cries at the cute shirt

2016 x 2013

Jacksepticeye x Markipooper

Summary: 2016 Mark x 2013 Sean and loads of comfort and some fanboying in there. 

Warning: Tickling!

Note: I’ve seen this around a lot lately and I thought it was so cool!!! I don’t know who started it so I won’t credit anyone in particular but I’ve seen loads of art work! I might do a part two but with 2016 Jack and 2013 Mark but I dunno… As usual this is written only for fun!


Mark had no idea how, why or what has happened but he just couldn’t help but be a little bit (only a tinsy winsy bit) absolutely obsessed and incredibly joyous about the entire thing. I mean it is the literal most adorable thing ever and when things do go back to normal he is going to make sure that Jack never ever forgets this.

He had woken up as he usually did, Jack was still fast asleep from editing and doing whatever he does until three in the morning, he stretched before bending down to cup his chin and kiss Jack awake. Only this time he was met with a very pre-pubescent scream.


Instead of waking up to being blinded by a meadow of green locks, he saw a literal flash in the past.


Jack from 2013.

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