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Senior Year + College stuff (HC’s with The Sincerely Three)

A/N: I didn’t fully know what to do with Senior Year, so I just made that college stuff as well, wohooo


  • He’d be 0 excited for his senior year, while ur all #Hyped for it
  • Honestly, he’s just so anxious about what will happen after school
  • Cuz Boii, he’s afraid of his future and he’s afraid of losing you
  • Sometimes when you two hang out, you guys start talking about everything and then he starts talking about him losing you
  • And he starts crying
  • And ur like “Noooo” and ur heart is breaking
  • You’re assuring him that ur gonna stick to his side, no matter what, even after school
  • “But why would you even want to stay with me? I’m stupid and I’m probably not gonna achieve anything in my life” – “Well, because I want you, no matter what. It’s that simple.”
  • A lot of love, a lot of kisses
  • Sometimes in school, he’d even write you little notes and hide them in your locker
  • You’d be like Heart Eyes and aaaw it’s so cute
  • And Connor would blush, and be so happy that u like it cuz at first he thought you would think it was cheesy and bäh
  • You guys don’t give a shit anymore about what other people think of you
  • Some ppl still call Connor a freak, then laugh, but he just turns around, mocks them and yells “You’re childish and gonna die alone” at them
  • You are #SHOOK (but he’s right tho)
  • He got a lot more self-confident and you are so proud of him omg
  • His parents r still kinda dicks to him and literally force him into going to college (they want him to become a lawyer or like any job in a higher position)
  • Connor doesn’t give a shit and just applies for a photography school
  • To get into it, he needs to show them a portfolio, but mate doesn’t have one
  • “Maybe I could be your model, or so? You know, for some photos?” His eyes lit up and omg he was so happy to have you and was soo!! excited to take some nice photos of you
  • These photos were beautiful and Connor made you cry sometimes cuz it was all so Emotional
  • You’ve always hated your body, so you were not really excited when he said he wanted to take photos of you wearing literally nothing
  • But all the time, he whispered “God, you’re so beautiful” which made you sob sometimes
  • The ppl from said school loved his portfolio and immediately accepted him
  • Omg Connor was so happy and kissed you all the time and thanked you, oh god
  • Your prom was also really cute
  • At first, he didn’t want to attend it, but you begged him so much and well, he couldn’t say no to you
  • But Connor freaking enjoyed himself so much, he even danced with you
  • (He even waltzed!!! Because you showed it to him some weeks before prom; so cute)
  • At the end of it, you guys were so exhausted, just dropped into bed and immediately fell asleep
  • He held you so tight and omg u two are so in love wtf
  • BONUS: You two move together after high school, Connor’s a super photographer, while you also work together with him in his own studio, you two love each other very much and stay together #Forever


  • Our mate would be #anxious
  • “What if I can’t go to a good college? What if I CAN go to a good college, but we just can’t afford it?” – “Evan, it’s 3 am in the morning, what”
  • He’d totally be in the studying phase, where you wouldn’t see him some days
  • “Can I come over?” – “Well, I still have to write three essays, I gotta do that assignment for Ms Miller and OH GOD, I need to-“ – “Yeaaah, I’ll be there in like 20 minutes”
  • You’d help him with his stuff, he’d help you with your stuff
  • Evan used to be really quiet and shy about your relationship, but now in Senior Year, he’s all open about that
  • He doesn’t care what people will think and he even ignores some comments from SOME GUY (*cough* Jared *cough*)
  • One time, and god, you were surprised, he even slapped your butt while he passed you in the hallway
  • Afterwards he apologized like a million times for it, but you assured him that you didn’t mind
  • You kinda liked it wtf
  • Anyway, Evan would do all these essay contests to get a scholarship
  • He’d be doubting all the time that any college would be interested in him
  • You’d always hug him, he’d wrap his arm around your waist and you’d just whisper in his ear, how wonderful he is and how happy you are that he’s your boyfriend
  • Evan was also kinda scared that you’d leave him afterwards when you two go to different colleges
  • You were also v scared about that
  • So you two made a total serious pact that you’re just not going to break up
  • it’s that simple
  • Evan got accepted to one of his Top 3 colleges!
  • And you as well!
  • You two celebrated the whole night, laughing and kissing, maybe even some drinking, but not too much
  • “What should I do at college now? When I won’t drink alcohol, they’re gonna think I’m a loser!” – “Then both of us are losers!”
  • Cheers!
  • So, you two went to different colleges
  • A lot of tears, when you said goodbye
  • But!! Evan tries to drive to you every weekend
  • One time, he didn’t have enough time and couldn’t manage to get to you
  • Well, then you took a train to his college and surprised him (Maybe you two cried then and omg u 2 are so cute)
  • and ur PROM!!!
  • Evan made like a cute promposal
  • But sort of fucked it up and thought he was a mistake
  • u laughed and thought it was the cutest thing ever
  • So on prom night, you two danced and smooch and kissed and omg that love, beautiful night


