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Headcanon's on Lloyd and his dad or just family in general?

hi yh sorry I haven’t posted any headcanons in a while I think you sent me this like 34 years ago I’m so sorry ajdjsj

  • Lloyd: dad can I go fight the serpentine by myself
    Garmadon: what did Misako say?
    Lloyd: mom said no
    Garmadon: then why should I say yes?
    Lloyd: because she’s not the boss of you
    Garmadon: this is a trap this is a trap this is a trap this is a t
  • literally so many dad jokes Lloyd is like what did I do to deserve this
    • “hi green ninja, I’m dad.”
    • “what’s the best time to go to the dentist? tooth-hurty”
    • “you were in the serpentine war, did you ever get shot in the army?” “no, I got shot in the leggy”
    • he’s probably the one that taught Zane “dab me outside” *unauthentic air horn*
    • he does it to all the ninja so here’s exclusive footage of them recounting their experiences
    • Lloyd gives in eventually and this is the result, Garmadon is the one with the violin
  • Lloyd: hey noah fence but what the f
    Garmadon: LLOYD
    Lloyd: …….. frozen yogurt. fart. fork. frog. what the frog.
  • Garmadon is like “I know the perfect way to make it up to Lloyd and bond with him” and he’s like “I know he loves video games” so he comes home with a step dance mat for them to have dance battles and Lloyd cries because it’s perfect and he loves it
  • Misako: I love my son I would never let anything harm him or leave him for anything in the world
    Lloyd: *looks into the camera like he’s on the office*
  • when Misako isn’t home
  • Misako: *answers phone* hello?
    Lloyd: mom where are you
    Misako: I just got back from the store but I think I forgot something
    Lloyd: yeah you forgot me
  • when Lloyd was little he was a brat bc he was tryna be evil, so every time Misako cooked dinner he’d be like “I hate this I’m not eating it your cooking is gross” so she’d be like “fine but you’re not allowed anything else for the rest of the day >://” but when Lloyd goes to bed garmadon sneaks in with a McDonald’s for him and Lloyd is like >:3c
  • Garmadon: Lloyd, lemme see what you have
    Lloyd, running: a knife!!
    Garmadon: n O
  • “so dad you love me right? and you know how like. there’s been lots of stress over the past while and. I love you so much and you also love me right we’re a forever happy father and son who never get mad at each other. not that I’m trying to manipulate any feelings here!! haha who would do that. anyway so, theoretically, say for whatever reason I had blown up the microwave-”
    • Garmadon just goes “I’ll be honest with you Lloyd I blew up the microwave 3 weeks ago please don’t tell your mother”
  • Garmadon: Lloyd you’ve been hiding in there for hours, come out of the closet!
    Lloyd, from inside his closet: I’M GAY!!
    Garmadon: that’s not what I meant but I support you!!
  • Lloyd has like 7 years of piggybacks to cash in so he gets piggybacks everywhere
  • *when Lloyd was born*
    Garmadon: I want to see my little boy
    Misako: here he comes!!
  • “dad I am 3 years old I don’t know how to do taxes” “I’m like 200 years old and I still don’t know how to do taxes it doesn’t get any easier”
  • some villain: you’re an awful leader Lloyd you’ll never be anything
    Garmadon: Lloyd it’s not worth the energy, just ignore it
    some villain: yeah, listen to the old man haha!
  • hide and seek from Misako except she doesn’t know they’re playing hide and seek so they’re just hiding from her for hours and she eventually finds them in the store room eating three (3) tubs of ice cream
  • real talk Lloyd is stressed 24/7/365 so garmadon has to make him chill
  • Lloyd thinks Garmadon is the oracle of wisdom and he is in a lot of ways but I’ll be honest 30% of it is bs
    • like team wise and powers and emotional support garmadon is sorted he can give Lloyd everything he needs, but when it comes to life advice he has no idea what he’s doing so he’s just like ah,,,, yes,,,,,,,, well I’ll let your mother tell you what she thinks and then I’ll give you my take on what she says
  • *in battle*
    Garmadon: prepare for trouble, make it double!
    Lloyd: dad that's… what the bad guys say
    Garmadon: can you really blame me Lloyd
  • they’re sparring and garmadon is like “don’t go easy on me I can take it ;))” so Lloyd is like “aight” and roundhouse kicks him straight in the jaw
  • someone: how come you both have grey hair when your son is so young
    *Lloyd comes running past screaming with an armful of sweets and his sword as the entire kitchen sets on fire*
    Garmadon & Misako: haha no idea :’’’’’)
  • if you think that Lloyd is gonna prank his dad and almost give him a heart attack every time then you are correct
  • Lloyd: hey dad I’m leaving the room for 3 seconds please don’t embarrass me in front of all my friends ok
    Garmadon: got it no problem
    Also garmadon: *gets out all of Lloyd’s baby videos including one of him singing the “gotta go my own way” duet from hsm to himself in the mirror, trying to do both parts on his own*
  • Garmadon gave him his gi, right? nice sentiment, right? WRONG Lloyd is like “why am I perpetually cursed to always be expected to fight in clothes that are too big for me Zane didn’t die for this"
  • Kai is Garmadon’s favourite ninja don’t tell anyone but it’s bc he was a big brother to Lloyd when he really needed him and he’ll never be able to thank him enough for that. also it was really funny when Kai tried to fight him and it still makes him laugh
  • Lloyd has no life experience and Garmadon teaching Lloyd to drive was one of my favourite fandom jokes ever and I can’t do it justice so I won’t talk abt that one
    • however Garmadon does make a list of things he feels is necessary for him to learn:
    • flossing
    • how to cook blindfolded just in case you are temporarily visually impaired after battle
    • where he keeps the recipe for his cookies
    • be careful who you trust with a secret handshake
    • how to cut your hair 101: don’t. go to a hairdresser or ask Misako.
    • what to do if you accidentally iron a hole in your gi
    • how to knock someone out using only a cotton bud
    • how to tie your shoes bc Lloyd you can’t live in velcro shoes for your whole life they’re not very stealthy
    • why it’s bad to join a cult and get a tattoo
    • how to not go bald and make wu jealous
    • the perfect Intense voice for dire situations
    • dramatic monologues

