ZervisWeek 2016 Day-2: Pay back

Day 2, Zervis week! So sorry it’s late but I couldn’t quite figure out how I wanted it to play out. I had all these cool lines, but I deleted them because I wanted to make it more fast paced. Then I had to continue where I left off. I tell you, 900 hundred words makes a huge dent in a story. Well then, even though this is late, I hope you enjoy it!


“Ahh! Ahh!” Cried the young girl, her heart being squeezed from her very soul. The worst pain of all though, was knowing that the only one who could do anything walked away. How could he say he didn’t want to see her suffer, when he was the one who was letting her suffer in the first place. “ Agh, agh! Aaah!” The girl screamed, the feeling of blood pouring out of every wound on her body. Her body jerked with such strength that every bone in her body seemed to be breaking apart.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, Mavis could barely register a door slamming behind her, as someone shouted her name. A distant memory from long ago. But it was too late, as her body seemed to shatter into pieces and her mind went blank. “Zeref.” Filled a coursing power Mavis cried out as her collar seemed to shatter, and brilliant magic surrounded her aura. “Eillen…” she hissed,“

A faceless woman froze in a panic as her staff was ripped to pieces and she was thrown against the wall. Out cold. ” Monster. Devil. Monster!“ Cried the girl pounding into the woman with scores of Magic until someone dared to hold her back. That would not stop her though. Crying out in protest, Mavis elbowed said person in the gut, throwing them against the wall.

"Eeek!” Cried a familiar voice from so long ago. If was a girl who had met so much to Mavis. The part of her that was still sane wished to turn around and apologize, holding the dear friend until this war was ended and everything was normal again. The other part of her wished to fight until there was no one left to fight. To issue payback to all who had caused this to happen. No to him, he was mastermind. He was the one who needed to be taken down. But Zera was so important to her.

“Zera…” she mourned, glancing back towards the girl against the wall. Hesitant, she faltered in her steps. “Zera” she said worriedly, than, “Zeref.” She cried, tears that were oh so bittersweet falling down her eyes.

“Agh….” reaching out to her dear friend, Zera moaned, “Mavis.” She cried, and the blonde felt her heart jerk, “Please…Mavis.” Gaining some clarity back in her mind, Mavis could register her surroundings just a bit, “Don’t lose heart.”

Hearing the voice of the friend she loved, Mavis turned her sights on the wounded friend, the wounded friend who should have been long dead.

“Zera!” cried the young woman, and on she turned, rushing to her friends side. “Zera!” she cried, then hugging her tight, “I’m so sorry Zera. This was my doing. I never should have let Zeref’s betrayal affect me so much.”

“Dummy,” choked out the dark haired girl, “It’s okay to be angry, or sad, or even mad when things hurt.” Rubbing the blondes head warmly, “It okay to be upset when the person you loved turned his back on you.” Smiling slightly, Zera pushed herself up off the ground, “You don’t have to be brave all the time, silly. Sometimes you should to let your friends be brave for you.”

“Zera…” choked Mavis, the tears threatening to come bursting forth, Mavis nodded and buried her head in her friends arms. “ I missed you so much!”

“Me too Mavis, but you have to know, this is only temporary. I was granted a wish, one wish so I could help you just once. Then I will disappear again.”

“A wish?"exclaimed the young girl, "From who?”

Zera smiled mischievously, “The Fairies!.”

“Fairies!” Mavis was so ecstatic by what she heard, that she did not notice when a demon in the room began to stir. Zera on the other hand, noticed plenty.

“Mavis! Look Out!” she cried as a bright light filled the room. Finding a renewed strength the brunette girl leaped from her spot, and pushed the blonde out of the way. “Ill save you THIS time”

“Zera!” Cried Mavis as the blinding light hit her dear friend full on and the girl screamed in agony. Broken and bloodied, the girl fell on the ground with a sickening thud, a smile on her face.

“Be strong Mavis, this is all I can do for you.” releasing a bit of energy into her dear friend, “Remember the love of your friends and never fear..” Turning into golden dust, Zera rose into the sky, “For fear is what will kill you.”

Falling to her knees, Mavis pounded her fists into the ground.

“Zera!” she screamed tears falling from her eyes,“ Zera! ZERA!"choking them back, "I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.”

“But you did Mavis …” was the slightest whisper, “…Use the Heart…and remember..” Then she was gone, all traces of her presence faded to nothingness.

“What a wonderful reunion,” laughed the malicious red head, “A pity it was so short lived,” then narrowing her eyes, “You make me sick!” Raising her hands above her head, Eilleen eyes glowed red, “I don’t care what his majesty said,” Dark Magic seemed to fall from the sky, resonating with the woman like a halo, “Now DIE!”

