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  • What she says: Lord of Shadows was a great book and you should really read it
  • What she means: thiS BOOK TORE OUT MY FUCKING SOUL AND I FUCKING HATE IT BUT AT THE SAME TIME I FUCKING LOVED IT. Emma and Jules are so cute but they're also just a big hot mess of emotions and angst and tbh they're ETERNALLY SCREWED. I love Diana and Diana and Gwyn are my actual fave but don't forget about Kitty because oH MY FUCKING GOd it's canon and they are so cute. Not to mention that Mark, Cristina, and Kieran will eventually have a threesome. I foresee it in the future. ALSO DID I MENTION THAT MALEC TAKING CARE OF THEIR KIDS IS THE CUTEST? Emma and Julian had sex again (shocker) and it was rlly cute and hot n heavy. Julian Blackthorn is actually my daddy. I s2g if those two parabatai don't chill Emma's gonna get fucking preggers and then things can only get worse from there. Jaime and Diego (especially Jaime) are sneaky, slimy motherfuckers and I don't really like them. no wait scratch that. I HATE JAIME BECAUSE HE'S TAKING ADVANTAGE OF DRU BUt Diego isn't that bad anymore but still.
She Isn't Yours, Jerome.

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Request: Could you please write an imagine where the reader is Bruce Wayne’s (Gotham) girlfriend and she gets kidnapped by Jerome because he’s obsessed with her and isn’t happy with the fact that her and Bruce are a thing. Then since Jim is the reader’s dad he and Bruce go rescue her. Once they do the reader is relieved and cries in Bruce’s arms because she was really scared and she’s just really glad to see both of them. Sorry this is long and thank you in advance!

Fandom: Gotham!Bruce Wayne x Reader

Note: this is in the reader’s point of view. it includes kidnapping, a bit of violence i think, swearing & this is sort of a rusty imagine and i have no idea why i left this one shot to write last in my requests list. whoops !!

Bruce and I went out to the movies. It’s been a while since he’d done something like this, after what happened to his parents on a night he would never forget. A night of enjoying time with your family. Neither Bruce and I wanted to go home yet. There was an arcade and a snack bar that was open for an hour left, so we went there after the film was over.

We came in partway through the crowd of people and I hand a twenty dollar bill to Bruce. “You said you wanted more burgers, right?”

Bruce stutters, “B-but that’s the last o-of your-”

“Shhhhhh!” I hissed. I know he’s rich and Alfred already provided him almost anything to the movies and even advised him to not go down the same alley, or any alley, I gave him the money anyways. “Well none of the game machines will accept dollar bills.”

“Not even the pinball machine?” he pouts like a little kid.

“Nah, Bruce. Not even the pinball machine. But hey! I got spare change here,” I patted my pocket. “I’ll go save a game for the both of us, you can buy more food.”

“Really? Your dad won’t get mad?”

“He would get mad if I stole money or if I spoke to strangers and receive candy from them. It’d be hard for him to handcuff his daughter and take her to the slammer if she was caught with drugs.”

“Gee, Thanks.” He takes a moment before kissing me. He then left.

My father, the infamous Detective James Gordon, would actually be pretty pissed. But this is a date and Bruce paid for the tickets, two giant bags of popcorn and a giant soda. 

Can’t believe he had room for burgers.

The pinball machine was vacant, the red lights flashing from the bulbs caught my attention. I started laughing when I recalled a memory of Bruce losing a round. I hoped Bruce wouldn’t take long with the food because I enjoy competition. 

“Care for a game of pinball?” a voice crept up without notice and I almost dropped the coins in my hand. I looked around with a relieved laugh.

“Bruce, did you just hit puberty and deepened your voice-”

My heart dropped. Bruce was in line, many feet away from me, from the arcade. He was so far away I could see him as tiny as a thumb. I pushed a leg forward after standing frozen in my tracks. The voice sounded nothing like a ghost, and I followed where it was coming from. 

To my right the arcade had two walls connecting, forming an emergency exit in the corner so dark that you couldn’t see a thing. The workers didn’t think to add a bit of light or something or the glowing exit sign.

All I wanted to hear is Bruce saying in a cheery voice, “Two burgers coming right up!” I couldn’t help picturing who or what just called my attention. The voice sounded so creepy, sounded like a snake. Not one voice I would have dreamed of before knowing Bruce.

“You hanging in there, doll face?” there it was again, the voice asked again in the pitch black corner. “I can beat you in a game of pinball. Just one game.” He sounded like a dealer whispering to you in a dark alley.

I shake my head. Probably some jerk trying to flirt with me and lure me towards him. I did however march towards the dark. I knew how to fend for myself when it came to jerks who try to flirt with me and girls who try to flirt with Bruce. 

“Who are you- mmmmpghh!!

An arm swung around me, the other smashing my face. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t scream for help, for Bruce’s name. A cloth was pressed against my face and they wouldn’t let go. No oxygen, but something else. I felt like I was in a real life horror movie and I knew I wasn’t winning.

“Mmmmpgh!! B-mmmmphh!” Bruce! Help me!

I don’t know how long it takes for someone to pass out from chloroform. But my eyes were shutting and before I blacked out, my body feeling suddenly light, I could see Bruce running towards me but it was far too late.

I woke up and the first thing I notice is the foul smell fuming everywhere, wherever I was. I couldn’t move my hands to even touch my face because they were tied around the arms of a chair.

