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Lmao 25 with anakin from your new prompt list please!

Haha, I love that one, you got it hun!

Anakin Skywalker +  “Mm…your kid before five in the morning.”

Wails carried through the air, loud enough to not possibly be ignored. With a groan you turned to your side, quietly hoping the desperate cries would die out soon. You had only recently fallen into a restful sleep and were so looking forward to relishing in it. Your infant however had other plans.

Groaning again you turned to face Anakin, your eyes barely even open.

“Ani…Ani wakeup.”

He groaned in response, obviously being roused from just as deep of sleep as you. His brows furrowed as he shifted his head on the pillow.


Your eyes faintly opened, rolling slightly at Anakin’s comment.

“Wakeup, you need to check on the baby.”

He sighed as he settled back into the bed, “I need to?”


“Mm…your kid before five in the morning.”

Your brows furrowed as you watched Anakin’s face become peaceful again. Giving him a light shove to the shoulder you watched him awake again at the sudden contact.

“I’m the one who brought them into this world.”

Anakin sighed as his eyes opened again, a faint smile across his lips.

“You would bring that up.”

You gave him a smirk back as you settled yourself comfortably again under the covers. Slowly Anakin sat up from the bed, stretching his arms out with a soft groan and a pop of his joints. Shifting his legs off to the side he sighed.

“I’ll be back.”

You nodded as your eyelids fell heavy once again, hearing Anakin’s footfalls pad against the floor. Moments later you heard his softer voice attempting to soothe your infant. As much as you tried to lull yourself back to sleep, you couldn’t help but strain to hear what he was whispering to them. 

Even though you could hardly make out the words you could hear the soft tone of his voice. Within moments the babies cries softened, nearly disappearing to a quieter cooing noise. Smiling to yourself you nestled under the covers suddenly seeing Anakin come back into the room with the infant in his arms. You shook your head faintly.


It was known to you now that anytime either of you tried to keep the infant in a room of its own, you always caved. They almost always ended up in your bedroom again, their corner of the quarters nearly forgotten.

Anakin smiled back at you as he carefully sat on the bed, “Can you blame me?”

Looking to him with your infant in his arms you sighed with a look of absolute content on your face, “No, I really can’t.”

They asked why we stayed together for so long

I say… I dont know

I just know we cried the exact same time in every movie 

I know we blushed everyday for the first two years

I know I always stole the covers and she never woke me up

I know the exact look on her face the night she used my toothbrush

The next day I brushed my teeth 30 some times

Cause I didnt want to let her go

You have to understand

But it hurt to love her

It hurt the way the light hurts your eyes in the middle of the night 

But I had to see

ok but you know what I’m so here for? Kara “not my sister you binch” Danvers.

we know that Kara is a tiny sensitive puppy who can’t even curse her boss when he’s being an asshole. but it’s also Kara who is overprotective of her sister and would melt anyone’s face off when they hurt Alex.

I’m just really curious what’s gonna happen here now. bc Maggie didn’t hurt Alex on purpose and Maggie is still a good person. but she DID hurt Kara’s sister, and Kara will probably be pissed af.

Imagine your big sister always being the strong one, the protector, the confident woman who is always there for you whenever you need anything, and you love each other no matter what. And then imagine holding that same woman, your sister, all night while she cries her heart out. Someone’s gotta pay for that.

BTS Reaction to you wanting to breakup b/c of hate

Jungkook: He couldn’t even look at you when the words came out of your mouth. His eyes fell to the floor as thoughts had raced through his mind and absent mindlessly shook his head. 

“No.” His voice had lowered and his eyes soon found your tear filled ones.

“Jungkook..The hate, I just can’t deal with it anymore.” You quietly cried out.

“No, you’re not leaving because of that, you’re going to have to come up with a better reason because as long as I still love you and you still love me we are going to be together (Y/N).”

“But the hate-”

“We’ll get through it together. Just like we do with everything.”

