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Hello! I really enjoyed reading your Mpreg prompt so I'm gonna submit one of my own. Would you please do a haru/makoto Mpreg prompt where haru is pregnant 4 months pregnant and is shy about his round form, until makoto reassures him that it's okay being bigger than normal because he's probably carrying a big baby or more and they feel it kick for the first time and haru cries with joy while makoto is kissing his stomach.

More mpreg! Different couple this time though :)

Part 2

Haruka turned to his side, looking at his reflection with a deep sigh. He was only four months pregnant and already his stomach was beginning to look far too large.

None of his clothes fit anymore, Makoto’s were stretched to their limits, even his jammers bunched up uselessly under his muffin top. He was really getting fed up with all the side effects that came with his pregnancy.

He threw up each morning, he struggled to sleep at night, he craved sweet chilli sauce on everything – and it really was everything, last night he’d had chocolate dipped in the sauce much to his husband’s disgust. And worst of all just the mere sight of mackerel had his stomach turning.

But he could have handled all that if he wasn’t losing his once perfect physique.

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Have you ever thought…how many children have the generals seen die? Especially Tiedoll. Tiedoll seems to be the best with kids, and Innocence seems to appear at a young age a lot. Tiedoll is an amazing general, and he seems to be the oldest so he’s probably the one that has had more kids under his care, but how many kids haven’t make it? And of course not only Tiedoll, all the generals. How many names have they learned just to try and forget them a few months later? How many different laughs and cries have they heard and shared? How many funerals have they witnessed?
And maybe that’s why Tiedoll cares so much for Kanda and Marie, because they’re the only ones that have made it this far, that’s probably why he treats them like sons.