Great! Either I’m stuck in some unfunny prank pulled by someone I know I’m gonna beat up or get my dad to arrest, or I’m actually in a real life situation of kidnap, in which my dad can take care of as well.

“Bruce?” I wept. “Bruce? Are you there? Anyone?”

There was a slight pause, and then the loud echoes of footsteps clanking slowly toward me, then the sound of maniacal cackling. Light hit the ceiling and my eyes were adjusting the crates, forklifts and boxcars around me. I’m in a warehouse.

But the person who I was with wasn’t Bruce. This wasn’t a prank. How do I know? Because the person who kidnapped me isn’t really much of a pranker, but a wanted psychopath.

“Yes,” Jerome Valeska said. “I’m here.”

I screamed. “My dad is gonna be here soon, as well as my boyfriend, and they’re gonna whoop your ass!” I felt confident, but I didn’t know who was coming or if anyone has any idea where I am.

“But  … I’m your boyfriend,” says Jerome, twirling his finger around as if he thinking.

“Over my dead body! Me being with you is just completely insane!” Bruce and I watched kidnapping movies, and he has been kidnapped before. I haven’t and now I can. I can just imagine and feel how any other victim must of felt.

“Oh doll, you know you don’t belong with that millionaire prince of Gotham. That little brat. Bruce Wayne,” he sneers his name. “You belong … with me!”

“Why me? What do you want with me?” I whimpered.

Jerome smiles. “Where do I begin? For starters, you’re damn beautiful,” he comes too close in contact with my face, hissing in my ear. I shrink in my seat as he tugged my hair. “-secondly, I could use a little twinkie like you-”

I held in my gasp. 

“And THIRD!” he raised his voice. “The nerve of you, my sweet girl, to not come running into my arms! What does Bruce have that I don’t have? Wealth. Love. Y/N.”

My spine held chills when he said my name. How did he even know my name? How did he know I was dating Bruce?

“So there you have it.”

“You are just jealous of Bruce.”

He screams, “You’re mine! You belong with me!”

“You think anyone in Gotham believes that? Because there is such thing as delusion.” I gawked a bit and spat in his face.

He is taken back before licking the saliva and tasting it. I cringe.

“That was strangly pleasant,” he curls his lips in amusement before smirking and coming close to my face again. “Do it again!”

The grey door busts open. 

“Stop!” someone called out. It was like heaven was revealed in front of my eyes. I had so many questions. I saw the boy I loved running towards me and Jerome along with my dad and a few other force members armed with guns running in with yells.

I almost wept.

“She’s not yours, Jerome!” Bruce screams. “You’re busted!”

“Yeah … no- argh!” Jerome was tackled down by a cop before he could say another word.

“You don’t even know the first thing about her,” Bruce sneers watching Harvey Bullock hold Jerome on the floor, handcuffing him. From afar I could still see Jerome staring him down with the nastiest look.

My dad releases me from the restraints and I was so weak that I practically fell in my dad’s arms. “Daddy!” I haven’t called him that ever since I was five. “How did you-”

“Bruce found you.” I landed on my knees and hands and crawled to Bruce as he bent to embrace me.

He sighs, holding me tight. “When I saw you out the theater I followed you, and saw you being carried into a black car so then I got Alfred to call the GCPD to track down the licence plate.”

I didn’t say anything, I just let him hold me as tears prickled in my eyes. I blink them shut before Bruce wiped them away with his sleeve.

“Can I say one thing?” he says.


“I still have the burgers from the snack bar,” Bruce said. “We can still eat them. And I gave the change to your father. He’s kinda mad about the amount you gave up.”

// THE END //

  • Nino: Alya, stick with Lila. Make sure she doesn't say anything insane. Or steal anything.
  • Lila: [holding up a bag of stolen goods] Too late.
  • Nino:
  • Alya:
  • Marinette:
  • Lila: Don't worry, it's just like hats and scarves and stuff.
  • Alya: She will put those back. I'll handle the chitchat.
  • ---
  • Marinette: Aren't you supposed to be babysitting Lila?
  • Alya: Doesn't need my help. She's over there, dazzling some psychologists.
  • Lila: All men are at least 30% attracted to me.
  • Lila: My mother cried the day I was born, Because she knew she would never be better than me.
  • Lila: At any given moment, I'm thinking about one thing: Richard Dreyfuss hunkered over eating dog food.
  • Lila: I feel like I'm the Paris of people.
  • Psychologist: Complete overlap of Ego and Id. It's been theorised, but I never thought I'd see it.
  • Lila: I'm exquisite.
  • Alya: [laughs]
  • Marinette: ...
  • ---
  • Adrien: Lila has brought back all the silverware that she stole from the house.
  • Madame Agreste: What?
  • Alya: Also, this clock.
  • Madame Agreste: Good heavens.
  • Gabriel: This isn't ours.