V: “Nice try, you’re not breaking up with me over this.” Tae looked down at you with a nonchalant expression on his face as if he hadn’t taken your words of wanting to break up in consideration. You had tears that had fallen down your face previously and had now dried and stained your cheeks, your eyes were slightly red from crying and your cheeks were starting to puff from crying.

“Tae, you don’t understand-”

“Please (Y/N), tell me what I don’t understand. Tell me how I haven’t noticed you wiping your tears when you walk into any room I’m in, tell me how I don’t notice that you’ve deleted all social media accounts because of all the harsh words these fans are saying to you, tell me how I don’t notice the hate my girlfriend, the woman that I love is getting because we’re in a happy relationship, please tell me how I don’t understand.”

Jimin: “Um how about not.” Jimin rolled his eyes and pursed out his lips in a funny way while he was looking down at you. You had just admitted to the hateful comments you were getting on social media and told your boyfriend of a couple months that you thought breaking up was the only way to stop it.

“Jimin this isn’t funny! I’m serious about stopping this, I can’t handle all of the thousands of little comments I get weekly, it’s getting to me.” You admit, crossing your arms at your boyfriend who couldn’t be serious at the time.

“You may be serious about breaking up but it’s not going to happen. You’re still going to be in a relationship with me with or without the hate. We’ll figure something out jagiya but we’re not breaking up, that’s not the way to fix it.”

Hoseok: You were eating dinner with Hoseok when you sprang the news on him, completely shocking him making his eyes widen and throat close causing him to choke on his food. 

“Wh-Why!?” Hoseok yelled as he stood up from the table only to start pacing around.

“I just can’t deal with-”

“Me!? You can’t deal with me!? I thought you loved me!?-

“I do love you! It’s not you it’s the hate! I can’t do it anymore Hoseok, they’re threatening me now and I’m actually scared.”

“Well breaking up isn’t going to do you any better, I’ll figure something out, I’ll talk to management and see what we can do, no one is going to hurt you.”

Rap Monster: “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Namjoon muttered as he looked up from the laptop that was placed on his bed. 

“That’s why I wanted to end things with you.” You quietly said playing with your now more interesting fingers trying your hardest to ignore your boyfriends stare.

“How long has this been going on?” Namjoon’s voice was stern but not harsh in any way, you could tell that he was angry by the way he spoke. 

“It’s gotten worse in the last three months, but it started about seven months ago.” Your eyes quickly glanced at your boyfriend then back down to your fingers.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You’re supposed to tell me when things like this happen. I’m supposed to protect you from hate like this.”

Suga: He had just stared at you, he blinked slowly as tears welled up in your eyes. “You want to break up? Why? I thought we were good? I didn’t think there was a problem.” Yoongi admitted.

You saw how much your words hurt him but he had no clue how much more they hurt you. It hurt you to do this but you just couldn’t do it anymore. The threats, the hate, the words thrown your way, it was too much for you so this was the only way you could think would stop it. 

“I can’t do it anymore Yoongi. It’s getting worse.” You stepped to him, voice cracking and tears finally falling from your eyes. “The hate, it’s gotten worse, this is the only way to end it.”

“So what? You want to pass it on to the next girl I date?” Yoongi mumbled, eyes boring into you not looking anywhere else. “Do you honestly think I’m going to let you walk away from us?”

Jin: “You want to what?” Jin’s head snapped to you unable to understand why the words ‘We need to break up.’ left your mouth.

“Jin we need to break up, I need to end things, it’s the only way to do it.” The words leave your mouth quickly as you look anywhere but at your boyfriend.

“Only way to do what? What are you talking about jagiya? Talk to me.” Jin grabbed your head and pulled you into him, allowing yourself to fall into the warmth of his body.

“The hate Jin, I can’t do it.”


Do you remember the last thing I said to you?

Helping Hand, Helping Thigh: Sebastian Stan.

Warnings: Thighs of betrayal, praise kink, mirror sex, reader is totally checking seb out but that’s probably a given. Spanking, pet-names, dirty talk in Romanian and English, reader is on the pill, dom!seb, snarky sub!reader, biting, breathplay, teasing.

