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Hey if you're still accepting prompts,can I suggest a polydins one where aliens are badmouthing lance to the point where he's in tears and thinking he doesn't deserved to be loved and the rest of the paladins just rip the aliens a new one whole going on how much they love lance and why and it ends in a big cuddle pile,

Of course! I’ll be accepting prompts til probably the end of the weekend.

It was after they had saved the planet from the Galra, they all were invited to a huge celebration for the people’s newly found freedom. Who could refuse such an invitation. Everyone was enjoying themselves, the native people and the Paladins alike. Pidge, Hunk, and Keith were hanging in the back of the party, the two geniuses talking up a storm with one of the engineers of the planet, Keith just smiling at the two as they get excited over the technology. They can be such wall flowers sometimes. Shiro was standing by Allura, who was talking to some of the diplomats, most likely trying to get them to join the alliance. Of course Lance was enjoying himself just as much as the others. Always grabbing one of the other Paladins and pulling them into a dance whenever a new song started. Of course none of them could refuse, always ending up enjoying themselves too much to want the song to stop.

After awhile, Lance finally left the dance floor and weaved through the crowd, getting a few “thank you"s and nervous hand shakes from one of the locals that Lance accepted with a smile. It was when he was nearing Allura and Shiro that he caught a bit of whatever the diplomat was talking to them about ”—–Blue Paladin can be——“ that caught his attention. What didn’t catch his attention was the looks on Shiro’s and Allura’s face. “Hi, I heard you talking about me?” Lance beams, expecting something along the lines of thanks or some sort of praise. What he wasn’t expecting was for the man to say “so you’re the sorry excuse of a Paladin.” Lance couldn’t help it be caught off guard by that. What?

“I mean no disrespect, but what do even bring to the Voltron team? It didn’t seem like you were doing much to fight against the Galra.”

Lance tries to get something. Anything to come out of mouth. That’s……that’s not what happened.

“And all you’ve done this entire night is distract your fellow pilots from their discussions of alliance. I thought even you could understand how important diplomacy is. But I guess I was wrong.”

Lance can feel the pressure build up behind his eyes. He tries to get something out. To explain himself in some way. Was he really just annoying the others from their conversations? Was he interfering with the alliance? He…he can’t be. He just wanted to help them have some fun. He just wanted to dance with his boyfriends and girlfriends. He didn’t mean to hurt their alliance.

“To be honest any one of my guards could do a much better job of being the Blue Paladin than…..this.” The alien gestures to all of Lance,
“Really princess, there are much better options among the soldiers here than what you’re currently stuck with. Why don’t I introduce-”

“That won’t be necessary.” Allura bites out, anger barely kept out of her voice, but it wouldn’t take a genius to know that she was beyond angry. And Shiro was just as pissed.

“ I mean no disrespect to your choices with the few people you could find. But you could do so much better. The current Blue Paladin is only a stand-in is he not?”

Lance feels like crumbling right there and then. But he doesn’t want to seem even more of a disgrace than he already is. He quickly leaves the party, passing by Hunk, Pidge and Keith as he speed walks back to castle. He doesn’t want to annoy anyone else or force them to leave their conversations. He doesn’t know how long the tears have been falling down his face, but he hopes that he didn’t embarrass Allura and Shiro because he cried. He doesn’t want to ruin their diplomatic discussions.


“Governor, let me remind you that you have no right to insult one of the people that just saved your planet.” Shiro growls out, not hiding his anger as well as Allura, but honestly, neither of them care about that now. Not when Lance was silently crying and running from the party. Not when he hurt Lance.

“Like I said, I mean no-”

“No. Let ME tell you what I think. I think that yes, Lance wasn’t up with the rest of us fighting the battle ship. He was down here, on your planet, taking care of any Galra that were planet side. He was helping your people find shelter and saving many of the people that are here now. If it wasn’t for him, many of the people that are here celebrating wouldn’t be here at all.” Shiro states, walking closer and closer to the governor, til he was looming over the shorter alien. That was when the others come running over, asking what happened, and why Lance was crying.

