cries bc i need their names


this stream was a complete blast thank you so much to everyone who came and hung out!!! we got some real great work in lmao…..

bc its pride month pt 2

okay there is a movie called captain underpants and you need to watch it.
like its hella gay.
there are two boys that are friends named george and harold and they sit in a tree house all day and make comics and literally thought the world was going to end if they couldn’t be friends anymore.
*not to mention that later in the book series that the movies are based off of, harold is literally confirmed gay*

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who are your favourite stans of each member of mx?

lmao im so sorry this is hecka late and i just listed ppl i see on my dash/ppl who remind me of certain members

Shownu: @sangdoldol (rani loves him sm im) @shownx (rachel loves hyunwoo omg u say showu anD SHE BUSTS IN A GC ALL CUTE LIKE HI I HEARD MY HUSBANDS NAME) @sh0wnu (rlly cute and just loves him?)

Wonho: @wonheonie (the softest soft to ever soft the planet) @93shin (bc like, mehreen cried bc of the giset of wonho eating chips and all she said was hes so adorable she rlly loves everything) @m0nst4x (i have an overwhelming need to always make sure vivi is happy i rlly love this lil cutie)

Kihyun:  @ukihyunnie (thirsts over every member *cough* hyunwoo *cough* but loves kihyun the most!) @jooheonster (bc lets b real farquaad. u stan kihyun.)

Minhyuk: @jinkimon (i dont like u but u got minhyuk 2 look at u like That during photo op so ya) @1leeminhyuk (real minhyuk stan bc they actually think that rush era minhyuk was a good look)

Hyungwon: @sleepyw0ns (mari is so sweet??) @hyungwvn (ya lots of love 4 him i feel like ive moved into a Hyungwon Love World every time i go on their blog) @hyungwinx (multifandom but loves hyungwon A Lot also cute)

Jooheon: me that’s it. lee jooheon could ask for a cookie and i’d buy him six cookie factories. i love him The Most.

Changkyun: @inkyuns (my fuCKING SOULMATE IM YELLING GEORGIE IS ME I AM GEORGIE MY FAVE) @wonkyuna (jaaneman irl, my soul, my air, my earth, my everything.) @kkngie (aaaaaaa nat’s love for ck is so cute bc shes like wow do i even deserve him and like pls have u seen him hes lucky u even looked his way)

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So I may have just went through the entire sdm au on your blog and. It's probably my favorite thing. I need more on the Hunk and Shay thing. I think you mentioned that Hunk had a crush on a regular named Shay? Correct me if I'm wrong though lol

AHHH this ask is a month old im so sorry!!!! BUT YEAH i love hunk and shay they are so pure…… here is the story. its not very exciting but it’s cute

shay and her brother rax go in one day to buy a specific kind of ice cream that rax would die for but there’s none in the freezer. shay is like aw man let’s just come back another day and rax is like GORL NO and they find a merchandiser stocking the shelves a couple aisles down (it’s hunk). 

and shay is like oh my GOD RAX HE’S CUTE I CAN’T DO THIS? and rax was like “sis… i want my ice cream” :( and shay is like “god. fine. go ask him. i’m staying here.” so rax does. and shay lingers back bc she is interested but doesn’t want to bother hunk while he’s working and already feels super awkward because she hates asking employees to go find something because she probably works at a dollar store or something and knows that 90% of the time there is nothing in the back room and her brother is being so extra.

she’s watching and hunk is all smiles!! so polite!! so friendly!! probably even rax is a little bit flustered!! and shay sees his name tag and she’s like “dam that is one fitting name” but she doesn’t say anything and she watches hunk walk towards the back room and then looks at rax and says “i have to go. he is too cute. i have to leave.” and rax is like “actually i forgot my wallet in the car so can you stay here in case he comes back.” and shay is like “RAX, NO” but rax has already left

shay is hoping. praying. part of her wants to talk to hunk while rax isn’t there because rax is so overprotective but part of her really, really hopes he gets back because she isn’t sure she can talk to hunk without dying. 

hunk comes back a few mins later with this apologetic smile and rax still isn’t back so shay is Sweating™. she manages a little smile and says “no luck?” and hunk like seems to fully see her because he was looking around for rax before she spoke up, and he hesitates and his smile falters and his expression visibly screams OH MY GOD but he quickly recovers and smiles so big that shay almost dies! she almost has a heart attack! blinded! by! the! sun!