Authors Note: Just an FYI, this is a re-post from when my URL was direw0lf. The links for pretty much all of my stories and one shots wouldn’t work, so this is me re-doing it. I am not plagiarising someone else’s work.


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Tears of Joy

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Headcanon Request: Jared’s happy tears. ❤ Like, when he sees you walking down the aisle at your wedding. When you announce your first pregnancy. When you give birth to the child. - @elliewinchesterr

Word Count: ~1,890

Warnings: so much fluff, holy crap, I think I might have a cavity. Mentions of pregnancy and birth. I cried while I wrote this, so prepare yourselves.

A/N: Please don’t yell at me for using a photo from Jared’s actual wedding. Yes, Gen is amazing, I love her too. This is fiction, and I obviously don’t mean to disrespect Genevieve in any way. Please understand and remember that.

When Jared proposed, there were tears. Not just yours, sure mostly yours, but his too. You said yes, and the dam broke. His tears fell onto your face when he stood and kissed you.

On your wedding day, the second Jared saw you, tears filled his eyes. As you walked toward him, he had to wipe his face a few times. When you and your father had finally gotten to him, your dad gave you away, but not before making Jared promise to take care of you and treat you right, to love you until the day he died. Jared agreed, promised, but not before he let out a choked sob and hugged your dad. The sight alone made your eyes well up, but you held back - your makeup was too perfect to ruin.

As you said your vows, Jared, along with everyone else in attendance, had tears spilling over their eyes. Jared felt the love pouring off of you, and he’d never experienced something so amazing. It was like a weight bearing down on his chest, but it was the best, most crushing feeling he’d ever felt. He pulled a folded paper from the pocket of the jacket of his tuxedo and began reading.

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Face Timing With Jungkook ^^

Plot: Jungkook is your online friend and who is in love with you

A/N: Again this is shit


I’m so sorry I had to re-edit some stuff!!!


“What is it Jungkook?”

“I miss you!!” cries Jungkook

“Awww I miss you too Jungkook!!”

“When will we meet each other?”

“I don’t know I hope its soon”

“Me too..’ whispers Jungkook

As you started talking Jungkook face turns serious

You stopped to look at him

“Yeah Jungkook?

As you stare at him you see his face turning pink
“I just wanted to say that…”

You continue to stare but he wasn’t saying anything


“I L-”

You hear your mother’s voice from downstairs meaning that it is your time to leave

“Ah I’m sorry Jungkook I have to go now, I’ll talk you later!!”
“But Y/N wa-”

*Call Ended*

As the call ended. On Jungkook’s side he looked so sad because he wasn’t able to say what he wanted to say to you since he first started to fall for you…

“That..I love you”

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So I imagine Zarya as a private person when it comes to relationships and i feel like that might freak me out a lil idk? So can you please do a zarya x reader where she thinks zarya doesn't want their teammates to know their together and is insecure and finally she cries and tells zarya how she feels and zarya just heaves reader over her shoulder and is shouting "she is mine. I am hers. I love her. No one else can have my baby." And stuff like that and reader is embarrassed but also relieved?

“Oh Y/N who are you waiting for?”

“Oh um…no one! I just like to see that everyone has made it home safe!”

You forced a smile onto your face, your mind tuning out the rest of what they were saying as your eyes turned up to look at the dropship that was making its descent onto the vertiport. You absolutely hated lying and you hated hiding why you were here even more. While a portion of your statement was true, you did want to make sure everyone made it back safe, the real reason you were here was to make sure your beautiful girlfriend had made it back home unscathed. Zarya had a tendency to make light of any injuries she endured and while she was the strongest woman in the world, in your opinion, that didn’t make her invincible. She was sweet and loving, confident and strong, but incredibly private when it came to personal matters. Most didn’t know of her family back in Russia or about her tumultuous childhood, things she had slowly opened up to you about. They also did not know about you.

