cries silently at the corner

Nice try, Malfoy
  • draco: you know what granger?
  • hermione: what do you want now malfoy?
  • draco: my father told me i can have anything i want in my life because i was a malfoy
  • hermione: i dont want to know any more about your selfishness malf-
  • draco: but then i realized it was all a lie
  • hermione: is there a point in this? you're seriously wasting my-
  • draco: i knew it was a lie because when i saw you, i wanted you but i never had you *stares intensely into her eyes*
  • hermione: *looks intently at him* nice try malfoy. no, i wont let you copy off of my potions essay. now will you please let me read in peace?
  • draco: dammit! i thought it would work. please? just this one time??
  • blaise: dammit guys, i thought that was for real
  • blaise: *cries silently in the corner because he ships dramione and was given false hope*

Aries: “nope.” *pulls out weapon*
Taurus: “yeah, you can call me daddy” ;)
Gemini: “y'all need jesus.”
Cancer: *created daddy kink*
Leo: “wHY the HeLL DiD yOu CaLL HIm dADdY”
Virgo: “I’d like to leave this planet now”
Libra: “FUCK THIS SHIT IM OUT” *back flips out a window*
Scorpio: “I’ve been called daddy 3 times today and its not even noon yet..”
Sagittarius: “I’ll be your daddy” ;^^))))
Capricorn: *cries silently in corner* “I hate this world..”
Aquarius: *still is confused what it means"*
Pisces: *throws bibles at everyone* “I AGREE WITH GEMINI, Y'ALL NEED JESUS”


new video up lmaooooo 

chill bakugo 

i seriously hope nobody did this yet

I just saw a post of a collage of Batdad and his kids for fathers day. He was hugging people mostly. Two of those pictures were of different versions of Jack Drakes death when Bruce is hugging Tim. There weren’t many others of them.

It DOES make you wonder what it means for them. I think it sums it up their relationship quite well.

Bruce: *Ignores Tim*

Tim: *Okay with being ignored*


Bruce: *Hug*

Tim: Please don’t leave m-

Bruce: Bye. *Goes back to ignoring Tom*

Tim: Okay. *Cries silently in a corner*

I wanted this to be funny but it turns out it’s way more bitter than I expected. 


The tension was unbearable as Christine cried silently in the corner, distraught over Erik’s confession that he didn’t want nor like children. She had just discovered that morning she was pregnant and Erik’s reaction to this news hadn’t been great. He knew now was the time to come clean and really explain why he was so afraid to have children. Sighing, he ran a hand over his face, shutting his eyes tight as the words tumbled out of his mouth.

“Christine, what I said about children isn’t entirely true. There is more to it than that…The reason I don’t want children is because…” He sighed shakily and gulped, “I am terrified that the child would end up looking like me. And that is something that I would never be able to forgive myself for.” He didn’t even watch to see her reaction, instead stared at a spot on the ground. He felt the mattress sag next to him as she sat down and felt her hand rest over his hand, but he still did not look at her.

“That’s truly what you’re afraid of? That the child will look like you?”

“You have no idea the fear and the… shame that that brings me. If I can barely look at myself in the mirror without feeling repulsed, then how on earth would I be able to look at my own child?” Christine said nothing, the only noise in the room being the wind that whistled through hidden cracks in the ceiling. When Erik felt his hand being pulled, he did not question it, only allowed Christine to lead him away to wherever she was headed. He was not expecting her to take him to her walk in wardrobe which contained the only mirror in the house and he physically balked, restraining against her pull.

“Christine, what are you doing?”

“I need to show you something.” She opened the shuttered doors, flicked on the light switch and took Erik around the corner. It wasn’t very big inside but it was enough for Christine and she loved having a floor length mirror that reflected the light even more. She pulled Erik in front of the mirror and he looked away, avoiding his reflection as if it were the plague. “Please, don’t.” Christine went to stand behind him, threading her arms around his stomach that tensed underneath her touch before running her hands up to his chest.

“Look into the mirror, love. I want you to tell me what you see.” She said soothingly.

“I am not playing this game!” Erik barked back, but calmed immediately when she placed a gentle kiss on the top of his spine.

“Please, love. Just look.” It took him a while but he acquiesced and grimaced in disgust when he saw his reflection. It looked worse than it ever had done, his skin pale and taught in places, it didn’t take him long to look away.