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Can you do rfa + v + saeran with an MC who has just gotten a new job and it is c o n s u m i n g her to point that she's not spending time on anything but it and what free time she has she is very tired and mentally exhausted. (and maybe not completely happy because this isn't quite what she thought it was going to be and she misses having a life outside of work and might have cried due to stress more than once)

Aww anonny, I hope that you’re not feeling stressed out because of your job! Every job that I’ve had made me feel like this so I relate to this request so much. Make sure you don’t overwork yourself, your health is always the most important thing! I hope that you enjoy!! :) 


  • Yoosung was so excited for you when you told him that you got a new job
  • When he wasn’t busy tending to sick animals, Yoosung would send you encouraging texts throughout the day
  • As time went on, Yoosung noticed more and more how busy you seemed, deeply saddening him
  • You would come home late, so late that the dinner Yoosung made would be ice cold and a very sleepy looking Yoosung
  • One day when the two of you had off, Yoosung eagerly asked if you wanted to play some LOLOL with him but you declined saying that you had some things for work that you had to get done
  • That was the final straw for Yoosung
  • After coming home late from work yet again, you trudged your way to your shared bedroom, expecting Yoosung to be asleep already
  • But you didn’t expect a pair of warm arms to wrap around your waist, pulling you down onto the bed as Yoosung told you
  • “I know that you’re not happy with your job MC, and that’s okay! This isn’t what makes you happy and you should follow your dream job. You know that I’ll be there for you to support you every step of the way!”
  • You quit your current job the next day after Yoosung’s pep talk making him happy
  • For the first time in a very long time, you and Yoosung slept soundly wrapped in each other’s arms that night


  • Zen was so proud of you when you told him that you got a new job
  • He was quite busy himself with rehearsals for upcoming musicals so he would always look forward to coming home and relaxing with you
  • But as time went on, Zen noticed how little time the two of you would spend together because you were at work
  • Of course Zen was happy for you, but it did hurt him a little that you chose to spend more time at work than with him
  • One night Zen was flipping through his script mindlessly until he heard the front door shut and you sighing heavily
  • Zen knew right away how stressed you were from your job because of your flushed cheeks and shaky hands
  • He gently picked you up and carried you to the bedroom and laid you down, kissing your forehead as he laid himself down next to you as he softly whispered
  • “Jagiya, I know how stressed out you’re getting because of your job. It isn’t healthy for you to work so much and you look so sad. But no matter what happens, I want you to be happy and healthy okay?”
  • You quit your job the next day and told Zen that you wanted to pursue your dream job to which Zen happily agreed and supported you every step of the way


  • Jaehee smiles on the outside but is wary on the inside when you tell her about your new job
  • But she still supports you because Jaehee would support anything that you do
  • It doesn’t take her long to notice just how draining your new job is, especially since she’s been in your position before when working for Jumin
  • She watches sadly as you come home from work, almost passing out on the spot from exhaustion, not even having time to eat dinner or relax with her
  • It hurts Jaehee to see you like this so after another long day’s work and you coming home late, Jaehee took you to the couch
  • She sat you down, having to bite her lip from crying because the look of sheer tiredness is like a mirror for Jaehee
  • But she steadies herself, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and resting her chin on the top of your head as she told you
  • “I see how hard you’ve been working MC. Please don’t take this the wrong way but your job is draining you, you need to get out of there. I promise to always be here to help you okay?”
  • So the next day you ended up quitting your job in order to pursue your dream, making Jaehee smile
  • You and Jaehee finally had more time to spend together which mostly included lots of snuggles, coffee, and watching Zen’s musicals


  • Jumin didn’t quite get why you decided to get a new job but he was still happy nonetheless
  • He repeatedly told you that you could have anything that you wanted from him but you were determined to find a job since you didn’t want to feel like a burden
  • Of course Jumin disagreed, saying that being a burden was the last thing that he would describe you as, but he did admire your work ethic
  • As time went on, Jumin saw you less and less, greatly frustrating him
  • He would sometimes come home early to find you still at work and when you came home you would go straight to be, telling him that you were tired
  • Jumin isn’t having this
  • When you come home from work one day you find Jumin already in the bedroom with a look of worry on his face
  • He pulls you in for a tight embrace then leading you to lay down on on top him with your head on his broad chest as he said to you
  • “MC I don’t like seeing you so exhausted like this and I know it’s because of your job. This job isn’t making you happy and you deserve to be happy. You need to go out and pursue your dreams my love.”
  • With Jumin’s words in mind, you quit your job the next day with both you and Jumin feeling instant relief
  • Jumin supported and encouraged you to follow your dream job, giving the two of you lots of much needed time to spend together


  • Seven knows a thing or two about being stressed out from work
  • He does a complete background check on the company to make sure that they’re safe, which they are
  • But as time goes on, Seven notices how little time you spend at home and when you are home, you’re doing more work for the company
  • It breaks his heart to see you so stressed out but you kept insisting that you were fine
  • But Seven knew better
  • After you came home one day, Seven waited up for you, almost passing out from how late it was
  • He was about to scold you for staying at your job until he saw tears streaming down your cheeks
  • Seven immediately wrapped you into a big hug and pulled you onto the bed stroking your hair softly as he told you
  • “My Honey, I know how stressed out your job is making you. You need to tell your boss that he doesn’t deserve a hard worker like you! Please MC, your happiness is all that matters to me.”
  • So the next day, you quit your job thanks to Seven’s advice, making both of you relieved
  • Seven eventually convinced you to pursue your dream job, having the two of you celebrate with lots of Honey Buddha Chips and cuddles