Allura decided to finish up their ‘conversation’.
“ be wise when you disrespect one of my Paladins, governor. That I wasn’t just my decision, it was the lion’s that chose their Paladins. And if you DARE speak so poorly about any one of them in such a manner again, I may not be able to stop one of the Paladins OR one of the lions from speaking their mind to you.” Now it’s Allura’s turn to lean in close to the diplomat, and giving him a cold and murderous look “ I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen, correct?”

The alien can only nod, very obviously shaken by the thinly veiled threats. Allura stand a up straight once again, and pulling Shiro along, she calls out “I’m sorry, but we must be on our way back to the castle. There is something that we need to take care of.” And with that the Paladins follow her out, although Shiro tries to go back in and give the governor another piece of his mind. But he quickly stops and silently agrees with Allura. They do have something to take care of. Or really someone.


It took everyone a while to find Lance, checking every spot that he’s been known to frequent. His room, the Blue lion’s hangar, the lounge. Nothing. Hunk finally finds him in one of the storage rooms, curled in on himself and trying to stifle his tears.

“Guys, I found him.”

Pidge is the first to respond, “is he okay?”

“No, I’m gonna bring him over to his room, you guys start on plan C.”

Hunk gets quick affirmation from the rest of the team. He slowly walks over to Lance and sits down next to him. Lance curls tighter in on himself, but it doesn’t hide the shaking in his shoulders.

“Hey buddy. I know that your upset, but can you look at me?” Hunk asks quietly.

It takes a couple of minutes, but Lance finally lifts his face from his kneels. His eyes are red and puffy, tears still streaming down his face, his cheeks getting the same hue as his eyes.

“Hey, there’s my sea turtle.”

Lance lets out a weak and watery laugh at the old nickname, but whatever small smile he had vanishes. Lance whispers “shouldn’t you be back at the party?”

“Nah, it was pretty lame. Not as much fun without you there.”

Lance tries to counter what Hunk says, but is stopped when he lightly presses a chaste kiss to his lips. That stops Lance right in his tracks. Hunk takes that time to slip his hand into Lance’s, and slowly leads him up from the floor. Not minding one bit when Lance leans on him. Slowly the two of them walk out of the storage room and start to head to Lance’s room in silence.

Lance opens the door to see that everyone one else is there, and sitting in some sort of giant blanket and pillow nest. Hunk leads him into the middle of the pile and soon enough everyone is cuddling Lance. Shiro leans him back to lay on his chest, sneaking an arm around his waist to keep him there. Pidge plops herself on top of Lance, laying her own head onto his shoulder. Keith and Hunk take up the sides, making sure that Lance is completely surrounded in cuddles. Allura sits next to Shiro and slowly runs her fingers through Lance’s hair.

They lay like this for a good, quiet couple of minutes, reveling in the comfort and love they have for one another.
Lance finally breaks the silence with a croaked apology “I’m sorry you guys had to leave the party because of me.”

“Lance, you don’t need to apologize. You did nothing wrong.”

“But you guys were enjoying yourselves, and I didn’t want to ruin it for you.”

“It wouldn’t be fun without you there. And I’m having plenty of fun right here.” Pidge responds, trying to stifle a yawn in between words.


“Shhhh, Lance. It’s okay. You did nothing wrong. You are so important to us, we wouldn’t want to be there without you. We all love you very much. Just sleep. You had a pretty hectic day.” Lance only nods at Shiro’s words. Letting a smile slip onto his face as he drifts off into a comforting and well earned sleep.


So I kind of added Allura into the polydins, but I hope you like it!

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Save Me. (Yoongi x Reader) PART 2.

“It swallowed me, this lunatic. Please save me tonight. Within this childish madness, you will save me tonight.” - [“Save Me” - BTS]

Summary: It was an unprecedented love that bloomed within the halls of your high school, until secret words were overheard, and shattered the budding romance. It changed your life forever, leading you down a path you had never thought you would be on– training to become a secret agent. You chose it to escape Yoongi and the results of how things ended between you two, but as fate would have it, that very same choice ended up leading you right back to him. Will you be able to save your clients and solve mysteries together despite your history? Will you be able to save each other? Will you able to save yourself…from yourself?    