“I see an ugly, disgusting man who has corrupted you and has already probably corrupted the little being inside of you.” He spat out moodily, clenching his long fingers into tight fists. Christine poked her head out from behind him and snuggled under his arm, pulling it over her shoulder so that she could rest her head on his chest.

“That’s funny because I don’t see that at all.” She murmured, threading her fingers through his own. “I see a wonderful, beautiful man who gave me everything I could ever ask for. I see a man who has suffered so much hardship and yet finds the love inside him to share it with me, someone who doesn’t deserve as much as she has been given. I see the man I fell in love with and the face that I adore because it makes you who you are.” She then stepped in front of him and took his face into her hands, placing kisses against his deformity. “I love every ridge, every bump, every blemish, I love your lips, I love your eyes.” Christine then placed a firm kiss against his lips, trying to ignore the saltiness that lingered from his tears that he hadn’t realised he had begun to cry, “And my god Erik, if our child does inherit your looks then I will know I have been truly blessed because I have two beautiful humans in my life. I will have a child that reminds me of my husband who I love beyond belief, who I will love utterly even if there were the slightest blemish and I will teach our child that they shouldn’t have to hate who they are because of how they appear. Just as I am now telling you that your appearance doesn’t make you some evil, corrupted ‘monster’ as you called yourself all those years ago. It makes you, you! And that is someone who is very beautiful.” Erik choked on a sob, trying desperately to keep back the tears and failed miserably as his knees buckled and fell to the floor, crying into his hands. Her hands found the back of his head and stroked his soft hair until he ceased to cry, then did something remarkable. He placed his hands on her hips and brought his lips to her stomach, kissing it gently as if it were the most delicate surface of all.

“I swear, I will love this child and protect it with my life, Christine. Even if it does look like me. I will love them fiercely and will never let them doubt themselves.” Christine smiled a watery smile and bent down to meet him, capturing his lips on her own.

“I know you will. That is what makes you beautiful.”

  • Someone mean to me: *silently cries in corner*
  • Someone about to open mouth to speak badly of nuest: EXCUSE ME. There is no need to be rude. Opinions are well received but not if they are against the boys in an emotionally harmful way. Please keep walking.
"Will you teach me?" Imagine finding a Bow and asking Daryl to help you handling it.

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“The Story happens when they still are in Prison… Beth is still alive!(Why did you leave us?!? *cries silently in corner.* And sorry for her fans.. (are there even..?) Judith is Born and Lorii is Dead also is Merle… and Andrea is idk where… so have fun!! Oh and reader is around 18 and Daryl is around 35+)
Warning!!: Major age difference between Reader and Daryl! Don’t like don’t read…. if not have fun! ;D

A few Days ago (Y/N) was on a run together with Rick, when she found it. A Bow and more Arrows than she propably needed… or barely enough if you think about that she never used one in her life. Unfortunately the Bow only layed around and collected dust because she was to embarassed to train with it. What if Daryl walked by and saw how she failed miserabely or accidently shot someone. Well even if Daryl saw what would he care? It wouldn’t change a fact about her being only a Kid to him. Oh if she only knew how wrong she was!
He wouldn’t admit it but he liked her cheerfull and carefree aditute. Yes (Y/N) sometimes annoyed him to no end… but he somehow liked the attention she was giving him, and ONLY him. She didn’t even cared about the other Teenagers running around. But he just took it, that she trusted him like a big Brother or even… Father. This made him shudder everytime he thought about it. He was always surprised how (Y/N) still could keep this cheerfull attitude even though the world has gone to hell and well… she lost her Family in a pretty Horrbile way. (I’ll leave this to your Imagination! Everyone has a other idea on what they want their past to look like… and if you want your family to be still alive.. I didn’t say anything abot dying so YA WELCOME!! Ok.. keep going..) 
While Daryl hid his feelings pretty well, (Y/N) was like an open book. Well at least to everyone but Daryl. They all noticed the young teenager was rather fond of the redneck… well except said Redneck. Even though Rick noticed the change in Daryls demanor around (Y/N). He was less tense and even allowed her to hug him sometimes or he didn’t shoo her away like others when they invalide his ‘Personal Time’. Even though he knew, Rick decided he wouldn’t say anything for now.. they should find together on their own.

