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Richard Madden as Peter Leigh in Oasis

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okay so reece king aka real life nursery posted some pics on Instagram of him in nothing but tights and CAN YOU PLEASE JUST IMAGINE DEX GETTING SNAPCHATS OF DEREK IN JUST FISHNETS AND JUST DYING PLEASE

There are reasons that Nursey and Ransom aren’t allowed to get drunk together unsupervised.

Very good reasons.

Very logical reasons.

Reasons that they both forgot two hours ago, when Ransom walked into his dorm room with a handle of Jack Daniels and a liter of Coke.

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Bts Reaction To Their S/O hearing for the first time

A/N: Maybe this could be triggering for some but I thought this was truly a beautiful request and I hope you like reading it !! credits to gif owners


You were impaired of hearing since you were a child, through all these years you faced challenges of your lost of hearing but you were a strong fighter and managed to get through it all. Now here you are in the hospital room with your boyfriend Jin waiting for the doctor to put on your hearing aid. You were nervous once the doc came and started to put on your hearing aid, you felt Jin grab ahold of your hand and give it a squeeze. The doctor finally turned on the device.

“Hi beautiful, I love you so much and now I hope you’re ready to hear me say that all the time,” said your boyfriend

Instantly your eyes watered up and you went up to Jin embracing him. You cried and cried on his chest because he sounded so perfect. In the 2 years you’ve been dating you finally heard his voice and it was symphonies to your ears.


You lost your hearing when you were three years old after an accident you had. After so many years or battling through this, today was the day your ears would be good as new. Accompanied by your boyfriend of four years Namjoon, you went to finally get your hearing aid. The process of getting it put on was brief, now the doctor was announcing that he would turn on the device. 

“Hi baby,” you heard 

You choked on a sobb, you grabbed both of his cheeks and lured Namjoon into the most precious kiss you’ve shared. In the mixture of your lips touching and the saltiness of your tears, you felt butterflies cluster all over your body. Namjoon’s voice was indescribable, the moment you heard it, you fell in love with him all over again. 


All your life you couldn’t hear, it was difficult growing up and not being able to hear the voice of your family and friends. That all was about to change, the doctor was finishing the touches of your hearing aid. All you did was stare intently at the face of your handsome boyfriend and wonder how will his voice sound. The doctor turned on your hearing aid, now you were about to hear the love of your life. 

“I love you so much,” you heard

“Yoongi your voice is beautiful, I-i-i love you-u-u,” you managed to say through your cries

Quickly, your boyfriend pulled you into a  hug and he silently cried into your hair. He felt his heart ram into his chest, finally !! you could hear him and he couldn’t be happier. On the other hand there you were pressed against his chest dampening his shirt with your tears.This moment you guys shared was one of a kind, you couldn’t be more thankful to have Yoongi by your side.


Due to his schedule, Hoseok was aboard touring for his group’s new comeback so he couldn’t attend the doctor appointment in which you were getting your hearing aid. Once the doctor put and turned on the hearing aid you immediately called Hoseok through facetime. After one ring he answered and you were greeted with his glowing smile.

“Hi Hobi,” you said 

“Hello my angel,” you heard him sing

That was all it took for you to unleash a waterfall of tears. With your hand over your mouth as you cried. 

“Hobi I can hear you now, I can hear you,” you said while continuously crying

Hoseok is a very emotional guy so instantly you heard a muffled cry through your phone. You can see the tears rolling down his face as he realized that you can finally hear.

“I love you more than you can ever imagine,” he hiccuped

It was a gift hearing his cheerful voice, he made you melt with just one word.


Jimin was waiting anxiously for you to get back from your appointment. He was in your shared apartment ready with a bouquet of the most luxurious and expensive flowers. He was so happy knowing that your worries and fear were about to be put at ease. You have been impaired of hearing for the last ten years after suffering an extreme injury. He heard the jingle of your keys indicating that you have arrived. The door opened and there he was with beautiful flowers and the biggest smile on his face. You put your belongings down and took the flowers from him. You wrapped your arms around his torso and he instinct to wrap his arms around you. Jimin swayed you and for the first time ever you heard him sing. Jimin ignited your living room with you in his arms while signing his song “Butterfly.”

He could feel your back tremble as you let your cries be silenced by his shirt. Jimin couldn’t keep it together as he finished singing, he too let his eyes spill the locked tears. There you two were in the middle of the room holding each other as if one of you may fade away.