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jin & all the other BTS members)

Secret Agent AU

Mystery, Action, Angst, & Fluff (contains some violence, mentions of murder, death, harassment, and bullying)

PARTS: Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (Finale) | Bonus: The Letter

A/N: *screams into abyss cause the QUEEN HAS ARRIVED*

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           "Don’t. Say. Anything.“ Yoongi warned through gritted teeth as he stepped out, finally fully transformed into his new female persona, Min Yoonji.

           Hoseok whistled playfully, "Hey good-looking, you free tonight, hm?”

           "Oh my gosh. Shut up, Hoseok.“ Yoongi groaned.

           "Hyung, how can you be so pretty?” Jimin gawked, reaching out to touch the short bob wig that was strapped onto Yoongi’s head.

           "I didn’t want a long one. Too irritating.“ Yoongi growled as he flicked his hair away. "Everyone, stop making a fuss!”

           "Dang those legs though.“ Tae teased. "You have some nice model legs, hyung. If only you were taller…”

           "What was that punk?“ Yoongi lunged at Tae, but the latter scurried behind Namjoon for protection. Yoongi huffed and adjusted his skirt. "Did I ever say how much I hate this plan?”

           "Only about a billion times.“ You giggled as you came out in your uniform too.

           "YOU’RE SO CUTE, Y/N! I JUST WANT TO SQUISH YOU!” Tae cooed and pinched your cheeks.

           You giggled at his affection and swatted his hands away lightly.

           Namjoon coughed to divert everyone’s attention back to him.

           "Alright. Remember, the mission right now is to gather as much intel as we can and scout out possible suspects. Your goal, Y/N and Yoongi, is to get into the popular clique, since all of the murderer’s targets seem to have been part of that group, and get all the gossip – what were victims doing before the attack, did they receive threats, did they do anything similar. We want to find a pattern so we can get into the killer’s mind and get one step ahead of him before the next death occurs. Give me a status update daily, and we’ll monitor from the outside on our end. But we can’t do too much on the inside to help you since the school is on high security, and no one should know we’re getting involved in the case, since the murderer might be among them. As we said, find the camera blind spots if you need to interact as agents. Your dormitory is the safest room since there are no cameras and it’s been cleared for any possible wire tapping.“

           "I made something that blocks off sound or makes it seem like you two are inaudibly whispering.” Taehyung stepped forward and placed a little ball into your palm. “Just click the button, and it’ll interfere with the hearing frequencies of everyone around you, except for the other person who has the pair.” He handed another to Yoongi.

           "With that, I must stress that you both have to blend in and not engage if anything suspicious occurs, even if you find the murderer.“ Namjoon emphasized.

           Everyone’s eyes fell on you knowingly, and you grinned guiltily.

           "Okay, but let’s say we’re witnessing the murderer murdering? We should definitely step in then right?”

           Namjoon exhaled. “We must keep your roles undercover. If the murderer knows your identities, he might flee or target you two. If you must interfere, keep this in mind: do not get caught.”

           You nodded and saluted. “Aye, aye Captain!”  

           "Best of luck, Y/N and Yoongi. Stay safe in there.“

           "Have a good time in school sweeties ~” Hoseok playfully air-kissed your cheeks in a motherly fashion.

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New Uniform (AU)

summary: A speeding reader is pulled over by a familiar police officer. Let the punishment fit the crime. Bucky smut!

author’s note: this isn’t the first thing i’ve written, but it is the first thing i’m posting on this blog- i actually had posted a few stories last summer, but they’re gone now. i didn’t proofread at all because i tend to delete my whole writing when i’m too critical lol. if you read it, let me know your thoughts!!

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Virginian in denial (Jeffmads) Chp.2

“Again?” James sighed, seeing that Thomas’s old purple Mustang was parked at an angle in the driveway.

Thomas had gotten the car from a yard sale. It had horrible fuel efficiency, (unlike James’s “rinkydink” car) but Thomas liked to show it off down town.

James backed into the driveway with his front right wheel in the grass.