Not so far away, a dark haired Wizard looked back towards the guild, the magic in his body resonating with the energy in the surrounding environment. “Something’s wrong,” he whispered, than widening his eyes, “Is that?” Zeref teleported back to the guild. “Eilleen!” he growled, arriving just in time to hear her declaration of death. Seeing her dark magic surround a broken Mavis, hands and knees on the floor. “No…Mavis,” his eyes flickering from red to black, “Kill…No” covering his ears, “…That was not part of the plan.”

Blinding light wrapped around the darkness, so bright that he had to advert his eyes. “What on Earthland?” Dark and light meshed as one and a burning sensation filled his blackened heart.

Nii-san!” Natsu as child called to him, “Nii-San! Play with me Nii-san”

“Zeref…” laughed a woman, “Come on now…put that book down.” - Mother…

“What grand discovery did you make today?” - Father

“Zeref - chan!”- Sayla


…My sweet boy….


I love you…

I LOVE YOU Nii- san….Nii-san…We Love You

…My Boy…

Zeref stumbled back as the force of the magic seared his soul. Were those his memories? Forgotten memories from when he was a child? “Mavis…” he coughed, amazed as his body guard was pushed back by the massive surge, her staff barely blocking the power being sent her way. Startled, he turned towards the power source and paled. There stood Mavis in all her glory, a golden halo surrounding her, enraged, and aged as her eyes shone with a crimson fury.

“Mavis.” Zeref said breathless, amazed at her deadly beauty and grace as she clapped her hands together and stared him straight in the eye.

“Zeref!” she exclaimed, “It’s time you paid for your deeds. Repent and wash your robes a new. If you are still in there teacher, I beg of you, the boy I once loved. Return to You!”

Zeref eyes went wide as his heart seemed to resonate with her words. Reaching out for the light he could not seem to catch, Zeref stumbled back as a barrage of images effected his mind.

I just want to understand why we live and why we die…

You must stop this… Please Zeref, I beg of you.

Just a little more time..I promise, then I will stop. To preserve our life

“You brought the curse upon yourself? You fool! Now we can never be together! "Sayla cried in desperation

Don’t leave Sayla! I can fix this…..


I will become stronger….

By more dark magic? Don’t be ridiculous! That is what caused this in the first place.”

Observing the change in his demeanor, Eilleen noticed as her king seemed to be in some sort of trance, the enemy standing across room, red eyed and determined as she stared at him. Eyes wide, Eilleen sent out a spell to interrupt the connection, effectively ending the spell.

Placing his hand on his forehead, Zeref shook his head. He had forgotten about that.  Originally he had wanted to save his brother and protect his friends, but he could not. His power did not allow him too, hence part of the reason he wished to obtain Fairy Heart, but he had not counted on her being alive.

“What are you doing your majesty!” she screamed, “Don’t let that girl catch you in her power! She is trying to manipulate you. She is trying to make you weak! Acnologia will not fall to one who is weak!”  

Weak, Zeref thought, That’s right, I mustn’t be weak. To defeat Acnologia, he must remove Fairy heart and kill Mavis once and for all.

“Manipulate him?” Mavis cried, “Hardly, I am merely helping him remember the truth.”

“Truth. What have you to say about truth,” she glowered, “You who ran away from the truth when it was presented to you. ”

Mavis eyes went wide,  clenching her fists together.

“There is no need to bring up old wounds.” Zeref answered quietly. “Escpecially those without relevance to this war.”

“It’s true, at one time I ran away from the truth.  My fear had gotten the best of me,” Holding her hand to her chest, Mavis remembered the words of her dear friend Zera. “But  I had met up with Zeref again and at that time, I promised I’d stay with him.” Zeref tensed at the reminder, “But I was not strong enough and my spirit was seperated from my body.”

“So you admit you are weak.”

“Perhaps I was,” Remembering the encouraging words of her friend not so long ago. “But I’ve learned much since that time,” Mavis whispered, she knew, love of her friends, her family, would make her strong.“ And one thing I’ve learned is that the love of my friends will always carry me through!”

Eilleen easily blocked the attack, “The love of your friends will carry you through!” She sneered, “Pretty words for one who broke down the moment I killed her friend.”

Mavis eyes flashed in anger.  "Zera knew what she was doing when she came back to help me. She knew I would needed courage for what was to come.  Allow me to present to you the power of this friendship. “

"Think again.” hissed the firey red head, “leaping out of the path of Mavis’ attack, she called on power of destruction, "Let me show you why they call me ’The Scarlet Despair.”

“Mother…Father…Zera, Yury, Precht, Warrod, Makarov, Natsu, Fairy Tail past and present reveal what I must know to end this war in which lightning flew. Let the heart shine, truth define, reveal your secrets to all inclined.”

As both women sent their prospective attacks at one another, Zeref created a shield of dark magic in which to protect himself. As the collision of the two powerhouses took place, a blinding light shined throughout the room. Startled, Zeref was pushed back as a line of gold pierced his heart.