Honestly, you had rationalized it and it made sense. You weren’t a field agent, merely one of a handful engineers that had joined the recalled Overwatch. Zarya was the image of beauty and strength and surprising grace while you were…just you. While you were absolutely sure no one would mind if they knew about you, you could understand why Zarya didn’t want to tell anyone that the two of you were dating. She deserved someone just as glamorous and spectacular as she was and while she had chosen you for the time being, you’d understand if she’d move on to bigger and better things without you. Your stomach twisted up any time your thoughts strayed to ideas like that, unshed tears burning in your eyes as you watched the ship touch down. You loved Zarya and she loved you but maybe your thoughts were right, maybe you just weren’t a right fit.

“Oh look look! Here they come!”

You blinked rapidly, trying to force the tears away, hands quickly jumping up to push away the tears that had managed to slip out as your fellow engineer shook your shoulder. The handful of non-field agents and the few field agents who had wandered out grew into a slight tizzy as agents began to began to disembark. Agents walked up unabashedly, McCree greeting Hanzo, Lucio walking out with his arms around Hana’s shoulder, Reinhardt offering Ana his hand and escorting her inside. You felt butterflies burst from within you as you caught the flash of pink behind the massive German man, before your gaze locked onto Zarya’s cerulean eyes.

She had removed her armor already, leaving her in only loose black cargo pants, her black boots with pink accents and the tight black tank top that made you feel weak in the knees. Her eyes lit up giving you a small half nod of the head before continuing down the ramp. Every part of you wanted to run up and throw your arms around her neck but you resisted to respect her wishes. Instead, you gave a weak half wave, not trying to draw attention to yourself or the fact that she was looking at you. A genuine smile crossed your lips before it wavered for a moment, throat still slightly tight from the pained thoughts that had been plaguing you earlier.

“Dammit”, you cursed softly, under your breath as you lifted your hand and twisted your head away to rub hard at your eyes and stop the line of tears that threatened to spill. Closing your eyes tight you rubbed hard again, mentally admonishing yourself before opening your eyes once more. “Eh?!”

Your shoulders jumped, eyes going wide in surprise as you watched Zarya make a beeline towards you, concern apparent on her face. Your jaw dropped, hands lifting to wave in front of you, trying to silently signal to her that you were alright and she didn’t have to blow her cover if she didn’t want to. Her look was stern and serious as she quickly made her way to you, stopping and grabbing your chin much gentler than one would expect of a woman of her size. Your face began to burn, eyes darting away from her as nervousness churned in your belly.

“Moy mishka”,Zarya questioned, her thumb lightly tracing one of the tear streak on your face. “Why do you have tears in your eyes? Who hurt you? I will break them.”

Your bottom lip quivered at her words, your teeth biting down hard to bite back the cry that threatened to tumble out. Face scrunching up, several tears rolled down your cheeks as you sucked in a shuddering breath through your nose. Zarya made a soft sound low in her throat, both of her hands cupping your cheeks and pushing more of your tears away. You weren’t able to hold it back anymore, a quiet sob falling from your lips as she smoothed a hand over your hair.

“I’m sorry”, you breathed out, hiccuping softly and sniffling. Your hands lifted up, covering her hands with your smaller ones and squeezing. “I just…I know I’m not that great and I’m sorry that you’re stuck with me…I know that you don’t want anyone to kn-know about us but I w-wish I c-could hug y-you wh-when you get b-b-back. I-I’m so so-sorry for being selfish.”

You were blubbering and stuttering by the end of your short rant, shoulders shaking as you tried to rein your emotions back in. You sniffled, trying to pull away from the Russian bodybuilder but not being able to break away from her touch.

“Do not want anyone to know”, Zarya questioned, her gentle comforting movements slowing on your face. “Kukolka, do you think I am ashamed of you?”

You hiccuped again, a silent confirmation as your head tilted downward. You tried to curl in on yourself as Zarya’s hands pulled away from your face, eyes shutting tighter as you waited for the inevitable rejection. Your eyes flew open as you felt Zarya’s hands on your hips, squealing in surprise as you were hoisted up from the ground and then over her shoulder.