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

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okay so reece king aka real life nursery posted some pics on Instagram of him in nothing but tights and CAN YOU PLEASE JUST IMAGINE DEX GETTING SNAPCHATS OF DEREK IN JUST FISHNETS AND JUST DYING PLEASE

There are reasons that Nursey and Ransom aren’t allowed to get drunk together unsupervised.

Very good reasons.

Very logical reasons.

Reasons that they both forgot two hours ago, when Ransom walked into his dorm room with a handle of Jack Daniels and a liter of Coke.

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Alex and maggie. One of them proposing to the other?

Maggie lies in bed blinking up at the darkness, the bright red of the alarm clock burning into her retinas, Alex lying peacefully beside her, her soft snores the only thing calming Maggie’s heartbeat. They’d come to Midvale for their five year anniversary weekend; Alex had suggested they take a proper vacation, go somewhere with actual sun and foreign climates but Maggie had shaken her head softly, whispering that there was no place she’d rather be because Midvale was home for Alex, Midvale held so many good memories for Alex and that was where Maggie always wanted to go, because Midvale for Maggie was a reminder that now she had a family too. Now she had Eliza, and she had a little sister in Kara and she felt at home in their childhood house, pictures of her and Alex pinned to the fridge alongside Lena and Kara, Eliza proud of her daughters. Her soon to be daughter in law. Because that was another reason Maggie had demanded they come to Midvale for the weekend. She was going to propose, and she was going to propose here. She’d told Kara months ago, enlisting her soon to be sister in law and her girlfriend to help her buy Alex’s ring, to help her plan the perfect beach proposal. Turns out she didn’t really need Kara’s help in the ring department; the second store they’d walked into Maggie was drawn towards a ring that screamed Alex. It was beautiful and it was simple, and it was perfect. Maggie knew Alex didn’t want flashy, never wanted flashy, she’d just want a constant reminder that she was Maggie’s and Maggie was hers. The band was gold and not too thick, and three simple diamond stones adorned the top, clustered close together, glinting softly off the late afternoon sunlight and all Maggie could think was how perfect it would look in the early morning light as Alex lay naked beside her and smoothed her hair behind her ear as Alex loved to do, the diamonds catching the sunlight, a promise of everything good to come. So Maggie had bought the ring and Maggie had hidden it amongst her socks, nervous that Alex would find it, that Alex would realise her plans. But she hadn’t and now the day was here and Maggie hadn’t slept a wink.

She’d text Kara the night before, confirming their plans for her to fly James out in the early morning so he could photograph the moment Alex said yes, the rest of their friends being flown over soon after to celebrate properly and Maggie’s heart pounded out of her chest.