Feeling too tired and stressed to deal with it now, James decided he would talk to Thomas about it in the morning.

James grabbed his heavy school bag out of the passenger seat and walked up the stairs to the apartment.

When he got to the second door he noticed the it was unlocked, a bad habit of Thomas. Just another thing he would have to talk to Thomas about in the morning.

As James walked in Thomas got up from the couch smiling, “I thought I heard tiny leprechaun footsteps coming up the stairs.”

“Hysterical.” James said flatly as he walked over and leaned his head on Thomas’s chest, he was so tired.

“Aww, little baby need a nap?” Thomas teased wrapping his arms around him.

James sighed, “No, I still want to cram in a few more hours of studying, then I won’t have to do as much on Sunday, leaving more time on-”

Thomas pulled James off of him with a concerned expression, “Are you even going to be alive in a few hours?”

James shook his head, which was starting to throb, “I’m fine I just need to-”

“Go to sleep! No offense Madie, but you look like shit.”

James was starting to get annoyed, he was fine a minute ago until Thomas started yelling, “Just leave me alone-”

“No, I’m not going to let you mess yourself up! Especially since you’re generally not the most healthy person.” Thomas started grabbing James’s bag.

“Thomas, let go! All my notes are in there!” James tried to tug his bag back, which made his head throb even more.

“All I’m asking you to do is take a break for one night!! Is that too much to ask?!” Thomas yanked the bag hard out of James’s grip.

The force of the bag overwhelmed Thomas as he fell back with it dropping beside him with a load snap.

Snap?! What’s in there that could snap!? James’s brain raced, as he noticed parts of his bag becoming…darker?

“Oh, NO! NO! NO!” The sudden realization hit James as he ran to his bag, pulling out his broken water bottle.

Thomas rubbed his head sitting up, “Thanks for helping me u-”

“THEY’RE ALL RUINED!” James cried, as he pulled out his soaking papers, years of work, out of his bag.

Thomas looked down at James’s bag, eyes wide, “Madie! I’m sorry-”

“Why are you always trying to keep me from my work?!” James shouted, Thomas had never seen him this angry before.

“I’m sorry! I thought-” Thomas looked at James like a scared child.

James’s head felt like it was about to burst, “You thought what!? That if I fail they’ll be someone left here to take care of your sorry ass!?”

Thomas stared at James, hurt. Tears were forming in his eyes as he looked at James, searching for an apology.

James looked away from him and back at his smeared notes, focusing on the throbbing anger in his head.

The throbbing was so loud that he didn’t notice the sound of an old purple Mustang backing out of the driveway, and down the street.


“Meds-day,” or at least that’s what Thomas had called it.

It was annoying when one of James’s many pills started to get low, making him drive all the way up to the hospital to schedule a “refill.”

As the Hospital’s automatic doors slid open, James saw the desk clerk twirling a pencil around their short curly black hair.

Sally had always been a good friend.

She was usually a quiet and shy person, but James noticed she was very loud and expressive around close friends.

Right now she was wearing her nurse uniform under a school letterman jacket from the lost and found.

She had on small gold square earrings that matched the gold letters on her black name tag that was pinned on her jacket.

“Miss. Hemmings.” James smiled, as Sally looked up from her phone, her eyes lighting up.

“Mr. Madison.” Sally laughed, “So what’d ya run out of this time?”

“Expectorants.” James said watching as she typed away on the old desktop keyboard.

“Stupid thing…” Sally had a frustrated expression as she repeatedly clicked the mouse, “So, how’s Thomas?”

How should I know? James thought, it had been a week since the argument. They hadn’t talked to each other since, James wanted to apologize, but it never felt like the right time.

“He’s fine,” James responded, Probably.

“Well, if you guys want to hang out, Maria and I are throwing a party at our apartment tonight.”

“I’ll probably just end up studying.” James said looking up at the wall clock behind the desk, 9:27pm. Late party.

“Ok well, the file finally sent to the pharmacy and Doctor Sawyer, your drugs should be here in a few days.” Sally said with a quirky smile.