and he goes “sorry we’re all out! i can give you a raincheck if you want” :) and shay is like “oh that would be great!” and she is gonna die? she’s gonna straight up die hunk is too cute. so he leads her to one of the tills and gives her a raincheck for two tubs, and they’re both smiling all flustered and boi it’s so cute (keith is watching from the other till and he gives hunk a big thumbs up when shay’s back is to him, and hunk blushes so hard he almost explodes).

rax returns finally (where tf was he?) and he sees hunk smiling and Protective Brother Mode activates and he kinda tries to rush shay away with a quick thank you! but shay is having NONE OF THAT! so she throws a smile back over her shoulder at hunk and says “thank you so much!!!” and hunk is weakly like “you’re welcome have a good. uh. have a good day. see you later” and the see you later sounds hopeful so shay smiles really big and nods before rax rushes her off

as soon as they’re gone keith goes over to hunk and he’s like “lol ur blushing” and hunk starts wailing he’s like “OH MY GOD she was so sweet and pretty. i can’t do this. i need lance” bc lance and hunk always gossip abt who they like together and he runs off and finds lance fucking, i dont know, putting swatches of lipstick up his arms just because, and tells lance everything, and he’s so flustered and excited that by the end of the day the entire store knows 

shay comes in a lot after that, and most of the time it’s without rax :’)

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JACKSONS FAMILY STORY LITERALLY BROKE MY HEART I CRIED HE NEEDS A HUG! and i really hope mitch and jamie get past her lying like mitch seemed so disappointed. i know you said you weren't really following jackson and tessa's story but that was some weird ass hybrid, why do you think it could say his name? maybe bc of his link to abigail? honestly this is just rambling rn and sorry to randomly bother you but i love your reactions and reviews to episodes

Hey! I love rambling, it’s okay!

It’s like every season, Jackson’s life is progressively more tragic and yet he’s still a really positive person!! I love him so much and I want to protect him

I think Mitch and Jamie can get past this, but you’re right, he did just seem so sad that she lied to him, and I feel like she really didn’t have to. Like, I think she could’ve let him in on the plan or given him a clue that something was up. But right now anyway, he’s too focused on saving Clem to worry about his relationship problems. And I feel like once everyone knows about the baby, Mitch and Jamie are gonna start co-parenting Clem again, which will hopefully bring them back together

As far as the hybrid goes, I guess this is like a next-level hybrid that’s capable of speech. It probably spoke to Jackson specifically b/c of his (and Abigail’s) connection with them. Whether that’s the work of the ghost gene or something else, I got no clue. But hey, I was right about who was in the locket! It WAS Robert Oz! (And Abigail’s mother I guess)

Thanks for the message!! I love sharing theories with y'all!

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My mom's an underdeveloped Gemini moon and it's so hard bc she doesn't realize that I have feeling too and I literally cried infront of her bc of it and she laughed and become all self defensive, like,what more important-your ego or your child's emotional health?😒

I understand this so much!
My mom has an underdeveloped Aqua Moon, and I grew up having to think that crying was weakness. She would call me names for crying, etc. She’s much better now, now that I tell her that I need to cry in order to be healthy, so when she yells at out of anger due to my sensitivity I just block her out and have to tell myself, that I’m okay, and that I’m brave, that showing my emotions does not mean Im weak. My emotions make me beautiful!
So really try to talk to your mom about it! If she won’t hear you out, that’s fine too, learn to praise yourself for crying, learn to control your worth based on yourself and no one else.

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ive been spending several hours watching yugioh 5ds this past week and i cried about anime children :V also ica's boyfriend keeps teasing us bc my favourite character ended up being named Leo in the dub. honestly it really makes me want to hecking play ygo again, i had a Crystal Beast deck i need to touch up (it was on a dueling site but that got shut down so i lost it) and maybe start building a deck irl. CARD GAMES

Sorry for the late response!!
I ended up just going to bed because yesterday was rough on me, but I saw this on mobile and it made me feel better =)

I loved Yugioh as a kid, and I think I’d like the new stuff if I could only bring myself to try it ;~; I got waaay too attached to the original cast, more than I even cared about the card game as a kid.