  • V was so happy and proud of you for getting a new job
  • This boy would always support you no matter what you did and your new job was no exception
  • But as time went on, V noticed more and more just how drained you were when you came back from work
  • You worked early morning until late at night, looking paler with each passing day, and the two of you spent a lot less time together
  • V was becoming concerned and asked if he could do anything to help but you brushed it off saying that you were just a little tired
  • One night, you came home extremely late to find V with a big blanket, a hot beverage, a sad smile, and open arms
  • You couldn’t stop the tears from coming so you ran over to V to cuddle in his long arms
  • He held you close to his chest, humming softly as he told you
  • “I can see how much your job is harming you MC and I’m concerned. Your health is the most important thing and if your job is hurting you, you must stop. You know that I’ll be here to encourage you every step of the way.”
  • So with V’s words of love, you quit your job the next day in order to get yourself healthy again and more importantly, to spend more time with the man that you love


  • Saeran would never admit it out loud, but he was secretly very impressed that you got a new job
  • He started to see how long hours you’ve been working and how tired you seemed after you came home from work, worrying him
  • So Saeran secretly hacked into your workplace’s security cameras to find you working your butt off with your boss giving you no gratitude
  • He was infuriated, how the hell could someone treat you, the most perfect person in the world in Saeran’s eyes, so poorly?
  • After you came home from work that day, tired as ever, you saw Saeran waiting for you on the bed with a huge bowl of your favorite ice cream and two spoons
  • The stress from your job finally caught up to you and you started crying your eyes out
  • Saeran jumped slightly, not expecting you to be so upset, so he stood up and gave you an awkward yet loving hug
  • He softly shushed you and ran his fingers through your hair telling you
  • “I know how terrible your boss is MC, you need to get out of there. I can’t stand seeing you so sad and you out of all people deserve to be happy and follow your dream.“
  • Following Saeran’s encouragement, you quit your job the next day and as you left the building, you saw Saeran waiting for you with a small smile
  • The two of you went to the sweets shoppe and indulged yourself in the goodies because to Saeran, you deserved every bit of happiness and love

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Have you watched the last season cause holy fuck keith no. This is what happens when Lance isn't his impulse control.

I wonder if that dynamic will ever come back. Maybe “Lance is Keith’s stability” was just s3 thing.

I have some thoughts on s4 but in general:
First two episodes were very good. Second one was the best and I even actually cried. And then…
And then it was enjoyable but I had that dreadful feeling growing inside me at some scenes.
But the animation was especially stunning this season, don’t you think?
I was having fun while watching but a pang of disappointment over..lack of certain things made me angry at myself because I’m fully aware that we analyze this show and it’s characters too much than what we’re gonna see on the screen because plot and action are more important than exploring characters and their relationships…and I still felt betrayed. I shouldn’t but I did and then I went to see voltron’s tag and felt even worse because everyone else seem to think this season wasn’t good.

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Prompt for you :) Berena: one of them finds a kitten, the other pretends not to be interested but picks it up the second she thinks the other isn't looking (wherever, hospital or not, just pure fluff °-° (or not, it's your story!^^))

Serena finds it softly meowing from underneath one of the trolleys. Rolls her eyes, because a live kitten isn’t even the strangest thing she’s found lurking around the ward in the past week. Decides it’s better off in their office until someone comes to claim it– if someone comes to claim it. 

“What’s this?” Bernie asks slowly as she eyes the box, which seems to be emitting a range of quiet shuffles and cries from its place on the desk.

“It’s a cat.” Serena watches as Bernie’s eyebrows lift in surprise. “I know.”

Bernie pulls a face. “And you’re keeping it? In here?”

“It wasn’t my first choice, but it was either that or end up with Fletch undoubtedly walking around with it in his pocket. I think you’ll agree that this was the better idea.”

“Well, I’m not looking after it,” She says matter-of-factly, “I don’t trust cats– you never know what they’re thinking.”

That was the end of that– or so Serena thinks, until she walks past the office not long after. Something snags her attention from the corner of her eye: something kitten-shaped and currently scooped up in Bernie’s hands.

“You’re beautiful, aren’t you?” She coos softly at the bundle of white fur, raising it to brush softly against her cheek. A succession of kisses is pressed to the top of its head, and Bernie laughs as the kitten breaks out into a loud purr.

Serena stays there, watching, a fond grin working its way onto her face as Bernie cuddles the kitten to her chest. At last she clears her throat, and Bernie fumbles as she tries to pretend that she hasn’t abandoned the paperwork on her own desk for the cat on Serena’s.

“I thought you didn’t trust cats?” Serena asks with the quirk of an eyebrow. She chuckles as she looks at Bernie– her Bernie, soft and compassionate and kind, even if she doesn’t always admit it– who has since stepped away from the box with empty hands as though she’s stood in front of a cardboard fortress housing a tiny monster.

“I– I don’t,” Bernie stammers, “I wouldn’t–” And then, as Serena breaks down into an amused chuckle, “Campbell, are you laughing at me?”

