cries i dont want to source this

snk characters as dril tweets
  • Eren: THis is not a "Meltdown". Its a normal opinion
  • Armin: startling how im the only person on this site with an actual human soul. you would think the other guys on here have one, but no
  • Mikasa: i just want to find the optimal bra for sniper operations, but everyeone here is so rude, and pieces of shit
  • Jean: blocked. blocked. youre all blocked. none of you are free of sin
  • Connie: some times.. the smartest people you know, are Geniuses
  • Sasha: (steps out onto the podium for the annual delivery of his Most Hated "State of the Arbys" address) the state of the Arby's... is strong…
  • Historia: my wife. my beautiful wife. i cannot lie to you any longer. the fbi is after me for kicking president obama's Turtle. thats why im screaming
  • Ymir: me and a bunch of stupid assholes are going to start a community in the middle of the desert to either die or prove a very important point
  • Levi: ive never laughed at a piss joke. (sees how impressed everyone is, takes it one step further) in fact, ive never laughed before in my life.
  • Hange: im a monk in real life, the matrix is real and hummingbirds and other really fast animals are proof positive that bullet time eixists
  • Erwin: stunning: mindful adult , decked out in complete set of riot gear - takes out entire stampede of horses using wisdom and tactic's
  • Annie: *all horrors begotten by the desire of man flash before eyes* woha! this is awkward *the cries of millions suffering echo* Damn That's Weird
  • Reiner: unfollow me if you hav e ever done or thought about doing war crimes. i dont want war criminals shitting my feed up
  • Bertholdt: 1989: the fall of the berlin wall is celebrated, historically revered 2016: i tear down the sneeze guard at old country buffet and get Booed

anonymous asked:

Today, I woke up feeling so hopeless. I have no idea why, but I was in such a bad mood. Everything in my life was annoying me and I just thought really negatively. Nothing helped. I tried journaling until my eyes were flooded with tears. After I journaled I went into the shower and sat there with the water on and just cried and cried. I had no idea what or why I was crying but I have to say it felt really good. I still dont know what was wrong though. I dont want to feel like this anymore Lisa.

I’ve had hundreds of those types of days, trust me I get it. Since I was young I just naturally embraced sadness, I was never one of those types to say “I’m never sad! Always happy!!1!1!1!” haha so usually for me I just acknowledge it, express it, try to figure out what the source is and then either find a solution if there is one or just wait for it to pass. Sometimes there’s something(s) you need to change about your mindset or your actions but sometimes you just gotta let it pass through :/ it’s okay not to be okay though! Please remember that. The people around you are putting on their best faces and not outwardly sharing their struggles but BELIEVE ME they are struggling just like you. You’re not alone!!! Hang in there and know that you have what it takes to make it through this and get to the happiness on the other side!!! 💙