cries because this show oh my god


You play? A little


Suzie Mathers, Rachel Tucker & Oliver Savile, Wicked London’s 10th Anniversary cast.

john and sherlock doing zapping, nothing interesting on telly, when they stumble with “the lion king”. The film has already started but they haven’t missed much, because it’s the scene where Mufasa is showing Simba their lands. John remembers having watched this film sometime but he barely holds any memory of it, meanwhile sherlock keeps sulking like a four year old and burying his head against the pillow he has in his arms, muffling sounds of disapproval and asking john to just turn the tv off and go to sleep. but john has none of it and keeps watching the film. he tells sherlock he might like it, but sherlock comes off with a retorical argument of how unoriginal and unproductive this film is. but he watches it anyway, because john has no intention to leave the couch and sherlock isn’t sleepy and although he won’t confess it out loud, he craves for john’s company right now.

they don’t speak for a while then and when Mufasa dies in the film, john’s eyes tear up a little bit. “If i was a kid i bet my kidneys i’d be crying like a baby at this. Sherlock?” John finds sherlock sobbing silently against the pillow, his swollen eyes focused on the tv screen, and when he notices john’s attention on him, he hides his face from embarrassment. “Go away John.”

“Sherlock, is okay to cry. It’s an emotional scene. It is meant to be like that.”

“I don’t cry over kids films.”

“It is not really a kids film, you know.”


“And it’s the feeling everybody has when someone we love leaves this world.”


“I felt like that when i thought i had lost you that time.”


“And i know it’s what you felt when you lost your dog.”

Sherlock’s tears increase. There’s a strangled noise coming out of his throat and then he’s clutching John’s sleeves with anxiety. John shushes him down and opens his arms to welcome him in the warm space they’re providing. “Shhh, it’s okay, Sherlock. Let it all out. It was about time you did that. Let it all out.”

John grabs the tv controller and turns it off. 221B is filled with broken sobs as John’s heart breaks a little bit.

Pardon all my yelling but I’m emotional.

I just… of course Penny is the one who gets Sheldon to come out of the bathroom, and of course she’s the one who reassures him and tells him it’s okay if he doesn’t come out, and OF FUCKING COURSE he’s one of her favorite people, and OF COURSE she’s the one who gets to hug him. THIS ALL MAKES SENSE because they have the most interesting chemistry and friendship on the ENTIRE SHOW. OH MY GOD it makes me angry that they were never given a chance, even a single episode, where they got to be more than friends.

*falls on the floor and cries forever*

brendon’s periscope recap 6/24
  • “do you miss living in vegas?’ no not really”
  • “what’s travie mccoy like? he’s super nice. super funny. he’s super laid back. but always down to hang out”
  • “what the fuck is minion shaming?” 
  • what was i like as a child? i don’t know. energetic? 
  • “did i ever think i’d reach the success i have now? no never.”
  • “have i ever gotten a manicure? oh yeah, i love a good manicure.” 
  • “movie i’ve cried during? oh my god, fucking, every movie. i tear up during movies.” 
  • brendon says he gets recognized in public about 20% of the time. 
  • “when is new music coming? fall”
  • about show in norway: we played a show with this band. the singer was behind our set and fucking this girl during our entire set. we walked back stage, and they were pulling up their pants because zack found them and kicked them out” 
  • first started singing: “i remember singing when i was a really little kid” sang in church from when he was like three years old. 
  • “when did i stop being mormon? just getting older and thinking about and realizing it wasn’t for me.” 
  • “what i wanted to be as a kid was a cartoon voice actor, but the funny thing was i never practiced voices.” 
  • every summer brendon would help his dad land survey since he was 12 to 17 “yeah, i was a very tan child” 
  • brendon has a weed juice, but he’s only taken a few sips of it
  • when he was younger, brendon used to find forgotten pokemon cards and would sell them back to kids
  • brendon’s favorite place to tour is australia “pet a kangaroo and shit. hold a koala”
  • “‘would you eat ass?’ i’m not telling you….but nah.” 
  • about if he would ever do a panic drunk history: “nah. i have no want to do that. i don’t wanna get drunk.” 
  • brendon does not have a theme for the new album, but said he never goes into making an album with the theme
  • please tell us a gay story. i don’t have any gay stories. i could ask a gay friend, i guess
  • brendon said something about kissing a dude but my connection broke so……
  • “tell the truth about myrtle beach?” *looks really confused* 
  • “tell us what happened at cape town?” *looks even more confused* 
  • “‘shane morris bullied me yesterday’ it sounds like he is just a fucking bully. he sounds very lonely”

Episode 19 has finished.. now, one more episode to go. 

Oh god, please no

  1. Ri-on, the best second male lead I’ve ever seen. He’s just… I can’t even describe how awesome he is.
  2. That theme park scene was heartwarming but kinda sad.
  3. Perry Park’s farewell. I CRIED MY EYES OUT. I’M HAVING A HEADACHE BECAUSE OF IT. I mean, I’m not a teary person. I really am not. I hardly cry while watching TV shows or movies or reading books. even though episode 15~17 was torturously sad, I didn’t “cry”. But in this episode, when Perry said to Ri-jin “take a good care of my kid(Do-hyun)”, I burst into tears. and when he winked to Ri-jin to comfort her… I cried and cried…loudly. And when he step out the door and saw a big boat named Perry Park in the ocean and saluted at it.. I died. He was the reason why I started to watch Kill Me Heal Me and he was the one who kept me watching Kill Me Heal Me. I love all the personalities but he’s kinda special to me. Like my first Doctor(if you’re whovian, you know what i mean.).  I really liked him. He was amazing.
  4. Mr. X has appeared! finally! I watched the preview and I saw X. Well…… I thought X would be a mysterious gentleman. Yep, he is a mysterious gentleman alright. A mysterious gentleman who dresses like a magician and talks like a magician. I didn’t expect that. I think I’m gonna like him a lot. It’s a real shame that his first episode will be his last episode.