[ send me drabble prompts and i’ll write you a thing ]

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What do you do when things in your life are going bad? I've had an underwhelming not great year but these past few weeks have been very rough for me, like as surge of bad luck has just kind of hit me in every aspect of my life (work, school, relationships) and it feels like things keep getting tougher each day. I've cried more than I have in a long while, which sucks because that isn't even helping me release everything. I'd love your advice because I'm just not sure what to do anymore.

i’m so so sorry. please, if these things are so severe, which, to me, it really sounds like it is and you also stated it yourself, i would definitely reach out to people.. someone you trust, someone you care about. make sure you speak and let people know because having all these things fall on top of each other and then suppress your feelings simultaneously hurts you. it breaks my heart that this is happening to you, it does.

unfortunately, life unfolds randomly. the toughest things hit us out of nowhere. please don’t think that the world is against you or is trying to betray you. sometimes, there is no explanation as to why everything seems to strangely fall apart all at once. but, what’s so important is helping yourself when these things happen. i can’t tell you how important it is to talk, and to be with some sort of company. good company, in a safe place.

if you’re prone to suicidal thoughts, i’d also emphasize that. reach out, talk to yourself, ask yourself what you need. when our lives feel stuck or are falling apart, we tend to dissociate from ourselves and we become progressively un- self aware. that’s okay, it’s just we need to listen to ourselves to know what we need. if you need a friend, ask. don’t be afraid. if you need someone specifically, go to them. i don’t know the specifics of your situation so if you’d like to message me i’d be happy to talk to you- it’s just hard to feel like you have to build from the ground up when everything seems bad. remember that you’re loved, and that these things are only temporary- the people you love are going to stick around, the things you love are going to stay, and most importantly you’re always going to return to yourself.

let yourself cry, let yourself body give you that validation. even if it’s a lot and you practically drown yourself in tears, that part is important. it’s also okay to be angry that your life is going this away, too. don’t think that you’re out of line for expressing anger! you’re really allowed to express anything and that’s an important realization. little things help, even like silly youtube videos or songs that make you feel safe. they add up and they are significant, and they still exist, even amidst all this..mess. i love you. please hang in there. if this feels like an emergency, please call, text, or get to someone as soon as possible. your safety always matters the most. i’ll keep you in my thoughts and send you as much love as possible

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I know this isn't Haikyuu related, but did you know there's a ship called "Dekubowl" for the BNHA fandom? It's not always clear, but basically it's where people couldn't make up their mind so they just ship the cinnamonroll of a main with everyone. Like they're all in love with him and competing to protect his precious self and feelings. When I discovered it I just about cried because the a c c u r a c y.


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Imagine Marie and Miranda’s wedding.

It’s a few months after the Holy War ends, and the injuries haven’t even cleared up yet - Miranda’s wrist is wrapped, Marie’s ribs are bound, Lenalee is in a leg cast, Kanda’s shoulder is bandaged for no readily discernible reason - but everyone is smiling. It’s a relatively small service, with just the exorcists and a few members of the Science Department and other support staff they’re close to, like Head Nurse and Toma.

Tiedoll picked out Marie’s suit; it’s comfortable and flattering and easy to move in. Johnny made it, and he designed Miranda’s dress himself - it’s long and flowing, but tailored so she won’t trip over it and beaded with green and black and silver. The first time Miranda puts it on, she cries and hugs Johnny as tightly as she can.

Kanda is Marie’s best man. He only argued about it a little bit, even, but the speech he growls about, grumbles over, and practices with Allen about a dozen times before he’s sure it’s good enough.

Lenalee is the maid of honor. She was surprised but delighted, and one of the first to hear that it was taking place at all - one of the first to offer her congratulations, as well. She talks to Emilia and to Reever and to Komui about what she’s supposed to do, and outlines her speech but mostly speaks from her heart.

Timothy is the ring-bearer. He asks about a dozen questions of both of them before they’ve even gotten around to telling him that part, and he’s delighted but, of course, he gets bored easily. Still, he does his best to stay still and pay attention, and he mostly succeeds.

Link officiates. He picked up how to do so somewhere along the way, but he’s never even attended a wedding before; this is his first, too. Still, he reads everything he can and memorizes it all, and does his part without a hitch.

Komui walks Miranda down the aisle. Tiedoll offered, but Komui insisted that it was improper, since Miranda was being ‘passed’ to his family anyway. Miranda agreed to have Komui do it, and would, if asked, shyly admit to liking the implications.

Tiedoll cries through almost the entire ceremony, but when Miranda and Marie kiss, almost everyone is laughing, euphoria and relief and happiness all manifesting in this one, iconic moment, because if there’s one thing this means for all of them, it’s this:

There is a future.

This is your friendly early morning reminder that when Rukia Kuchiki encountered hollow Ichigo her first instinct wasn’t anything in the vicinity of fear for herself 

Rukia Kuchiki

The woman who has every reason to be irrationally terrified of weird shinigami-hollow hybrids

The woman who had to kill her idol/mentor/first love because he’d become a godawful fusion of shinigami and hollow

The woman who carried that kill around as a burden and trauma for half her life

That Rukia Kuchiki

Wasn’t scared in the slightest when she was confronted with hollow Ichigo

No, instead she was worried for him.

Her. First. Instinct. Was to be worried FOR HIM.

And if that doesn’t speak volumes about how much she trusts Ichigo and how much faith she has in his abilities I don’t know what else does she trusts him to know what he’s doing she trusts him not to lose a grip on himself she absolutely trusts that he would NEVER harm her she has so much faith in his abilities to control the hollow because that’s the kind of man he is in her heart and I just ugh that trust is so beautiful and they’re so beautiful and they just need to get married and have beautiful babies and I just– just– *cries and cartwheels into the sun* 

Orange means I’m trying.

Orange is spring cleaning and warmth and thin jumpers. It’s not bundling yourself up too much and not hiding too much behind a cup or your hair, or tugging on a loose thread of your sleeve. It’s not writing a day off and burning it all down because one bad thing happened.

