cries i want their varsity jacket

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Who is Lauren Zuke? Why was she kicked off the team? Why is there drama in the fandom?

this is a conversation that occurred between rebecca sugar and lauren zuke many months ago. hopefully this will shed some light on the situation.

rebecca: (doodling in the back of the writers room)
lauren, in her varsity cheerleading jacket: (slams hands on rebecca’s desk) hiiii trigglypuff :)
rebecca: …hi lauren :|
lauren: what’re you drawing, something about feminism (which is cancer)?
rebecca: i’m just plotting out the 12380th character arc for pearl. in thise one, she cries over rose, endangers steven, and–
lauren: kek….are you KIN with pearl?
lauren: what’s wrong tumblrina…..are you #triggered :) :) :)
rebecca: lauren i know it was you who spraypainted “MAKE LAPIDOT CANON” on my my mom’s car
lauren: anonymous is legion
rebecca: she doesn’t even watch the show and that’s not the direction i want to take it in-
lauren: …whatever kek (goes to the bathroom and frantically checks tumblr to see if she’s been doxxed)

“Because I don’t have a daddy anymore. I have NOTHING Hannibal, zip, nada, N-O-T-H-I-N-G, No big fancy house! no family! no flatscreen Tv! no high end cell phone! No nice clothes! No adorable Niece! No nephew! No room to myself!” She cried
“I’m not trying to undermine or deny the hell you’ve been through, but excuse me you’re going to the best damn school in Boston cause you’re daddy can pay for it. not because you worked your ass off in essay contests and building an academic resume for a scholarship! After the hell your life was by luck you were rewarded by having a silver spoon shove in your mouth and nice shit dropped in your lap and now you wanna throw it all away over what? Your daddy feeling me up?! HA! Guess what Hannibal! THATS MY FUCKING LIFE!! YOURE THE ONLY FRIEND I HAVE WHO LETS ME OVER BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE’S MOM IS JEALOUS CAUSE HER HUSBAND WOULD RATHER FEEL ME UP!! I DEAL WITH FAR WORST MOLESTATIONS THAN WHAT YOUR DAD DID FROM TEACHERS, COACHS AND TEAMMATES EVERYDAY! AND YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT I CAN DO ABOUT IT?! NOTHING!! I GET IN MORE TROUBLE THAN THEY DO BECAUSE I COULDN’T JUST SHUT UP AND SUCK DICK LIKE A GOOD LITTLE GIRL!” Tears began to fall down her cheeks and all her emotions began to boil over and rise to the surface
“It’s not fair….its just not fair. You get all the good stuff in life only in exchange for behaving well and trying to integrate into society. The only nice thing I have is that stupid varsity jacket you’re wearing, and I worked my ass off for it. You wanna know what the coach said when I showed up to tryouts?!” She cried harder now, practically sobbing “he said, ‘boys! If little miss Starling here makes the team and you can’t, I’m personally revoking your manhood!’ AND EVERYONE LAUGHED AT ME, WVERY LAST STINKING BOY LAUGHED THEIR ASSES OFF AT THE THOUGHT OF ME BEING GOOD AT FOOTBALL! AND NOW IM UP FOR LINEBACKER NEXT YEAR! Even if you’re just an experiment at least your Daddy chose you, he WANTED YOU! NOBODY WNATS ME! NOT MY MAMA NOT MY UNCLE, NO ONE! NOBODY WANTS THE FAT UGLY ORPHAN GIRL WHO PLAYS SPORTS, THEY ALL WANT THE SKINNY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS WHO CAN BE DRESSED UP LIKE A DOLL AND SING AND DANCE AND ALL THAT OTHER SHIT I CANT DO!” Clarice pulled herself into a ball on the other side of the bench and wailed, hiding her shame with her arms
“You can keep the stupid fucking jacket! Then you can really have all the nice things I don’t, and then you can just throw it the hell away! Like all the other nice things you wanna throw away!” People who walked by began to look at Hannibal with scorn and at Clarice with pity. To them he looked like another asshole highschool jock who just broke a poor girl’s heart.