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RIP James and Lily Potter
  • Lily had always thought that James would be a good father, and that happened sooner than any of them expected
  • Of course James completely flipped out and could barely stand the idea of raising a precious child during war but what could they do?
  • Pregnant Lily had only a few mood swings here and there, but her morning sickness was just plain awful
  • There were many nights of James staying up with her, tying back her hair and cooing encouragement as she knelt for hours by the toilet
  • James always made sure his wife was never without what she needed, blankets, food, favorite songs, being read to aloud, he gave it to her
  • When Lily’s water broke it was in the middle of a dinner party with the rest of the Marauders, and general chaos broke out
  • Even Remus could not keep his calm, so Lily had to manage them and guide them in the act of taking her to the hospital
  • Harry was born very pink and healthy, and it seemed that he took an immediate liking to everyone who held him
  • James went home for a short period before Lily to tidy everything up and further baby proof the entire house
  • Watching James sing songs to a sleeping Harry or fall asleep with him in his arms only made Lily want to have more
  • Through all the death and despair, losing loved ones and friends, Harry was like the beacon of light that reminded everyone of the safe future they were fighting for
  • One night, with Harry between them on the bed, James and Lily spoke of all the possible names they’d have for the next child, they both wanted a girl (James predicted she’d have Lily’s hair and his eyes)
  • Funnily, Harry’s favorite place for naps was nestled against Sirius when he was in dog form, and this resulted in many cute photographs
  • Remus was always terribly afraid of accidentally hurting the small child but soon he grew rather comfortable and took good care of him
  • Not being able to leave the house drove James crazy, and Lily did her best to occupy him by having him teach Harry how to ride his mini broomstick
  • Although they’d both agreed on waiting until after the war was over, Lily couldn’t help but already plan for their next daughter
  • She could modify some of Harry’s clothes but she must have her own pair of shoes, and Lily hoped she’d share most of Harry’s toys
  • James loved his family more than anything, and he’d rather die than have any kind of harm come to them
  • Which is why on October 31, 1981 James saw the Dark Lord coming and he did not hesitate in telling his wife to take their child and run
  • Lily couldn’t bare to leave James but she had Harry so she had no choice but to rush up the stairs, hearing the door blast open behind her
  • Standing in that hallway, facing the man who had killed so many of his friends and ruined the lives of others, James felt nothing other than courage
  • He realized many things at once, as that green bolt flew towards him: he had forgotten his wand, Lily was beautiful even when frightened, Harry already had his messy hair, and he wouldn’t see them ever again
  • Upstairs, Lily heard a thud and she felt James’ death in her very heart and soul
  • Despite the unthinkable, Lily still cried out for him, thinking of all those times he’d always rushed to her, always there to love and protect
  • But this time, he would not come
  • Lily begged for Harry to be spared, for herself to be killed instead, and she knew it would be a hard life for him to be without a mother but what was her life without James?
  • As she watched death touch her chest, Lily thought many things at once: that she’d never have that baby girl, that she’d never kiss Harry’s forehead again, that she and James were only twenty-one
  • They were only twenty-one

Either heatstroke or Kirishima were going to end him, but he had survived countless years with Kirishima. And now he was going to survive countless more because together, they shined as brightly as the sun.

Based on @redriot’s fanfic 


I am an unplanned only child. My mom is a sexologist, my dad is a psychologist. They never loved me. They were only concerned about one another and their sex life. I come from a shit town called Mjøndalen, and fled as soon as I was fifteen. Fled to Madrid. I talk to them once a month. They are happy without me, I am happy without them.
[Yuri!!! on Ice] drunk & high - YouTube
wait is this really finished i can't believe it is this real life this is like the fifth video i start with this anime and also the first that is finally sei...

I CAN’T BELIEVE I FINALLY FINISHED A VIDEO WITH YURI!!! ON ICE OMG i started a million projects and always gave up. until now (/^▽^)/ i couldn’t hold back my feelings about this anime anymore and this was the best way to find some relief tbh haha

i’m posting it here too ‘cause i feel super happy and accomplished