“A-Aleks”, you gasped out in surprise, lightly pawing at her back as she began to walk inside. One hand brusquely rubbed at your face, pushing your tears away while trying fruitlessly to scramble away from the tight hold. “Wh-what’re your doing?”

“Everyone”, she shouted, the lingering field agents and stragglers turning around to look at your girlfriend. You felt your face begin to heat up in a blush, your body going limp as you realized all eyes in the room were on thrown over your girlfriend’s shoulder. “Y/N is mine! I am hers! I love her! No one else can have moy kroshka! Eto panyAtno?”

Your face burned as you listened to Zarya claim you to all that could hear it, your hands lifting and covering the blush that was stretching across your skin. You were terribly embarrassed, but in the same breath relieved, butterflies exploding in your center as she instantly silenced every single voice in your head. You could hear the soft, good humored chuckles around the room and the surprised whisper of your colleagues, the giddy blush travelling down your chest and to the tips of your ears. Your hands were still covering your face as Zarya carefully lowered you to the ground, the tall woman gently coaxing your hand away from your face. A shy smile rested on your lips, your eyes glimmering and misty with happiness.

“Thank you”, you murmured, voice barely above a whisper, Zarya bending over slightly and pressing a kiss to your lips.

“Anything for you.”

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"I love you. I'll protect you! Nothing will harm you and if it does, then it shall pay! I love you so deeply. Close your eyes now. Sleep... You can not be harmed when you stay asleep." - [Insert character]

Luciano pressed the rag even tighter against her nose as she struggled under him. Why wouldn’t she listen to him? Did his sweet words really fall deaf on her ears. Now that just wouldn’t do. But he did have to admit it that the face she was making, was simply lovely.

She cried uncontrollably and tried to kick him, but eventually fell into peaceful slumber. Just like he wanted her too. He hugged her close for a moment, before quickly picking her up bridal style and walking towards his car, putting her in the backseat, tying her up, before he started to drive.

He chuckled and Kissed her unresponsive lips, gently. She tasted so sweet. He wanted her now. But he would wait until he got home. All things git better with waiting but he wasn’t a patient man.

“You’ll never leave me now, bella~”

That was the last thing he said before he started driving towards their home.

Like zombie survivor horror? Like heartbreaking storytelling sprinkled with humor? Like loveable characters who could die any moment? ohhho do I have a game for you!

Zombies! Run. Is like my favorite app ever. It makes me laugh, I makes me cry, it makes me look like a fucking idiot in public. and Plot Twist! Its a God Damn EXERCISE APP. Get it. It is soooooooo worth it.

Anyway, there is a character by the name of Sam Yao who for some reason just makes me think about Mark. Hes the sweetest, of Asian parentage, could have been an engineer, and his whole job is sitting alone in a room shouting into a microphone and at a computer screen. I cant for the life of me figure out where this idea came from…

Put a Ring on It

Harry Styles-One Shot

A/N: I think I broke my own heart writing this. Let me know what you think! xx

You watched the happy couple twirl around on the dance floor, both of them sporting big, goofy grins on their faces, clearly hopelessly in love.

“Ugh,” You groan quietly to yourself, feeling a pang of jealousy in your chest. You were incredibly happy for the newlyweds, Louis deserved to be happy and his lovely wife was just what he needed to be his best self, but the couple had only been together for a few short years.

You cried when Harry came home and that day and announced that his best friend had popped the question, but they anything but happy tears, even though that’s what you’d told your very concerned boyfriend. Truth be told, they were big, ugly jealous tears rolling down your cheeks, but you’d never admit it.

You know it’s childish to think this way, and you know that Harry doesn’t ‘believe’ in marriage, but after eight years of serious dating, a part of you can’t help but hope that he liked it enough to finally put a ring on it.

“Hey, Angel,” A deep voice purrs into your ear, making a smile appear on your face, “You look dead on your feet, you ready to head up to our room?”

