right here,” his soft voice causing you to fall asleep.

You ran into the room, demon knife clutched tightly in your hands.

“Don’t come any closer,” the demon jumped behind the child tied to a chair in the middle of the room putting a knife to his throat. He couldn’t have been much older than 12, his face wet from tears.

Immediately you stood still trying to ensure the safety of the child’s life. Almost as soon as you froze, the demon slit open the child’s throat and smoked out. You tried to perform a reverse exorcism but your words were fumbled out of shock from the execution you had just witnessed.

You fell to your knees. You could have saved him. You’re worthless. He’s dead because of you.

“Y/N…” you heard Sam shout.


“Y/N,” you shot up from the bed, a layer of sweat covering your forehead as you panted heavily.

You looked over to see Sam with a look of concern on his face. Once again, you began to cry and clutched onto Sam like he could leave at any moment.

Sam put his hand on your cheek and wiped away your tears with his thumb.

“I had a nightmare,” you mumbled so quietly that you were surprised he even heard you.

“I know baby,” he soothed, “everything’s going to be okay. You’re safe, I’m here,” Sam kissed your forehead. Whenever you were near him, you always felt safe, no matter the place, time or situation, Sam was the only one that could do that. It was one of the many reasons you loved him.

You looked up into his eyes before leaning in to kiss him. Your lips collided and you felt electricity. No matter how many times you kissed him, it would always feel as special as your first kiss.

“Get some sleep Y/N, I love you.”

“I love you too…” you mumbled as you fell asleep right there in his arms.


-Anon request

After your uncle died, you were appointed the new Queen of Ardale, a powerful kingdom 50 miles north of Camelot. You were visiting Camelot to renew old peace treaties when the King- Arthur- had assigned Merlin to be your servant for the duration of your stay.

Soon enough, you realised that he was a sorcerer, like yourself, and the two of you were smitten ever since. 

One night, you were lying in bed and there was a dark dream playing behind your eyes.

No,” you mumbled in your sleep, twisting and struggling against invisible bonds as you fought a shadowed evil in your nightmare. “Please, stop.”

You felt yourself shaken awake and opened your eyes to see Merlin looking concerned.

“Y/N,” he whispered through the darkness of your chambers, his hands still on your shoulders. “Y/N, its alright, it was just a dream.”

Feeling your bottom lip waver, you flung your arms around his neck and muffled your cries in his neck. Staying like that for a while, just holding each other, Merlin eventually made to leave when you stopped him. “No, please, Merlin,” you tried, biting your lip and searching his eyes, “Can you stay with me tonight?”

Offering a smile, he nodded and crawled under the covers with you, sliding his arms around your middle and pulling you close to him.

“Merlin!” Arthur called, grumpily, marching into the guest chambers and brandishing a -very unpolished- breast plate. “Where are you? You haven’t polished my-” 

The king stopped dead when he spotted Merlin lying in bed next to you. His arms were wrapped around you and you had your fingers entwined.

Gulping, Arthur averted his eyes and strode right back out of the room.

That was not something he ever needed to see.

an enterprise mission where the crew pick up a strange artifact, and if a person touches it with their bare hands they become incapable of hiding any of their thoughts.

bones remains pretty much the same sarcastic grumpy doctor as usual. uhura now sings out loud as much as she would in her head (which is nearly constant). chekov’s… idk getting stoned somewhere claiming weed was invented in russia. sulu is last seen talking to his plants. scotty wisely refuses to touch the artifact and watches them all with amusement.

And kirk… dear lord. Everyone thinks he’s going to dial up the macho quips and start punching people, so the crew practically passes out when kirk starts quoting beautifully lyrical love poetry any time spock enters the room. Spock (who had previously cried when somebody made fun of his ears), immediately throws his arms around kirk while loudly announcing that no one else should dare touch his t'hy'la.