Jimin,my love, you have such an angelic voice,” you said

“Thank you y/n, it makes me happy knowing you chose my voice to be the first one to hear,” he said while kissing you lips


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Here you are in front of Taehyung, with your new hearing aid in. Before you met him you had lost all of your hearing. That never got in the way of Tae loving you to the moo and back. You were anticipating each second as you were about to hear his voice for the very first time.He hasn’t said a word to you since you came to his dorm, you only watched as he pull out his phone and hit play and your ears were filled with a soft tune. As the song began you hearing a husky voice sing and you could tell it was none other than your boyfriend. You took his phone and pressed the speaker up to your ear. Tae’s voice had hypnotized as you felt the tears sprinkle out of your eyes, you look over to him and you can see hims struggle to keep his eyes dry. Through the course of the song you cried like a baby, you were lost for words. There’s not enough ways to describe the perfection of your boyfriend’s voice. 

After the song ended you rushed to him and tackled him into such a passionate kiss. You kissed him until you lost your breathe.

“How did you like the song, babe,”

“It was abosultly beautiful but what’s the name,” you said

“It’s called 4 O’clock,” he said as he pecked your cheek

After not being able to hear him for so long, you couldn’t seaze the amount of love you have gained for him. His voice was deep, intoxicating, and so attractive. You cuddled into him and he began taking about everything, yup you’ll never get tired of his voice.


You had known Jungkook for years prior to becoming his official girlfriend. He was there for you the tragic day you had lost all your hearing due to a very unfortunate event. You shamelessly thought that after you have became hearing impaired that your friend would just abandon you but you were dead wrong. Now years later here you both are in the hospital, fingers intertwined as the doctor finished up your hearing aid. The doctor gave Jungkook a thumbs up signifying that you were all done. 

“It’s been a while y/n, but you made it baby!” he said while kiss your hands

“Kookie, I can hear you again,” you said

“And now that you can I want to say that I love you, more than you can begin to comprehend”

You pulled him into your small arms and repeatedly peppered his face with kisses which tickled him. Jungkook’s laugh was seriously the most precious sound you have ever heard. Howe can someone let out a loud laugh and sound so cute.

“Gosh, I love you too Kookie,” you said

With that he gave you a shy peck on the lips and made sure the whole day to speak and sing in celebration of his girl finally getting back what she has been waiting for. 


Victor Nikiforov absolutely HATES the fact that his birthday is on Christmas Day. Even though he knows that he shouldn’t be bothered by it, he still is. People always tell him, “You can get double presents!!!” Or “Just celebrate birthday month! (Even though December basically gets celebrated as Christmas month, so)” and it gets him feeling really down and Scrooge-like.

Until he meets Yuuri, who notices this, and throws Victor a surprise “Victor in July” party (read as Christmas in July) on July 25th. To which, Victor sobs and cries and hugs and kisses his fiancé, because he is just SO PERFECT.

From then on, Victor is no longer a Scrooge, and loves stupid ugly sweaters and decorations, and will even wear them on his birthday AND on July 25th.

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Yay ask box is open~ So I'm going to go to my senior prom in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if you can write how the Kaijou boys plan on asking their S/O to a formal dance? Please and thank you~

AH! My babies!! Of course I can! (I went with headcanons, because I couldn’t help myself !!)


  • He’ll be running around the school, trying to find the perfect spot to ask you.
  • He won’t be doing it quietly either. (having earned several reminders from not only teachers, but from his senpais to be quiet!)

  • Of course, when he does ask you, he ends up stuttering, hugging you to his chest and almost cries because he wanted the moment to be perfect. (He almost faints when you kiss him and accept his invitation to the prom.)


  • He’s so busy with school and basketball, he FORGETS to ask you. 
  • He gets angry upon learning Moriyama is your ‘date’, that he ends up beating him in a one-on-one, dragging you away from the gym.

  • After his victory,  he’ll drag you over to his house, where he plays his guitar and ‘officially’ asks you to be his date to the prom.


  • He’ll have posted it all over social media about how he’s going to ask you to prom.
  • He’ll have Moriyama recording it as he runs up to you, with roses in his hands, and asks you to attend prom with him.

  • He’s quick to pick you up, twirling you in his arms until you’re ready to puke, and he’ll get a picture of him kissing your cheek to post on his instagram captioned ‘_____-CCHI SAID YES!!’


  • He’s more casual about prom than the rest of Kaijou.
  • He doesn’t really plan anything special, because to him, it’s ‘just a dance’ and he’s lucky to have you at all.