Orange is being gentler with myself. Yesterday I cried that awful, heaving, uncontrollable sob and I hated every second of it. I hated myself and I hated that I couldn’t stop it, that harsh rattling I felt just behind my ribcage. Orange is asking for a hug when you need one.

Orange is starting a conversation. You want to deny it, but you care so much about what people will think if you try. You can’t spend your life planning every heartbeat, every breath, because you know as well as I do that nothing ever turns out the way you want it to, or hope it will. Real life is exposed to a certain amount of unpredictability. You cannot live on the sidelines of your own life.

Orange clashes with every outfit in my wardrobe and every lipstick in my drawer. There are clean clothes strewn about my room: on my bed and on my chair and in my hands. I could resign myself to lying here among them, tied down by the weight of my indecisiveness. But I don’t.

I painted my nails orange as a reminder. To be a little gentler. To expend a little more effort. To let a little more warmth into my life. The sidelines are only comfortable until you leave them.

When the bottom of page 91 happens
  • Will: I apologize for my boyfriend.
  • Me: *screams*
  • Me: *throws books*
  • Me: *cries real tears of joy*
  • Mom: *walks into room* are you o-
  • Me: *flops around on floor* sOlaNgElooOOoOo
  • Mom:
  • Mom:
  • Me:
  • Mom: That's a Percy Jackson thing isn't it?
  • Me: *nods because I am incapable of speech*
  • Mom: *sighs*
  • Mom: *yells to Dad* don't dial 911, she's fine, just reading another book.
Things about the MBTI types I know irl.
  • (I'm an INFJ, by the way.)
  • ISFJ: Actually the kindest, most socially graceful person I know. Has their nose to the grindstone 24/7 and always directs their full energy to things. Full of puns. Loves All Time Low. They seem to have the dirt on EVERYONE, except they don't tell unless that person is a jerk. So every now and then they let us in on some major shit. Oh, and an anecdote: my insides literally twisted when I had to tell them that the password I set for the squad's online CAH game was "titty.5" i.e. "titty point five"
  • ESFJ: A sinful indulger in the waluigi meme and a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, her salt level is the highest I've ever seen. She's great at doing impressions, and is a person who seems to have knowledge about a lot of things. Is not good at faking laughs. Went to zombie laser tag and screamed the entire time. Her sneezes will literally shake the foundations of your house. Oh and she bakes really, really well! She made brownies from scratch and I think an angel cried.
  • INTJ: She once said I was reserved but "wonderfully caustic". And it seemed like she admired me? Either way, I admired her because she's really a whole lot better at translating her thoughts into words than I ever was. At first we were pretty chill, but it turns out she isn't very nice to people she doesn't think are "wonderfully caustic" so I haven't been in contact with her lately. She has slanted handwriting, likes cheese, and she wears her hair in braids a lot. One time she said "owie" and I remember thinking it was cute.
  • ENFP: He's really optimistic about everything, seems to have the idea that everyone can just be happy if they have the right mindset, and likes to be liked by everyone. He has a few nicknames, except no one really calls him by them because he's the one who made them up. For halloween one year his costume involved glitter, and he was covered in traces of it for the next three weeks. He wore this really punk sweatshirt once, which he got from a rapper that spit some bars at his church.
  • ENTP: My history teacher. He's not awful but he's not the best at it either. (Still a fun class though!) He makes interesting comparisons, is good at finding logical inconsistencies, tells a lot of stories from his life, and shoots students with a nerf gun when they fall asleep in class. I was assigned a seat in the front and center of the room, and one time during a test he put on some lotion and did the hand-rub thing right in my face and it was mad awkward.
  • ISTP: He's rude without realizing it quite often; I found him intimidating at first. (You kind of have to get used to him.) He's a lot taller than me, so I would hold onto the back of his shirt in the hallways. A lot of times, when someone tells me some random fact they found out, in the back of my head I'm thinking "I think ISTP might've told me that once in like, third grade...?" In kindergarten he publicly condemned the nursery rhyme where the cow jumps over the moon for being "unrealistic and plain silly". For a 9th grade art project he sculpted the Ringworld.
  • ESTP: Really fun guy to be around to be honest. Interesting to talk to because he knows a little bit of everything, and he's super hilarious. Pretty argumentative and could be abrasive sometimes, though. When he was out of school after having his appendix removed, he sent a robot in his place (he controlled it from his house and received audio and video from it; basically went to school through video chat). He really likes cats and has nice eyebrows. One time he paid someone fifty cents to eat a banana peel.
  • ESFP: She's really eccentric in the most beautiful way. So genuine and so sassy. Remembers things /very/ vividly. When she's trying to describe a person, she would describe their shoes first for some reason. Has a very energetic puppy that makes gurgling sounds. We became close friends because we sat next to each other in algebra and bonded over our repeated failures to understand.
  • ESTJ: He's an incredible artist, and he dyes streaks in his hair a lot and it looks really cool. He has a pretty quick temper, and doesn't really mind breaking rules that don't make sense to him. He's got neat, loopy handwriting and an incredibly clean room. Talks a lot, and really fast. Calls himself an asshole, but I say he's a genuinely good person. For a few months he wore this mood ring made of cheap metal that stained his finger. Doesn't have a tumblr, but if he did he'd be a huuuge piece of meme trash.

