cries on the floor i love them so much

To the creators and to everyone in the Yuri!!! on ice fandom

I just want to say Thank You

It has been a complete privilege to be part of this wonderful and amazing fandom. Yuri on ice has taught me a lot of things and I am grateful.

All these weeks of waiting for that one episode to finally come. All those headcanons that we try and make so that we’d have some clue as to what the next episode might be like, but still get completely floored when we finally watch it. Over-analyzing every little detail there is. Those moments where we cried about our beloved characters and wishing we’d be there to comfort them and tell them that it’ll all be okay. I love you guys so much, even though we’ve never interacted before. We share the same love for this show. This little show that has broke all the rules there is. Breaking the norms and constructs of what is usually done.

Our show might be over but the fandom is not. We’re still here and we’re always going to be here. If there really is a second season then you bet your ass that we’re still gonna be here, cheering on our beloved characters as they go through another round of facing their fears and overcoming them. I am not leaving this fandom and this show because for the little amount of time that it ran, it has touched my heart and made me fall in love. I hope you did too.

So, dasvidaniya and see you next level!!

{credence barebone} i. pomegranate and dark chocolate

here’s a little something i doodled after watching fantastic beasts. My heart kind of melted for credence, and i hope he can find happiness in the next movies.

i’ll reply to all of your asks and stuff tomorrow but in brief; this has without a doubt been one of the best nights of my life i met one of my favourite people on the planet and she’s even more lovely and down to earth than i thought and she hugged me as i cried and took multiple selfies with me (and prompted them i.e “let’s do happy in this one, look like there’s dog shit on the floor in this one”) and thanked me so much for the notebook you all contributed to and said - and i quote - “thank you so much, i’ll read it on the bus!” and signed my phone case, i got a video message for my best friend and got a picture with manager josh and lots of merch, the concert itself was phenomenal and far and beyond my expectations (which were already so so high) and i just can’t stop smiling

also she just liked my tweet so that made me fall in love with her a lil bit more

but thank you to everyone who has been excited for me both in the build up for today and today itself, i love you all so so dearly and thank you for keeping me up to date with dan’s liveshow i appreciate it a lot and i’m so excited for all of you going to playlist!!!!! you deserve to meet them!!!!

but my mind is still completely on dodie and i love it and just thank you again, i think i did you all (and myself) proud 💖💖💖💖💖

anonymous asked:

How do the Nordics react when their s/o experienced a night of insomnia: they were thrashing around, trying to sleep on the floor, would throw off the covers, try to push them off the bed, sleep on top of them, and ultimately just cries? I hope this makes sense! Thanks!! I love your blog it's wonderful!!

I relate to this so much…

Norway: He’ll get irritated by all the moving around and just lay on top of his s/o to get them to be still. It actually helps his s/o get to sleep

Finland: Kind of like Norway in that he will physically restrain his s/o but he’ll just snuggle them against his chest instead

Sweden: Rubs their back, strokes their hair, whispers happy stories to his s/o

Denmark: Since his sleep is often messed up by needing vestibular stimulation, he’ll probably put his s/o in a rocking chair, do a rowing motion with them, basically just help them find a repetitive motion to do until they get tired

Iceland: He would probably turn on relaxing music or an ASMR video for his s/o

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