  • “It’s our Senior Year” – “Yeah” – “Jared, we need to do something” – “No”
  • Jared would be all chill about it, while you’re all worried
  • He’d (sometimes) study stuff for his SAT’s
  • But not really tbh
  • Everybody would ask him which college he’d like to go to
  • And Jared would be like “Uhm, rude?”
  • Even you would try to persuade him into trying to achieve!!! more things cuz he’s smart and you’d tell him this all the fucking time!!!!
  • So, Jared agrees into “trying”
  • You would go to his house and study some school stuff
  • He’s friggin smart and v good at math and helps u
  • (bc obviously if one person needs help with math it’s u ok)
  • You’d try to study, but Jared just nudges you all the time and kisses you, while ur like #serious about it
  • Okay, but at some point you’d just give in nd u make out alright
  • ANYWAY the SAT’s right
  • Boi fucking destroyed it
  • You were so happy for him and ohhh god
  • And Jared was all like “Well, I told you I was smart!”
  • (Alright but he was also very excited about it and so happy bc finally he could prove to people how smart he was)
  • So, he goes to college and probably studies summat to do with computers idk
  • Before he leaves, you two have an immense!! horrible fight about what will happen to your relationship
  • bc to you, it seemed that Jared didn’t care about you at all
  • but he did!!! so much!!!!
  • (you guys made up again tho)
  • you didn’t attend it alright lmao
  • you just took some fake prom photos
  • and spent the whole night in his room, playing video games, watching films and getting drunk
Fandoms iLy — Rubies Are Red, Azurite Is Blue