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Hope you're still taking prompts! How about Tom spying on Marco after his visit in Naysaya? He got curious on whom Marco asked out and ends up feeling a tad bit insecure. (Love how you answer prompts btw, love the blog even more. hope this one isn't too angsty for ya!)

Omg I loved writing this! Sorry it takes such a sad turn! Tell me what you guys think because this is one of the things I cried while writing. Sorry if it gets a little personal.


“Good luck dude.” Tom said to Marco. Marco groaned and opened a portal and stepped through. Tom watched it close behind him. “Who are you pining after, Marco Diaz?” Tom asked himself. Tom turned off his video game and paced around his house. He kicked some stuff aside, it was a mess. Whoever Marco was asking out was probably neat. Was that why Marco didn’t like him? Or maybe it was the eye? Tom put his hand up over his third eye. Maybe humans think it’s weird. Who was this new girl? Whoever she was Tom didn’t like her. Tom scowled, he didn’t know who Marco was asking out, but he had to find out who.


“Me and a group of friends are going to a movie this Friday, you should come.” Tom listened from the side of the school. He watched Marco agree and the girl skate off.

This was her? This skater girl! Tom hissed at her like a cat, even though nobody could hear him. He watched Marco smiled happily as Jackie skated away, he saw Star hug him excitedly. He watched the group walk off, still acting happy as ever. Tom frowned and marched off in the other direction.

“What was I THINKING!” Tom yelled at himself. He kicked a can off the sidewalk. “Look at yourself, Tom! You’re not good enough for him!” He groaned and kicked the brick wall, only to hiss in pain when (surprise!) it hurt. “I’m not good enough for anything…” Tom slid to the ground. “Why am I such an idiot?” He murmured to himself.

“Tom?” Tom turned his head to the side to see Star approaching him. “What are you doing on earth?” She asked, she heard what he had said, but was pretending not to for his sake. Tom sat up.

“Oh, hey Star.” He seemed very unenthusiastic. “Nothing really, just… making sure Marco figured everything out with the naysayer. It was my fault after all.” Tom lied. Star sat down next to him.

“So you uh… were the one who cursed him?” Star reiterated. Tom nodded.

“It was a while ago. Old news.” Tom said, waving it off.

“Was it,” Stat nodded, “you okay?” She asked Tom; who looked up a little surprised.

“Yah I’m fine…” Tom insisted. He seemed tired. “I just… need to get some sleep.” He told her. Star gave him a little smile and patted his head.

“Hang in there.” She said. He smiled at her.

“Thanks, Star.” Tom made it to his feet. “I should go, I’ve been putting off cleaning up around my house.”

“I know how that is.” Star admitted. She was about to leave when Tom called her back.

“Hey Starship?” He called. “On a scale of one to ten… how weird do humans view three eyes?” He asked her. Star looked at him very strangely for a minute.

“Um… ten probably.” Star admitted. She quickly realized what she said when she saw Tom get a sad look of anxiety on his face. “But weird isn’t always bad.” She continued. “I’m weird! And I’m also great!” Star cheered. Tom laughed.

“Okay then, thanks again, Star.”


“Hey Star?” Marco opened her door. “Have you talked to Tom recently? Because I’ve been hitting him up and he hasn’t been answering the phone or anything.” Marco said worriedly. Star contemplated telling him about the talk they had right after the naysayer incident. But she decided it was not her place to tell.

“Um… I think he may have been feeling down lately. You should go see him.” Star suggested. Marco nodded.

“Alright, can I see your scissors?” Marco asked. Star nodded and handed them to him. Marco was about to leave when he turned back to his friend.

“Is there something you’re not telling me?” Marco asked, she wasn’t acting like herself.

“Well… Tom and I were talking the other day and I think… Well, I don’t think Tom is very happy, Marco.” Star explained. “Like… at all.” She admitted. Marco looked concerned.

“Not happy how?” Marco asked.

“Well, I don’t think he likes himself very much but, I think he likes you. And I think he thinks very highly of you.” Star explained. She was trying hard to keep herself from spilling the fact that Tom had a crush on Marco. “So just, do me a favor and try to cheer him up… I know he’s my ex and we have all that stuff that happened, but we’ve just become friends again.” Star explained. Marco nodded.

“I’ll try.”


“Hey Tom? You home?” Marco called. “Wow this place is a lot cleaner than I was last here.” Marco mused. Tom poked his head in from the other room.

“Oh! Marco, w-what are you doing here?” He asked.

“Well you haven’t been answering your phone, I was worried about you.” Marco admitted. Tom could’ve slapped himself.

Great job, Tom! Now you just worried him! Why are you acting so stupid!?

“Oh… well I’ve been busy.” Tom said. Marco looked at Tom with a confuse look.

“You… you changed your hair.” Marco pointed out. It was true, Tom now had bangs that covered his third eye.

“Oh… yeah. Do you like it?” Tom asked, unsure.

“Y-yeah… I guess… but can you see okay?” Marco asked. Tom shrugged.

“It doesn’t really matter…” Tom assured.

“Oh well, as long as you can see.” Marco told him. “I just wanted to come over to see how you were doing.” Tom looked shocked.

Why does he want to know? He shouldn’t care about you. He has better things to do than worry about you, cut him off, it’s for his own good.