- Now -

Finally (Y/N) decided she would do it. She would ask Daryl for help to learn how to use a Bow. Firstly it was a waste leaving it lying there and secondly… she really wanted to spend time with Daryl and it was slowly getting harder due the Fact she had used almost every excuse till now she knew… So this was the best excuse for now. She took a shaky breath griping the bow in one hand and the arrows in the other and made her way over towards Daryl who sat on the Stairs cleaning his Crossbow from the last Hunt. As she stopped infront of him her voice stuck in her throat not saying anything she just stared at the Redneck. He finally seemed to notice her and looked up. His eyes wandered over the Bow upwards and landed on her eyes. As their eyes met she finally swalowed the lump in her throat. She felt her heart beat in her chest and she was sure even the Walkers outside could hear. Daryl waited for her to speak up as he raised an eyebrow at her. He really had to hold back a small smile at her somehow flustered state but he could keep his stoic Face. "U-umm…” (Y/N) tried to get something out but failed miserabely. “What?” Daryl asked slightly annoyed. He hated it when someone couldn’t say what they wanted but well.. he somehow thought it was cute with her as well. “C-could you… Could you maybe teach me?” She asked with a voice that was a little bit to high for her comfort. As she said that (Y/N) held up the Bow hoping he would get what she wanted. Luckily he seemd to get it. “You want me to teach you how to shoot the Bow?” He asked as the teenager nodded stifly. “Go bother someone else.” Came out of his mouth before he even registered it. He felt a pang of guilt as he saw her hurt expression but he just couldn’t let her know what he really thought. But as always she didn’t give up now. “B-But Daryl.. you are the only one that uses a Crossbow and knows how to Hunt.. the others don’t know about Bows.. and stuff…" (Y/N) started with enthusiasm but it turned more and more into a mumble at the ending. If only she knew how he loved it when she said his name like that. So innocent and yet so demanding at the same time. He was silent for a short while before he spoke up. "Fine…” He said at least. What she did next made his heart Jump. A bright smile lit onto her face as she squealed in delight. Throwing the quiver over her shoulder she grabbed his Hand pulling him after her. Not having the heart to pull away he followed after her but somehow maneged to take his Crossbow with him. Rick watched in amusement as they went outside and what made him smile even more was as he saw the small smile that graced Daryls lips.

