cries because regina spektor

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nickname: at one point these two boys used to call me nebula but otherwise everyone just calls me nabila. I dont mind nicknames tho
zodiac: gemini
height: 5′4″
last thing i googled: crystals and their healing properties
favourite music artist: *cries because this is so hard* Florence and the Machina, Regina Spektor, Marina and the Diamonds, Ryn Weaver, Foxes, Misterwives, ruelle, verite, Broods
song stuck in my head: Obsessions- Marina and the Diamonds
last movie i saw: guardians of the galaxy (again)
what am i wearing right now: dark grey tank top, light gray joggers because its sunday aka chill day 
why did i choose my url: idek i think i was just trying to be artsy 
do i have any other blogs: no
what did your last relationship teach you: never been in one 
religious or spiritual: both? I dont like going to the mosque though because i dont believe the idea of one god and also i dont think anyone should dictate how or when you pray.
favourite colour: probably teal
average hours of sleep: 12 or 6/less than 6, no in between 
lucky number: 14
favourite characters: sirius black, luna lovegood, lennie walker, jude sweetwine, jesse from out of the easy, roux and angelo from also know as (just a few)
how many blankets do i sleep with: 1
dream job: english teacher or librarian