cries because i'm probably they only one

My Newest Book Idea

So far I have an asexual/aromantic queen who’s only loves are her kingdom and her people, and is fiercely protective of her friends

-enjoys snuggling, but other than that not so much

-will fight literally anybody

-cries at weddings because she’s happy for other people being in love, but is totally fine without it herself

-she will appoint a child to be her heir, probably one of her best friend’s kids once they get around to having them. There is a war to wage first, and a kingdom to win. 

A trans horsemaster and her wife:

-they’re in their forties

-Tahn is an archer who was born without legs

-they were childhood best friends, and Meenah pushed Tahn through the sand in a sled

-later Meenah designed and fashioned a saddle that she could secure Tahn in

-they became a duo, Meenah with horse and sword while Tahn used her archery powers

-most bada** wives around

-everyone’s favorite lesbian aunts


-both of them wear headscarves(I’m not yet sure if for religious of for functional reasons, possibly both)

Token Male Best Friend, who I will use to straighbait the masses

-is actually in love with Myra, everyones favorite Ace Spectrum queen

-understands that Myra does not have romantic feelings for him

-pines a little bit, maybe includes a very dramatic confession after which he moves on

-is bisexual as heck and eventually finds himself a nice spouse

I sort of want to include a witch, but I’m not sure yet. I’m also not sure what the plot will be, but I know these characters are now very important to me and will make for one epic saga. Dragons will also be included