- A few hours later (let’s say.. idk.. 2??) -

Daryl let out a groan as she shot past the target yet again. 'How the hell can one Person be so dense?!’ He growled to himself. (Y/N) now was feeling more down and down. And the fact she missed again didn’t help at all. She felt so embarassed to have failed so miserably infront of him. That was what the poor girl always feared and as she turned around and met his annoyed expression she felt even more ashamed. Daryl had his arms crossed over his chest and his jaw was clenched as if he was trying his hardest not to scream at her. 'He will never talk to me again…’ She thought sadly. But as the Redneck saw her defeated expression he felt a pang of sadness going through him. He didn’t want her to give up now. He wanted her to smile at him again like before.. He then let out a sigh and walked over towards her. As he wanted to help her hold the bow she flinched back expecting him to take the Bow away but he understood it other wise and stepped back. Daryl thought she didn’t want to be close to him. “Okay look it wasn’t half bad… Try again but you stance is slumped try to stand like I showed you.” To everyone other it sounded angry and annoyed but by the look in his eyes she knew he meant it well. “Like this..?” She asked sniffling slightly. “No like- not not like this! Ugh!” He shook his head before stepping closer again. But this time he waited for her to push him away again but she didn’t so he took this as an okay to move closer. He now had (Y/N) back against his Chest and his arms adound her placing her arms the right way. 'W-w-what?! You think I can concentrate like that?!’ The young girl screamed in her mind as he cheeks slowly dusted pink. Trying to hide it she focused her eyes on the ground. “Don’t look at the ground.. look at the target! Always!” Daryl grumbled making her (e/c) eyes snap up and lock on the target. “Try again now…” Daryl mumbled into her ear stepping back. This made her knees go weak but she tried to concentrate. As Daryl stepped back he felt his heart rate go up as well. 'What the hell?! Why did you do that.. she’ll think your a Creep or even worse a Pedophile!’ He mentaly scolded himself. Still he kept his eyes on her. (Y/N) took a deep breath and realised the string sending the arrow fly. It hit the target right into the Bulls eye. Without noticing a small smile came onto Daryls lips. But suddenly he felt two arms wrap around him. While lost in his thoughts he hadn’t noticed that (Y/N) let the Bow fall to the ground and ran towards him pulling him into a hug. The redneck stumbled a few steps back at the sudden weight (No you are not fat! But a surprise hug is not easy to catch! ;D *wink wink*).  But luckly he could catch himself and the girl that now clinged onto him. At first he wanted to push her away out of instinct but as he heard her Happy squeals of “See! See! See! I did it!! I did!” he decided otherwise and wrapped his arms around her letting out a low chuckle. “Yeah you did it.” Daryl said. They stayed like that for a long while but after some time he lowered her so (Y/N) had her arms around his torso and resting her head on his chest. Daryl placed his head on hers and had his Hands placed on her hips. “Thank you so much… you know for not leaving me even though you were annoyed and I was a failure…” (Y/N) started to rambled on only to be silenced by Daryl pulling away. He ACTUALLY had a smile on his face. He then placed a hand on the girls cheek. “You’re welcome, I am sure you’ll get better and then we’ll go hunt outside.” That made her heart flutter. A small blush made it’s way onto her cheeks. Daryl seemed to notice it as he had his eyes fixed on her gulping slightly. 'Does she maybe feel more for me?’ Daryl thought not realising he slowly started to lean down. But (Y/N) surely realised he slowly leaned down and the blush only got worse. Starting to feel dizzy she placed one hand on his which was resting on her cheek and the other on his arm, which hand was resting on her waist. After what felt like forever their lips touched. As if Both finally realize what’s happening Daryl and (Y/N) just stand there staring into each others eyes. Finally deciding to do something (Y/N) put more pressure in the kiss. Daryl only did the same. But it wasn’t a hungry or passionate kiss.. it was a light kiss as if they were exploring new land they never were on. Slowly but surely the Rednecks hand wandered ,from her cheek to her neck and the hand on her waist onto her lower back, wanting to pull her closer. Just as he was about to deepen the kiss- “DARYL?! (Y/N)?!” They heard Rick call out. Both of them jumped away from each other blood rushing to their cheeks. 'Crap caught red handed.’ Daryl thought staring at the blushing mess of a girl infront of him. Rick then finally saw them jogging over. “Hey you two.. sorry to interrupt but Dinner’s ready.” He said with a grin obivously not realising what he just ran into. As if finally noticing it he saw the spluttering and blushing mess of a teenager and a very embarassed Redneck. “Did I.. did I interrupt something?” Rick asked laughing awkwardly. “No!” Daryl said almost to quickly and.. loud. He then coughed trying to get rid of his blush. “We.. We just finished. Good Job kid- (Y/N).” Daryl mumbled fast as he rubber his neck nervously before dashing towards the Prison. (Y/N) blinked a few times as if finally realising what he said. A smile came onto her lips as she noticed he called her by his name.. and not kiddo. Rick wore a knowing smirk sending her a teasing look. “I guess the training went Good?” He purred playfully pulling the 'oo’s in good long. (Y/N) sent him a playfull glare hitting him in the shoulder.

“Oh shut up.. But yes.. I think I learned a thing… or two.”

*silently cries in a corner* my friend hates me because I told her to be strong. *wipes tear away* we’ve got a fic today, hopefully.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s a bungou start dogs one. ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT: I don’t know how to write it yet lololol.

*cries again* I went to watch Wonder woman with some friends today for the second time and I still got the chills.

*stabs herself* I finally got to play Jumin’s route and I’m literally crying he’s so p o s s e s s i v e. I still love him tho

Have you guys read this manga called Tsubaki-Chou lonely planet? *jumps off a cliff* I’m literally waiting for a tickle scene. I N E E D I T.

