cries quietly into hands

okay so imagine the moment that jace returns. imagine alec and izzy immediately pulling him into the tightest hug while jace cries quietly in their arms. imagine izzy clutching jace’s hand so tight while they walk up to his room. imagine alec pulling out jace’s favourite blanket from under his bed, the one they used to use to build forts when they were little. imagine the three of them sitting together, all cuddled up, the blanket wrapped around their shoulders, just feeling relieved to be back together again. imagine jace’s hands trembling when he tells them what happened and izzy and alec holding him even tighter in silent reassurance. a reminder that they’re there, they’ll always be there, that they’ll never let jace be on his own again. imagine max being home from idris and rushing into the room because jace is finally home. imagine jace bursting into tears when max climbs onto his lap to hold jace’s face between his small hands, telling him he’s never allowed to go anywhere again. imagine jace feeling like he can breathe for the first time since he left because he’s finally home and he’s finally surrounded by his real family, the only family he’s ever known, the only family he’s ever needed. just imagine the lightwood siblings being even closer than before, because now they’re even more determined that nothing and no one can tear them away from each other again.

You know what all I want to see in Episode 8 is Rey carrying Luke on her back as she runs and bitching that Yoda turned him into an asshole with flashes of Poe talking to Finn during his coma, reading him Rey’s letters while holding his hand (cause he can’t look at him while he’s reading but he still wants to know if he’s reacting), laughing at the letters’ funny parts, telling Finn how his day went, during her training. 

Finn squeezing his hand and saying hi to him smiling when he gets out of the coma, Poe giving him that adoring look and hugging his hand as he quietly cries in relief. And then pan to Rey dropping Luke on his ass and jumping around yelling because she felt Finn waking up. 

That’s it. That’s all the romance and friendship needed to make me happier than a pig in shit, lol

So, I need to write about my weekend because I finally got to see David Tennant - my absolute idol - in the flesh. 

First things first though, London is an amazing city. I got to see most of the major land marks and I loved every bit of it, and it all added to my excitement. When we got to the theater, I was burning up over the thought that I was actually going to see David in real life, and also the fact I was in the same building as him. My fan-girling level was at 110%.

Once we took our seats, (bless my Mam, she hates heights and we were on the top balcony and she was scared at the start but stayed just for me, like, how much of a supportive trooper is she?) I just waited in silence, and then when he finally came out I reached over and took my Mam’s hand and cried quietly. I was so over come and it was a mixture of astonishment and amazement. His performance was beyond five stars - by far the best performance I’ve ever seen, and to see David performing like he did is still beyond anything I could ever say through writing. All the other actors/actresses in the play were also amazing, and I take my imaginary hat off to the lot of them.

When the play finished and we went outside, I stood in the second queue by the stage door and I had a feeling he wouldn’t get to go through everybody, so instead I just stood and, once David came out, I simply watched him taking photos with people and autographing books, and it was so lovely - seeing him make people happy, and to see people reacting so joyfully. When he got in his car, he turned and did his little signature wave and looked right at me, and that was more than enough for me. I may not have got a picture or an autograph, but to simply be in that mans presence is the best thing I’ve ever gone through. I was in shock for the rest of the night, but it was a strange and amazing type of shock which I wouldn’t mind going through again. 

(On a side note, when me and my Mam were crossing the road, his car was the one that stopped and let us over, and I released he would be more than likely looking and I kinda freaked out and walked really quickly..)