What if she says no Kara? Oh god what if she says no?

Maggie. My sister is obsessed with you, she’s not going to say no.

But what if she doesn’t want to get married? She’s always been independent I don’t want to tie her down.

Maggie, this is Lena. Kara keeps talking to herself and making odd noises, so I’m here to reassure you. Alex will 100% say yes. She looks at you like you hung the moon. Trust me. We’ll see you tomorrow, future Mrs Danvers-Sawyer.

Maggie smiles at that.

Thanks guys, night.

She gets a text back off Kara.

Night future big sis!!! XXXX and she laughs to herself.

Alex is gonna say yes. Alex has to say yes, right?

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congratulations!! could i get some stenbrough first date hcs? :')

Thanks, Sydney!! Ummm, of course you can??

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Screaming and Crying

I don’t understand how NO ONE has mentioned the fact that Tony Padilla has a SEMICOLON tattoo and the first time I saw it, I cried. I just cried and I paused the show and I cried because it was perfect and it was such an important realization and it was so symbolic for this character to have that tattoo and whoever’s idea it was to give him that deserves a hug. If you don’t know what the semicolon represents, you need to look it up and cry with me because it’s literally one of the most beautiful things.

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An admin in the official BVB Facebook group confirmed that the album name Vale is Latin and means "Farewell" (or goodbye for a more modern translation). Also certain areas have the new song "My Vow" and it's so fuckin good, that shit goes HARD AF

Shit, well, this is going to be fun a trip with the album with a meaning like that, yet I’m still keeping an open mind on it and hoping it just means the end of The Wild Ones and The Legion Of The Black. And I know, I love it so much. I got the text with it and it’s amazing! I nearly cried because it was the perfect. Also, CC’s drumming is killing it in that song, even though it was a small clip. 

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omg can u do a tattoo artist!michael where y/n get a very meaningful tattoo and y/n cries because it's so perfect but not bc pain? & michael asks y/n abt it and they start talkin and he asks y/n out for dinner?

tattoo artist!michael wouldn’t exactly be a stranger to people tearing up - or even blacking out - as he pressed the needle against the shining skin of someone who tightened their fist with every painful prick that stained them with a fresh amount of colors, bringing the idea of what they wanted to life on their body, thought he couldn’t help but remain rather silent at your rigid, stand-offish demeanor as he carefully traced away an original design you’d brought to him - something he knew likely held much meaning to you compared to anyone that brought him a screenshot of a rather common inking shared online that people got for aesthetic purposes, not that there’s anything wrong with that - that appeared simple yet intricate with lines and text that appeared almost lyrical, unifying the entirety of the tattoo, and he loved it; as the image in your mind and on that sheet of paper began to come to life you found yourself tearing up in that same chair as so many others - only this time it had absolutely nothing to do with pain - and he felt his chest twinge and ache at your reaction - no one as beautiful and amazing as you deserved pain (i mean, he wished no one had to deal with pain) and to think he was the one who caused it? - but before he could offer his sincerest apologies for hurting you, you’d confess you’d never thought the day would come when you’d finally have this little memory - one that practically broke you inside and out - forever painted on your vulnerable flesh as though you’d come to terms with the past misery and michael wouldn’t pry over what or who hurt you since it was your business rather than his so he’d compliment your work of art - saying how he needs some fresh ideas for inkings, in case his customers were looking for something a little different from a typical rose and skull or anchor and infinity symbol or any variations of them - and you’d both get to talking. about how he was inspired by kat von d to start up his own tattoo shop to bring his and other people’s thoughts from their imagination to the canvas he considered to be their skin. or how you had loved to doodle for quite some time and how they often took lifelike forms that brought you solace whenever you needed them most. and michael would be so grateful the needle wasn’t in his now shaking hands as he found himself wholly invested and infatuated by you and your presence and he knew he wanted to see you again - preferably outside of his shop and away from his coworker that smugly winked at him before heading towards the backdoor towards the alley for a smoke break - in a much more formal setting where you might see him as a little more than what he viewed himself as some creepy tattoo artist with a fast food diet consisting of panda express and mcdonald’s that would make a physician cringe. but before he could muster up the words, you gave him a small smile and tossed the open question in the air over whether or not you’d like to see each other again sometime - leaving the pale, leather-clad boy with a furious blush on his cheeks and a stuttered “yeah” tumbling from his lips.