“Thanks, Sally.” James started walking out the door before Sally called out to him, “Oh James by the way! Get some rest, there are bags under your eyes!”

James rolled his eyes as he stepped in his car, looking at his rear view mirror, Are they that bad?

James noticed a tall figure walking into the hospital. They had large black hair like Thomas, but what would Thomas be doing at the hospital?

James decided it was probably just a look-alike. Thomas and him would probably laugh about it in the morning, if he could ever apologize…



The most significant most beautiful face of his I have seen throughout this manga is this face. Like the forehead poke smile was fine and I cried so god damn much but THIS FACE ruined me. He was scared to say sorry - and when he did, he was cut off at first but he continued on anyway. And this is the face he made when Sakura accepted his apology. This is the face of a man who has found his peace and knows where his home is. This is the face of a man who is looking at a girl who never ONCE gave up on saving him and loved him unconditionally and feels his heart beating the same love. 

This is the face of Uchiha Sasuke in love and in peace. 

On 8.3.14 I realized I married my best friend. I’ve been through numerous friendships and always felt alone or like an outcast that no one understood because I was so “weird” and “different”. It wasn’t until our Walimah I then knew, and didn’t feel alone. Someone finally understood my “Weirdness” and me being so “different”. The people I expected to be at my henna party(bridal shower) did not show up at all, The people who I thought were my friends and who were loyal and genuine and suppose to be there for the disastrous moments weren’t there and didnt even show an ounce of actually caring. I think most were just around for “likes” on instagram. It actually were the people I least expected to be a helping hand were! And when I cried because everything was ruined he pulled me away from everyone hugged me tight and told me everything was perfect because he married me. From day one he was so attentive and helpful and at my lowest of lows he was there as a friend first. And most of all always reminded me of Allah. I wake up everyday thankful that Allah(swt) had it written for us to be married. I never thought in a million years I would have ever gotten married and to someone I was friends with since 14. I wasn’t even Muslim then. Funny how things turn out. I want this love for eternity. This life and the next insha'allah! (this is probably the most personal post you’ll ever see by me)

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I would like A Young!Erik one shot- DOFP timeline where the reader is a mutant with telekinetic powers who Logan knew to be Magneto's only love that had died mysteriously way before he sets out to correct the past. But as per Charles's instructions leads Young!erik (after they free) and Charles to the Trask labs where the reader is being experimented on for a while. End it however you like but make the reunion between the reader and Erik a little lengthy if you can! Thanks.



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I would like A Young!Erik one shot- DOFP timeline where the reader is a mutant with telekinetic powers who Logan knew to be Magneto’s only love that had died mysteriously way before he sets out to correct the past. But as per Charles’s instructions leads Young!erik (after they free) and Charles to the Trask labs where the reader is being experimented on for a while. End it however you like but make the reunion between the reader and Erik a little lengthy if you can! Thanks.

Thunder and lightning cracked through the darkening skies, rumbling through the room where the assembly stood.

They all stood around the stone table where Logan would be laid in just a matter of minutes. Charles Xavier, Storm, Kitty, Bobby, Bishop, Colossus, Blink, Sunspot, Warpath and of course Logan, all together once more. But most unexpectedly to everyone, Magneto had come upon their ranks too.

Who wouldn’t when it was literally the end of the race of mutants and humans. Now it was the world under the superpower of the robots, not countries, not humans, not mutants, not anyone. Thanks to the ignorance of BOTH humans and mutants.

‘So this is the only way …’ Kiddy says softly and unconfidently. They had just explained that Kiddy will have to send Logan’s mind back to his younger body to the past to get the younger selves of Charles and Erik to help reverse the events of Trask’s death at the hands of Mystique from ever occurring.

Charles sighed heavily before replying softly, ‘Yes it is … You need to find me and try to persuade to help you on your journey, but you must know … I wasn’t the same when I was back then. I was unstable. An idiot more like it.’

‘You’ll need me as well,’ Magneto spoke finally, stepping forward, ‘Its going to take the two of us. Side by side at a time when we couldn’t be further apart. We need to work together to end this war.’