Card games always catch my interest, actually, but I don’t have anyone who wants to play with me and can actually help me build a deck. I have a friend who’s really into deckbuilding but it goes right over my head, and she’s always like “oh you wouldn’t be into this, it’s boring”, she played the online Pokemon card game without me for a while, and uuughgg.
(Back in 2014 I was really into MLP CCG, weirdly enough, but I didn’t know how to play and it lead to situations like “Discord is wearing an illegal bee costume”)

now I just read about MTG when I’m bored. Related, I think the history of banned cards in YGO is very amusing, especially the Pot of Greed

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first meetings? (also thanks for all the work!)

here you go!

if you (could kindly not) by taekover - I’m at museum and took a selfie out of boredom, you popped out of nowhere and said no taking pictures of the artwork au

Nice to feet you by expplipo - “What?” Jeongguk says. “Are you really trying to interrogate me after kidnapping me for my feet?” “It’s not kidnapping if it’s consensual,” Taehyung insists.

Splash all the hues (let me color up your world) by taekookgi - “Stop copying my words, you black hole looking piece of rude shit!” “The fuck does that even mean, you annoying poster child of crayons?” (AKA taekook graffiti artists AU)

like that sun (melt my heart with that bright smile) by stardustandblackholes - Jungkook works in a pet store and Taehyung just really loves puppies or (“You come to the pet shop everyday and look at the dogs but whenever I ask you say you don’t want any but you keep coming in are you sure you don’t want one bc that one time I let you hold a puppy you nearly cried” AU)

chicken and stars by yeoubi - ‘we’re both sick and we both grabbed for the last can of soup at the store’ au

Under the lamppost back on 6th street by expplipo - Jeongguk meets Taehyung when he gets his bag strap stuck in the door of an orange Mercedes. For two hours.

And Suddenly You’re All I Need by JemKay - Jeongguk gets stood up and a weird barista with a nametag that says “V” won’t stop making him weird drinks with names like ‘lean green fighting machine’ and acting out complete monologues behind the counter.

Taehyung’s friends are assholes by foolishbangtan - taehyung gets lost in a haunted house and is approached by a male with glowing red eyes, a comforting hand outstretched for him to take.

one black night by taetastic - Taehyung thinks this Halloween sucks - literally.

like a zombie (caught up in the love machine) by snowmoney - scaredy-cats really shouldn’t go out on halloween. alternatively: the “i’m working at this halloween festival and i’m supposed to be scaring people for fun but holy shit i wasn’t expecting you to start crying” au

A Flower Called ‘Taehyung’ by JemKay - Jeongguk doesn’t look anything close to the type to work in a flower shop, and he still feels a little awkward from the odd looks he gets when he does deliveries.

cuddling, anyone? by rldforyou - Taehyung may be bony for a cuddler, but Jeongguk doesn’t mind.

on the rocks by TawnyOwl - jeongguk’s new job as a bartender comes with unexpected surprises. enter taehyung, who shows his gratitude in strange ways.

late night walks by taetastic - It’s that horrible time of the month again.

you’re my sun (one and only in this world) by neiljostens - He’s sworn off dating but he thinks that maybe he could give up that oath, just so he could see smiles like that every day.

Scrambled Eggs by LanLanLu - Someone behind him began to tap their foot, causing even more embarrassment in the young boy. After a few seconds, he managed to procure several tickets, and shoved all of them at Taehyung’s hand at once before bolting past him and onto the ride. “You only needed to give me one!” He yelled aimlessly as the boy disappeared. Or, four times Jungkook tried to ask out the cute boy at the fair, and the one time he did.

‘Cause its two a.m. by jeongguks_tshirts - “What are you doing here?” Jeongguk says without even a greeting and curses himself because his mother raised him better than that. “I was just heading back from practice; I should probably be asking what you’re doing here instead.” Jeongguk could see Taehyung smirking as he says this and yeah, he gets it. Anybody in their right mind would be way more curious as to why a guy in nothing but his pj’s is looking up a tree in the middle of a park at two in the morning. (AU where Jeongguk is stubborn and Taehyung is an expert tree climber)

Kookies and Cream by maknaie - Jeongguk meets Taehyung in an explosion of colour. No, literally.

