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That’s actually how they first meet/the first time they start talking and Angie always brings this up during arguments to shut Peggy up (insp)

The life I dream about with you

I want to sit in our house on a Friday night. I want to have gotten off before you, so I can be home waiting for you. I want to be in your old school shirt and a pair of cute shorts, I want to have a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other hand.
I want you to come home and kiss my head and call me your wife and know that everyday is another day that I wouldn’t change as long as you were in it.

I want to wake up on Saturday next to you and cuddle on you for some time, I want to roll out of bed and make breakfast, pancakes and eggs and toast and hash browns and anything else that you could ever possibly want. I want to hear the sound of little feet running down the hall, little feet that belong to our children. To feel their presence in the house and hear their little voices scream “GOOD MORNING MUMMY” while I’m still cooking is all I’ve ever wanted with you.
I’d tell them to sit down and get ready for breakfast as you stumble out towards me and give me a big kiss and tell me “good morning mummy” before sitting down and eating with them. It’s all laughs and smiles while I sip my coffee and think of how eternally grateful I am to even be able to make breakfast for y'all.

Saturday afternoon comes around and we start getting calls asking for directions to the house.
We sent the children to school with invites for a slumber party and the turnout seems to be amazing. We’re both so happy for them, it’s not an issue at all.
We give out the address multiple times to multiple parents and the kids start showing up and our front door is wide open with children and parents coming and going. We’re baking cupcakes at first, tons of sweets for the tons of kids in our home. You can hear them having a blast, playing some silly game outside and we’re both just standing there watching through the window and smiling and I’m probably crying.
I tell you to go play with them while I work on dinner.
As I’m cooking I look out the same window and I see you tying lights to all the children’s heads, with giant sheets draped over the trampoline, I giggle to myself cos I feel like you told them it’s a cave or a mine. I know how much you love cave movies. My heart melts. I take a picture. I want to remember this moment forever. I send the picture to my mom and say “Look at how amazing my wife is, I never thought I could be so lucky!” And then I’d send the picture to your mom and say “Thank you for birthing the most amazing woman I know, you’ve given me the only gift I’ve ever wanted.”

Saturday night rolls around. All of the kids are eating dinner, there’s about ten in total. I’m in the living room moving out couches around so they make the ultimate couch and can comfortably fit all of us. You come in and start looking for movies, you had asked the children if they wanted to watch scary or cartoons, they said both. You’ve picked one of each and you rush off into the hobby room, and a few seconds later come rushing back with your dog machine. You’re going all out to make this a fun experience and I absolutely love it. They finish eating and start piling onto the couch and making themselves comfortable with tons of blankets and sleeping bags and stuffies and just absolutely anything they find comforting. You’re sitting in one corner with children sprawled out all around you, I sit in the opposite corner and stretch my arm over to hold your hand. The fog machine starts pouring out all over the floor and the kids are already spooped, you absolutely love it. Halfway through the movie and the kids are screaming, I’m screaming, and you’re having a laugh at all of us. You squeeze my hand and I look over at you and smile. In this moment I hope you’re as happy with me as I am with you. You smile back, mouth the words “I love you, Lily” and go back to watching the movie. My hearts on fire, one of the many reasons I married you, I feel the love exude from you. The movie ends and everyone’s terrified except for you, the big brave scary loving mom that we all look up to you as. You put on the kids movie and we get up and head to the kitchen, you lay a big hug on me and tell me “I couldn’t be happier!” My smile grows and I let you know the same. We sit there and drink coffee for at least an hour watching the kids start passing out one by one, pretty soon it’ll be time for us to go to bed.

Sunday morning. We’re up extra early, making bacon and sausage and all sorts of goodies that everyone will eat. They enjoy breakfast and head outside. You stick around to help me with the dishes and life couldn’t be anymore perfect. Once we finish the chores you head outside to go play hide and seek with them. I’ll text all the parents and say the same thing “We’re having a blast, come by whenever”
I head outside and watch you play with them, there’s only two kids left to be found and I can see the confusion on your face as you can’t find them, it’s absolutely adorable. I start to tend to our garden as y'all restart the game, you get to hide this time and you seem so pumped for it. Immediately you run over to me and lay down flat on the ground, our patch of sunflowers hide you perfectly. We begin talking, about how much fun y'all are having, about how the garden is doing, about everything. Our conversation is cut short by a small child “MISS LILY!!! Have you seen miss megan?!?” I can see you shaking your head at me as you know I’m about to give you up! I stand up and say “No sweetie I haven’t seen her at all, I’m sorry!” But as I’m saying it I’m pointing to the sunflowers so they’ll know you’re there. I squat back down and you thank me for not giving you up, I smile big at you as they come up behind you and scream “I FOUND YOU MISS MEGAN!!!!” You give me a playful mean look and get up to help them find the rest. I fall more in love with you as I watch you run around and climb all over everything looking for them.
Slowly throughout the day parents come and go with their children, it’s finally quite again. Just the kids and us. We head inside and I go and start a bath for them while you work on dinner. I tell them that they can play until dinner is ready and I come out to help you.
Messy hair, dirt and grass stains all over your clothes, a leaf stuck to your sock. This is my wife. This is you. I take a picture cos nothing in this world can be as beautiful as you are to me right now.