  • Of course he goes with you, and even wears a matching tux just for the event. But he hardly touches the dance floor,  and keeps you close. (You share a kiss when a slow song plays, not only making him fluster, but you get the moment on camera because of Kise)


  • He watches LOTS of romantic movies and watches dozens of couples around the city to get ideas.
  • He doesn’t care how corny it is, he asks you to prom in front of the school, giving you that beautiful smile and holding a box of chocolates.

  • He’s the happiest  man alive when you say yes, even though it’s just a dance, and he doesn’t let you go for several hours, (Until he’s kicked by Kasamatsu for making a scene)


  • He’s a mix of Kobori and Hayakawa, in that he stuttered a lot when he asked you out.
  • He was irritated at Kise’s suggestions, consisting of making a big scene in front of everyone. (Which he disagreed with, and let Kasamatsu handle the punishment)
  • But when he asks you over a small picnic in a park near his house, he feels so elated, like a weight had been removed from his shoulders, and he can’t help but smile at your affection.

“Albert, listen. Don’t ever hate anyone. You know, I think that both hate and love stem from how deeply we care for someone.”

3/5 Favorite Anime: Gankutsuou

Perfect (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: For the lovely anon! Hope you’ll feel better!!!

Request:  Can I get a Barry Allen imagine where reader is really sick and in a lot of pain because she’s on her period too and he takes care of her? I’m in bed like dying right now and this could do some good.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: swear words

Originally posted by olicitys

             I was dying. I knew I was dying, and I was prepared for the end. Millions upon millions of small knives were constantly digging into my abdomen. I was prepared to welcome the darkness that was slowly edging on my vision. I was so tired, my head was pounding and I was pretty sure I was slowly bleeding out. That was how I died. Not because of some rogue metahuman, not because of car crush, not even because of failed bank robbery. My own body was failing me, the sickness overwhelming any reasonable thought that could appear. Not only I got my period earlier this month and didn’t really have time to psychologically prepare myself for the pain, but also my piece of shit body, decided to get sick. Well done. Fucking perfect.

‘Barrryyyy… I’m dyyying’ I whined into the phone.

             Not five minutes later my boyfriend was standing over my dying body, looking really, genuinely worried.

‘Are you kidding me, Y/N?’ he asked, kneeling by my side ‘I was really worried…’

‘You should be. I am literally dying.’ I said, showing him my belly.

             Fresh tears sprinkled on my cheeks and I knew that wasn’t going to help with my runny nose. I might have been a little over dramatic, but since my hormones were all over the place I couldn’t bring myself to care.

             New wave of crumps hit me and I moaned in pain. That was it. That was what was going to kill me.

‘Cut it out, Barry, I BEG you cut it out!’ I screamed.

             His worried expression really didn’t help. I knew he couldn’t imagine the pain I was in, nobody really could, but he tried so hard. He tried so hard to understand me in the times of pain and I was grateful for that.

             I felt the wind in my face and my boyfriend was gone. Great. He left me. He left me to rot in my own pain and I really couldn’t blame him. I was over dramatic, I was sad and I was angry at the same time. Who would put up with that mess? Nobody would. And though Barry was the kindest person I knew, he also had his limits. And I was so worried I crossed his long time ago.

             Few minutes later Barry stood before me, his hands full of groceries.

‘Please don’t leave me’ I whispered, feeling suddenly sad.

‘I would never leave you, silly’ he said laying a kiss on my forehead ‘There was a queue at the registers.’

             My eyes widened and I saw him taking out all my favourite things. Favourite flavoured ice cream, crisps, chocolate bars and few kinds of pain killers. It was so nice I couldn’t stop the tears. I knew all of that were hormones, but I felt so touched that he would do that for me I couldn’t stop. Sobs rocked my body and I couldn’t stop them from escaping my lips.

‘Y/N… Is everything alright? Did I do something wrong?’ he asked, his expression worried.

             I wailed harder, not really comprehending how he could think that he did something wrong. He was so perfect and I cried partly because of that.

‘You didn’t do anything wrong, Barry’ I said, looking into his eyes ‘You did everything right. And I love you so much, how can you be so perfect?!’

             He chuckled quietly, running to get hot water bottle and laying it down on my belly. In few seconds I was a blanket burrito, with warmth spreading towards my pain and enveloped into his strong arms.

