my sister wrote about our aunt’s suicide in her faith statement for confirmation, about a time when God wasn’t with her, and her youth pastor told her that Susie’s death had nothing to do with God and that it was all Susie and well friends, this is why I fucking hate that bitch. God is always there in your faith, through good and through bad, and while God may not have driven our aunt to kill herself, I am so not fucking okay with my sister’s youth pastor going on a talk with my sister blaming all of our aunt’s actions on herself. suicide doesn’t just fucking happen. as a youth pastor, shouldn’t you at least be telling my sister it was the devil???? I’m so livid I’ve cried. I haven’t thought about Susie in a long time, and for my sister’s youth pastor who doesn’t know anything to just up and blame all of my aunt’s actions on herself, like some sort of God wasn’t with her and she killed herself bullshit makes me practically blind with rage. my sister was almost crying telling me this tonight. her youth pastor had no right. none. words can’t describe how absolutely fucking pissed I am that her youth leader shamed our aunt like this.