‘Where the hell will I find you?’ Logan said in his normal monotoned always angry voice. Erik looked to Charles who rolled his eyes knowingly, ‘I was locked up. But … there was more to the story.’

‘What happened?’
‘I-I was accused to have killed John .F. Kennedy … But I didn’t. I was there to save him and I tried before I was caught. I found this out from someone I trusted wholeheartedly. Until …’


I walked down the cobbled streets of Germany, after having traveled all over Europe to keep myself from being caught by the police for being a mutant.

I had been apart of the mutants initiative from the beginning thanks to Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnssher, and had become great friends with all the mutants who had joined, including Charles’ sister Raven who I had been great friends with. But Erik and I … We had a closer connection, but that all went away after I found out he kissed Raven.

And after he had made Charles paralysed, that changed everything, and made me resent him. After knowing what he had done to his best friend, he still wanted to go on and get rid of the humans.  

Just as I turned swiftly around one of the corners, I gasped in horror before being pulled roughly into an alleyway, pushed into the wall as my head hit the wall hard. A hand was crushed over my mouth as I let out a scream.

‘Shhh! Stop! Its me Y/N! Its me!’ I opened my eyes in horror, only to find myself staring into the beautiful, alluring eyes of Erik Lehnssher himself. ‘What the hell are you doing here Y/N?! You know very well it isn’t safe!’

I pulled his hand away from my face before retaliating, ‘Oh I can say the same for you Erik Lehnssher! What are you doing here then?!’

‘I’m hiding! And will you keep your voice down!’
‘Well I’m doing the same thing as you! Is that a problem?’ I whisper shouted angrily back at him as he just rolled his eyes. ‘Will you stop acting like a child! What happened to you? What happened to us?’

‘I can ask you the same thing …’ I said softly, now looking away from his slowly as my voice began to shake slowly. Erik’s expression softened slowly as he watched me carefully as my lips slightly pouted, just thinking of the time when I walked in on his little moment with Raven.

‘You know that didn’t-’
‘Don’t even start!’ I seethed angrily, our faces inches away from each other, ‘You took away everything that meant most to me! EVERYTHING! You took my heart, my feelings, my love and played with those elements and RUINED ME!’

I cried, hitting his chest angrily as he just stared down at me. He grabbed my hand firmly, holding in his grip as he grew close to me, placing his forehead against my own, leaving little space between us.

‘I love you Y/N. And I never meant to hurt you …’ He said softly as he stared into my broken gaze with a loving look. I pulled my head away as he went to kiss me, feeling him sigh heavily in disappointment before placing a small kiss to my neck.  

‘You-You know the President of America is being targeted right?’
‘Yes …’

I pulled out an envelope from my coat slowly, placing it into his hand as he gave me a questioning look of confusion, ‘I did some checking and found out who is really after him. All the information you need is in this envelope.’

I watched as he nodded slowly, continuously staring down at the envelope. I stood on my tiptoes, my hand cupping the side of his face in a gentle manner before placing a kiss to his cheek, his eyes widening as he looked back down at me.

‘You know what you have to do. Well, this might be the last time we see each other Erik, so I wish you the best. Just take care of yourself and make sure to make the right decision … Goodbye Erik,’ I said before pulling away, the feeling of his fingers slipping through mine, leaving me empty as I left the alleyway.


‘And that was the last time I ever saw her. Only after being placed under the pentagon was when I was informed by the other guards that she was caught and killed instantly. But if you could … While your on your journey … Please look for her.’


‘Logan you will do this!’ Charles intervened this time. Logan had never seen Charles so mad before and certainly didn’t want him to be even more mad, ‘You will do this Logan. You will need to try and find her because if you do, it will you help you on the way. But if you can’t then I understand. She meant a lot to us, to the both of us.’

Logan just sighed heavily and nodded, going along with the plan, ‘Very well then.’


‘Actually you sent me, from the future. You and Erik …’ Logan said to a very drunken, much younger Charles Xavier who gave him a hazily confused glare with a lopsided .

‘Your not serious are you?’
‘Yes. Right now we are at war in my future and we are on the very brink of extinction, and we need you to help me fix the past so the future maybe a better one. But also you requested something very heavily from me.’