Those are the highlights in my boring life. Thank you for reading till the end. If you did it, there you fo a big smooch 💋 and a little tickle 👋

Have a nice 🌞 or 🌜

-Mia xx

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY!!!!!!!!! i just posted your BIRTHDAY GIFT BUT I ALSO WANTED TO COME AND SAY, HAAAAAAAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I am so, so glad that out of all the people I could've met in this huge wide world, I got to meet you!! AHHHH you are such a joy to be friends with and I just LOVE U TO PIECES. I hope you've had an awesome day and MANY HAPPY RETURNS <333333

OH MY GOD GET OUT EMILY! D: You were like the first blog I followed in the Destiel fandom because I loved your writing and looked up to you SO MUCH and now you’re writing fic (and adorable fabulous fic at that) for my birthday and you’re such a wonderful friend *sobs*

I love you so much, and you honestly rock my socks! ♡ ♡ *silently cries in a corner*

Cute Things Seventeen Performance Line Will Do For A Date

So i got a pretty nice reception from the hip-hop line version of this, so let’s go ahead and tackle the performance line aye?


Hoshi: Hoshi seems like a chill Netflix and chill lololol type of person, so I think the date would be something chill like taking you out to a drive in movie. (Do they still do things like that I hope so…) Anyways you’d be prepared to watch a nice romantic movie with him and hopefully get romantic yourselves, but of course it’s Soonyoung, and life was never that simple and cookie cutter with Mr.Young. He’d drive up to the section playing new comedy movie that just came out and he’d already have his popcorn popped, awaiting a funny show. You’d find yourself getting slightly embarrassed at Hoshi’s shamelessly laughing and the fact that his popcorn munching sounded more like and elephant stepping on a pile of twigs… However, the goofiness is what you loved about Soonyoung so you enjoyed watching him more than watching the movie. He’d turn to you and smile brightly, with a little bit of popcorn stuck in his teeth he’d say, “This movie is awesome, do you like it?” You’d giggle while removing the popcorn from his teeth, “I love it sweetie.” (got a bit carried away here opps)

The8: MingMing would want to take you out on a stereotypical “perfect” date because he’d do anything to make you happy. awweee my babby. He’d take you out to an ice skating rink, assuming you had no idea how to ice skate. He would research days before on how to ice skate so he could teach you how to ice skate while you guys were on the date. He would timidly lead you out into the ice skating rink, and tell himself over and over again in his head not to mess up in front of you. The plan was to whisk you through the rink with him until you got the hang of it and could do it yourself however much to Minghao’s dismay, things didn’t go as planned.  While reaching for you to bring you closer to him, his nerves would get the best of him and he slips and falls to the ground after extending himself to far out. (Way to fuck up :() You’d gasp and he’d just sit there laughing while his face turned tomato red. You sit beside him and give him a hug while telling him it’s okay and how cute he is. You both get up off the ground and end up just laughing and talking about everything and anything under the sun.

Dino: Maknae Lee Chan would probably have no idea what to do for a date, so he’d wing it but it would somehow end up going really well. You guys would go bowling together, betting on one another before hand that whoever loses had to do a favor for the other. You guys would walk into the bowling ring with your game faces on. Although you were competitive and doing your best, baby Lee Chan knew his way around the bowling much to your surprise. He ended beating you by an almost unreal amount, causing you to resent the bowling at the moment. Dino does a little victory dance and you smile at his genuine happiness at winning. “Now I get a favor!” He exclaims and you brace yourself for something bad like washing all of Seventeen’s laundry for the next year. (uhm I’ll take the job sign me up) “Will you do me a favor and be my girlfriend jagiya?” *cries silently in corner*

Jun(I just…): I really wanted to just say the date would be him throwing you onto a bed and making you ride him into the fucking sunset, but I guess I’ve got to add plot so here we go: Jun would do a bed in breakfast kind of thing as a date early in the morning. He’d wake up super early and would have bought everything he needed to make you the breakfast ahead of time. You’d wake up to the smell of some delicious food wafting through the air. Jun would walk in with a tray of food, a rose laying on the tray, and a smile adorning his face. He’d lay the set up on your lap and crawl into bed alongside you. The tray was full of eggs, bacon, pancakes and orange juice. You dug into the meal, pleasantly surprised at the fact that the food was delicious.You finished quickly, wishing there was more but then you realize that Jun didn’t eat anything. You ask him, “Oppa did you want any? Are you hungry?” He bites his lips and sets the tray down, and after pulls you onto his lap. “Oh baby trust me I’m hungry, but not for food.” *lips fall off from smiling too much*


12:16 AM… Team no sleep. Junhui oppa come and get me I’m HeRRee. I can’t he’s the reason my bias list is going through a category 8 hurricane. HMU and ask me for a scenario I want to write for u guys!! :)