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• your first impression of him was how he looked like he came from heaven(´・Д・)」
• his first impression of you was that you looked like an absolute angel.
• it was because of his first impression of you, that he chose his nickname to be “Angel” ;;_;;
• when it came to ask you out, jeonghan wasn’t too nervous. he had watched you for so long and thought about what he was gonna say so many times that he thought it would be easy to just go straight up to you and say it.
• but when he finally made it to you, he kinda choked on his own spit bc yes u always looked good bUT TODAY OF ALL DAYS U LOOKED AMAZING??!1!!1!1
• however, after minutes of stuttering and trying to breathe properly, he managed to get the words he needed out yAY
• your first date with jeonghan was a picnic under a big tree, you guys played twenty questions and got to know each other even more, like you found out all the little things about each other, fears, pet peeves and everything (and make no mistake in thinking that jeonghan won’t remember everything you said) AWHWHWHW and you plaited each other’s ’ hair and you made little flower crowns for each other and he placed it on your head.
• “I’ll be the king, if you’ll be my queen.” //hyperventilating ( ̄▽ ̄)
• you and jeonghan aren’t really into giving nicknames, but he does like to call you ‘babe’
• like can u imagine yoon jeonghan calling you ‘babe’ omf
• but your first kiss? well, it just came naturally. one day, you and jeonghan were just cuddling on the couch and he placed his head on your lap then you began to fiddle with his hair, you reached over to grab the remote, wanting to change the channel when he suddenly looked up.
• your faces were literally millimetres apart and he just sort of stared at your lips as you turned into a mess on the floor bc jEONGHAN DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT
• “I’m gonna kiss you.”
• “o-okay..”
• and it was really sweet bc jeonghan didn’t want to take things too fast and just kissed u slowly bc he was savouring the moment ;;_;;
• it probably wasn’t that hard for you and jeonghan to tell the members, they probably already knew bc of Jeonghan’s non stop skinship initiating lmao
• he’s the type of guy who initiates skinship quite a lot, in my opinion. he’s not possessive but he does like people seeing that you belong to him bc hES SO LUCKY
• he likes to hold ur hand a lot too. bc he thinks your hands fit perfectly to each other and he still, always finds it fascinating ;u;
• he tends to play with your hair a LOT and often asks (more like demands) if he can comb ur hair bc it looks so soft and pretty like u.
• his favourite type of kiss would be like an Eskimo kiss, idk can’t you just imagine doing something like that with this angel ?? Bc same.
• and his fave kind of hug is the kinds where he just holds you close and grabs like a fistful of your hair, it’s like those really adorable hugs where you guys are desperate for each other’s warmth and arms :3
• when jeonghan wants affection, he’ll get it. there won’t really be any major signs of it, except for the fact that either you haven’t had much time with him or he’s feeling lonely. but when he does want it, he will just gently pull you to the side and straight up hug you or kiss you.
• “jeonghan? what was that for?”
• “i don’t know, I missed you.”
• “it’s only been 2 minutes since I last hugged you..”
• “eXACTLY!!”
• he likes it when you run your hand through his hair when you guys kiss, and/or cuddle, it really relaxes him and makes him feel better. Nobody knows why tho lol
• but he absolutely dislikes it when rumours are spread about their relationship being fake and how it’s all just set up for publicity. like he will freaking rage and rant all day everyday if something like that comes up.
• “jagiya, don’t listen to anything anyone says about us, okay? the us we are now is as real as its gonna get.”
• but hey, it takes WORK to have a beautiful face like his.
• has an addiction to sleeping, my poor bby gets so tired bc he works super hard in training. like one time you saw him passed out on the floor when you came to visit the boys and they were taking a break.
• and you just sat next to him, telling him about your day even tho he’s sleeping bc you guys are cute like that.
• you and jeonghan once bought matching couple shirts, but when you tried it on you both cringed so hard bc this was as cheesy as they could possibly get.
• “yeah, let’s NOT do that ever again”
• “agreed”
• jealous jeonghan is not someone you want to mess with, he gets all serious and tries to drop small hints here and there showing the other person that you wAS TAKEN BY HIM.
• “hey, BABE, fancy seeing you here, mind if I tag along?”
• but sometimes he gets all scared when other people flirt with you bc what if you leave him ?? he wouldn’t be able to function or get up in the morning without you. then he’d like have a major freak out and nearly start crying bc you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him and you could leave him so fast like oh my.
• you’d stop him tho and kiss him and hold him and reassure him that he’s the one for you and you’d never leave him for the world.
• ofc he’d make you promise that all formally like, “repeat after me, I ____ solemnly swear never to leave my loving boyfriend Yoon Jeonghan bc I love him too much to do it.”
• flustered jeonghan?? .. ??? Does that even exist?
• likes to buy u everything, like if he even sees you look at something in the store, he’s buying it. ONE TIME HE SAW U LOOKING AT THIS HUGE BOX OF CHOCOLAYTES AND HE LIKE MISSIONED HIMSELF TO SAVE UP FOR IT SO HE COULD BUY IT FOR U AS A PRESENT FOR UR LIKE IDK 4 MONTH ANNIVERSARY.
• your phone background is a selfie of you and jeonghan that one time he braided your hair.
• and it actually looked good wut
• HIS phone background is a photo of you pretending to cut Jeonghan’s hair in his sleep. holy mother goose it was the scariest thing he had ever gone through when he unlocked his phone one day and saw that photo was his lockscreen. he kept it anyway bc you looked nice in it ;;_;;
• since jeonghan is a vocalist in seventeen, he tends to come home with a sore throat or a lost voice. the first time that happened to him you thought he was freaking gonna die and you nearly cried and he just smiled at you bc ur so cute
• but sometimes, he pushes his voice too far and nearly damages it really badly. you get really worried about him because he gets really disappointed when he can’t reach the high note, or can’t hit the right runs. ;-;
• “I just want a voice like seungkwan and seokmin, jagi..”
• “your voice is perfect just the way it is.”
• jeonghan would most likely sing you to sleep since his voice was literally sent from the heavens. he’d wrap you up real good in his arms and then sing softly in your ear as he rubs small patterns on your skin until you fall asleep ;;U;;
• in the morning, the sun would be shining at the most perfect position so when he wakes you up, you wake up to the sun shining brilliantly behind this angel and I swear you hear angels start singing and birds start chirping lOL
• your first fight with jeonghan wasn’t very big, but it was a disagreement all the same. one day he came home after a rlly rough day at work and he kinda snapped at you, then you snapped back lmao bc seungkwan has been giving you sass queen skills. but jeonghan still had a brain and stepped out for a bit so you could both clear your minds and he came back after an hour or so with like 5 boxes of chocolate and 3 bouquets of flowers bc HE WAS SORRY
• “jagi, I’m sorry. I was out of place to yell at you like that, I still love you, you know that. please forgive me?”
• “only if you’ll forgive me.”
• our angel jeonghan is literally everyone’s ideal boyfriend. he’ll be there for you through everything you go through, he’ll be the shoulder you cry on, he’ll buy you all the food you need when your feeling down and all in all is the best boy alive.
• you’d be lucky to have him, and he’d be lucky to have you.

“jagi, don’t look at anyone else but me from now on, okay? saranghae~” -jeonghannie

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glory you're so tiny omg,,, how does it feel to be smol and cute


i.. i suddenly feel very attacked??! des why do you do this to me i’m conflicted?? one part of me just literally cried bc ilu and ur so cute and i missed you but the other is just offended cuz i am not tiny i am average size and i am more than sure that when i got measured they made a mistake >:c

fight me nurses !!!

@chomaiyo: 「クララのバカ!いくじなし!」
@chomaiyo: 「Kurara you idiot!Just go!」
「That’s not something you should say to a person working hard!」

@kradness: くらら
@kradness: Kurara

@chomaiyo: くら( ・-・̥̥̥ )
@chomaiyo: Kura( ・-・̥̥̥ )

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*cries* ur so cute n adorable *cries some more* I fucking knew there was too much chemistry in dem gifs *smiles, then cries a lil bit more* I cant believe wolfstar has actually come true *wipes tears* I wish u great happiness in ur joint endeavours

((OOC: These gifs?))

“Gotta cheer up the princess!” - ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

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sEO LOOK AT U YOU’RE TALKING ABT YOURSELF CUTIE iLYSM COME AND HMU SOMETIME WHEN YOU’RE FREE-ER OKAY LOVE UUUU BBY (gotta say i kept this ask for so long mostly bc of that oikawa pic but….)