‘And what might that be?’ Charles said with a little smirk, ‘Do you remember a girl named Y/N?’

At this his face fell instantly, letting his head fall slowly, ‘Yes … She was like a little sister Raven and I as we grew up together after we took her in. After the incident with Erik she went into hiding so the police and authorities wouldn’t go after the rest of us mutants. When she died I lost it. I lost everything I ever cared about thanks to that bastard …’

‘Well … I have found out that she actually is alive,’ Charles’ head snapped up at this, Hank also perking up at the news as he stood off in a corner of the room, hiding his monstrous blue features.

‘Your not serious?’
‘I’m very serious. If you help me, I promise once this is all over we will find her … but I need you to be in on this with me.’

Charles watched him suspiciously before sighing heavily, ‘I’m in.’
‘But we do this my way. And our first motive, will to be getting Erik Lehnssher to join us.’


‘I’m sorry I’m-just not very good with violence!’ Charles cried over the water system to Logan who had his eyebrows raised.

Charles turned to the sound of the elevator, turning and only to frown as he faced his Erik Lehnsherr, his “friend” who stood beside Pietro.  

‘Charles?’ Erik exclaimed, his eyes widening in horror at the sight of the man before him. But without another moment ado, Charles and thrown a punch across Erik’s face, sending him to the floor as he groaned in pain.

He smirked up at Charles as he wiped the blood from his face quickly, ‘Good to see you too old friend. And walking!’

Gesturing to his legs as he jumped to his feet, Charles scoffing, ‘No thanks to you.’

‘Your the last person I expected to see here today-’
‘Oh believe me, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to be. If we get you out of here we do it my way, no killing!’

Erik chuckled, pointing to his head quickly, ‘No helmet. I couldn’t disobey you even if I wanted to.’

Charles let out a growl at this, stepping towards Erik who quieted down instantly frowning as he spoke quickly and with a grit of his teeth, ‘I will never get inside of that head of yours again! I need your work Erik.’

He sighed at this, knowing that it was no use in arguing before nodding his head curtly.


‘I know its been a long time … But Y/N? When you did you last see her?’ Charles asked curtly to Erik who now sat opposite him.

‘The last time I was in Germany … She gave me the evidence to finding the man who wanted to assassinate the President. She’s the one who gave me the intel I needed. After that I didn’t hear from her ever again … And then I found out that-that she had been killed.’

‘She isn’t dead,’ Both of the men’s heads turned to Logan as these words were spoken, Erik’s eyes widening in shock, ‘What?’

‘She’s alive.’
‘Well where is she then?’ Charles asked quickly, Erik staring pointblank daggers at Logan.

‘Trask has her.’

I screamed as the electricity coursed throughout my body, my body shaking uncontrollably against the binds that held me up by my wrists and down by my ankles in the cylinder glass prison.

I fell limp against the bindings as the current was cut instantly, making me gasp as my lungs screamed for the oxygen it needed so desperately. My eyes flickered weakly as I heard the scientist’s pens scratch and scrape against the clipboards at the results of whatever they were trying to find.

I heard a chuckle and looked up to see a young sergeant officer standing before, smirking smugly, ‘Well, well, well … Look what we have here! A mutant unable to keep her own head up, oh how tragic!’

I instantly struggled against the binds that held me, anger burning through my face as all I wanted to do was shatter the glass and claw my nails across that ugly face of his.

‘Well looky here boys! A feisty one she is this one! This time full power!’ Just before I could brace myself I felt the current run through my veins yet again, making me cry out in exasperate pain.

But the pain was over as soon as it had came. Yet again I fell against the binds, unable to keep my head up this time. But what scraped fear in my heart was the silence that followed.

I heard rushed and hassled footsteps as I heard someone hit the glass hard, ‘Y/N! Y/N CAN YOU HEAR ME?!’

My eyes snapped open instantly. That voice! With all the strength I had left, I lifted my head up to see Erik and Charles, both sweaty and puffed out, their eyes widening at my appearance.