Date Me by flywithtaetae - Taehyung flirts with the cute high school boy and relishes in the flustered reaction he gets for almost an entire year. But when the following year comes along, he finds himself choking on his own words.

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your finger is calloused
from the feel of a quick release trigger,
it crooks against your thigh,
a reflexive motion.

you still awaken in the middle of the night,
crouched in the corner and the whine
of grenades making your heart roar-

(you laugh in the grocery store
and try to let go of the piteous stare
they herald you with)

you’re a burial ground
of human bones and grief and loss,
you and they are no longer separate people;
you are brother and friend and son and lover;
you’re something more.

you’re a bag of nightmares and memories,
half eaten military rations and dented helmets,
you carry their dog tags in your pockets,
their memories tucked beneath
your ribs.

even the happy memories
do not seem as fun
as you begin to list the names
of the men;

gosh, you wonder when they simply became
names on a memorial wall
and bodies in the ground
rather than those you laughed-

pieces of you,
frail and made from wavering glass,
shatter a little more when you receive
news upon them.

these men will always need you,
just as you will always need them.

—  soldier, my brother | k.e

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(Fire alpaca anon) Mhm. I have a drawing tablet and I've used Clip paint studio before. I got it with my tablet. SAI and photoshop are expensive

they sure are, buddy

I’m gonna give some basic advice because you said you had no clue how to do it

Firealpaca doesn’t have as many features as CPS, probably. I just checked out the trial version and wowie!

lemme start with a screenshot of my firealpaca

(since tumblr kills the size, i’ll provide you a better view here)
(sorry the brush names are in portuguese)
(the layer and navigation windows are kinda easy to understand but-
a clipping layer is a layer to color the layer below
protect alpha will only let you color what is already in the layer)

I am not sure if CPS has a smoothing option, but the first thing I noticed when I checked it was that it wasn’t to my liking. So if your strokes feel weird, mess with the “Correction” first to see if you can make it better.

I remember i didn’t have my color wheel when i installed mine, so check if you have everything open in the Window tab, then go to the Color tab. If you don’t like the Color Wheel, there’s a Color Bar, too, so you can check that out.

Also, under the File tab, you can find useful configurations such as the Shortcut Settings and the Environment Settings. shortcuts are a blessing

The brush window doesn’t really show a prev of the brushes, so you’ll have to check them out one by one and see if you like it. Under the brush window, there’s a few options you can use to make a new brush. These colors on the list don’t actually mean anything, but the number means the size of the brush.

FireAlpaca’s brushes are not very customizable. You can double click each one for a few more options, but what you see is what you get.

Now, I’m not sure if CPS has a vector brush, but FireAlpaca doesn’t. The closest to that you can get is the last option on the Snap grid, and ITS REALLY BAD !!!! in my opinion

Speaking about the Snap Grid(that thing I said to keep off!!!), it can be really useful if you’re bad at drawing a straight line. Pressing a key from 1 to 7 will give you one of the grids available. When they’re on, your brush will only be able to draw in these lines. Like this!

And if you want to change the grid’s root/position, you can click that little dot between the last grid and the anti aliasing

about the text tool-
yeah, it’s not THAT much.
It’s basically the same thing as old windows XP ms paint’s text tool, but slightly better

You can’t color words individually in each sentence or change their appearance. The settings you have in each text layer will be the same for all the text. Just double click the layer if you want to edit it.

Just click the place you want your text to be and the text window will show up. Yeah, you’ll have to move it because the text most likely won’t be where you want it to be. That’s all. Simple af.

“hey pate i noticed your file shows its location, including your drawing folder with a horribly large name, is there a way to make it shorter???”


so far I don’t really know how to go thru the open files without a scroll wheel and it SUUUUCKS because my draw folder has such a large name rip me

well you probably knew all of that but REALLY if you need to know any specific tricks, please dont be shy to ask me because i love teaching even though im bad at it !!

also main advice when you’re new with a program is to check everything with a test drawing. it toOK ME A WHILE TO NOTICE LUMINOSITY WAS “ADD” AND NOT “LIGHTEN” BC I DIDNT CHECK THE LAYER BLENDING OPTIONS cries