cries at himchan


[FANCAM] 140419 Live on Earth Chicago Attack B.A.P - Body & Soul by theultimatedodo

2:44: The souls left bodies of BABYz
3:04: Daehyun scattered their souls into a hot mess


OT6 having fun, cackling like crazy TOGETHER + BYG’s gummy smile
My soul has been cleansed.

Ps. Banglo and himdae moments


b.a.p x hogwarts


Thank you for loving us & giving us strength. You have continuously worked without stopping, yet you never failed to encourage us with smiles. Four years is a long time but having you by my side has been a blessing ♡ Let’s continue to run towards our dreams #4YearsWithBAP!

I just saw Banghim’s teasers and I literally cried. Himchan looks beautiful as always. But I’m just so happy to see Yongguk. He looks so good!!!! I missed him so much!!! His beautiful fluffy hair, those hands, that long neck….I can’t wait to see him on stage with his brothers!!! To see him smiling and laughing with them…. Ugh it’s so beautiful I could die


my favorite B.A.P video is 1 year old today ♡

Did Yongguk one night. I don’t know i had so many feelings that day because i miss him and stuff. I hope he feels better and gets well soon.
Yongguk is so precious, so beautiful and so hard working person. He really deserves all the love in the world. I love him and his work so much! ♡