cries like armin

cries because eren watched his mom die

cries because armins grandpa doesn’t come back 

cries because mikasa watched her parents get murdered

cries because armin feels like a burden to eren and mikasa

cries because annie, reiner and bertholdt were all little kids when they were being trained as titans

cries because jean was a misfit child

cries because marco died

cries because eren felt responsible for squad levis deaths

cries because annie didn’t know what real love was

cries because levi lost two of his greatest friends

cries because erwin holds the weight of thousands of deaths

cries because annie, reiner, and bertholdt watched marco die

constantly crying

attack on my fucking tear ducts

Is anybody elses emotions fucked up right now?

I feel like my emotions are unwillingly treating Armin’s death as a real death. I’ve just built such a relatable bond with his character that I can’t take his death as I have with other SnK character deaths? This has definitely hit me the hardest no question. We love you Armin. I hope you’re playing in the ocean searching for starfish <3