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When Seokjin laughs so hard he turns red. My favorite thing. My baby is enjoying himself ; ___ ; what more could I ask for?!

this message came at the right (wrong?) time haha. I’m drowning in my seokjin feels right now,,,, I don’t know what to do,,, I’ve only watched one interview and I’m scared because I know there’s more,,, what to do? I may explode by the end of today. Seeing Jin and Bts so happy hurts my heart… *spontaneously combusts*


A deleted song from Lord of the Rings

This song, Use Well the Days, was written for the ROTK end credits. You won’t find it anywhere in the soundtrack- It was cut after Into the West took its place. (this recording may not be the “final draft” of the song, either.) Just like Into the West, it was composed by Howard Shore and sung by Annie Lennox, with lyrics by Fran Walsh.

Use Well the Days is about Frodo bidding his final farewell to Sam…. thanking him, blessing him, and hoping the rest of his life in Middle Earth will be happy and peaceful. 


*sobs profusely at the butt wiggles*