i couldn’t finish this in time for 11/12, so you get it for 12/11 instead! (O   w O) hehehe! <3 dedicated to the delightful @yankasmiles for being the reason i got back into this show/ship so now have even more things on my to-do list! *laughcrying* <3 <3 <3


Love Live Wallpapers

Why isn’t anyone talking about Rover’s sacrifice???Like I was so touched?? I almost cried??? R.I.P little robotic cinnamon roll u were great

You’re fighting for your life inside a killer
Thriller tonight

So like I said, I’m kinda free for now :D Halloween is coming up and I wanted to do something special for it! Enjoy this little tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, as well as these two dummies we adore so much <3

(All my MJ/Zootopia fans, expect more stuff like this! :D)

Just Friends - Part 7

Again, I have to thank my girl @letojokerownsme for getting me through this emotional roller coaster of a chapter, for her editing skills, support and suggestions…that always add the perfect bit of spice to this gumbo of a story.

Jared slips his arm from under her head, an attempt not to wake her.  “Go back to sleep,” he whispers, his attempt unsuccessful.  She pulls her aching body into a sitting position, rubbing her swollen eyes.

“I need to talk to Shannon,” she whispers, trying to ignore her aching muscles and slips out of bed, wincing in pain immediately.  “I have to fix this.”

“No!” Jared demands, forcing her to lie back down, his brothers request for time ringing through his mind.  “Baby, please just lie back down.  Get some rest.  Do you really want to put yourself through that again…I mean after last night?”

“Why does every muscle in my body ache?” She mumbles to herself.  “I feel like I tried to run three marathons in a fucking day.”

Jared smiles and kisses her nose.  “The Jared marathon, baby,” he teases, earning a smile from her.

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Happy Birthday You!! // You Watanabe Avatars

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It's Just the Little Things.

I can only hope that someone else screamed as loud and as obnoxiously as I did when Ansel surprised Aelin with Kasida.

That wasn’t even a major plot point. She just got her horse back. After like five books.

And yeah. I screamed.

**3 years later**

I was walking along the sidewalk looking at the trees, beautiful. So oran-

I bumped into another body, stupid.

‘I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.’

I looked up at the person I bumped into and froze…

It was her…she was so beautiful… Her hair was short now, she looked happy..

I smiled at the girl I loved

‘I found you’

She smiled so beautifully at me

‘You found me’

—  poems-she-wrote // last and final part of ‘you’ll find me later’

“daddy!calum saying goodbye to baby girl hood at the airport when she has to leave from visiting him on tour -Anon”

alright this could be the death of me but here i go

okay so imagine Calum is standing there w/you and bby girl hood trying not to cry bc he’s a manly man who doesn’t wanna cry in front of his bby girl even though he cried so many times while watching his little princess sleep bc she’s so beautiful to him and so important and so y’all three are standing there and he’s holding his little girl and hugging her to his chest bc he’s not gonna see her until the tour is over with so your standing there watching them and he’s starting to get emotional and lets a tear fall and bby girl hood pulls away and is like “daddy why are you crying” and he just smiles at her and says “bc bby i’m gonna miss you sooo so much” and she’s just like “but daddy i thought you didn’t cry” and you just kind of giggle and Cal looks up at you with this look like “pls do not laugh at my misery of how much i will miss the most important people in my life” and you just walk over bc you hear your flight being called for the last time and you’re like “I’m sorry bby but we have to go okay?” and it really hits cal that he isn’t gonna be able to be with you guys for like two more months and he almost loses it in the airport but holds it together and you go to give him one last hug and he whispers in your ear “pls tale care of my bby girl and pls take care of yourself” bc you know he wouldn’t bare to lose either of you let alone both and you just nod and give him one last kiss and you turn to go get in line so they can check your ticket and bag amd when your just about there bby girl hood is like “hold on mommy I want one last hug from daddy” so you just smile and let her down bc Cal is still standing over there watching to make sure everything goes okay and he sees his bby girl running towards him through all these people and squats down and she runs into his arms and is giving him this bear hug and pulls away and is like “don’t worry daddy, i’ll take care of momma. i love you daddy” and she gives him a quick kiss bc you are next in line for tickets and bag check so bby girl hood runs back to you while Cal stands there with the biggest smile on his face and as he’s watching y’all walk away from him he shouts “I LOVE YOU GIRLS” and cries just a little bit more