‘I love you, Y/N’ he said, laying a kiss on my cheek ‘I would do anything to make you feel better’

             He switched the TV on, putting on my favourite show and I knew that I could never let him go. He was perfect and I knew that he loved me. Him putting up with all my dramatics during my period, was a clear sign of his love. The best thing was, he not only put up with them, he found them adorable and tried to do anything to keep me comfortable. If that wasn’t a perfect boyfriend, I didn’t know who was.

‘You are adorable; you know that?’ he asked looking into my eyes.

‘Let’s get one thing straight, I am over dramatic and sad and I don’t understand why you haven’t dumped my messed up ass’ I said quietly.

             He laughed shaking his head, like he couldn’t believe that I would actually say anything like that. But that was the truth. He was kind, handsome and smart, plus he was a superhero, so that was like plus infinity in hot guy terms. And somehow he ended up with me, simple, normal Y/N. That didn’t add up in my head, my anxiety telling me that there was something big I was missing.

‘For such a smart person, you can be silly sometimes’ he whispered ‘You are wonderful, you are smart, funny and beautiful and it pains me that you can’t see it. I love you with all my heart and I hope that one day you’ll see yourself the way I see you.’

             I couldn’t speak. I didn’t want to cry again but his words were filled with so much love that I felt warmth. I didn’t feel bad anymore, his words and pain killers finally working.

             He got up and in few minutes came back, chicken soup in my hands. He was taking care of me and I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend.


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Their father’s dead… my husband — is dead. And they don’t know yet because if I tell them now then Christmas will always be what took their father away from them, and no one should have to live like that.

can we all just acknowledge what a sweetie pie joonmyun is like he is the perfect leader because every time someone cries, he is ALWAYS there whenever he can, patting their backs to cheer them up. no matter where he is, he will always go to that member who is crying and hurting, and he treats them all equally and he shows so much affection for them and he is such a lovely leader and hyung to all the members and i wish we can all notice that more

GOT7 Reaction- A Dark Past

If you would be offending anyone i wouldn’t be doing it, so don’t even worry about it, its a good request and challenging because they are all such happy boys. I tried hard to make it so it appealed to everyone with some sort of demons/dark past/ect.I’m here for any of you that see this, i just wanna say that. If you want someone to talk to or a friend consider me one(my name has been tagged so just send a message and we can privately chat, okay?). I love you all and want all of you guy to me happy and healthy. Okay on that lets get started^-^

-Admin Izzy xx


Jaebum: *gets teary eyed* I still love you either way, dark past or not, you’re perfect to me.

External image

Jinyoung: *cries because he knows you’re still hurt from your past and wants to take the demons away*

Youngjae: *doesn’t want to hear anymore because it hurts him to hear such things that happened*

Yugyeom: *sees that you’re crying while telling him and is worried and comforts you*

Mark: Y/N, you know you can always talk to me, no matter what it is about. We will conquer these demons together.

Jackson: *listens intently and is in shock* 

BamBam: I will kiss your scars away, okay?

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((cred to gif owns))

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Can you write a cc ficlet with soulmates about Clint having pined for ages because he was in love with Coulson and then seeing his mark matches Clint's. I left it kind of open for you to expand on it. I love your stories. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😘

[I’m not all that happy with this but I hope it’s okay? thanks for the prompt!]


Phil is 9 when his mark appears.

His friends have theirs in shades of peachy pink or cinnamon brown, light washes of color sitting pretty on their skin. There are flowers and elaborate patterns, curls of script wrapped around vines. They are delicate and beautiful. They are blessings.

Phil’s is stark white, outline made from raised bumps of flesh. His symbol is an arrow, angled across his chest so the sharp point is aiming right for his heart.

He doesn’t take his shirt off in front of anyone after that. He watches movies about soulmates meeting, pressing together marks the color of blossom, and he swears he can feel that tip digging into his chest.

Phil learns quickly that there are no marks like his. He reads through books in the public library, hands shaking as he scans the pages and finds nothing. When people ask about his mark, he tells them it’s nothing special, just an abstract blur of pink across his shoulder blade. They look at him sadly, and Phil wonders how they’d react if he told them the truth: that his mark is more of a scar, more of a curse.

He doesn’t tell anyone. He gets a tattoo of an out of focus pink rose across his left shoulder blade as soon as he’s legally old enough, and if tears leak from his eyes while it’s happening, then it’s just the pain of the gun pricking his skin.

He ignores reality so long that he almost accepts his lie as truth.


Until he’s in medical one day, chasing down Barton, and he rips back a curtain to find the stark white lines that make up his mark - his actual mark - staring back at him, framed by the strong lines of Clint’s back.

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