“I told you I’m just busy.” Tom said, a bit harsh. Marco took a step back.

“Well okay. I wanted to know if you wanted to come over for friendship Thursday. With me and Star.” Marco offered. Tom shook his head.

“I can’t I have a lot going on.” Tom repeated. Marco shook his head.

“Tom, what’s going on with you?” Marco asked. “You’ve been acting weird… I’m really worried about you. First you just stop answering your phone and now you seem like you’re mad at me.” Marco looked disappointed. Tom shook his head.

“No! I’m not mad at you… I just.” Tom looked away. Marco took a step forward.

“Tom what is it?” Marco asked. Tom groaned.

“CAN’T YOU TAKE A HINT!?” Tom screamed. He took a few steps away and slid down to the floor. “Marco just go away, I’m bad and you shouldn’t be around me.” Tom muttered, some tears welled up in his eyes. Marco sat down next to him.

“Tom… you’re not bad.” Marco assured.

“Yes I am! I’ll never be good enough for you, Marco! I’m a freak!” Tom cried. Marco sat there astounded.

“Is that what this was all about?” Marco asked. Tom clapped a hand over his mouth.

“I-I didn’t mean…” Marco cut him off.

“You’re good enough.” Marco promised. “You’re not a freak… different doesn’t always mean bad. You don’t have to be like me, you can be something better. You can be YOU.” Marco told him. “I don’t want to hear this kind of talk from you anymore. I don’t want you to try and ‘fix yourself’ because you’re not broken. Okay?” Marco made him look at him in the eyes. Tom nodded.

“Alright.” Tom agreed. Marco smiled.

“Good… now fix your hair.”


I hope you loved that! I needed to write some angst, I’ve been doing so much fluff (Which I love! But it’s nice to get a change of pace)

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Germany will cry out of stress or anger. Japan isn't really one to but he does cry sometimes out of frustration or sadness. Italy, the poor bby cries lots because anxiety and other things and, just, no, he is a sunshine child he shouldn't have to cry



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do u have any bokuroo headcanons i will love u forever (i mourn every day that there isn't more content on these two)

hey hey hey!! of course i do, they are the best thing. i’ve already done a headcanon post, it’s here, BUT I’LL DO ONE AGAIN FOR YOU FRIEND

Thank @xwynn for this one, but I like to think that Bokuto really enjoys taking bubble baths with bath bombs and fancy products. One day, he drags Kuroo with him and it ends up in a bubble fight, with them giving mustaches to the other and massaging each other’s back with weird coconut soap. Also, Bokuto cries because Kuroo accidentally put soap in his eye.

They are always laughing while kissing. They truly can’t help but smile and laugh because the happiness is just too much to handle. Saying things such as “Stop laughing, I keep hitting your teeth!” are not rare in their relationship.

This one is my personal favorite. Bokuto and Kuroo were friends with each other through puberty and, like every other teenagers, they had a lot of questions about their body and the hair that started growing at weird places. One night, in the wee hours of the morning, Bokuto just started talking about how he had hair on his ass and how he was really self-conscious about it. That is how they ended up naked in the bathroom, excitingly realising that they weren’t alone. They also watched this video.

This is a sad one. Although they were both in love with each other since their first year, Kuroo didn’t think he had a chance with Bokuto. He tried to date other guys, but it never really worked. One day, when Bokuto came at Kuroo’s house, his boyfriend was already there. That night, he ended up crying himself to sleep, wondering why he wasn’t the one in Kuroo’s arms right now. Even worse: one night, he received an excited text from Kuroo, saying how he just had his first kiss. Bokuto’s heart was broken at the thought of his best friend kissing someone else than him, but he couldn’t express his feelings. Kuroo’s happiness was his priority, so he just cried, and cried, and cried until the tears dried on his pillow.

OKAY, SOMETHING HAPPIER NOW. When they are older and living in a small house near the city, Bokuto insists on buying the most  birds possible. At first, Kuroo doesn’t want to, because birds are annoying and shit all over the place. Then, he goes to the petshop (he doesn’t even know how he got there) and finds a cute rescued parrot. It has almost no feathers and is shaking, but as soon as it sees Kuroo, it quacks “Hello!”. The petshop owner, shocked, tells him that the parrot had never talked to anyone before. Now, they have a cute parrot named Gollum.

Last one because my mom is yelling at me to come upstairs: they just love to give each other massages. Before they go to sleep, it’s like a ritual. Sometimes, when Kuroo is feeling risky, he dares to slide his hand a little lower than usual, caressing Bokuto’s ass. Bokuto just pretends to be asleep, but he is enjoying it way too much. The next day, he tries it out on Kuroo, but he finds out that he weirdly ticklish there. Bokuto tells it to all of his friends, and that is how Kuroo became known as the ‘guy with a ticklish ass’.


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Looking for a fic, Dan goes to a boarding school for rich ppl on scholarship and Phil's really rich and people think he pj and cris are rude and dan hides the fact he's poor and at the start dan doesn't eat lunch because it'd show he isn't rich and Phil thinks he's anorexic?

Caught in a Web - trysomecats

Summary: Dan was offered to join Willow Grove Academy, Britain’s most prestigious and renowned private school, on a full scholarship. All of the other students are rich, unlike Dan who comes from a modern lower class society. Things become complicated when he lies about his background to Phil Lester, the most popular and richest boy in the school.

~ Tori