“Yeah,” You nod, turning your head to him and leaving a kiss on his stubbly chin, “I can’t wait to get this dress off so I can breathe again.”

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11 Questions Tag

tagged by @cha-inyeon (thanks love!! <3333)

Rule 1: Post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, then make 11 new ones
Rule 3: Tag other peeps 

1. What’s your favorite book-to-movie adaptation?

The Devil Wears Parada was a great movie. 
I love the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice so so so soooo much via the cinematography/soundtrack perspective and even the storyline. It didn’t necessarily stick closely to the book but it is a great movie (1995 pride and prejudice is amazing also)

2. Favorite Kpop/K-HipHop rapper?
Groups would be like Dyamic Duo and Epik High

Girls: Jessi (and her vocals) and Yezi 
Boys: Benzino and Dindin (he’s such a funny person omg) 

there are a lot of faves but I’ll go with Jessi and Dindin (mostly bc they’re personalities have drawn me towards them) 

I appreciate the lyrical content of so many rappers though (Bang Youngguk, Verbal Jint, Yoongi)

3. Favorite Korean solo artist?

MY SON (his insta posts with his dog and calmness and voice and everything are so great. HE JUST GOT A SEPTUM PIERCING IM-) 

Yeah so I love Crush

4. Do you watch Kdramas? If so, what’s your favorite?

I do. SIGNAL. SIGNAL WAS AMAZING. I also really liked Remember (but the ending ruined it all for me bc unnecessary romance pisses me off..would watch again tho). I liked Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo it was so soft and fluffy and did not hurt my feelings (even if there were scenes that bothered me). Goblin was also a great drama (once again we go back to weird endings).

yeah to conclude my favorite is Signal

(I have yet to watch Strong Woman Kim Bong Soon and lemme tell you I can tell that I will love it)

5. Are there any languages you really want to learn?

Arabic (Egyptian speaking wise and all versions writing wise), Korean, Spanish, and Urdu 

My family is Egyptian and I can speak broken Egyptian Arabic (and my accent is messed up) so I’d love to just improve it 

Korean I’m working on but like aghahaah

I’ve been learning Spanish for 3-4 years now and I’d love to be able to comfortably conjugate so I could articulate my thoughts with ease. 

6. Any foods you really want to try?

My friends’ favorite foods. We all have our normals and I’d love to just see what my friends grew up eating. Also Korean food. AND GIVE ME MORE LEGITIMATE ETHNIC CUISINE FROM AROUND THE WORLD!

7. Favorite summertime activity?

Reading (I read year round by in the summer I’m more inclined to read because I have more free time)

8. On a scale of 1 to 10, how pumped are you for Monsta X’s comeback?


Grave has been dug 
Heart has been prepared 
The wait for Beautiful (and Gravity lmao) is upon me

9. What’s your favorite girl group song?

2017 release wise it is Gugudan’s A Girl Like Me (I love that whole album and everything omg)

forever wise 
//self combusts is unable to answer//

10. Favorite holiday?


11. Favorite Kpop ballad?

idk if this counts but I love Taeyang’s Love you to Death 
Also I Remember by Youngguk ft Yoseob (and Secret Jieun’s Going Crazy ft Youngguk) 

Winter Bird by Suran is one of my favorite songs 
WINTER BIRD *cries* 

My questions: 

1) What are some of your favorite bands? 

2) Is there any group you wish got more love? 

3) What are your thoughts of Produce 101 S2? 

4) Is there anywhere you’d like to see (from like a time period or a place)? 

5) What are some of your hobbies? 

6) What’s your favorite food(s)?

7) Is there any piece of advice that really stuck with you? 

8) What’s your favorite book? 

9) Have you ever been to a concert? 

10) Have you ever met a celebrity? 

11) What would you like to see change in the world? 

tagging: @wonfeels @boptokpop @ihavethedeanfluenza @summer-seoulstice @fingerpaintinq (if you guys want) and anybody else who would like to do it I tag you too! 

