cries forever at this scene


“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “


may the light forever shine upon us.


The world is merciless, but beautiful

“這世界是殘酷的  卻也如此美麗”

“You are my family, my wife, my child’s mother ”

continue this art →Eremika manga(Adult)

BGM with this art :  Hiroyuki Sawano - From Sunset to Sunrise 

you can also listen to  this BGM with  this art > <  

cried when I drew it and listened to the BGM  TAT


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and then~~ Happy New Years ^^

  • Gabriel Agreste: *hugs Adrien*
  • Adrien: What's this? What's happening?
  • Gabriel: It's going to be alright.
  • Adrien: Why are you squeezing me with your body?
  • Gabriel: It's a hug Adrien. I'm hugging you.
  • Adrien: I know what a hug is. I just didn't think YOU did.

Stiles and Lydia → Season 4

“Lydia look at me, don’t listen. Okay, don’t listen to it. Focus on my voice, alright? Don’t listen to it block it out, okay? Lydia…”


The time Kitsch and Porter cried saying goodbye
“In the scene where Riggins and Six were saying goodbye in New York, and Riggins was getting ready to say ‘Texas Forever’ and head off in the cab, it took us 25 minutes to even attempt a take because we were just bawling. Taylor, I couldn’t believe it, was just like ‘I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, hold on…’ And then it got me going. It took us 25 minutes to get it together and then we did it in one take and he got in the cab and left.” - Scott Porter


Now I am strong (now I am strong).
You gave me all.
You gave all you had, and now I am whole.


Going through Naruto Episodes for today’s ‘Gaara Week’ theme and…

This scene is just…

Temari and Kankuro think Gaara’s apologising for the failed destruction of Konoha, but he’s saying sorry for all his past actions but they don’t realise it and it hurts my heart

Sand Babies <3


- Connor visits the graves of his mother and father.

In this alternate “scene”, both Ziio and Haytham are buried in the Frontier.

Happy (late) Birthday, Grandmaster Templar.

Note: The bits containing Connor’s Epilogue speech was taken from here: - all credit goes to the person running the site, not me, I just used the audio for fun. 

Sophia Walker Appreciation Post

Because I feel like Sophia just doesn’t get the love she truly deserves in this fandom

And I mean…

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She’s absolutely gorgeous

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but also adorkable 

and just 


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with Annie as Dean!Perry (aka mother knows beeesssssttttt) 

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with Elise as Laura tiny gay ball of rage Hollis

and oh my god


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(vampire sisters who judge together stay together)

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*cries forever* 

From her first scene…

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to her last… 

(only of this season tho THANK LOPHII)

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…Sophia Walker as Matska Belmonde captured my heart and made Season 2 enjoyable even when Hollstein was in the ruts. Her sass as Mattie and simply amazing acting could always make an otherwise angsty or exposition-y episode wonderful and my week brighter

In summary

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(i do Sophia I DOOOOO)