Zeref…this is my daughter

Hi mister. Are you a fairy?

Fairy? Me?

I sense great power in you.’

I see, but I am not a fairy.

Noticing as the two magics collided, Zeref’s eyes went wide as Eilleen magic bounced off of Mavis, and was sent back to her.

“Agghh!” she cried out, putting her hand to her chest as the foreign power encircled her. Dropping her staff, Eillen cried in pain as she fell to the ground, her body writing in agony as the attack meant for Mavis hit her full on.

“What is this?” he asked, surprised,  and Mavis smiled mysteriously.



And that’s that. I still have issues with it,  but I needed to get it out.   Hope its cool.

The Great British Bake Off Episode Four: Selasi’s Got A Girlfriend & Everyone Gets Battered

Greetings GBBO’ers! Hearts were shattered up and down the country as Selasi causally let slip over pork crackling he’s a taken man. Val’s fan club goes from strength to strength (she should totally have a spin off show cooking her mum’s recipes and having a great time just being Val) and of course, we bid adieu to one more hopeful.

Episode four saw the nine remaining contestants prepare to get absolutely battered in a Bake Off first: batter week. 24 identical Yorkshire puds with a savoury filling was the first order of the day. Each baker had their own approach to making this traditional favourite but Jane was fresh out of self-esteem. “I’ve tried them all, none of them seem to work for me,” laughed/cried the garden designer. “I can’t make Yorkshires to save my life.” 

Yorkshire Pudding Watching is an increasingly popular activity set to rival trainspotting in the UK. #GBBO

— British Bake Off (@BritishBakeOff)

September 14, 2016

Jane wasn’t the only one off to a shaky start, after an initial deflated batch Candice, Kate and Tom all had to redo their puds, even native Yorkshire lass Val struggled (and it was her mum’s recipe), “They’re not going to allow me into Yorkshire ever again.” Oh Val, we love you.

Have a rest Val, you’ve earned it. [Photo: BBC Pictures]

Despite Paul’s earlier dig at Rav for featuring lime and coconut yet again in his cooking, his Asian style Yorkshires were a hit. Andrew too did very well, his uniform puds and Spanish chicken filling earning him compliments from the judges. Paul thought Selasi’s pork tenderloin and crackling combo tasted “amazing” and Val managed not to let her people down by producing beautifully textured puds. 

Tom went all out with flavours in true Tom style, unfortunately the inclusion of chickpea flour and nigella seeds weighed his batter down. “What we have here is 12 belinis,” remarked Paul. As predicted, Jane’s batter came out dense but the filling (roast with all the trimmings) tasted “unbelievable”. If only it weren’t a Yorkshire pudding challenge. 

The customarily sparse instructions in the batter technical challenge left everyone scratching their heads: 12 heart shaped lace pancakes. Paul cryptically urged contestants to “practise your pattern before you use the mixture.” Sage advice since our bakers were only allowed one experimental shot before whacking out eleven intricate, identical doily-like pancakes.

“Biscuits,” scoffed Paul as he repeatedly thwacked Rav’s efforts against the table. Ninth place for Rav, then.  Selsi with his “simple and thick” creations took eighth. Kate was seventh, Val, Tom and Andrew sat in the middle and Jane came third. Benjamina’s design and flavour had the edge over Candice bagging her her first number one spot of the season.

Benjamina cooks up her winning lacy pancakes. [Photo: BBC Pictures]

A far cry from the usual show stopper glamour, this week’s final challenge was 36 identical churros: a traditional deep-fried Spanish snack (not too dissimilar to the doughnut) served with a sweet dipping sauce.

While everyone painstakingly piped out their designs, Tom and Rav decided to sack off the “identical” part of the instructions, squeezing their batter directly into the fryer. Rav’s emerged looking like, how can we put it? A plate of greasy members. Tom’s flavour choice was a miss this time “if you’re fond of fennel it’s fine,” grimaced Mary.

Selasi made the fatal error of cooling his batter to freezing point and ended up serving raw churros. Candice and Andrew’s were over cooked and fatty.  Val’s looked great but but her decision to inject sauce in the middle meant her batter was too crispy. Jane did extremely well with her pistachio and white chocolate churros but it was Benjamina who, in the words of Mary Berry “cracked it” and bagged this week’s Star Baker Title with her beautifully uniform tropical churros.

That feeling when you conquer the batter! #GBBO

— British Bake Off (@BritishBakeOff)

September 14, 2016

Paul claimed he couldn’t eat Kate’s rock solid hot cross bunny churros. Sadly we bade farewell to the nurse from Norfolk who, though by no means the weakest baker in the group had, in her own words “a shocking week.” 

Farewell, Kate. [Photo: BBC Pictures]

Next week: pastry week, who goes? It’s anyone’s guess. One thing for sure though, it won’t be easy as pie. 

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