I hate that feeling when you know you’re going to cry. Your lips quiver, your heart pounds, your eyes sting. Your face clenches up, then the tears start to fall. You can’t stop them, no matter how hard you try. And it’s not even the little tears that slide down your cheeks, it’s the big tears that make your face red and puffy, your face tear strained and body heave. You can’t stop the tears, and as you lie on your bed alone, you think of what you possibly could of done to stop the pain. Stop the suffering.

Stop this, stop what you’re going through.

But there’s nothing you can do, nothing anyone can say. It’s the kind of tears and pain that need to be cried out, not talked about. And you know you’re hurting people you love, but you can’t help it. And sometimes, you just don’t care.

I know how you feel. Believe me.

When you're miles away.

You’re 7,663 miles away from me. To think only a few days ago we were talking about how difficult things have become for us and now that you are away from me, I miss you like crazy. I said time away would help us both clear our minds, but it is really only showing me how much I want to have you in my life. Before you left, we hugged and said our goodbyes. You cried and I just wanted to hold you tight against me. I know you will be back, but not having you here feels like my home is incomplete. We have always had a passion and love for God and we realized what we needed to do in order to make us work. Without God, there is no us and without us there is no me because you compliment me in a way nobody else has. You facedtimed me today, you looked so beautiful. The way the light from the sun was hitting your face mesmerized me. The cute little smile that crept over your face when I commented made my stomach fill up with butterflies. It was time to end the call, but I did not want to let you go. I desired to keep you there for as long as I could and just watch you until I could no more. After we hung up this overwhelming feeling came over me and I understood that my life wouldn’t be the same if you were not by my side. I do not see a future without you. God is genuinely working with me and is doing what I am asking Him to do. You come back in 10 days and I cannot wait to wrap my arms around you. I cannot wait to kiss you and tell you how much I love you and how I never want to lose you. I want to bury my face in the softness of your neck and whisper that everything will be okay. That I will constantly fight for us for as long as He allows. I love you like I have never loved anyone before. You’re not on the phone to fall asleep with me tonight, but I know you’ll come back to me.

BTS Suicidal Girlfriend Reaction


Your friend called them one day, panicking.
“Is Y/N with you? I am really worried about her, she has been texting me things and I think she is trying to kill herself.”
He dropped his phone on the couch, running as fast as he could towards the washroom. He smashed on the door, finally breaking it open. He looked at you,  your makeup running down your face, holding 20 pills in your hand.

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Ur….Sean? Anti is now taking your looks…and your baby face as apparently he is 21….I am sorry Sean…

Can I please just say that I couldn’t come to PAX but I really wanted to give you a hug. I know I would have cried and everything but it would have meant the world to me because I love you and Signe so much, I don’t know if she would rather be called Wiishu but I love you both so much and you have helped me through a lot so I just want to thank you and I hope and can meet you some time soon…would you do anything in the UK when you move?Apart from get the shopping…but I mean where people can meet you? Anyway I love you so much Sean…and try and get back your baby face? Apparently your like 30 now…Anti is taking everything….QUICK GET SAM! SAVE HIM!!!! Anyway bye xD

THE FIRST TIME YOU TALKED TO ME: you told me that you thought that I was the most beautiful girl you had ever seen and all I did was giggle and blush like an idiot. even in the beginning I didn’t stand a chance.

THE FIRST TIME YOU KISSED ME: I barely remember it I was in so much shock, I couldn’t believe you were actually kissing me, it was quick and soft, innocent. back then we were innocent.

THE FIRST TIME YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME: I said it first, I wanted you to smile and it kind of just slipped out, I still can’t believe that you said it back.

THE FIRST TIME YOU LEFT: I cried for days and you didn’t even care, you took my heart out of my chest and danced on it until it was unmendable and you did it with a smile on your face. it still hurts to think about it.

THE LAST TIME YOU CAME BACK: you promised to be good, you promised you would love me right this time that my heart would never be broken again and you have actually stayed true to those promises. you treat me like your princess and I still can’t believe you’ve stayed.

—  A love story// 4am