‘Erik … Charles …’ I said with a weak smile before feeling the haziness and sleepiness take over my body quickly like a drug.

‘We need to get her out of there now!’ Charles cried as they both looked for a way to get her out, looking around before he watch Erik as he brought the metal bindings apart like pulling apart a clock.

All the parts and bolts separated before hurling across the room out of harms way. Instantly, Erik and Charles rushed over to her as Logan and Hank stood guard at the large double doors.

The unbuckled the binding quickly, ripping them from Y/N’s fragile body. I felt myself fall through the air before being caught by two strong arms, I looked up slowly to see Erik staring down at me in horror, tears in his eyes.

‘Erik …’ I said reaching my hand up to his face and caressed his cheek, feeling him tremble beneath my weak touch,‘Y/N, oh God! I-I’m so sorry! I-’
‘Why are you apologising? It-its okay …’

‘Hate to break the moment. But we gotta get out of here! More guards will be here soon!’ Logan yelled as the running of heavy footsteps filled their ears.

I felt Erik pull me up slowly into his embrace in a bridal-like style, leaning my head on his chest as he whispered, ‘We’ll get you out of here … I promise …’

I woke up to the banging of my head, groaning slightly as I slowly raised myself from the bed I had been placed down on. I looked around only to find myself back in Charles’ mansion, in my old room.

I looked to my right to see a smiling Charles, ‘Your awake …’
‘Hmmm … How long have I been out for?’ I said softly as he pulled me into a sitting position gently, leaning me on some more pillows.

‘A few days at least, the stuff that they did to you was horrible. I’ve cleaned most of the wounds and bruises they inflicted on you and also made sure that they haven’t drugged you in anyway,’ Charles said as if ticking off a checklist in his head.

I gave him a large yet gentle smile, wiping a tear that had fallen down his cheek as he whispered very quietly, ‘I’ve missed you so much Y/N!’
‘Oh Charles,’ I cried as he brought me into his embrace and holding me close, squeezing me gently.

I really had missed Charles, him being like such a big brother, watching over me always and being there for me.

Finally, he placed a kiss to my forehead as I asked softly, ‘Do you mind helping me to the rooftops? I just want to see the open sky …’

I stood atop of the rooftops of the beautiful mansion, my eyes wandering across the woods and forests, the many trees stretching out their hands to touch the beautiful skies in hope to be close to the moon.

I smiled as the breeze blew through my hair, it had been so many years since I had seen a beautiful night like this, and finally, it was as if I could feel freedom on my side.

‘Y/N?’ I smiled as Erik’s voice echoed through the absent night. I turned to see him standing just a bit behind me, giving me the most gentlest smile I had ever seen him give to anyone.

I sighed as he spoke softly, tapping his foot against the marble, ‘Its been awhile since we were alone like this …’

I watched as he took a step closer towards me, slowly like a animal stalking its prey, ‘You know … When I found out that you had passed on, it killed me. Like all the happiness and hope I ever had and gained was drained out of me.’

Finally, he trapped me against the railing his body against mine, his forehead upon my own, his breath batting against my cold, icy skin. I stared up at him as the tears fell down his face, ‘How disgusting I felt having betrayed such a woman like you. It made me realise that what I lost was all I really ever would need.’

At this he finally placed his lips to mine desperately, his hands wrapping themselves around my waist tenderly as mine ran through his hair, pulling at it gently as our lips moulded perfectly against one another’s.

He pulled away slowly, only to see the tears plummeting down my cheeks slowly before wiping them away with his thumbs quickly, ‘You won’t be alone not anymore. Not now when we have turned back time.

Regardless of what happens in the finale:

I am already beyond happy with it and nothing will change that.

I get to see Killian touch Emma’s waist, and Emma hold him close to her while they dance.  

I get to see them witness her parents, the original OTP, fall in love.

I get to see my babies on a whole adventure by themselves.

I get to see Emma open her eyes and realize that these people are her home, this is her home.

And I get to see Emma accept that she is in love with Killian where they met, The Enchanted Forrest.

Everything is Captain Swan. And everything hurts.

Must get the cake ready! 川´・ω・`川